Remake Fellowship Program

Fashion production emits 2-8% of global carbon emissions annually, generates the fastest-growing waste stream and pollutes rivers and streams through harmful dyes and chemicals. The industry employs 70 million mostly women of color worldwide in poverty wages and unsafe working conditions while profiting $2.5 trillion annually. As a women-led advocacy organization, Remake aims to lead collective action to fix the pollutive and exploitative practices of this industry. We hope to transform fashion by advocating for smarter legislation to regulate brands, creating campaigns like #PayUp to build accountability and transparency, and through raising consumer consciousness through campaigns like #NoNewClothes.

But we can’t do it alone.

Class of 2024

This year, Remake is continuing it’s Fellowship Program. Remake ‘s Fellowship Program is made up of a group of visionary industry insiders who will help to co-create a fellowship program housed and facilitated by Remake. The vision is to equip and inspire creatives to find their place in the movement for a more just and sustainable fashion industry.

During the year-long fellowship, these powerhouse women will come together to lend their expertise, collaborate, and further their knowledge on fashion’s issues to help shape its future for good. All of these women are ready to get to work and use their platforms, networks, and influence to create the positive systemic change within the fashion industry we so need.

Meet Our Fellows

Cassandra Pintro

Cassandra Pintro leads digital production for Vogue Magazine. Now at 26-years-old, she has spearheaded and collaborated on the digital production and project management of over 2,000 US web production builds under Condé Nast and supported the brands efforts to globally syndicate its offerings. 

As a frequent contributor to Vogue, Pintro’s work focuses on a “digital future” built specifically with impact in mind. Her many avenues of creative storytelling are all made possible through a natural talent of listening and reacting with intention. Pintro advocates for dismantling the “this or that” mindset by embedding cultural and social impact as an unwavering commitment, transcending it beyond a mere choice. Utilizing a digital-first strategy, Pintro is focused on engaging the next generation of decision-makers and consumers at the highest level, meeting them on where they are. Her overarching vision is to cultivate a digital ecosystem and business strategies that seamlessly integrate and prioritize culture from inception to fruition. Ultimately, Pintro is reimagining ways to continuously make impact “cool” as a foundation in any business


Niha Elety is a sustainable fashion advocate and designer. She uses fashion, art and heritage to bring awareness about sustainability and its importance. Growing up in Hyderabad, India, sustainability was not some new concept, it was the way of life. After moving to India from the US at the age of 11, Niha developed a lot of knowledge of sustainability from a South Asian perspective and realized how ingrained it was BIPOC cultures. That is what inspired Niha to advocate through art and design. When joining the sustainability space full of advocates and leaders, Niha noticed that there weren’t many discussions about culture and ancestral knowledge. Since then her goal has been to bring inclusivity and a variety of perspectives from BIPOC creators (the original sustainability leaders) to the environmental movement. 

Niha is a Founder and Co-creator at Tega Collective, a sustainable fashion enterprise that champions Adivasi communities from India and their textile traditions. With each clothing collection Tega co-creates with communities by highlighting their traditional colors, patterns and natural symbols. Tega collaborates with unique artisan partners for capsule collections where 7% percentage of our proceeds are funneled back to the communities we work with for each collection to remove traditional hierarchy of power and profit.


Niha Elety
Summer Dean

Summer Dean is the founder of Climate Diva, her digital platform focused on sustainability storytelling, slow fashion, beauty, and climate action. Summer has worn various hats in the environmental field over the years, working in renewable energy policy, leading climate science research, producing social media content for nonprofits, and more. She is also a fashion model in Portland and Los Angeles. She received her B.S. degree in environmental studies from Portland State University in 2019, and in 2021 she began working on Climate Diva full time, creating content for sustainability-focused fashion brands and organizations like ThredUp, Allbirds, Meta, The Nature Conservancy, Facebook Marketplace, Blueland, The Body Shop, and more.




Zoe Adlersberg is a photographer and director native to New York. After graduating college with a double degree in art and psychology followed by a brief stint in advertising, Zoe relocated to Paris where she found her passion for creating images which were a reconstruction of her feelings and happy memories of her own childhood. Inspired by photographers such as Hellen Van Meene and Rineke Dijkstra, she looked to capture the essence, beauty and innocence of childhood. Zoe’s commercial portfolio includes imagery for Dior, Nautica, Polo Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Gymboree, Tuchina, Tia Cibani, Next UK, Floatimini and Loveshackfancy. Her editorial work includes Lovesome Magazine, Luna Magazine, Paper Magazine, MILK Magazine, La Petite, Earnshaw’s and Smallish Magazine. 

Zoe strives for authenticity in her imagery – valuing honesty and connection with her subjects. Her personal work explores facets of being a woman, girlhood, motherhood and aging. Zoe is passionate about supporting non-profits promoting female empowerment, young girls and confidence as well as gender and race. Zoe co-founded Brownstone Cowboys Magazine with stylist Heathermary Jackson where she serves as Editor-In-Chief. The magazine’s mission is the insterection of social justice and style. When Zoe is not traveling the world shooting she calls New York City home with daughter, Killian.


Zoe Adlersberg
Sophia Li

Sophia Li is a Chinese-American award-winning journalist, climate advocate, public speaker and UN Human Rights Champion. She is the global correspondent for Prince William’s Earthshot Prize and host of Meta’s podcast, Climate Talks. She is the Impact Editor at quarterly print magazine, Family Style. Sophia’s journalistic reporting has appeared in CNN and the United Nations with bylines in Vogue, New York Magazine, Washington Post, and Atmos. She is the co-founder of STEWARD, serving as the co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Web3 Sustainability Coalition. Sophia is also the sustainability advisor to skincare brand Cocokind and an official United Nations Human Rights Champion. Sophia has interviewed notable personalities across climate, fashion, tech and culture: from HRH Prince William, Fortune 500 CEOs, Pharrell, Céline Dion, Nobel Laureates, and youth climate activists.Harvard named her one of the top climate communicators of 2022, she was awarded Refinery29’s Sustainable Innovator Award, Meta’s Creator of Tomorrow Award and Harper’s Bazaar named her one of 36 Voices Shaping Culture in 2023. Sophia was previously the Entertainment Media Editor at American Vogue, part of the founding team of helping to create Vogue’s digital and social voice.


Meet Our Alumni