7 Trailblazing Women Unite to Remake the Fashion Industry

Fashion production emits 10% of global carbon emissions annually, generates the fastest-growing waste stream and pollutes rivers and streams through harmful dyes and chemicals. The industry employs 70 million mostly women of color worldwide in poverty wages and unsafe working conditions while profiting $3 trillion annually. As a women-led advocacy organization, Remake aims to lead collective action to fix the pollutive and exploitative practices of this industry. We hope to transform fashion by advocating for smarter legislation to regulate brands, creating campaigns like #PayUp and #PayHer to build accountability and transparency, and through raising consumer consciousness through campaigns like #NoNewClothes.


But we can’t do it alone. We need thoughtful voices leading the way, which is why we created the Women’s Leadership Circle. To date, seven accomplished trailblazers have signed on to help Remake educate and advocate for a better fashion industry: Susie T. Buell, Natasha Dolby, Molly Gochman, Alison Pincus, Andrea Dew Steele, Steph Stephenson, and Amber Valletta. These powerhouse women have come together from stellar backgrounds to lend their expertise and shape the future of fashion for good. Susie saw firsthand the destructive impact clothing production creates as a co-founder of Esprit. Like Susie, Amber also knows the fashion industry firsthand as a supermodel, actress, and powerful advocate for environmental awareness. Natasha immigrated to the US from Brazil and has been a tireless advocate for amplifying women’s voices against exploitation. Similarly, Andrea has spent her life empowering and training women to run for office. Like Andrea, Steph has made it her life’s work to empower makers by supporting ethical fashion businesses. And Alison brings her entrepreneurial background as co-founder of One Kings Lane to fight for workforce development. And similar to all of these women, Molly leverages her influence as an investor, activist and artist to create a more just and equitable world.

All of these women are ready to get to work and use their platforms, networks, and influence to create the positive systemic change within the fashion industry we so need.

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