Matching Challenge

Now through July 31st, 2022, all  donations to Remake will be matched up to $125,000 thanks to three generous donors: The Susie T. Buell Foundation, The Cordes Foundation, and The Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund. This is the perfect time to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and give today.

Our #SpringIntoAction matching challenge will fund:

  • Spring and summer advocacy campaigns including #PassFABRICAct and federal level legislation.
  • #NoNewClothes programming, where citizens refrain from purchasing new clothing for 90 days and reevaluate their consumption habits in the process.
  • Educating and empowering the next generation of gender and climate justice advocates.

Remake is a 501(c)3 non-profit working at the intersection of labor rights and climate justice.




Honor or remember someone special by giving a gift in their name. 



Join us in changing fashion into a force for good my making it a part of your lasting legacy.



We also accept donations by check, mony order, and wire transfer.



Donate a sum monthly to help build ethical apparel supply chains.


There’s a Rumi quote I often think about that says: ‘Want to change the world? Start by changing yourself.’ Remake is the embodiment of that quote. It is a community of women who have moved from hoping that the fashion industry wasn’t so destructive to the planet and exploitative of people, to a community that has taken fashion head on. We question the impact of the apparel industry and we demand change by being truthful and powerful storytellers, uplifting the dignity off the women who are behind our clothes. 

Natasha Dolby, Remake’s Leadership Circle Member

“The Cordes Foundation has been proud to support Remake from the early days and are continuously impressed by the incredible work of Ayesha & team. Having traveled with them to both Sri Lanka and Mexico, we have seen firsthand the education and transparency power of these immersive journeys. By providing an unparalleled opportunity its for students to take part in pulling back the curtain of the fashion industry, they are able to better understand the issues being faced and how they can be part of the solution. Through Remake’s ambassador program, advocacy work, and engagement with sustainable brands, we admire the platform that they have created to encourage p[eople to buy better and demand transparency. They inspire people to want to join the movement and be a part of this community of change makers. Which is the only way we are going to move the fashion industry forward — together.”

Steph Stephenson, Co Chair, Cordes Foundation & Brand Marketing Director, ECOfashion Corp. 

“I invested in Remake because I care about gender justice and I love being a part of a learning community with others who know that our everyday decisions have real, long[term impact in peoples’ lives and on the planet.”

Jamie Allison, Remake Board Member

“I traveled to Mexico with Remake and was fortunate enough to meet some of the women who make our clothing. They are often underpaid, undervalued, and overworked – and the level of mistreatment these particular women were experiencing shocked me to my core. I support Remake because they represent these women and all the garment workers around the world.”

Amanda Hearst, Co-Founder of Maison de Mode and Well Beings, Remake Advisory Board Member

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Welcome Remaker! You’re now part of the Movement.