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Garment Worker Direct Relief

Garment Worker Direct Relief

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Direct Relief Donations

Your donations go directly to providing food and medical supplies to garment workers.

All donations made through June 2022 will be used to support garment workers affiliated with the Awaj Foundation in Bangladesh.


100% net donations go to providing direct relief to garment workers affiliated with the following organizations:

Awaj Foundation is a grassroots labour rights NGO founded and led by garment workers with over 600,000 worker members across Bangladesh.

Stand Up Movement Lanka promotes rights and entitlements of workers of Economic Processing Zones (EPZs), migrant workers and commercial sex workers.

The Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA) is an international alliance of trade unions and labour rights activist who are working together to demand garment workers are paid a living wage.

Garment Worker Center is a worker rights organization leading an anti-sweatshop movement to improve conditions for Los Angeles garment workers.


Labor-led programs from around the globe that we have collaborated with.

Remake is a global advocacy organization working at the intersection of climate justice and labor rights.



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