Remake is a nonprofit that is igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good. Our original documentary footage brings you face to face with the women who make our clothes. We share facts and stories to help you break up with fast fashion and provide seasonal curated collections to remake your closet with fashion that respects women and planet.

Why We’re Here

Because fast fashion is out. Bargain prices disempower women, exploit our natural resources and contribute to limitless waste.

No woman should ever be taken advantage of. Join us in helping women across the fashion industry gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to raise their voices to make fashion a force for good.

There shouldn't come a time when we have to pick between clean drinking water and new clothes. Join us in slowing down fast fashion's staggering impact on our planet.

We have the power to reduce fashion's massive waste problem and move toward circular fashion. Together, let's commit to buying less, investing in quality pieces, and supporting sustainable designers.

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