The coronavirus is having a devastating impact on garment makers all over the globe — including those who live in America. Watch as we talk to Marissa Nuncio, Director of the Garment Worker Center, about how COVID-19 is putting Angeleno garment makers in a precarious situation during our April Community Call.

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The impact of COVID-19 on the Los Angeles garment maker community has been quick and severe. According to an immediate needs assessment conducted by the Garment Worker Center, it’s estimated that approximately 75% of the industry is currently unemployed. While a small amount of makers are being employed to produce PPE for health workers, the pay for this labor is low, and in some cases, only a promise of pay. For those who are not able to work, food insecurity is a critical problem. GWC’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for L.A. Garment Workers will put money directly in the hands of the most vulnerable, aiding them during this time of uncertainty and providing them with access to food.

For those garment makers who are still working during the coronavirus crisis, many have reported being given no safety or health precautions during this time. It’s vital that those who are employing garment makers keep them safe to the best of their ability and provide paid sick leave. Garment makers have long been exploited by brands and manufacturers. We can’t have that continue to be the case while they put their lives on the line to produce critically needed PPE.


Unfortunately, the situation in downtown Los Angeles is similar to what is occurring globally. Unless brands like H&M, Target, Zara, and C&A #PayUp for in-production and cancelled orders, millions of garment makers will go hungry. Already, many makers have been sent home with no severance, savings, or access to healthcare. Join us in putting pressure on brands to #PayUp.

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