Remake’s very first gender free (gender neutral) clothing swap is taking place on May 26, 2019 at The Phluid Project. A clothing swap is a fun and accessible way to participate in sustainable fashion while having the space to socialize and build a community. We’re explicitly hosting a gender free event, in order to be inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community in New York! Ice cream and drinks will be provided to celebrate the summer!

Bring your old garments to donate and swap for something newish and gender affirming in a safe, queer space. Do you know that the average NYC household throws away about 120 pounds of textiles a year? The whole city’s annual textile waste is equivalent to over 4,500 subway cars! Our garments don’t belong in the landfills. Come swap your clothes with us.

We also have a variety of DIY activities available to customize your garments at the event:

Basic Hand Sewing & Mending Skills

Block Printing

Hand Embroidery Station

The event starts at 3PM, but you can drop off your clothing donation from 1PM-3PM.

If you want to volunteer for the event (designers, textile artists, fashion aficianados!!!), please email

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