With the Accord now set to expire on August 31, 2021, we have just nine weeks to get fashion’s biggest brands to sign on and support its renewal and expansion into other countries.

Let’s flood Zara’s inbox — here’s how you can help:

Copy and paste the below letter into an email to Felix Poza Pena, Chief Sustainability Officer at Inditex (Zara),

  • Use the subject line Zara Keep Workers Safe. Do not let the Accord Expire. You can feel free to customize the email.

Dear Felix, Pablo, and Olivier,

The Rana Plaza disaster killed over 1,100 garment makers, and we have not forgotten. On May 28th, 2021, the Bangladesh Accord was extended for another three months, and we are demanding that Zara join ASOS, G-star and other leading brands in signing for the Accord’s renewal and expansion.

The Accord has made factories in Bangladesh vastly safer, and that’s why we want to see the Accord protected. Undoing the Accord now will prevent its expansion into other garment-producing nations. Recent workplace tragedies in North Africa, including 28 workers killed by electrocution in an illegal garment factory in Morocco, 20 workers killed in a fire at a garment factory in Egypt and 8 people killed in a collapse later that month, show the urgent need for Zara to commit to not only extend but expand the Accord to other garment-producing nations.

We are demanding that Zara take swift action to protect workers lives and publicly commit to a new Accord that is: 

1) Legally binding and enforceable on individual brands 

2) Overseen by an independent Secretariat 

3) Expandable into new countries. 

We are counting on Zara to be a leader.

We are counting on you to publicly commit to a strong Accord agreement.