Pledging to adopt a sustainable fashion lifestyle is so much easier and inspiring when you can share your journey along with your Remake family! From SoCal to Savannah, there are over 1100 people who’ve pledged to buy #nonewclothes, and on our August community call we heard from three Remake ambassadors who talked about what this challenge has meant to them, how they are applying it in their lives, and what it means for their fashion journey ahead.

Here’s how Darriea, Mercy and Emily have embraced #nonewclothes for the first 60 days, and what they have learned:

• Darriea stood behind her values and said “no” to an H&M dress; she realized you can still participate in family photos and fun, while holding true to your beliefs — speaking of beliefs, D was inspired to join Remake by others in our community (@babefromthesun)

• Mercy has always been conscious, but this challenge has made her that much more aware. Her experience has motivated her to host a clothing drive after seeing all the clothing donation waste during #covid19 — for more info on their L.A. based collection, stay tuned (@mindful_mercy)

• Emily started her susty ways a few years back, but she shared that it’s okay to not be perfect on this journey, even as a vet — don’t deprive yourself, it’s okay to still indulge in necessities and enjoy fashion! (@brumeanddaisy)

Do you think you have what it takes to go 90 days with #nonewclothes (psst we think you totally do!)? … watch our August community call & pledge to take the challenge here!

Want to take the next step in your sustainable fashion journey?! Join Darriera, Mercy, + Emily — and become a #remakeambassador! At Remake, our Ambassador Program is at the heart of everything we do. By joining Remake’s Ambassador Program, you get to be a part of a sustainable fashion community and make connections with like-minded advocates around the world.

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