For Textile Arts’ Inaugural textile summit, a full house gathered to share insights on ideas and practices related to “Mindful Materials.” Artists, designers, and educators discussed the challenges and responses of plotting a course toward a sustainable future.

Textile Arts will be gathering on September 28th and 29th for Materiality & Method, in which they will turn their focus to how artists and designers approach material, and how they manipulate, re-imagine, and transcend its use and possibilities.

The Summit will feature speakers from a range of disciplines and a late afternoon trunk show aka show-and-tell with cocktail hour. Sunday will feature workshops geared to professionals and enthusiasts, designed to reinvigorate your professional practice, enchant you through the transformation of found and natural objects, or teach digital skills.

The speakers invited to this year’s Summit represent a stimulating mix of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs working artistically and commercially, representing interpretations, techniques, and inspirations from various continents and cultural backgrounds. The breadth of perspective offered is intended to lead to questions about our own practice, our relationship to material, and our sense of what is possible, as well as provoke dialogue about Los Angeles’ position as a cross-cultural, artistically rich urban resource.

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