It’s that time of year when gifts become a topic on the front of everybody’s mind. With the holiday season around the corner, it can be overwhelming trying to think of quality gifts for loved ones that don’t harm the planet or workers. Many of us enjoy getting into the giving spirit, but finding alternatives to fast fashion can be difficult and shopping sustainably can get costly when buying multiple gifts for the people in your life. To help reduce last minute panic-buying, we would like to help by giving you a few ideas from an ethical, small-business platform that we love! Below you’ll find 20 sustainable gift ideas for the ones you love this holiday season.

Founded in 2010 in Notting Hill by brothers Henry & George Graham, Wolf & Badger is a retail platform which features over 2,000 small ethical and sustainable businesses. Wolf & Badger not only provides a larger online platform for independent businesses to trade, but also in-person retail spaces that would otherwise be financially inaccessible for small businesses due to the high cost. In the company’s nearly 13 years of trading, it has expanded across London with a flagship store in King’s Cross, created a global digital platform, and made its way across the Atlantic to the U.S. with stores now in New York and Los Angeles. Wolf & Badger is a B-Corp certified company and aims to create a global community which fosters quality, transparency, and ethical and traditional craftsmanship.


George and Henry Graham, the company’s founders, believe that Wolf & Badger plays an important part in “connecting these [conscious] consumers to brands that share [its] values of quality, longevity and sustainability” and allows them to
“shop without compromise.” One way Wolf & Badger achieves this is through its 15 guarantees, which set out standards of ethics and sustainability achieved by showcased products. These include ‘Happy Worker,’ ‘Cruelty Free,’ ‘No Nasties’ and ‘Artisan.’ George and Henry believe that “these guidelines have allowed a more transparent experience for [their] customers, and have encouraged [their] brands to incorporate these principles into their future business models.” Wolf & Badger’s ability to provide “smaller brands the opportunity to compete with established designers” and give customers easy access to brands they can trust, and as their founders share, puts the company “at the forefront of ethical retail.”

Sustainable Gifts $40 and under

Pink Sorbet Tie Dye Scrunchie – $12

sustainable gift ideas

Who doesn’t love a cute scrunchie?! Made ethically from organic materials, this scrunchie adds a touch of femininity to any outfit and is also practical. The colors are simply joyful! It is made in Los Angeles, by one of Lezat’s 46 workers who are paid a fair liveable wage.


Summer Checkered Large Stud – $23

sustainable gift ideas

Earrings can add so much to a look, and these studs definitely would. Made in Sweden by Cristina Lucia, these earrings are bold and joyful, adding a bit of sunshine to the gray winter season. They are made using hypoallergenic stainless steel, so are great for sensitive skin too!


Sleep Atmosphere Mist Pillow Spray – $24

sustainable gift ideas

Want to support a friend who has trouble sleeping? This vegan-friendly sleep mist may be a great way for you to help! And it’s easy to use too: simply shake the bottle, spray around the room and on your pillow and drift off. This mist is made by Spritz Wellness, an ethical brand based in the UK focussing on wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle. Their products are made to order using all natural ingredients.


Peachy Floral Coasters – $27

sustainable gift ideas

A cute addition to any coffee table, this coaster set would be a great gift for someone who has recently moved house or moved out. They are colorful, quirky, and unique. Each coaster is printed The Neighborhood Threat in artist Holly’s Manchester studio.

Alphabet Animals Snacking Mug – $33

sustainable gift ideas

These adorable mugs can be personal to whoever you’re buying for, just match their initial to the alphabetized animals. My favorite is the panda eating pancakes, just because they’re absolutely adorable. This mug would be a great present for an introvert who needs no excuse to spend a night curled up on the sofa with a cuppa and a good book.

Sustainable Gifts $80 and under

Anya Slider Slipper with Diamante in Red – $50

sustainable gift ideas

Pretty You London stands to revolutionize sleep and lounge experiences with quality and beautiful lounge and nightwear. These diamante slippers for example, are not only designed for ultimate comfort but also add a touch of glamor to a quiet night in. They are made with gentle soft faux fur materials, and non-toxic dyes.

Yin & Yang Soap Gift Box – $55

sustainable gift ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving soap as a gift, especially when they’re from quality independent makers. This box is exactly that. Each gift box contains two long-lasting soap bars, three knitted washcloths, and a bamboo soap rack. The soaps are made using essential oil blends designed to induce calmness and to uplift the spirit. They are made by Dear Heart, a vegan friendly beauty brand based in New Zealand who have won awards for the quality of their products. Dear Heart products are plastic free, cruelty free and sustainably produced, so they are not only good to you and your body, but also the planet!

A Seasonal Guide to Fruit and Vegetables Print – $59

sustainable gift ideas

The perfect gift for a green-fingered loved one, this print would make a great kitchen decoration. Help them plan out their kitchen garden and vegetable patch timeline, or what to use to make more climate-friendly seasonal veggie meals. This product is made by Stuart Gardiner Design, a brand founded in 2009 by a husband and wife duo. All of their products are designed, manufactured and finished in Britain using ethical and sustainable materials.

Vanilla Spice, Spice Baby Body Care Pamper Set + Branded Toiletries Bag – $60

sustainable gift ideas

Everyone needs a pamper sometimes! This gift set contains a bar of vanilla spice soap, cocoa sugar body polish, body velvet cream, and a lip balm, all kept in a yellow vegan leather bag.

The products’ calming autumnal smells and smoothing feel make it a perfect for someone who needs a bit of cherishing and me-time.

This body care set is produced by Bourn Beautiful Naturals, a black woman-owned company named after brook in the West Midlands of the UK. BB Naturals aim to create nourishing and luxurious body care products using only plant-based formulas. All of the products are used by the owner themselves!

The Laura Open Back Dress by Hope & Ivy – $79

sustainable gift ideas

This maxi dress is just gorgeous. It could be dressed up or dressed down to wear on many different occasions – exactly what we’re looking for in our slow fashion way of life! Made by Hope & Ivy, a UK-based brand championing confidence, inclusivity and sustainability, this would be a great gift for your stylish feminine pal.

Sustainable Gifts $150 and under

Sienna Cable Short Co-ord – $107

sustainable gift ideas

Cozy and cute, this cardigan can be worn on top of dresses, jeans, skirts, dungarees, and whatever else you can think of, and adds a touch of warmth and comfort no matter the weather.

The maker of this cardigan, Cara & The Sky, are a fairly new brand having only been founded in 2019. Their ethos is to “Create A Right Attitude & Reach The Sky”. The Sienna Cable cardigan is one of Cara & The Sky’s timeless and quality pieces that will last. The brand’s model works using small-scale production that fosters a slower fashion system and good supplier relations.

Cross Back Apron by Risdon & Risdon – $123

sustainable gift ideas

This apron would make a fabulous gift for your favorite foodie. Both practical and stylish, this apron brings a sense of elegance to the kitchen. It is available in many different colors but the burnt orange is my favorite.

Risdon & Risdon are a family-run small business based in Shrewsbury in the UK. Mother and sons team Carla, Alex and James, champion traditional craftsmanship, quality and modern design in their products.

Jamie Blue Tie Dye Shorts – $144

sustainable gift ideasIt may be too cold for shorts right now, but you can prepare for the spring and summer months ahead with these tie dye shorts. They are men’s shorts, so would be fab for your dad, brother, or boyfriend/husband, but would also work for someone of any gender.

This garment is produced by Ohema Ohene in their in-house factory in Ghana, providing sustainable support to the local economy. Their rich prints and designs are directly sourced in Ghana and are a celebration of designer Abenaa Pokuaa’s heritage.

Maya Pullover Moss – $147

sustainable gift ideas

This jumper looks so cozy. It would be a great gift for a sporty pal but also anyone who loves a snuggly jumper! The front pocket would be useful for holding your phone while out on a winter run or duvet day snacks. It is made out of 100 percent organic cotton, meaning it will be super soft! It is produced by Avila, a women’s lifestyle fashion label based in Australia who prioritise ensuring their garments are ethically sourced, sustainably considered, constructed with quality and maintain comfort in design.

Gold Aero Hoop Earrings with Freshwater Pearls – $180

These gorgeous earrings would be a beautiful and thoughtful gift. They would be great to wear across all seasons and to various different occasions. Handcrafted using brass, 22k gold and freshwater pearls, these earrings add a touch of class and elegance to any look. They are lightweight, so will be kind on your ears too. Dhwani Bansal are a jewelry brand based in Boston who focus on understated elegance and timeless, handcrafted artisanal pieces.

Sustainable Gifts $200 and up

Men’s Swim Trunks – Gecko Olive – $205

sustainable gift ideas

Off on vacation soon? Why not give your traveling companion a new pair of swimming trunks?! Their gecko print is fun, flamboyant and unique. They are fast-drying, meaning you won’t need to take as much swimwear with you! These are produced by Pink House Mustique, a brand that aims to combine luxury, comfort, and practicality. Pink House Mustique garments are designed on Mustique island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and take inspiration from the island.

Day Carryall – Climbing Ivy + Deep Sea + Menta Handbag – $260

sustainable gift ideas

This beautiful bag could be used both professionally and casually, as well as a cross-body satchel or more delicate handbag. It is made by Raven + Lily, a brand based in Texas whose mission it is to create beautiful and quality accessories and homeware and champion artisanal techniques that have been passed down through generations. Their products are manufactured in Ethiopia, where they prioritize regionally sourced, natural and sustainable materials and heritage artisan techniques

Paddy – Mens Recycled Pet Jacket Charcoal – $338

sustainable gift ideas

Komodo is a UK-based ethical fashion brand that has been running since 1988. They believe that protecting the environment and loving fashion don’t have to be separate things. That’s why they make garments with the highest quality organic, recycled, and upcycled materials. Jackets like this are warm and made to last for years – something we champion at Remake with campaigns like #NoNewClothes. Giving this jacket as a gift would be an investment in a loved one’s wardrobe and wellbeing for years to come.

Backpack in Cuoio Cobalt Blue – $413

sustainable gift ideas

A backpack is a wardrobe essential. This bag is made in Italy by The Dust Company, it is artisanally produced using vegetables tanned leather. It is both practical and stylish, with a simple modern design and materials made to last. Its simplicity and adaptable style means that it could be used by someone of any gender.

Quincy Blazer by Aggi – $418

sustainable gift ideas

Do you have a friend or family member who’s started a new job? Maybe they’ve just graduated and are heading into the workplace for the first time. This beautiful blazer would be a lovely gift for all the girl-bosses out there. Produced by Aggi in Poland, this luxury blazer would add a sense of style and daring to the corporate office or a fancy event.

While the holidays can be hard, shopping sustainably doesn’t have to be. Join Remake and Wolf & Badger as we partner to create a more ethical fashion industry.

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