The Garment Worker Protection Act (SB62) in California would ensure minimum wage for garment workers, and it would do so primarily by holding brands accountable to their garment makers. In fact, SB62 is powerful precisely because it mandates joint liability for brands, as the prices that brands pay to factories are the root cause of wage theft.

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  • We must fix systems that uphold racism & inequality now. Passing The #GarmentWorkerProtectionAct is a start in CA, where we have the 5th largest economy but garment workers, mostly WOC, are exploited. No more sweatshops in #LA! @GavinNewsom & @JenSiebelNewsom pass #SB62 #GWPA


  • @CalChamber: Take #SB62 off the “Job Killer” list. Garment workers literally died during the pandemic making PPE because of California’s entrenched wage theft. Exploitation is not “job growth” @CAgovernor #GarmentWorkerProtectionAct


  • Many of LA’s 45,000 garment workers make less than 1/2 the min wage because brands are under-paying factories. Brands at the top of the chain profit from low wages & wage theft without accountability. @GavinNewsom + @JenSiebelNewsom, protect workers and stop the exploitation. Pass #SB62


  • Does racial & economic justice or women matter to you @GavinNewsom + @JenSiebelNewsom ? It’s only rhetoric until garment workers, disproportionately women of color, many who continue to make face masks, are protected from unethical labor practices. Stop exploitation. Pass #SB62


  • The #GarmentWorkerProtectionAct will ensure garment workers make minimum wage in CA for their essential labor. @GavinNewsom + @JenSiebelNewsom, CA MUST END decades of exploitation! Pass #SB62.


  • Taxpayers subsidize wage theft while large brands continue to profit. In 2019 CA used $7MIL+ of General Funds just to catch up on garment claims. This keeps our communities locked in poverty, crushing spending potential. @GavinNewsom + @JenSiebelNewsom End wage theft pass #SB62


  • We are in the 21st century, we should not accept workers making $3, $4 or $5 an hour. California must step up and provide its citizens with an environment where both workers and businesses can thrive. #PassSB62 @GavinNewsom @JenSiebelNewsom #GarmentWorkerProtectionAct


  • Normalize minimum wage in CA

Normalize worker safety in CA

Normalize brand accountability in CA

@GavinNewsom + @JenSiebelNewsom #PassSB62 #GarmentWorkerProtectionAct


  • Wage theft, worker rights, and workplace safety should not be swept under the rug. How can California have a functional economy when taxpayers are forking out BIG $ for a company’s wrongdoings? #PassSB62 @GavinNewsom + @JenSiebelNewsom

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