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Remake is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to shed light on the human rights violations and climate injustice being caused by the fashion industry. We travel to apparel factories around the world and work with leading sustainability experts to learn what the real cost is to make our clothes.

Create Conscious Consumers

At Remake, we empower millennial and Gen Z women through leadership training, supporting them in becoming the next generation of women’s rights and climate justice leaders.

We partake in investigative reporting, produce documentary films, and publish research-fueled content that serves as free resources to the public.

We assess and score brands to determine if they are truly sustainable — for both their makers and the environment. We lead campaigns to make change across the industry.

Become an Ambassador

Along with making a donation, you can contribute to Remake by joining our ambassador program, where we will give you the tools and resources you need to embrace a sustainable lifestyle while sharing your values with your local community.

Remake empowers women to advocate for fair wages and eliminate injustice in the fashion industry

“ I’m forever grateful for the Made in Sri Lanka journey that I went on with Remake. It immensely changed and enriched my trajectory in fashion sustainability as a designer—putting garment makers front and center in sustainable fashion. ”

— Yimin Deng (selected for Remake’s Made in Sri Lanka Journey, lead designer at Community Studio)

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Welcome Remaker! You’re now part of the Movement.