About this Event

Sometimes mending is an opportunity to show off your creativity. And sometimes your jeans need mending in the crotch so no one will notice. Learn techniques to handle every situation.

Join Remade in Brooklyn and Ellie Lindholm of Darnworthy and learn to LOVE your clothes! Bring a project and our team of experts will help you get started or unstuck to bring your garment back to (a better!) life.

Drop in anytime between 4-7.


Ellie Lindholm is the founder of Darnworthy, a clothing refashioning and mending service. She is the Refashioner in Residence at Remade in Brooklyn where she teaches mending skills every Monday.

A fashion design graduate of Pratt Institute, Ellie creates through innovative reuse — upcycling second hand clothing, reclaimed fabrics, and unusual materials. When she’s not re-imagining fashion, she works maintaining costumes in wardrobe departments both on and off Broadway.

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