THE EXHIBITION- Hosted at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen in the West Village, Change Fashion will feature an art installation, produced by The Soze Agency, that takes visitors on a journey through the life-cycle of a garment.

Upon arrival, guests enter through a room constructed of 2,700 liters of water, representing the amount of water required to manufacture just one t-shirt. They are then guided through an immersive experience representing fiber production, yarn spinning, fabric preparation, dying and finishing, assembly, distribution, and end of life.

Each installation reflects the environmental impact garment manufacturing has on water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage, and other natural resources. In addition to illustrating the impact of the apparel industry, guests are educated on the need for change and learn about innovative technology designed to address these critical issues.

THE TALKS- Alongside the installation will be panels, presentations, and discussions that are designed to facilitate information sharing and networking, and draw public attention to this global environmental crisis. Open to the general public, media, students and industry professionals, the conference will open with an evening VIP cocktail party and a guided tour of the experience with Linda Greer, Scientific Advisor to Change Fashion and Director of the Clean by Design program at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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