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Ayesha Barenblat

Founder & CEO

Ayesha (@abarenblat) is a social entrepreneur with a passion for building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. With over a decade of leadership to promote social justice and sustainability within the fashion industry, she founded Remake to ignite a conscious consumer movement. Remake’s films, stories and immersive journeys rebuild human connections with the women who make our clothes. Ayesha is passionate about where things come from, who made them and what their lives are like. She has worked with brands, governments, and labor advocates to improve the lives of the women who make our clothes.

She led brand engagement at Better Work, a World Bank and United Nations partnership to ensure safe and decent working conditions within garment factories around the world. She was head of consumer products at BSR, providing strategic advice to brands including H&M, Levi Strauss & Co., Marks and Spencer, Nike, The Walt Disney Company and Pou Chen on the design and integration of sustainability into business. She holds a master’s in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

“Today there is a long unhappy story of how our fashion is made and where it ends up. I want us to reimagine this story. I founded Remake because I truly believe in the good that comes from human connections. The modern shopper wants to know more, and the maker is better off when we use our voice and wallet to advocate for her wellbeing.”

Katrina Caspelich

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

Katrina is an experienced marketing strategist who strives to build the Remake brand using storytelling, creative thinking, and integrated marketing. A fashionista to the core, Remake allows her to fulfill two of her passions in life: public relations and socially conscious fashion companies.

With over 12 years of experience working within the fashion industry, Katrina has worked as a talent agent, fashion editor, content creator, and marketing manager. These roles not only expanded her knowledge of fashion but they introduced her to many creative people within the industry. She found herself building relationships with top PR firms, designers, stylists, celebrities, photographers, editors, and bloggers, which she enjoys greatly.

Katrina has a BS in Marketing from California State University San Marcos. Immediately after graduation, she moved to New York City where she spent the last 7 years working with fashion companies on brand management, media relations, and content creation.

“Building a brand through storytelling is at the heart of what PR professionals do. At Remake, storytelling is the heart of our brand. Through the stories we share, we are able to celebrate sustainable style, promote ethics, and improve the lives of those who make our clothes.”


Samantha Harmon

Samantha Hartsock

Director of Education

As the Director of Education, Sam supports a growing community of Remake Ambassadors, individuals working across the fashion industry and in their local communities to make fashion a force for good. She is narrowly focused on empowering the next generation of sustainable fashion and women empowerment advocates.

From TOMS to fair trade to grassroots advocacy, Sam has spent her career at the intersection of social impact and business, knowing full well that without informed, empathetic consumers the fashion industry will not change.

Sam holds a BA in Textile and Apparel Manufacturing from the University of Missouri, and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School. Alongside Remake, Sam is a managing partner at qb., a purpose-driven consulting firm helping clients create and implement sustainability and diversity and inclusion strategies and communications.

“As Brittney Packnett says, ‘Knowledge is power. Take powerful action.’ At Remake, we elevate makers’ voices bringing awareness to the vast inequities across the fashion industry; we listen to their stories. Then we act; we #wearourvalues and share what we’ve learned with our local community.”

Chelsey Grasso

Director of Content & Development

Chelsey joins Remake with over eight years of professional content experience. Beginning her career as a photo editor for a national teen magazine and quickly moving into writing, editing, and content managing for a diverse range of major print and online publications.

Prior to Remake, Chelsey wrote for Bustle, City Guide NY, and Paste Magazine, also regularly picking up bylines in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Thought Catalog. Additionally, she taught creative writing to undergraduates at the University of Massachusetts Boston and to children and teens at Writopia Lab, a non-profit organization based in New York City.

With a BA in Film/Video from the University of California, San Diego and a forthcoming MFA in Creative Writing from UMass Boston, Chelsey is interested in the power of storytelling and how universality can be accessed through writing. Chelsey is particularly excited by Remake’s interrogation of fast fashion as a women’s issue, and she is thrilled to get to play a role in spreading this insight.

“I care deeply about women and this planet, and fast fashion is harming them both. For me, sustainable fashion isn’t only a question of saving the earth, but also, it is an examination of ethics and the way we treat each other. It is a persistence in the hope for a better future, both environmentally and humanistically.”

Lindsey Casella

Social Media Manager

Lindsey helps bring Remake’s mission to life, digitally, as the Social Media Marketing Manager. Prior to becoming “eco woke,” she afforded 5+ years of digital marketing and strategy experience with quintessential, fashion-retail brands, including Victoria’s Secret PINK, Aerie, Anthropologie, Keds, Ralph Lauren, and Timberland. It was upon exposure to the smoke and mirrors of the industry while working closely with a production partner in 2018 that shifted her individual consumption behavior (250+ days with #nonewclothes), focus to permaculture, and desire to be a part of the community creating positive change. Lindsey actively hopes through her story and role, she can spread the #wearyourvalues movement.

Committed to the cause of shifting consumer behavior, today she also serves as North-American Marketing Manager for Loop, a platform ranked as one of Time’s 2019 top innovations by eliminating single-use through offering durable, reusable packaging solutions. Outside of her NYC-based 9-5, Lindsey enjoys R&R with her kitty Winston Bishop and 20+ houseplants, museum exploring, time spent sipping and thrifting with friends and over hobbies which include painting in watercolors, dissecting Taylor Swift lyrics, celebrating her Jersey roots, and chatting all things the environment / Philadelphia, having lived there while attending Temple University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Honors Program with a B.A. in Advertising Research + Strategy.

To continue to inspire the next generation to create movements before physically moving across the country (which she did in 2016), Lindsey guest lectures and mentors at Northeastern universities, like the Fashion Institute of Technology, and prioritizes making time to speak at conferences to provide education similar to the one she’s been fortuned to receive through a combination of her experiences and Remake’s resources.

Caroline Miller

Education Manager

Caroline joins Remake to support the development of the Ambassador and Student Ambassador programs. Having served as a Campus Rep for a Fortune 500 company, she knows how to maximize a brand’s presence on college and university campuses. Through digital and experiential initiatives, Caroline looks forward to engaging with students about the clothes they wear and the individuals who make them.

A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Caroline has a B.S. in Hospitality and General Business, with an emphasis in Meetings and Events. In her career, she wants to assist brands – including Remake – fulfill and exceed their goals through authentic and innovative engagement programs.

“My goal is to help Remake become a catalyst for ethical and sustainable fashion practices on campuses. Along the way, I hope to foster and nurture relationships with like-minded individuals in the fashion community, Remake community, and my local community, while empowering future generations.”

Robyn Davies

Experiential Marketing Manager

Robyn joins Remake to develop partnerships with NYC-based brands, influencers, and media.  With Remake, she seeks to inspire influential companies and individuals to use their platform for good.

Robyn previously worked in marketing & communications at companies including Rent the Runway and Red Bull Media House. After learning about how we consume fashion and its effects on people and the planet, she decided to use her expertise in brand & content strategy, creative direction, partnerships, and events to inspire women to be more conscious consumers. Robyn loves working with Remake because of its positive, actionable approach to making fashion a force for good.

Outside of Remake, Robyn is a marketing consultant and founder of R. Davies Styling, a boutique personal styling service that helps women build a sustainable wardrobe that’s reflective of who they are and what they value.

Kora Kane

Ambassador, Richmond, Virginia

Kora joined Remake summer of 2020 to develop a deeper understanding of the fashion world, and connect with like minded peers and industry leaders who can enhance her sustainable lifestyle. Kora is currently a student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where she studies business information technology, focusing on operations and supply chain management. She is also minoring in communication strategy and sustainability. She hopes to combine her educational paths and begin a career in sustainable fashion, which she believes starts with the supply chain of the garment industry.

Kora first became interested in a sustainable lifestyle due to her passion for the environment. She believes in living purposely, and in a lot of ways that means giving back to the planet that gives us life. On minimum wage salary with a desire to keep up with the trends, In high school she never really considered the impact of fashion and focused her efforts on limiting plastic use and vegetarianism. In college after buying from Zaful and Shien one too many times, she had to look into the fashion industry. It all changed from there. An environmentalist realizing that fashion is a top 3 polluter…. there was no going back. This was something never talked about with her friends, family, even on any social media she’d seen. So, she started @korarestyled to commit to consumer consciousness and promote sustainable shopping for people like her.

On @korarestyled, Kora posts clothing restyles, thrifts, and offers sustainable stores to her following. Her focus is to support girls her age to shop sustainably, and to show it’s possible even without a big salary.

With Remake, she hopes to help influence sustainability on a college level. Whether this means setting up an informational booth, pushing for sustainable sorority spirit-wear, or hosting informational sessions- she’s excited to be a part of the revolution.

“I think it’s important for people like me, as a student with minimal income, to understand that shopping sustainably isn’t just for those who can afford a two hundred dollar dress, it’s for everyone. I’m here to show that and spread the word.”

Pearl Moon

Ambassador, New South Wales, Australia

Pearl is glad to have grown up during the second wave of feminism. Everything she’s come to understand about sustainability and how its linked to capitalism, patriarchy and the oppression of women has come into sharp focus understood through feminist critique.

As a young woman Pearl was intrigued by “fashion” but instinctively dressed herself more as an act of performance art. Buying only from thrift shops in the 1970s some of the things Pearl enthusiastically wore in public were – a genuine WW2 soldiers trench coat, a calf length pink ballet tutu and genuine fox fur stoles. Unless you are actually doing a performance of Swan Lake the perfect thing to wear with a ballet tutu is Doc Martens boots.

In 1984 Pearl gained an industry qualification as a pattern maker and sample machinist. Initially she worked in clothing factories then later started a small manufacturing business selling her own designs from a market stall and directly to boutiques. Today she works as a professional textile artist from her own studio making woman’s art to wear clothing from wholly up-cycled clothing and fabrics. In keeping with her strong principles about ethics and sustainability Pearl is the sole worker who designs and makes everything.

“I was born a fashion disruptor and it’s my plan to die wearing a pink tutu and homemade crotchet desert boots.”

Dewey MacMillen

Ambassador, Burlington, Vermont

Dewey MacMillen was born and raised in Norwich, Vermont – definitely not a community known for its connection to fashion. However, that didn’t stop her from pursuing fashion wherever possible! She put on makeshift fashion shows, read magazines, and watched every movie/documentary available. After moving to Boston to study Marketing and International Affairs at Northeastern University, she completed a Co-op at NARS Cosmetics in NYC where she got her first taste of working at NYFW. However, after watching The True Cost documentary in 2015, her love of fashion was placed under a harsh lens.

Since then, she has moved back to her home state of Vermont; one that is known for its stewardship of the environment. This, combined with feeling inspired by organizations such as Remake have led her down the sustainable fashion rabbit hole.

Now, she is an Account Manager at a Youth-focused marketing agency in Burlington, Vermont. She hopes to educate not only her fellow Vermonters but many others, by extension.

“I do not believe any human being should suffer for fashion. The (predominantly) women who make our clothes deserve respect, a living wage, a safe work environment, and appreciation for their craftsmanship. We, as consumers, have the power to change our consumption habits and subsequently force brands to follow suit. I appreciate and admire the work Re/Make does and I am excited to embark on the journey and continue to ask myself – and others – ‘how can we make choices that create a slower, more sustainable and human system?'”

Sumedha Vemulakonda

Ambassador, San Jose, California

Sumedha Vemulakonda is an undergraduate student studying Economics, Journalism, and Law at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. As a true Economics nerd, and Fashionista, she’s combined her interests in her current project: research into the labor rights issues within the fast fashion industry — particularly analyzing success of public and private measures taken after the Rana Plaza incident. In the process she fell in love with fashion as an ethical force for good.

Like a lot of other fashion enthusiasts, Sumedha was guilty of valuing trendy clothes while turning a blind eye towards the multiple labor rights abuses and various other ethical issues that underlie the production process of fast fashion. After writing a paper on the sourcing models of these businesses, as well as publishing stories about sustainable fashion on her blog, À La Mode, she is determined that it isn’t enough to simply write about these issues. As an aspiring lawyer, she’s excited to learn a more hands-on approach to activism from the Remake Ambassadorship program. She plans on documenting her journey of growing a sustainable and ethical wardrobe and in so doing, educate her community as to how they too can #weartheirvalues.

“I’m still learning how to wear my values, and although it’s an ongoing journey for me, I can say the first step is personal accountability and education. I’m working on buying from ethical and sustainable brands, as well as slowing down my consumption. Thrifting is a great way to slow the fashion cycle, while still putting together some fly fits!”

Shrutaswini Borkakoty

Ambassador, New Delhi, India

Shrutaswini was inclined toward fashion from a very young age and loved playing dress-up. Having an artistic mother only encouraged it further. Her mum would teach her to work on old clothes and, even, to stitch old scrap fabrics to make quirky newer pieces. Watching documentaries and reading about the waste generated in the garment industries, the exploitation of labor and natural resources, brands not being accountable, and other horrors in fashion have made her understand the need for sustainability as a movement. Extensive research into it as she was growing up, further, increased her concern for the environment and the people exploited by the industry.

She is, currently, a science student from University of Delhi, India, and identifies herself as an empath with a passion in science and love for the arts. With a head full of dreams, she desires to bring change to the world around her with kindness and love.

With resources getting replenished outside and exploitation increasing, it is time that the need for ethical fashion is brought out to the masses and sustainability in fashion, as a movement, gains momentum. By joining Remake as an ambassador, she hopes to be one of those to bring awareness to the people and help this movement grow. Remake is already working well to bring awareness, justice and accountability in fashion. So, working with the team will help her do her part in bringing a change and she looks forward to it.

“I only shop, when it is necessary, from ethical brands. I #wearmyvalues by reusing old clothes, mixing outfits, thrifting and taking care of the clothes I already own. Fashion is more than just looking good every time you step out. It should be smart, sustainable and accountable. It needs to value resources and not be selfish. I’m waiting for a time when every buyer is smart, every brand is sustainable and both hold accountability. Till then, I want to play my part by putting forward my voice and be active in the movement.”

Elif Kalin

Ambassador, Oxford, United Kingdom

Driven by her passion in combining fashion and sustainability, Elif runs a small business where she sells curated vintage clothing. She believes that dressing well shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet or its people.


Being a change maker from a young age, she has led many humanitarian projects across continents including literacy initiatives for refugee women in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank, as well as developing a health and educational reform program throughout orphanages in Haiti. Having recently completed a masters in Development Studies at Cambridge, Elif saw a deeper perspective into the overarching inequalities embedded in the world order.

She has worked as a consultant in sustainable commodities for brands including M&S, Nestle, Amazon and Coca Cola in eliminating deforestation from supply chains across industries. Frustrated by the lack of change in the move towards achieving the agreed SDGs, Elif has now started to work as a policy advisor in the UK government’s Department for International Trade in hope for initiating conversations around sustainable and ethical transactions.

Her goal as a Remake Ambassador is to continue striving hard to spread the enthusiasm for embracing an ethical and sustainable lifestyle and believes that with like-minded individuals who share the same passion, she can make her message reach even further.

“Having proudly broken up with fast fashion some years ago, I #wearmyvalues by being mindful that every purchase is in fact a political statement that I make to either support a multi-billion industry which profits off slave labor- or not. I am reminded that the most sustainable purchase is the one I didn’t make.”

Camila Figueiredo

Ambassador, São Paulo, Brazil

Camila graduated in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing, and has two masters, one in Business Management and another in Financial Controlling. She has developed her career in the automotive industry, and she is currently Executive Manager of Business Control at Scania Latin America. All her friends think that she should be working with fashion, because they find her very stylish and elegant.

Despite working in the automotive industry, Camila was always passionate about fashion. After starting to read the book “The Conscious Closet” she had a “click”, and decided to go for a conscious closet journey. 2020 has been a different year for her. She has been trying to improve her knowledge about sustainable fashion and the true story behind fast fashion. She has also decided to launch a new business in the fashion industry. Coming soon…

She believes that by being part of the Remake World as an ambassador, she can contribute to others’ development by spreading her knowledge in a country where people don’t speak too much about the consequences of fast fashion: Brazil.

“I want to collaborate with the planet and our society, supporting people to become more conscious about the clothes they buy. It’s all about gaining greater awareness! We all need to look good, feel good and do good!”

Hansika Iyer

Ambassador, Boston, Massachusetts

Hansika Iyer is a sustainable fashion activist and fiber scientist. She works as a materials developer at Reebok where she creates innovative, sustainable materials. As an activist, Hansika has spoken on stage twice at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit to advocate for human rights in the fashion industry. She has led sustainable fashion initiatives at Cornell University, where she studied Fiber Science and Apparel Design, and at the UN headquarters as a participant of the #FashionForSDGs campaign. Hansika hopes to use her platform as a Remake Ambassador to raise awareness of sustainable materials in fashion, and to advocate for human rights in the fashion supply chain.

“I believe that fashion is art, and that no art should come at the cost of human lives or the environment. I wear my values by working to create a more beautiful fashion industry where the clothes we design create value for the earth and everyone in the supply chain.”

Lizzie Somabut

Ambassador, Dallas, Texas

Lizzie became hooked on sustainable fashion after she took a year off to travel around Europe, Asia, and Australia. During her time away from the U.S., she didn’t shop much but when she needed to, she started doing basic research about international brands and how they differed from where she was in the U.S. Lizzie was already interested in sustainability from a consumer standpoint, but hadn’t done much research on the ins and outs of what it means within the fashion industry. But once she started researching different brands and went down the rabbit hole of fast fashion, Lizzie learned just what it is that sustainable fashion REALLY means – it’s not just about the materials, but about working conditions and proper payment and safety conditions of garment workers. After coming back home to Texas prematurely due to COVID-19, she started to research what a career in sustainable fashion looked like and she’s been educating myself on the topic ever since!

Lizzie is so excited to keep educating herself, educating others, and connecting with like-minded humans to make a difference. She can’t wait to be involved in more dialogue about what can be done to keep promoting sustainable fashion, as well as find opportunities to be on the front lines of social justice within the industry to support garment workers, factory conditions, and highlight the interconnectedness among other social justice issues and fashion.

“It took a life-changing trip for me to realize how I want to spend my time moving forward – to immerse myself in the sustainable fashion industry to support garment workers, factory conditions, and highlight the interconnectedness among other social justice issues and fashion. I’m here to make an impact and I think this is just the beginning.”

Alicia Bennett

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alicia Bennett, originally from Southern Maryland, moved to Philadelphia, PA to study Fashion Merchandising at Jefferson University. Through taking courses and working in retail the many issues within the fashion industry were brought to her attention. Her career goal is to work towards changing the industry for the better, specifically for garment workers. She believes these workers are often unprotected and no one should have to work under unsafe or unfair conditions. As a Remake Ambassador Alicia is excited to be a part of a community of fashion lovers who all share a similar vision for the future of the industry. Fast fashion will kill our planet if more consumers are not educated on its effects and brands do not change their ways. She hopes to learn more about sustainable alternatives from other Ambassadors and the Remake community so she can share it with her peers and classmates. Alicia is excited to participate in a movement that is actively shifting the industry and is ready to help out in any way needed.

“Fashion is more than just how you look, it is how you #WearYourValues. This means supporting brands who pay their workers a living wage, use materials that don’t harm the planet, while also encouraging a more inclusive and sustainable lifestyle.”

Maya Howell

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Event Manager turned Community Developer, Maya (@mayahowell) is currently Director of a Community Interest Company working to support people affected by dementia. In her spare time she puts energy into social and environmental advocacy, aspiring to just do the best she can in helping to create a circular economy that supports all. Through her childhood, living sustainably with nature and people in mind was always a given. Coming from a small Scottish town with a love for vintage, second hand and repurposing, discovering the community surrounding the sustainable fashion movement sparked motivation and a new found sense of purpose.

At the beginning of 2020 Maya travelled to Jaipur, India, to learn about natural printmaking and dying, using traditional methods and using only elements found in nature. Whilst visiting the village of Bagru she saw first hand how the demand for these famous printed textiles has turned the once slow traditional art into a fast fashion production line, with chemicals, machines, and dangerous working conditions causing a devastating impact on the people and their environment. This brought to life the urgency in changing the way we look at fashion and our purchasing habits.

“I’m excited to learn and share through the Remake community. As a Remake Ambassador I want to be able to empower others to wear their values too. It’s clear that consumer decision making has to drastically change to stop the cycle of pollution and abuse. I want to help bring awareness to not just the dark side of the industry, but to how fun, accessible and rewarding it can be to enjoy slow fashion that is kind to people and our planet.”

Katy Redmond

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Originally from Oklahoma, Katy Redmond moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to study Design and Merchandising. While at Drexel University, Katy found herself becoming quite the advocate for sustainability within the fashion industry. Learning about environmental and ethical travesties caused by the fashion industry, Katy realized her purpose was to help change the way consumers think about fashion. After her first year at school, Katy pushed her friends and family to cut out fast fashion, a task that proved successful.

Her passion for sustainability culminated in creating a custom major – combining fashion, sociology, sustainability, and business consulting. She hopes to become a sustainability consultant for existing fashion brands. Katy found Remake through Instagram, falling in love with their mission. She hopes to help to make a positive impact on the future of fashion. She wants to facilitate the conversations that educate consumers on the reality of the fashion industry. Katy is beyond excited to have Remake as a platform to use her voice to amplify the voice of others.

“Education drives change, and I think consumers need to be educated on the reality of the fashion industry. I believe we can make a difference in ethical/sustainable fashion if we work together. We are stronger when we work together and realize what each of us bring to the table.”

Eliza Duberstein

Ambassador, Princeton, New Jersey

Eliza Duberstein is from Rochester, NY and currently resides in Princeton, NJ. She went to Emory University where she studied Political Science. She is currently doing public health research while studying for the LSAT. Eliza plans to attend law school in fall 2021 and is interested in studying fashion law and/or environmental law.

While at Emory, Eliza took many environmental science classes that made her passionate about sustainability. A lover of fashion, she started wondering about the intersections of the environment and fashion. After researching the topic for a few months, Eliza decided to start shopping only from sustainable retailers. She’s loved learning about the sustainable fashion movement and wants to make other people passionate about it too! When she learned about the Remake Ambassadors program, it was the perfect opportunity.

“I wear my values by researching brands before purchasing clothes, shopping secondhand and talking to friends and family about the importance of sustainable and slow fashion!”

Nainika Khetan

Ambassador, New Delhi, India

Nainika, while studying fashion technology in her college, came across different aspects of clothing. Having noticed the side effects of garment manufacturing, she took a pledge to buy less and live more. She promotes the same.

While still being in final year of her undergrad from NIFT, New Delhi, India, she firmly believes that the price paid for the purchase of clothes is the price paid for damaging our surroundings.

She co-founded Echo Club in her college and participated in WWF India’s Project Echo, a national level inter-collegiate conservation initiative. She won Echo 2019-2020 where the team worked on spreading awareness about responsible production and consumption in fashion industry. The initiatives can be seen on the Instagram page @projectecho_tattertales.

She reckons Remake as an apt platform to showcase her interest in fashion sustainability along with like-minded people and to vivify her view of the inside world of fashion.

“Fashion shouldn’t be a burden on anyone, neither the environment nor the people who create it. I #wearmyvalues by spreading this awareness no matter on how small or large scale it is.”

Maree Helleur

Ambassador, Wellington, New Zealand

Maree Helleur is a long-term fashion industry professional from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Growing up in an artistic rural beach-town small volume high quality items of clothing make up about 90% of her wardrobe consisting of mainly ethically produced New Zealand made brands.  Having lived outside of the confines of a city for the first half of her life Maree has made a big move to shift across New Zealand to the capital, Wellington.

Being naturally attracted to high quality, low volume brands with local manufacturing she has fallen on her feet in a role as retail store manager for a brand with similar values to her own. Maree loves building long term relationships with her clients, educating them about fabulous garments made from sustainably sourced materials with ethical manufacturing.

“My daughter has recently graduated and become a nurse, I have shifted from the beach to a city and I am in the next chapter of my life. Having lived outside the hustle bustle of city life in an environment support by tourism, agriculture and local manufacturing I believe I can offer an alternative perspective. Having been accepted with remake know I will gain more knowledge and this collaboration will help me with new communication frameworks.”

Mahima Hazarika

Ambassador, Kolkata, India

Mahima (@greenissustainable) just graduated from high school, but don’t let her age fool you. Having a mother as a researcher and specialist in sustainability, it was only natural for her to follow her mother’s footsteps. While casually browsing through YouTube one day, she came across an amazing TedTalk by Lauren Singer on Zero Waste. From there, one thing led to another and she found herself engulfed in the world of sustainability, zero waste and sustainable fashion. What started off as a mere fascination, turned into a full fledged passion.

She was introduced to fast fashion through the two horrifying documentaries – China Blue and The True Cost. It was really hard for her to accept the injustice that was happening inside the fashion industry; that not only violated the rights of millions of garment workers but also adversely impacted the environment. After doing more research, Mahima had made up her mind that she wanted to be an environmental activist advocating for intersectional environmentalism and justice for garment workers, while practicing zero waste in her personal life. To serve this purpose, she started a page on Instagram called Green Is Sustainable, which shares informational content on fast fashion, plastic-free tips, sustainable swaps and much more.

The main objective of joining the Remake community is to reach out to more people and educate them about the ill-effects of fast fashion, and inspire them to welcome sustainable and eco-friendly local businesses. At the same time, she also hopes to move brands towards transparency, urge them to #PayUp and be more fair to people of color.

“I #wearmyvalues by shopping only when necessary and by supporting local businesses. I choose people and planet first, and fashion second. Let’s give a voice to nature, and amplify the voices of people who are unheard.”

Ashleyn Przedwiecki

Ambassador, Saint Paul, Minneapolis

Ashleyn Przedwiecki is an event producer, design, and creative place maker with expertise in visual communications, sustainable design, and social impact strategy. She is currently working on a Masters in Sustainable Design from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, combining her passions for cultivating and designing spaces with her pursuit of creating a positive social and environmental impact. She proudly serves as a member of the Global Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic Forum to gather young leaders from around the world to engage in social and environmental action in their communities and leads the North American Caribbean teams for the Shaping Fashion Initiative.

She believes art, fashion, and immersive experiences can change our views on the world and uses events as a platform for driving change. She passionately advocates for women’s rights and sustainable practices within the fashion industry through her 5+ years of service as a regional coordinator Fashion Revolution, now serving Fashion Revolution USA as the Director of Operations and Community, and additionally has recently launched a community-driven fashion-focused platform called Threaded for independent creators, brands, and visionaries to gather and connect on actionable steps to driving change on a local level. By joining Remake, Ashleyn hopes to learn more about how to advocate for the rights of garment workers on a national and international level, disrupt modern slavery, and spearhead any necessary change to protect the most vulnerable who are exploited at the hands of the fashion industry.

“Fashion can be a form of daily activism and expression, as well as a wonderful entry point for connection and conversation with anyone. By choosing to wear your values every day, we can build a world where people and the planet as respected and honored, using our wardrobes as the tool for education, empowerment, and change.”

Jacqueline Rivera

Ambassador, Congers, New York

Since graduating with her Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, Jacqueline has realized that she wants to make her impact on the fashion industry by pushing the industry to do better. She first started getting interested in sustainable fashion and worker’s rights when she traveled to China on a trip with her university. Jacqueline was able to see garment factories and how the production process went firsthand. This is when she realized that there were many brands who were not being transparent about their supply chain process and how wrong that is. As a Remake Ambassador, Jacqueline is hoping to get more information across to her peers and show them that their purchases truly do make a difference. She is most excited to be a member of a community that is advocating for change in an industry that she truly loves and wants to see do better as time goes on.

“I wear my values by truly connecting to the clothes that I wear. It means more to me when I know where these clothes came from, who made them, and how my purchase can help. Having a story behind my clothing makes me feel that much more connected.”

Emily Woo

Ambassador, Oakland, California

Emily Woo is a 22-year-old recent graduate from San Diego State University (SDSU) in California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Securities and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR) and is eager to get started on her career despite the uncertainty of our current times. Emily grew up in the Bay Area of California and went to high school in Berkeley. She completed one year at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon in 2015-2016 before realizing that it was not the right fit for her. Despite this, it was at the University of Oregon that Emily took her first higher level International Relations classes where she was often the youngest student in a given class.

Immediately after her first year in Oregon, Emily moved to San Diego in the fall of 2016 to continue her journey at community college. After two years of community college in San Diego, Emily was accepted into the ISCOR program as a transfer student. She started in the fall of 2018 and immediately found herself at home. She not only loved the location of her school, but she fell in love with international securities and global diplomacy through her major. She found herself getting excited about reading assignments and simulation finals because each class was full of topics about which she was passionate. In addition, Emily completed over 100 hours as an intern at the International Rescue Committee in San Diego as a community health intern. She worked with local refugees and immigrants teaching English and job training skills. Emily enjoyed this experience because she got a small, internal look into how NGO’s operate. Emily is also extremely proud of her time abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. She spent 6 months in Sweden at Stockholm University studying Globalization and International Securities. Not only did Emily gain new knowledge in the classroom, but saw the world from completely new perspectives along the way. She is hoping to move back to Sweden to continue her career in the near future. Emily completed two full years at SDSU and graduated in May of 2020 and received her degree despite the current pandemic.

Aside from Emily’s educational experiences, she is passionate about combing her passion for and experience with international securities with sustainable fashion and lifestyles! She came across Remake’s story and missions and hoped to be involved in it’s work to further education about how our own habits can be detrimental to our global society socially, economically, and environmentally. She is not only passionate about international securities, but also about social justice, animal justice, and childhood development! She has worked as a nanny and caregiver for most of her life and loves working with kids of all ages and experiencing the world through such a fresh perspective.

Emily is excited to use her knowledge and experiences to try and help Remake in any way possible. She is excited about educating her peers about sustainable and safe fashion and ways we can all be involved in these progressive times. She is hard working and is always willing to go above and beyond for things she cares about.

“I #wearsyourvalues in my clothing as well as in my everyday interactions. I had started transitioning my wardrobe to incorporate only reused or thrifted items or sustainably and ethically made items. I practice kindness and compassion every day to the best of my ability as well as decent communication skills. I work hard to uphold the age old saying of treating others how I wish to be treated because I truly believe peace is achieved through genuinely understanding others’ and what they have to say or believe in.”

Anna Benzin

Ambassador, Oakland, California

Anna is a textile designer currently based in Oakland, California. When attending undergrad at Parsons School of Design, where she studied fashion design; a professor asked her to trace her favorite garment’s whole life cycle. This exercise opened Anna’s eyes to the vast amount of resources producing clothing takes from our planet. This ignited a passion in her to uncover the fashion industries exploitation of the planet as well as human rights.

Since then Anna has rooted her own design practice in focusing on slow hand crafted making techniques that highlight the love, care, and hand that go into every garment made; using only environmentally friendly yarns and old clothing/fabric to create her pieces.

As a Remake Ambassador, Anna hopes to inspire others to think about the entire lifecycle of an item of clothing and the amount of human hands that touch a garment before it ends up adorning their bodies.

I #WearMyValues by thinking about if I want or if I need something before I purchase it in order to limit my consumption of goods; as well as to make sure my dollar goes to supporting brands and people I believe in.

Tracy Hawk

Ambassador, Austin, Texas

Sustainability has and continues to be a common theme in Tracy’s world. Growing up in Columbus, OH, she was an avid thrifter and a frequent visitor of the local consignment shops. As a self proclaimed “treasure hunter” and “emotional dresser”, Tracy was always on the hunt for unique pieces to add to her wardrobe. She attended Columbus State Community College and received a degree in nutrition with the intention to work in sustainable farming. Soon after graduation, Tracy made the move to Austin, TX and within a year, made her presence and passion for sustainability known at the largest farmers market in Austin, while working at a beloved juice stand. It was here where she made countless connections with local farmers, entrepreneurs and other sustainability enthusiasts.

In 2017, Tracy was offered a unique opportunity to work on a local movie set as the head wardrobe stylist. This experience of being on set and styling the cast amplified her love of fashion and prompted her realization of how an outfit can be utilized to express what she (and others) are feeling on the inside.  When the movie wrapped up and Tracy was no longer styling the cast, she felt a void and decided to switch her focus from sustainable food to sustainable fashion and launched her own vintage pop up, @sheisahawk. Her vintage collection is largely inspired by her great grandmother, believing the significance of family heirlooms and how meaningful they are to pass on to younger generations. Some of Tracy’s most treasured items include jewelry from both sides of her family. Tracy loves to share her passion for fashion with her community and closest friends as she has hosted quarterly clothing swaps for the last nine years.

Through the Remake community, she hopes to continue her education and forever be a student while connecting with passionate people who want to make a difference in the fashion industry and advocating for conscious consumerism.

“I am always learning. I love seeing clothing have new life and I try to make my own story with every piece of wardrobe in my closet. I am excited to continue my education on sustainable and ethical fashion, understanding the history of the clothes I find second hand, and being mindful when buying new items out of necessity.”

Kamilah Sanders

Ambassador, Nashville, Tennessee

As an activist, speaker, and writer, Kamilah Sanders is founder and CEO of Greater Than Equal™, an international whole person, vision-based marketing and leadership consulting agency for social impact organizations and artists. Greater Than Equal focuses on Making Impact Easy ™ by engaging communities in culture, art, and sustainable fashion initiatives. An award-winning professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing and retail fashion apparel, Kamilah has worked with international corporations, nonprofits, communities, and entrepreneurs.

Sustainability was a way of life for Kamilah growing up – thrifting, hand me downs, borrowing clothes, sewing, patching, and upcycling was the norm. At a young age, Kamilah advocated for conservation and developed a love for fashion yet she was disheartened by the superficiality of it all. She studied consumer behavior and dove deeper into sustainable fashion, learning about fashion’s potential to cause a major positive shift in the climate crisis. Passionate about sustainable development strategy and serving as a catalyst for the sustainable fashion movement, Kamilah provides tools to leaders and enables individuals and organizations to take a stand, find their voice and share their story, so together we can change the world.

“Fashion is a global language that connects across cultures. We cannot overlook the BIPOC populations that enable this connection. I create understandings, connect disparate groups, and inspire leaders, so that together we can make a positive impact on the world. I take pride in fashionably standing for my values and you can too. Let me show you how.”

Mourushi Borah

Ambassador, Mumbai, India

Mourushi is a fashion technology student at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, India and a sustainability activist.

She grew up learning and loving fashion with her mother who would often stitch her cute comfortable outfits or make DIY stuff from scrap fabrics. She believes we need to go back to basics, learn lessons on co-existing with nature and be empathetic towards each other. She has been working on encouraging conversations around sustainable fashion and climate change for some time now, also have been taking necessary steps on individual level wherever possible. As a remake ambassador she looks forward to make others aware about sustainable and ethical fashion choices by sharing her experiences and knowledge.

“I #wearmyvalues by making mindful purchases, focusing on quality than quantity and taking care of stuff I already own. Fashion will always remain a part of me but not without my values.”

Urisa Pamintuan

Ambassador, San Diego, California

As a Filipina-American growing up in a military family, Urisa frequently moved around as a child. Her love of fashion stemmed from her early childhood years living in Japan where she was exposed to the avant-garde, fun, and bold statements that characterized Japanese street fashion. To her, fashion is art – it’s expression, beliefs, connection, and culture. She loved how stories about a person’s life and who they are could be expressed through their apparel.

After her family finally settled down in San Diego, Urisa went on to pursue a double major at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Environmental Studies and Geography where her love for sustainability and the environment – and ultimately sustainable fashion began. While learning about the relationships between humans and the environment in school, Urisa finally realized that she no longer had the funds or the space (and necessity really) to cater to her fast-fashion made clothes. It was also a time where she learned about the power that individual choice holds in our modern capitalist society.

“Do my actions align with my values?” is an incessant question that often crosses her mind. In this ongoing self-journey to improve upon her choices as a consumer and human, Urisa has found that starting from her own home (specifically her closet!) is where true and authentic change begins.

During this pandemic, Urisa decided to leave her 9-5 job and is spending this quarantine time working on her blog, The Dotted Lyne, which serves to highlight and spread awareness of sustainable and ethical ways we can improve our fashion choices while also fulfilling our needs to live a beautiful and mindful life. As a Remake Ambassador, Urisa is thrilled to join a group of intelligent and stylish environmentalists to learn more from, share her love for sustainable fashion with, and to educate fiercely for a more self-sustaining and kind future.

“I #WearMyValues by purchasing and wearing my clothes with emotion and intention. What beautiful place did this come from? Who stitched this together? What is this beautiful hue made of? I ask. I hold myself accountable for the purchasing choices that I make as a consumer.”

Nidhi Parikh

Ambassador, Mumbai, India

Nidhi is an entrepreneur, growth strategist and supporter of sustainability in fashion. She got her MBA from Boston-USA, wherein she was first introduced to industry leaders and advocates of sustainable fashion.

Then, working at her second generation family business of luxury garment exports, based out of Mumbai-India, she was driven to discover different ways and initiatives to introduce responsible procedures and processes in their operations. This has also resulted in the emergence of her local brand of fun and modern clothing with an iconic style made out of the wasted fabrics and materials from the family’s export unit. They also up-cycle and personalize clothing that you are not sure what to do with, thereby giving it a new life rather than having it end up in landfills.

She has been working extensively on finding sustainable solutions for designing, manufacturing, packaging, transporting and end consumption within the fashion industry and through this opportunity with Remake, she is excited to create a level of awareness within her community so that their choices can make a positive impact on the industry.

“As a Remake Ambassador I wish to learn as well as educate my local communities on the issues with irresponsible consumption of fashion and encourage conversations so as to empower myself and them to make better choices in response to these issues.”

Valeria Hernández

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Valeria (@valeshrndz) is a student studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in News Media and Society at the University of Southern California. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has always enjoyed exploring the island’s beautiful beaches and other natural sites. Her journey into slow fashion began through thrift shopping, solely because it was an inexpensive way to restock her closet. As she learned more about the positive effects of thrift shopping and the harms of fast fashion, she made it her mission to spread this message among her friends.

Her goal as a Remake Ambassador is to continue spreading this message across a larger platform and to connect to like minded individuals who share this same passion of tackling the fast fashion industry.

“As a college student, leaving fast fashion seemed impossible on my budget. As I learned more about thrift shopping and other methods to steer clear of the fast fashion industry, I realized that it is not an impossible feat. I want to help people like me through this process and come to the realization themselves that slow fashion can be easy, affordable, and fun!”

María Márquez

Ambassador, Murcia, Spain

Marisa is an International Relations and Business Administration student at the University of Murcia. Fashion has always been an important part of her life but when she realized how that empire was made of, instantly knew that the rules of the industry had to change.

As a Remake Ambassador, Marisa hopes to learn more about fast and slow fashion and to spread awareness to others.

“I try to buy better, less and use longer. That is my mantra. Personally speaking, I see it such as a responsibility we all have not just with the planet we live in but with the people who make our clothes”


Chloé Cohen

Ambassador, Paris, France

Chloé is a journalist, speaker and host of the podcast Nouveau Modèle on sustainable fashion.

She created her podcast in 2018, when she was a correspondent for Le Parisien, in New York City. At that time, she attended a lot of events about sustainability in the fashion industry. She gradually became aware of the consequences of her own fashion choices. She therefore decided to create her podcast, a space for discussion, where she invites committed women to come and talk about their fight to improve the garment industry and promote a more ethical and ecological fashion. She focuses on the links between women’s empowerment and socially-conscious fashion.

Chloé joined Remake as an Ambassador because she believes sorority is one of the solutions to defend the rights of women workers behind our clothes.

“I wear my values by promoting slow fashion through my podcast and by buying less but better. This means doing research about companies, looking at how a garment is produced and what impact it has on our planet. I want to to use my voice to make a change in the fashion industry.”

Aisha Lawlor

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

From a young age Aisha was fascinated by the glamorous image of the fashion industry. As her understanding of the industry’s real and damaging impact changed, so did the reason why she felt the need to be part of the fashion community.

As an Art History student at the University of Edinburgh, Aisha had the opportunity to participate in a university-organized trip to India in 2019. The trip focused on India’s complex relationship with cotton, from harvest to clothing production. While she had an understanding of the need for sustainable and ethical practices before this, the trip inspired her to take action and get involved. In that same year Aisha began interning for The Circle, a developing platform which champions sustainability, circularity and transparency in fashion. Aisha’s goal is to help others in their journey towards understanding and implementing sustainable and ethical consumption into their own lives. She also believes that changing the relationship that we have with our clothes, and those who make them, can make fashion as exciting as it was when we were children.

“I #wearmyvalues by encouraging honest and open conversations about consumption. I believe that it is vital to share the message of change from a place of non-judgement, kindness and understanding.”

Demory Hobbs

Ambassador, Scottsdale, Arizona

Demory is a recent American University graduate and an aspiring Public Relations professional. Her passion for sustainable fashion began when she learned about the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry and recognized how much waste she produced. Seeking a community to hold her accountable and help provide alternatives to fast fashion, Demory joined Remake. As a writer, she believes in the power of storytelling to effect change, which is why she writes for the Remake site, too. Demory is constantly working towards more ethical consumption, and she is currently looking for ways to use her talents to further this mission.

“On a student’s budget, I couldn’t imagine quitting fast fashion, but once I started seeing the creative, cost-effective alternatives, it became much easier to wear my values. The best feeling is when someone compliments something I’m wearing and I can tell them it’s thrifted or can tell them about the sustainable brand I bought it from.”

Tanvi Gupta

Ambassador, Karnataka, India

Fashion is in Tanvi’s blood, having grown up with a fashion designer for a mother. From creating outfits of scrap fabric as a child to working for various fashion companies, her interest in the industry has only grown with time. Her professional experiences range from corporate retail in America to a design firm, garment factory and fashion startups in India.

Over the course of Tanvi’s career, she has learned about the fashion industry’s detrimental effects on the environment and the erosion of human rights of garment factory workers. This converted her interest to a deep passion for ethical and sustainable fashion. As a Remake Ambassador, she looks forward to influencing others to make decisions that will lead to a greener and safer fashion world.

“I have changed my relationship with fashion by switching gears from a seasoned fast fashion shopper to becoming extremely mindful of my purchases and the brands I choose to support. Fashion continues to be my form of self-expression, where my choices reflect my values.”

Megan Doyle

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Megan (@titianthread) is a fashion journalist and content creator born in Perth, Australia and based in London. Having started her career writing about luxury and business for publications like the Business of Fashion and Luxury Society, she soon discovered that the world of sustainable fashion held far more meaning, importance, sense of community and a common purpose that she couldn’t find in other sectors of the industry.

Through her writing, Megan aims to make sustainability more accessible to people outside of the fashion community in order to ignite conversations about consumption, the lifecycle of clothing and the importance of education to change people’s relationship with fashion. She is fascinated by the psychology of consumerism and marketing, policymaking and understanding the social, cultural and political structures that have to be dismantled in order to rebuild a safe and sustainable fashion system for people and the planet.

As a Remake Ambassador, Megan plans to continue learning about the ever-changing sustainability landscape and sharing her discoveries through critical, honest and solution-focused stories that highlight the incredible work of sustainable thinkers & makers around the world. She hopes to encourage readers to question the status quo and reflect on their own relationship with clothing.


“I #WearMyValues by being a proud outfit repeater, avoiding the allure of new clothes in favor of embracing what’s already in my wardrobe, as well as buying vintage and second-hand where possible. We live in a world where a celebrity wearing the same outfit twice is somehow newsworthy, which makes it even more important that we normalize and celebrate wearing our clothes until they fall apart!

Maggie Horstman

Ambassador, Washington D.C.

Maggie is a law student at American University Washington College of Law focused on environmental law with specific interests in environmental justice, sustainable food systems, and human rights more generally. Her research on food systems has inspired her to look further into other supply chains, like fashion, and Question the Process (which is also the name of the blog she is currently developing!).

As a Remake Ambassador, Maggie hopes to learn more about the environmental and human impacts of fast fashion and spread this knowledge to others.

“After becoming plant-based and reevaluating the way my actions impact the environment, I am excited to take the next step in my sustainability journey by taking the 90 day #NoNewClothes pledge to begin my commitment to sustainable fashion.”

Sarah Lermsider

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Sarah Lermsider is a self-taught fashion sustainability mentor, blogger, and advocate. With a background in theatre, film, and television, she first began standing up to the injustices of pay inequality and mistreatment through the #PayUpHollywood movement affecting underpaid and overworked entertainment assistants. Sarah began her journey in fashion sustainability through her passion of sourcing vintage and thrifted clothing, thus launching her commitment to conscious consumerism.

Sarah’s blog,, is an accessible resource for fashionistas and sustainability beginners interested in learning how to discover their individual style, often muddied by the trends forced upon shoppers by fast fashion brands. Through Sarah’s research, she uncovered the debilitating effects fashion has on our Earth as well as the lives of millions of garment workers worldwide. Remake’s #PayUp movement solidified Sarah’s desire to become an active member of the organization working towards social justice and sustainability within the fashion industry. As a Remake Ambassador, Sarah hopes to provide tools and information to transform the perspectives of consumers who unknowingly feed into the dangerous cycle of fast fashion.

“It is my responsibility as a sustainable leader and Remake ambassador to #wearmyvalues for the Earth and for future generations to come. I invest in sustainable brands that will last years, rather than purchase cheap clothing solely because of the price tag. It isn’t too late to change the game, and adjust our mindset to think of how our clothes were made, and by whom. Small mindful steps will create an astronomical outcome.”

Margaret Karczewski

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Margaret was introduced to thrifting and vintage hunting at an early age from her mother, which was both practical and exciting. Growing up her mother also taught her how to sew and she also enjoyed adding personal touches and modifying her clothing to give them a second life. This was a natural path to design school, where Margaret graduated from Parsons in 2013 with a degree in fashion design. After graduation she started working in corporate fashion as an accessories designer, this helped her quickly see the impact design and production had on the environment. This was both troubling and discouraging, as it felt like it went against everything she grew up doing as well as what she was taught in design school. The idea of designing clothing and accessories with a long life, and intention of being passed down to next generations did not seem to be current fashion practices anymore.

Through her passion and drive to design better and waste less, Margaret pivoted from large corporate companies to smaller companies where she could be closer to material sourcing and production practices to really make an impact. Outside of her 9 to 5, Margaret works on her own projects of handmade accessories, up-cycling projects, and spreading the word of ethical fashion within her community. As a Remake Ambassador Margaret hopes to reach a larger audience and help take actionable steps to rework the fashion system.

“As a designer and creator I was taught that our job was to fix problems. I hope to empower other designers to help fix the problems of the traditional fashion system, and make it the powerful platform it can be!”

Fern Rouse

Ambassador, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Fern Rouse has always been interested in Fashion especially the history and how ladies clothes have changed through time.

As a student and up until her 30’s, she lived totally in thrifted and vintage clothes often altering them to her preference. She lost her way a bit in the corporate world in Management and Directorship alas hitting the high street feeling the need to reward herself and indeed to look successful by wearing new things.

Fern put her career on hold when she became a mom to 3 brilliant children which ultimately changed her career going forward and her view on fashion. A year ago, she began a Vintage Fashion business “Maggies Magic Wardrobe” on Instagram and Facebook, and is currently working on the website. A year prior to this, she stopped buying new clothes and now only shops her wardrobe, vintage, and preloved. Maggies is named after her daughter who has encouraged her to become vegan in some part for the sake of our environment which really does fit in with her business ethics along with using recycled and recyclable packaging.

She has been a Slow Fashion Season Ambassador for 2 years now and she has a Facebook Group “Slow Fashion Forum #onlywearsprelovely” where participants get to share tips on living a more sustainable life, their outfit of the day and guidance on mending and making clothes. Everyone involved has the opportunity to take part and they also do Swap Shop Sunday’s where everyone swaps clothes that no longer fit into their lives, it’s all online and it’s proved to be very successful.

“I am passionate about what I do & I look forward to a time where people look to buy vintage & preloved for special occasions or to fill gaps in their wardrobe. I volunteer in a charity shop & I see the results from fast fashion & I know if people volunteered too they would not go back to mindless spending as the cost to our people & our world is astronomical.”

Jamie Taylor

Ambassador, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Growing up hiking and rock-climbing in Pennsylvania, Jamie gained a deep appreciation for the environment at a young age. Her time spent outdoors encouraged her to protect the space that allowed her to do the things she loved. In high school, with too many clothes and a minimalist attitude, she created an eBay shop as a platform to practice sustainability. Through the selling and purchasing of second-hand clothing and shipping items with reusable packaging (to some of her buyers’ dismay), she encouraged her customers and community to join her in her efforts towards a more responsible way of purchasing clothes.

Today, as a recent graduate of Penn State with a BS in Biobehavioral Health, Jamie hopes to blend her passions for health, the environment, and fashion, in a career that encourages sustainability. Being a Remake Ambassador is one step she is taking towards that goal. She is excited to work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about protecting the earth through fashion. Through workshops and resources, she hopes to create change in her larger community, in hopes of bringing greater awareness to the issue that lies in the fashion industry.

“I #WearMyValues by shopping second-hand or from companies that have claimed responsibility for their environmental and ethical impact. I encourage others in my small community to understand their impacts and offer resources on how to do better. I am always learning and excited to embrace an even larger community of change-seekers!”

Flora Appleyard

Ambassador, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Flora is on her year abroad and is preparing to start teacher training. Through her personal research and having so much time to really focus on this, she was able to combine her passions of, sustainability, the environment and ethical fashion. She has spent an enormous amount of time reading books, blogs, articles all about sustainability in fashion.

Fashion to her is a very important part of self expression. However, the demand for cheap clothing with such low quality and a short lifespan causes many of the worlds problems. Including environmental and social, from environmental pollution to the exploitation of workers. Flora was a ‘shopaholic’, until she realized the effect and damage this had on the planet, and all the negative ways it impacted the earth. Flora’s goal is to raise awareness on these issues, as people are so often unaware.

Through the Remake community, she hopes to be able to connect to like-minded people, with the similar aspirations and to use her voice to motivate people in to become more conscious consumers. As this is the only way the fashion industry can improve and change. She believes that the change will come each time we spend our money wisely.

“I #wearmyvalues every time I choose to make a purchase. I do this by choosing to shop mainly second-hand, or from brands which are all sustainable and ethical, with good working environments and so on. By doing this, I feel like I’m truly wearing my values and being true to myself – it’s such a great feeling! I have such a passion for change, and I believe that sustainability is a way of life, and one that is achievable for everyone – so I’d like to motivate people to change. I care for the clothes that I have, because loved clothes last.”

Erin Anderson Scott

Ambassador, Hamilton, New Zealand

“­­‘Be the girl, you want that little girl to see’”- my loving mother.”

Whether it be wearing her values, advocating for equal opportunities or leading through actions this quote is something that inspires Erin to be better and do better daily.

Raised in the Waikato, New Zealand, colleagues and peers refer to Erin as a dynamic and engaging individual, passionate about inclusivity, sustainability and driving positive change.

Extensive international experience living, working and visiting over 30 countries has given her an in-depth understanding of the impacts of fashion and the role it plays in today’s society. A previous athlete with a keen interest in art and sustainable fashion, Erin is excited to listen, collaborate and share unique perspectives and knowledge as a Remake Ambassador.

An avid second hand shopper Erin went to university in Michigan and holds a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Non-profit and community development roles in Australia, in addition to further Social Impact and Sustainability study, have led her to gain a comprehensive understanding of community business initiatives, people and culture. Previous roles have given her first-hand experience working with the immense amounts of clothing and shoe waste heading for landfills. Building on her retail, stylist and community experience she is currently working through a number of sustainable, secondhand and repurposing projects. Founder of @secondhandmap @renire_collective her aim to make it easier to shop secondhand around the world and to tackle consumer behavior and clothing waste in New Zealand.

Judy Simmons

Ambassador, Somerset, United Kingdom

Judy has been an avid stitcher ever since she was old enough to hold a needle. She is passionate about clothes, fashion, fabrics and creating and all things secondhand. Last year she watched The True Cost, a documentary about fast fashion, and was shocked. This led her on a rollercoaster of exploration, avidly reading and learning all she could about fashion and sustainability. It was a lightbulb moment. She decided that she had to share what she was learning and started a Facebook page to enthuse about up-cycling clothing, buying secondhand and information about the current state of the fashion industry.

Judy is a textile artist who has qualifications in stitching and design, as well as a Bachelors degree in the History of Art.  She now uses her textiles skills to refashion garments. Alongside her creative endeavors, Judy has had a long career within the charity sector. Judy is excited about connecting with others who are passionate about making a difference within the fashion industry.

‘I wear my values by wearing my up-cycled creations and showing that altered fashion is exciting. It can also give new life to old clothes which may otherwise end up in landfill’.

Sarah O’Toole

Ambassador, New York, New York

Sarah is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fashion Business Management and minoring in French. When she moved to New York City two years ago for college, her eyes were opened to what fast fashion was and how much waste it is producing. She then decided that she wasn’t going to consume products for those companies anymore, and got really into thrifting and vintage shopping. She found that she liked the style of these clothes better, and was being much more sustainable.

She was tired of watching fast fashion companies building and people not knowing how much they are affecting our planet, so when she came across Remake, she thought she found the perfect match. She hopes to make a difference and raise awareness of sustainable fashion, and alternatives to fast fashion. She knows she can’t change everything bad in the world, but she wishes to be part of something small, that will make a change.

“The clothes that I wear are unspoken characteristics about myself. It is important to show people the sustainable side of fashion, and I do that by wearing my values.”

Stella Abril

Ambassador, Litchfield Park, Arizona

Stella Abril is a Latina inspirational motivator, eco-preneuer and blogger. She gently empowers people to choose their impact and make conscious choices. Stella became fully committed to sustainable fashion with the firm belief that each of us has the power to make a change. As a Remake Ambassador, she is dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources and using her voice to educate and create awareness.

She is currently the Chairman and Founding Member of Arizona Sustainable Fashion, Events Chair for Girls in Tech Phoenix, Junior High Ministry Coach, Community Leader, wife and last but not least, Mom. She is a phenomenal mother of 3 amazing little women that happen to be the driving force and reason for her to continue making an impact. She continuously reinforces love and acceptance while serving as the backbone to her family unit and community. Stella is humble and passionate and always looking for ways to give more of herself to build those around her.

“I #WearMyValues by setting an example for my children and those around me with each choice I make and empowering others with information to make conscious choices now and in the future.”

Ana Matsubara

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Ana is currently studying Design and Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Her passion for sustainability and environmental activism stems from growing up in Seattle, where she spent many years exploring the natural beauty of the PNW. Her move to Los Angeles introduced her to the disparities of the fashion industry- the glitzy over-consumption of luxury shopping, the mountains of dead stock textiles in the Garment District and the obvious demographic contrasts between them. Since then, her advocacy surrounding sustainability has expanded from protection of natural ecosystems to the empowerment and attention to the people, especially women, who sustain the fashion industry.

As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to utilize her passion for design to advocate for a more sustainable and ethical fashion culture. She hopes to empower young people to reject the pressures of mindless consumption and to explore the joys of more conscious and creative consumption. Ana makes her own clothing by sewing and dyeing with natural materials or up-cycling discarded textiles (@tofubingo).

“I am always striving to be a more thoughtful person- thoughtful in the sense of having empathy and care but also in the sense that I am full of thoughts. In the realm of fashion we certainly need both. We need more respect for the garment workers who carry this system. We need more care for our planet and the clothing we call our own. And we need to be thinking more deeply about our roles in these exploitative systems targeting people and our planet.”

Olivia Grimward

Ambassador, Wales, United Kingdom

Olivia is a Graphic Designer based along the north coast of Wales. After writing her university dissertation titled “Does advertising stimulate excessive consumption in the fast-fashion industry?” her eyes were opened to the devastation corporate brands were imposing on garment workers and our planet.

She was eager for change and to make the first steps by transforming the way she saw fashion. Olivia loves repurposing and rehoming clothes found in charity and vintage shops and makes her own clothes using recycled materials her old self would most likely of thrown away. Doing this has allowed her to fall in love with fashion all over again, and to find her own identity away from weekly ‘trends’ sourced and enforced by fashion giants.

As a Remake Ambassador, Olivia hopes to inspire others to make the commitment to love their wardrobe and to change how they shop in the future.

“As I get older, I realize how unjust the world can be and how oppression is a consequence of money and greed. I #WearMyValues by promising not to buy from unethical fashion brands, and by loving and appreciating my clothes and the people who made them.”

Eunice Pais

Ambassador, Portugal

Eunice Pais is a Portugal based self-taught responsible fashion photographer. She founded Quasi Australis in 2017, a project aimed at creating visual aesthetics with ethical practices in fashion. She actively chooses to work with responsible fashion brands as part of her responsibility and values as an artist.

Aiming to bring more awareness to the importance of social justice in environmental actions, Eunice is currently developing a system that aims to contribute to supply chain equity by elevating brands’ ethical standards and creating more consumer awareness. Becoming a Remake Ambassador will help her gain more insight, and strengthen ties with a community that is at the core of her work.

“Without social equity, environmental justice can’t exist.”

Cordelia Hare

Ambassador, St. Andrews, Scotland 

Cordelia is a current student at the University of St. Andrews studying International Relations with a concentration in environmental politics, currently working on her dissertation on intersectional environmentalism. Since starting university, she has cultivated a passion for environmental advocacy which ultimately drove her to explore the nexus between sustainability and fashion.

As a member of the planning committee for the St. Andrews Charity Fashion Show, one of the largest student-run charity fashion shows in the United Kingdom, she realized that there was an opportunity to use the event as a platform to both promote sustainable brands and raise awareness about the detrimental humanitarian and environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry. This is when she reached out to the Remake team and with our help not only managed to have 36% of runway collections be sustainable, but organized a campus-wide speaker panel, clothing-swap, and sustainable pop-up shop to educate the university community about sustainable fashion.

“After the wide-spread success of the sustainability events I organized on campus with the help of Remake, I realized that although students are extremely enthusiastic to learn about sustainable fashion, there are a lack of educational opportunities on university campuses to engage students in these issues. As a Remake ambassador I cannot wait to mobilize the movement on my campus and educate students on why we should all be following #WearMyValues.”

Crispina ffrench

Ambassador, Becket, Massachusetts

Crispina ffrench started recycling textiles in the form of used clothing as an art school student in 1987.  By the time she graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design her manufacturing company was in full swing and her signature product – stuffed toys called Ragamuffins completely hand sewn from recycled wool sweaters were selling internationally.  Within two years her company employed 40 women at home making Ragamuffins, Blankets, Potholder Rugs, etc. all completely hand constructed and all recycled.

Fast forward 30+ years Crispina’s company works with companies including Timberland, Crate and Barrel, Patagonia, American Apparel, Eileen Fisher and others to create marketable product using their textile waste.

She has authored a teaching book called The Sweater Chop Shop, is working on her second book and currently finds herself empowering women all over the world through her membership called Circle.

“I am so excited to be a Remake Ambassador, to be welcomed into and nurtured by a community of like-minded conscious consumption leaders where I have historically blazed a lonely trail I #wearmyvalues with a mostly thrifted wardrobe and supporting conscious brands when new is necessary (think bras, undies, and socks).”

Yasmin Norvill

Ambassador, Surrey, England

Yasmin (@yasminnorvill) is an English Literature student by day and a freelance journalist by night; specializing in women’s issues and sustainability. She utilizes her platform as a writer to frequently discuss environmental activism and continuously encourages readers to live more sustainably. Growing up, fashion served as an outlet of self-expression. From band tees and combat boots, to pretty floral dresses: fashion was a constant pillar in creating her own identity. After many years of researching and educating herself on the harmful impacts of fast fashion, Yasmin is now an advocate for sustainable fashion and ethical consumption.

As a Remake Ambassador, Yasmin aims to prove that each individual is still able to showcase and develop their own unique personal style while ensuring there are no negative implications for other workers or the larger environment. Yasmin is thrilled to be given the opportunity to meet and learn from other activists working towards a more sustainable future. After spending a year studying in Denmark and embracing the Danish lifestyle, Yasmin’s own personal style showcases a large Scandinavian influence. Although recently, she has been enjoying the process of experimentally up-cycling her clothes with embroidery and tie dye; giving old pieces a new life. Yasmin hopes to create sustainable look books and DIY tutorials to demonstrate to consumers how to develop personal style ethically.

“My love of fashion motivates me to consume in a sustainable way. By rummaging through charity shops, supporting independent local businesses and reworking my own old clothes, I am able to create a wardrobe that reflects my personality while simultaneously aligning with my ethical beliefs too #wearyourvalues.”

Jasmina Hodjikj

Ambassador, New York, New York

Jasmina (@itsjustminah) is a digital content creator and a fashion business student based in New York City. Growing up in a developing country, the Republic of Macedonia, Jasmina started thrifting clothes at a very young age. Buying second hand was not a choice for her but the only way she could afford to buy clothes. When she moved to the United States, she was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of available clothes and how inexpensive they were. She immediately recognized that something was wrong with the way people in America consume and dispose clothes. She decided to go to a fashion design school and explore the idea of making one of a kind value-pieces that are meant to last a lifetime.

Two years into the design program she felt the need to explore the business side of fashion and that’s why she moved to New York to attend the Fashion Business Management Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Besides attending school, she is actively searching for ways to get involved in the sustainable world of fashion. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to meet a lot of amazing and like-minded people and help expand the community.

‘’I wear my values by constantly learning to become more aware of the changes I can make in my life to help the environment. I understand that the change needs to start with me first. My responsibility is to share my value and inspire others to take actions in their own life.’’

Kathryn Wang

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kathryn is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and she currently works in finance. After learning about the retail supply chain from a business perspective, she realized that most fashion companies fail to discuss the unethical conditions of garment workers and wasteful practices of fast fashion. As a younger sister, Kathryn has always been a lover of secondhand clothing, and she is a self-taught seamstress, extending the wear of each piece in her closet.

As a Remake Ambassador, Kathryn hopes to connect with people passionate about sustainable fashion across the world and to spur others to start their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. She hopes to learn more about the intersectionality between sustainable fashion and other social justice issues and spark conversation around these topics. Kathryn has recently started a passion project (@katsthread) to share her journey up-cycling old clothing in her closet and sharing resources to learn more about the sustainable fashion movement.

“I #WearMyValues by buying less, buying meaningfully, and making the most out of each garment. I want people to recognize the humanitarian and environmental crises of fast fashion, and to shift the way they think about purchasing.”

Sarah Saxty

Ambassador, New York, New York

Sarah’s sustainability journey started with her personal health. She’s always been “healthy and active” but started to dive even deeper into the impact some foods have on her body and the planet, and, subsequently, changed her daily habits to more organic and plant-derived. From there, she inevitably turned to look and making changes to the products in her home, and in her wardrobe and started to use her voice to amplify messages about climate change and social justice. Once you know, you can’t not know, and now every purchase decision Sarah makes is challenged by the question: is this good for people, and the planet?

Sarah has worked in fashion since the early 2000’s, from the retail shop floor in Australia, to the factories in China and traveling around the world on trend and design trips. She’s been living in NYC since 2012, and in 2014 started her own brand, OVERT; she created a bag that was designed to “do it all” for women on the go, with an authentic digital content platform, where she shared the stories of real women in the city and built a solid community of City Girls. In 2018, Sarah parted ways and she now consults with other early-stage brands, founders and personalities to define their brand and communications strategy. She also has a couple of creative projects; @the.reality.bites, a social club and meeting point for curiously creative people. She hopes to continue building that platform and cultivate connections through culture and expansion through important topics, AND @tbcspeakeasy, a cocktail club that hosts immersive cocktail making experiences and make drinks for gatherings.

I wear my values by curating a wardrobe, home, and lifestyle that supports conscious designers, creators, and businesses. I share insights and brands I stand behind with people in my community to amplify the message that thinking with sustainability at the forefront isn’t harder, and makes our decisions better for both people and the planet.”

Emilie McCulloch

Ambassador, New York, New York

While in her second year studying at FIT,  Emilie realized just how vast the negative effects caused by the fashion industry were on the environment and humanity.  Since then, she has pledged to be part of the solution, opposed to adding more to the problems.

For the past 4 years, Emilie’s worked in merchandising, product development, and marketing for different notable fashion companies around the globe.  In her spare time, she hosts clothing swaps, resells secondhand apparel, and educates others on sustainable fashion.  As a Remake Ambassador, Emilie hopes to reach more people and inspire them to change their relationship with fashion.

“I try to buy ‘new’ clothes as infrequently as possible.  Despite being a fashion addict I make it work by shopping secondhand, swapping, and up-cycling.  I’m also really passionate about implementing more sustainable manufacturing practices.  I want to decrease the negative impacts of the industry while also making it more inclusive.”

Kelsey Parker

Ambassador, Falmouth, Maryland

Kelsey is a maker of all kinds with a DIY-or-die mentality that spans everything from the kombucha she drinks to the clothing she wears. Her passion for self-sufficiency and the independence provided by the ability to do-it-yourself walks hand-in-hand with her commitment to sustainable living and social justice. After attending Sarah Lawrence College where she studied primarily writing and public policy, Kelsey returned to her childhood roots as a seamstress and started designing under her own label, Garbedge Designs. Using primarily repurposed materials at first, Kelsey spent the early days of Garbedge seam-ripping cast off work pants to salvage zippers and collecting materials like secondhand bed sheets and curtains to create unique garments for women of all sizes. Interest in her work expanded to a point where relying solely on repurposed materials became untenable, and while Kelsey still salvages much of her material, she now sources ethical and sustainable materials as well. Kelsey is a self-taught seamstress and pattern drafter, working with each garment she creates–in the true slow-fashion way–from conception all the way to fruition. Creating everything from wedding dresses to bikinis, Kelsey’s work is all about reflecting personal style, functionality, and durability. With a nod to the historical disenfranchisement of women, she adds (functional!) pockets to womenswear absolutely whenever she can.

As a Remake Ambassador, Kelsey is excited not just to help educate others about sustainability and responsible consumerism, but to bolster her own knowledge of these essential practices. Kelsey has been working freelance in NYC doing custom clothing design since 2012. Currently she is taking a break from the big city and living in the woods of Maine where she grew up. After her stint back in New England, Kelsey plans to return home to NYC and pursue graduate studies in sustainability and fashion design.

“Everybody has a body and wears clothing. The decisions we make and the way we use that body in the world makes a difference—not just on an individual level, but on a global one. The need for transparency and accountability in the fashion industry is monumental, and just as we must think critically about the foods we choose to buy and consume, we must consider carefully the clothes on our collective back.”

Ashlee Sang

Ambassador, Bloomington, Illinois

After learning about fast fashion and watching The True Cost, Ashlee became an ethical fashion convert. Ever since, she has committed her consumer dollars to supporting sustainable, ethical brands. She’s also an avid thrifter because of the bargains, the unique finds, and thrifting’s role in the circular economy.

Ashlee runs a one-woman marketing firm for purpose-driven businesses. She focuses on content strategy and copywriting. Supporting these businesses and their messages is one way for her to increase her impact—and her clients’—beyond what she would be able to do as a single consumer.

“As a Remake Ambassador, I hope to connect with people who care about similar issues, as well as discover new ethical brands and thrifting platforms.”

Meredith Matsakis

Ambassador, New York, New York

Meredith is a sustainability educator and advocate living in New York City. She has worked in the high-end fashion world for a few years and saw first-hand how things needed to change. The two-week drop cycle felt like it would never end and she knew the lack of transparency in the industry was hiding many dirty secrets. She ultimately left the fashion world and began working on a passion project called

Meredith advocates that it is not about being perfect, but that it is about making small changes towards living more sustainably. After sharing her imperfect “sustainable story” on Instagram, she saw that there was a need for easily digestible content that would inspire people to live more sustainably. As a result, Meredith founded of, a free newsletter for advice, inspiration, and actionable items to live for consciously with the planet. now has hundreds of subscribers that are influenced positively from a sustainability viewpoint. Meredith loves to incorporate Remake campaigns and stats into these newsletters to help spread the message and make an impact.

“I wear my values by sharing my authentic story through my newsletter, even if it isn’t perfect. My main goal is to have someone think twice before purchasing a garment or supporting a brand with a negative track record. I believe we vote with our dollar, so I love supporting brands that are doing it right!”

Libby Wiseman

Ambassador, Wichita, Kansas

Libby is the Boutique Manager for Dress for Success Wichita, a nonprofit organization who empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. As Boutique Manager, Libby’s focus is on the professional attire aspect of their mission, handling and sorting all donations in order to provide the women in the Wichita community with clothing that will ensure their confidence and success.

In addition, Libby is a special effects makeup artist and a screen printer for her and her husband’s small business, diligently working towards finding and using only products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. She enjoys breathing new life into clothing by refashioning unwanted second-hand items into unique daily-wear pieces and costumes for her art.

“After seeing a glimpse of the devastation caused by fast fashion and the lack of compassion in the industry, I felt compelled to help raise awareness towards this issue. I feel deeply that humanity needs to come together, to stop supporting companies that deprive others of their chance at life. As a feminist, environmentalist, and fashion lover, Remake is the perfect platform for my values, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I look forward to Wearing My Values with my fellow Remake Ambassadors, helping others see that with just a little effort, you can make a big difference.”

Erin Kean

Ambassador, New York, New York

Growing up in the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, Erin (@erin.kean) learned the importance of respecting the environment at a young age. Over time she researched ways to live a more eco-conscious life and began to make small changes to lower her ecological footprint. Now living in NYC, she works at The New York Times and spends her free time exploring new places. Her passion project, The Next Edit, is a blog focused on sustainable fashion and clean beauty.

Erin contributes articles on Remake that navigate the environmental and ethical issues within the fashion industry. As a Remake Ambassador she hopes to educate and offer solutions on building a sustainable wardrobe.

“I wear my values by educating myself on the state of our environment and what I can do to make a change – however big or small. Find me purchasing clothes from a local thrift store, filling up reusable bags in the bulk food section, or researching the values behind a company I might make a purchase from!”

Valentina Quintero Rubio

Ambassador, Bogotá, Colombia

Valentina Quintero Rubio (@badgalqueentero) is a Colombian fashion design student at Parsons School of Design in New York. She has lived in Milan, New York and Bogota in order to get to know the core essence of the fashion she believes in. After exploring big capitals of fashion she has found out that she believes more in the process than in the final product, making her focus her attention on artisan and indigenous communities in her country. She is currently working in an online platform for masterclasses with indigenous communities and artisans, as well as giving second life to military uniforms that have been burned by the Colombian Air Force.

Due to her curiosity to explore further the fashion system and the pieces in fashion that are one of a kind done by hand, she has traveled around other countries such as Mexico and Peru to do some research in order to compare the process of different communities, and to try to figure out how to make a more just payment to the ones that make the pieces, because they are sold extremely expensive in international markets, but are bought very cheap to locals.  She has been very critical of fashion in terms of consumption, this belief that you are more if you have a brand on, price, ethical wages, colonization of designers instead of collaboration, racism and classism involved in fashion everywhere but mostly in her country. All this, because Valentina believes in building a much more just and equal world through the world she loves the most, but at the same time questions: fashion.

What excites her the most about joining the Remake community is to learn from everything that remake has accomplished and hope to meet other people that are interested in building a more ethical fashion world. She also expects to work in the future with these people, to show others the value of slow fashion and of the importance of supporting indigenous communities, which do not only create pieces, but also inherited traditional ART.

Madeline Norris

Ambassador, Oakland, California

Madeline has adored colors and textures since she was able to see. Art has always been a safe space for her to express her thoughts and emotions in a way that felt accurate and genuine. She has a degree in fashion design from Iowa State University and a certificate in illustration from Accademia Italiana Arte Moda & Design. To her, fashion is a harmonious blend of art and individual expression. Our life experiences are unique to our own lens, and fashion is a way to show that perspective to the world.

Madeline is a graduate student in San Francisco studying Sustainability in relation to the fashion industry. She is energized by having important, at times uncomfortable, conversations about the fashion industry. Through the power of conversations and actions, we can begin to dismantle our current systems which stand on the basis of marginalizing communities and polluting the environment. She believes we can transform the fashion industry into a resilient and inclusive space! She hopes to practice this passion through Remake, and initiate these conversations.

“I #WearMyValues by making every purchase intentionally, and supported with product education. I take time to understand the life cycle of each garment, including from the seed to the store. After my purchase, I show my textiles respect through care and mending.”

Luciana dos Santos Duarte

Ambassador, The Hague, The Netherlands

Luciana is a PhD researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University of Rotterdam / The Netherlands), and at the Production Engineering Department (Federal University of Minas Gerais / Brazil). She has a bachelor degree in Product Design, and a master degree in Production Engineering. She is also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Trainer (NGO World Peace Initiative / Thailand).

Since 2007, she communicates about ethical and sustainable fashion via her website, as well as work as a consultant in Design and Engineering for Fashion. One of the industrial projects she did was the 3D layout of a medium-size factory of bags and shoes. In 2011, she created the course Fashion and Sustainability at the Fashion Design under graduation, and also taught for six years at the Production Engineering under graduation.

One of her biggest achievements is to have created a network of more than 250 volunteers and 1,000 donors to offer millions of clothes and accessories for homeless people. They could chose everything that they wanted according to their taste, during 10 editions of this pop-up store along five years. As a Remake Ambassador, she shares about ethical fashion initiatives at her website and social media.

“We should do charity everyday, as a way to be resilient in this system that we live (based on competition to be richer than your brother). We should be humble and available to everybody, because the ego is just a temporary illusion.”

Darriea Clark

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Darriea Clark is a fashionista, content creator, and feminist. At a young age, she began thrifting with her mom and grandmother. Inspired by their innovative style, she fell in love with the unique opportunity of self-expression that secondhand clothing affords. After years of DIYing her own clothes and watching YouTube channels like The Fashion Citizen, she has decided to begin her own secondhand clothing store. Her brand will launch in summer of 2020.

Darriea studied magazine journalism with concentrations in South Asian studies and fashion and beauty communications at Syracuse University. She focuses on fashion storytelling in both journalistic and artistic capacities. Her interests include psychological and sociological motivations of dress and how clothing affects self-esteem, the global environment, and women’s empowerment. As a Remake ambassador, Darriea plans to co-create fashion stories with her peers and uplift voices of women marginalized by the fast fashion industry. She is passionate about increasing awareness of sustainable fashion and wants others to define style on their own terms as well.

“I #WearMyValues by only buying from brands that engage in fair trade practices and are committed reducing their ecological footprint. I celebrate my individuality by wearing what’s in my closet, and I refuse to be swayed by fleeting trends.”

Myxen Montes

Ambassador, Manila, Philippines

Myxen Montes is an Industrial Engineering student in the Philippines. She has always seen fashion as an outlet of self-expression and also a form of revolution. She joined the movement towards sustainable fashion because she believes that bags, clothes, and shoes shouldn’t just be pretty nor should it only benefit the wearer. It should go beyond that.

By being a Remake Ambassador, Myxen hopes to have a platform to both educate, and be educated regarding sustainability issues in the fashion industry. She wishes to open more minds and inspire others to be more cautious about what they wear, and how it affects the environment and the people behind it.

“I support the #WearYourValues movement by only supporting brands that aligns with my views and beliefs, and also by keeping in mind that less is always more.”

Riley Scherer

Ambassador, San Francisco, California

As a digital and event marketing professional focusing on trade shows and community engagement, Riley has an obsession with bringing groups together to innovate for and learn about sustainability and purpose. Riley started at Sustainable Brands, a media and conference company supporting brands understand how hey can profit from sustainable business practices, and more recently transitioning to  field marketing role for a tech company, Segment, starting a sustainability and CSR task force – laying the ground work for the company’s first formal initiatives. Riley separately is an organizer for a local San Francisco Women in Corporate Social Responsibility chapter building community among like-minded women in the field.

As a part of the Remake Ambassador Program, Riley hopes to gain resources to educate her network on how sustainable fashion is accessible and something they should and can be a part of!

“I #WearMyValues by buying from brands that have sustainability and social impact in mind – I always take 10 seconds to think about the purchase: who made it, where was it made, what is it made out of, why am I buying this, but at least I took 10 seconds to make a conscious decision.  All other purchases or trendy items come from local thrift stores or Threadup (…which is more than I like to admit).”

Isabel Valencia Zuniga

Ambassador, New York City, New York

Isabel is a world traveler, she has lived in seven different cities in the past five years. Eager to see the world and learn about new cultures, Isabel is a pioneer in provocative thinking and an explorer at heart. After watching different economies rise and fall throughout history, Isabel was immediately captivated by sustainable movements. Fashion and style have been the apple of Isabel’s eye ever since Fashion Police aired on National TV, but she always felt conflicted by the truth behind the retail industry. Having to buy new clothes when moving from one city to the next, Isabel mastered the art of minimalism and conscious shopping.

Isabel studied international Hospitality Management in a Swiss university. She split her studies between the campus in Spain and the campus in Switzerland. As part of these studies, Isabel worked for six months in the Bay Area in a five star resort, and later spent another six months working in her homeland, Mexico City, also in a high-end metropolitan hotel. Now, Isabel calls New York City her home. She has worked in multiple high-end restaurants in the city, both on the floor and in the events department. Isabel is currently transitioning from a life devoted to the corporate world and will focus on cultural, social and activist professions.

As a part of Remake, Isabel wants to contribute to the amazing movement to empower labor workers who are mistreated and overworked by large corporations. She is excited to join a movement that will absolutely transform the face of fashion for the better.

“I #WearMyValues by revealing the ugly, unjust, and dark truth behind our luxuries. I am here to show my passion for fashion while honoring the silent workers who are forgotten by the people who wear their underpaid work.”

Shannon O’Hara

Ambassador, Ontario, Canada

Shannon found an interest in repurposing from a young age. Making doll clothes, later skating costumes out of old dresses, and finding reasons to make cast-offs from her family’s wardrobes. She began designing handbags in 2008 under the label Agent Honey and later switched her business model from accessing skins directly from the tanners to sourcing damaged leather garments, otherwise destined to landfill.

Agent Reclaim was launched in 2010, focusing on making products entirely out of post consumer garments. Shannon has collaborated in capsule collections with large leather retailers using their post consumer damaged returns and dead stock. She has been a member of Fashion Takes Action (FTA) Canada’s only non-profit fashion industry organization focused on sustainability. She is also part of the education team, teaching youth the impacts of fast fashion on the environment, social justice and how to become agents of change.

“I believe we can make fashion more circular and kind. It is in educating the wrongs of this industry and highlighting the change makers that will allow sustainable fashion to become mainstream.”

Tatiana Isaza

Ambassador, Antioquía, Colombia

Tatiana is a fashion designer student at Colegiatura de Diseño, a professional photographer, a fashion film maker, stylist and creative, she has been living in different places in North and South America, from Medellín to Buenos Aires, New York and Philadelphia, this gave to her an international background and an open mindedness. She grew up into a very creative family, architects, painters and designers, she has an artistic vision of life.

As a fashion student she realized the power of nature and how fashion industry in getting a important impact in our planet. She is into Remake and up-cycling fashion world, she loves to creative her designs from recycled fabrics and materials, and she thinks step by step we can safe the planet earth.

Tatiana is very excited to be part of the Remake Ambassador Program, connecting with conscious people on world issues, different vision and stories, with the same objective!

“I think step by step we can safe the planet. Realizing it is the most important start! Today I am very happy to say goodbye to fast fashion industry, I #WearMyValues by joining a community that will help me to be true to myself. I will love to share my conscious art-fashion to the world. I want to create an impact in my community and live a conscious life.”

Jessica Quelennec

Ambassador, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Like many in the conscious fashion community, Jessica’s sustainable journey began by watching a simple documentary (True Cost) that would end up changing the trajectory of her life. Seeing the toxic effects of the fast fashion industry and the contributions to the destruction of the planet everyday, she decided to use her knowledge to advocate for slow fashion and social justice.

Since moving to Dubai in 2016, Jessica has felt compelled to support the ongoing efforts towards sustainability and pushing boundaries where there are still great strides to be made in addressing fast fashion practices. She uses her passion and local expertise to empower others to make small greener changes.

Jessica is currently using her advocacy efforts ad has curated a space @eqo&inspo as a means of cultivating her purpose and living with intention every day, inspiring others in her community to do the same.

“I #WearMyValues by challenging the stigma around slow fashion and taking the steps towards Cultivating a conscious culture whilst also being mindfully stylish. I have seen that it only takes a few voices in the community to influence and Inspire others to action even the smallest of changes in a bid to advocate for our beautiful planets future.”

Stephanie Frank

Ambassador, London, England

Stephanie Frank is an undergraduate student at University College London (UCL), studying Geography and French. Stephanie has also completed several internships in the fashion industry involving digital marketing, journalism and public relations.

When those hear of her degree choice and her adoration for fashion, people often raise a quizzical eyebrow: but how does geography relate to fashion? The answer of course, lies in sustainable fashion.

Combining her entrenched knowledge of the climate crisis with a strong political awareness of how our choices as consumers can contribute to wider structural injustices across the world, Stephanie has become dedicated to repurposing fashion as a force for good.

As a Remake Ambassador Stephanie hopes to connect with likeminded creators to be part of a movement that helps break up the atrocities of the fast fashion industry, whilst empowering more women to join the conversation on sustainable fashion.

“Every choice we make matters, it is upon us to pressure change.”

Natalia Silva

Ambassador, Mexico City, Mexico

Natalia Silva is a fashion designer from Mexico. She graduated from CENTRO university in Mexico City in 2014 and soon she became interested in working for the brands she saw people wearing the most: fast fashion. Like anyone going through and admission process at a company she dug into their supply chain to better understand them. What she found was a huge ethical and sustainable issue that not many people knew about. She decided not to be part of it, but to also raise awareness about the way our clothes are made, how we take care of them and how we dispose them.

In 2019 Natalia opened Long: Clothes Rehab, a clothing repair and up-cycle shop in Mexico City, in order to extend the active lifespan of clothes. She’s also passionate about clothing care habits and offers talks on this subject.

As a Remake Ambassador she is looking forward to connect with other people around the world who feel the same passion to change the fashion industry.

“Clothes are one of our most powerful physical tools as humans. Let’s fix our relationship with them.”

Alma Guizar

Ambassador, Sydney Australia

Alma is a multi-skilled talent professional with a background in Psychology, currently studying counseling and starting her own personal project called ‘Australian Clothes Swap Community’ (@australian.clothes.swap).

The idea of reusing and recycling clothes began in her home country Mexico, while she was studying at University. In 2010, she moved to Spain and continued buying/selling preloved clothes using different channels. This passion has continued in her new home, Australia. Alma is now ready to make a bigger positive impact in the fashion industry, with a mission to promote the clothes swap in Australia, and to extend the life of each item to reduce textile waste as much as possible.

“I’ve always had the idea that, if you want something “new” (in your closet or in life), you need to clear a space for it.  I’ve realized that we are filling our homes and lives with stuff; we don’t need more things! What we need is meaning and value in what we wear (and do)!”

Alonso de Llanes

Ambassador, Strasbourg, France

Alonso is an energy and sustainability lawyer, with an LLM in energy and sustainability law in Mexico, and another one from the University of Strasbourg in France, he also holds a certificate in renewable energy and energy efficiency from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is focused on regulation and corporate social responsibility strategies in manufacturing companies. He was an advisor to the Mexican Congress, particularly for the energy and the environmental commission, he also writes articles for Mexican magazines and media such as El Financiero-Bloomberg.

As a water-conscious person, Alonso participated in the Paris Agreement working groups in 2015 and was nominated for the 2018 Youth Award in Mexico for the defense and protection of fresh water. He is currently an advisor to several organizations in France.

“I joined as a Remake Ambassador because I am concerned about the use and management of water in the luxury and fashion industry. We need more sustainable fashion, with less impact that guarantees a fair distribution of water resources and greater social justice.”

Jenni Coble

Ambassador, Reno, Nevada

From a young age, Jenni has loved clothing, textiles, and the process of creating them. As she grew older, she became aware of the ugly side of fashion. After studying anthropology and human rights, and traveling the world, she realized that her mission in life was to be an advocate of ethically made fashion. She couldn’t continue to enjoy expressing herself with beautiful clothes when so many suffered to make them.

Currently, Jenni lives in Reno, Nevada and works for Patagonia. She is looking forward to pursuing her masters degree in the near-ish future.

Jenni has experienced first-hand how un-accessible sustainable fashion can be in some communities around the world. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to learn how to share the message of ethical fashion in ways that those communities can support. She can’t wait to get connected with all of the amazing people in this industry who share her values, learn, and get to work!

“I #WearMyValues by supporting local second-hand shops and companies that are actively trying to do good and make a change in the industry. To spread the message, I’ve learned that people respond best to positivity. By sharing my values in a positive light with others, I feel that it plants the seed for them to want to make change in their own life!”

Anna Wolle

Ambassador, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Anna is an Iowa native who has been obsessively drawn to color since a young age. A classically-trained violinist and singer, Anna has spent a large portion of her life creating music in the US and abroad. Performing, be it in a concert hall or her family’s green backyard, initially sparked Anna’s interest in personal style as she’d scour local vintage shops for beaded dresses and handmade jewelry. The local Midwestern arts culture along with Anna’s passion for women-owned business compelled her to enter into conversation with women around the globe (in her travels for performance and violin teaching) about the beautiful arts objects and crafts they make.

Anna is particularly drawn to ethical, women-made fair trade textiles and jewelry that honor traditional production processes and prints. While Anna has never been professionally involved in the fashion industry, she devotes much of her free time to researching fair trade practices, discovering ethical and sustainable brands, and learning more about the immense impacts of the fashion industry on the environment and laborers around the globe. She wears handmade dresses, ceramic earrings, and painted skirts with pride in her current roles as a violin instructor and Donor Relations Manager with a local professional orchestra.

Anna is ecstatic to be part of the Remake team, first and foremost because she truly believes in the movement’s global impact. She sees Remake as an integral part in educating people from many walks of life around the world about the relationship between ethical shopping, human rights advocacy, and a cleaner environment. “As a Remake Ambassador and advocate for slow, sustainable fashion, I eagerly enter into regular conversation with others about how to “clean up” their shopping and to demand, in their own ways, accountability from major fashion brands. It’s not enough to wear a t-shirt with a women’s rights slogan and call oneself a feminist — I need to know more about the people who made the shirt, that they were paid fair wages, and that they were treated with dignity. That is how I #WearMyValues as an intersectional feminist.”

Elise Roy

Ambassador, Costa Mesa, California

Elise started her sustainability and fair trade journey after a decade working as a women’s apparel designer in the action sports industry. After learning about the manufacturing processes used today, she decided it was time to make a change and begin her self-education in sustainability. Since then she has made it her goal to learn more about human rights and how important it is to share that knowledge with her friends and family.

As a Remake Ambassador, Elise is looking forward to spreading more awareness through her outreach on social media and amongst her colleagues in the industry. She can’t wait to continue learning within this community of leaders, and to grow into a more empowered agent of change.

“Awareness is the best gift we can give. By sharing what we’ve learned, we have the tools to help empower others to take action in creating a more fair and just world.”

Emily Degn

Ambassador, Salem, Virginia

Emily Iris Degn (@emilyirisdegn) is a seasoned travel writer, Earth activist, model, ecofeminist, photographer, professional artist, and published poet! She now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her partner and over 20 plant babies, but she grew up in the San Juan Islands in Washington state. As a kid she was constantly swimming in the sea, hiking, eating fresh berries, body surfing, traveling, indoboarding, and learning how much she loved the planet. She’s since spent her life protesting the destruction of it, spreading awareness, and making decisions that reflect her devotion to our one and only home. Her decision to not support fast fashion was a result of that.

She is an avid thrifter, but loves to support eco-conscious companies that not only help heal the planet, but are vegan, are fair trade, and keep their makers safe. She hopes to drive others to care about each other and the Earth enough to do something about it. She wants to always leave places better than they were when she found them, and Remake has proven to be something that helps her to do just that.

“What we buy says a lot about ourselves. Our money is, in a very real sense, our vote. When we buy things that are destructive to the planet, harm animals, kill animals, or are from companies that don’t treat women or their makers well, then we are supporting those things. We are telling the world, and ourselves, that we want to destroy the planet; that we want to kill animals; that we want to treat women unfairly. We are perpetuating those things. I’ve chosen to live a life that is as ethical as I can make it. It’s not about perfection because come on- that’s impossible due to the nature of the world we live in, but it is about trying. That’s a big misconception that I’ve seen people have about veganism, environmentalism, and any form of progress – they think that unless they can be perfect, they shouldn’t even bother. That’s just not true. We should ALL be trying our best to not harm others, to heal our planet, and to treat each other better than we were treated ourselves. I wear those things on my heart by being vocal, by standing up, by writing my government reps, and by being mindful of my choices every day. That’s really what it’s all about- mindfulness. We all need to realize that every decision that we make has a consequence. They can help the world, or tear it down. I want to make my life about the helping, and I hope others will be inspired to do the same.”

Mercy James

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Mercy James (@mercylynn05) is an apparel designer and product developer originally from Houston, Texas. She moved to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she earned degrees in Merchandise Product Development, International Manufacturing, and Business Management. Throughout her education and career, she has fostered a lifelong passion for creating high-quality, sustainable apparel and products, ethically manufactured using socially/environmentally responsible business practices.

Her devotion was sparked when Fashion Revolution highlighted the disaster at Rana Plaza in 2013, killing 1,138 people. Today, most companies still run on a corrupt, capitalistic structure, built around exploiting supply chain workers, taking precious resources, and damaging entire societies and ecosystems. Fueling her belief that ethical should be the rule, not the exception. It is through collective action and systematic policy change, that the apparel industry can evolve for good because there is not a single company that can manage what they’ve never been required to measure.

She strives to be a positive force in the industry, using her voice to encourage consumers to hold brands accountable, because every purchase is a vote for the future. Her mission is to close the loop, pushing for circular and regenerative fashion, that always puts people and the planet first. She will continue to use her platform to cultivate conversations, environments, and build mindsets that are motivated to innovate and improve the framework of design processes and supply chains. This mantra and her responsibility as a designer are why she’s thrilled to join this community of like-minded Remake Ambassadors, accelerating change together!

“As a designer and consumer, I choose to #WearMyValues by living out my mission and supporting businesses who inspire and educate, society and the apparel industry, to demand justice for our world and for the millions of people who make our clothes.”

Becca Coughlan

Ambassador, Potomac, Maryland

Becca is an Economics and Politics graduate, originally from Zimbabwe, who is now working as an au pair just outside of Washington, D.C.

She has always had an interest in fashion, sustainability and Human and Women’s Rights. However, it was only when she discovered her passion for thrifting while at university in Scotland that she started to realize the extent of the journey her clothes had been on before they had come to reach her. Then, when she watched the documentary ‘The True Cost’ in 2015, the rest of the puzzle came together. She understood the intrinsic links between each of her passions and it became her life’s mission to help make fashion better for people and planet.

Though she has been somewhat of a nomad since graduating university, she has woven conscious fashion and social and environmental justice into all that she has done since then. She has worked on projects educating and empowering garment workers in India, she has run her own online secondhand clothing boutique, and she has interned at the sustainable and ethical fashion space Tribute, in D.C. Most recently she volunteered as a researcher and communications assistant for the Global Sourcing Council where she came to understand just how powerful a tool the global fashion industry is, and what a large role it has to play, in the meeting of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Becca was mobilized to join Remake after signing our #PayUp petition. She sees joining the organization as a natural extension and progression of her ethical fashion journey. She is very excited to learn and grow with the community of ambassadors as we work together in the creation of a better world for all.

“Sometimes getting dressed, in itself, is a revolutionary act.”

Tanya Jain

Ambassador, Ahmedbad, India

Tanya Jain is an advocate for ethical practices and sustainable systems. She used her education at Parsons The New School for Design to work towards promoting sustainability to the masses. She founded Pasithea in 2017, then a sustainable clothing brand to work towards creating a system that went against fast-fashion. Shortly she realized she needed to create a bigger impact and decided to turn Pasithea into a sustainable magazine. Pasithea now showcases brands and individuals across Design, Lifestyle and Fashion who are working towards making an impact in the sustainability landscape.

Through Remake, she is trying to connect with the right people to build a network that solves the issues that the fashion system is facing.

“I wish to educate people on the importance of sustainability from the work I do and the people I associate with.”

Jasmyne Spencer

Ambassador, Tacoma, Washington

Jasmyne is a native of Long Island, NY and a professional soccer player for the OL Reign in the National Women’s Soccer League. Her career as a professional soccer player has enabled her to travel the world having lived and played in Denmark, Cyprus and Australia. Throughout her world travels one thing has remained constant: her passion for the environment and love for engaging with people of all walks of life.

Her journey with sustainable fashion started 4 years ago when she created an eco-friendly headband collection called Jas It Up. Seeing the positive impact her collection and platform as a professional athlete had on her local community, she relaunched Jas It Up as a sustainable lifestyle brand whose mission is to uplift communities, empower youth, and protect the planet.

“We all have a responsibility to leave the world in a better place for future generations. I’m excited to join the Remake community to learn, collaborate, and inspire people who share my values to help change the world!”

Silvia Scotto di Santolo

Ambassador, Milano, Italy

Silvia Scotto di Santolo is a digital creator. She is a person with problem-solving ability and she has got an ambitious personality. She is perfectionist and she has got great desire to enrich herself and to learn. The predisposition to innovation leads Silvia to have high digital skills.

She loves the planet so much and she is particularly inspired by sustainability. For her vision, the fashion system, therefore, in order to survive, must offer the market a fashionable but sustainable product, focusing on the circular economy. Being a Remake Ambassador will be an opportunity for her to enrich herself and to focus on sustainability.

“Eco-fashion should not be a trend, but a modus vivendi.”

Leohana Carrera

Ambassador, Fairfax, Virginia

Leohana was born in Guatemala and grew up in a small town knowing who made her clothes. As an immigrant in America, she grew up living sustainably by valuing the few things her family could afford.

Leohana’s mindful moment came when she traveled back to Guatemala and noticed that her aunt was wearing a cute shirt that she had given her years ago. To her surprise, the shirt she had once deemed invaluable was still around and it looked cute on her aunt. That moment to her was nostalgic, as she recalled her life before America and became mindful of how American culture had changed her. Leohana studied international politics in college with an interest in international development. In her travels back home she started to realize the overwhelmingly growing mounds of secondhand American clothes, witnessing the impacts of the industry, policies, and consumeristic culture on her country.

Passionate about international sustainable development, immigration issues, and the environment she founded Our ReStore (@our.restore), a brand reducing textile waste and fast fashion consumption. With sustainable clothing brands often pricing out low-to-middle class consumers and the stigma around thrift shops and flea markets her aim is to provide a new experience for women to readopt habits previously popular among working-class communities.  A reminder that sustainability is not a new endeavor practiced by the few who can afford it, but an accessible set of beliefs, values, and principles that have been practiced by indigenous and working-class communities for centuries. Our ReStore aims to provide sustainable workwear for young working women by reducing textile waste and empowering immigrants to not just represent labor in the fashion industry but also designers, stylists, and consumers.

As a Remake Ambassador, Leohana aims to re-center the sustainable fashion conversation on those most impacted and specifically from the viewpoint of immigrants. She believes the immigrant community has great power in creating impact. She’s excited to join the Remake Community as an Ambassador to continue learning and furthering the dialogue in creative educational ways that inform consumers.

“Immigrants have an incredible impact in shaping culture and our voices are crucial in this issue as sustainability is more than just shopping ethical brands, for me, it’s about changing the social and cultural narrative in which we approach sustainability.”

Libby Turner

Ambassador, London, England

Libby works in charity communications and runs Hot Knots, a sustainable, upcycling craft business. She was brought up trawling charity shops and boot fairs across South East London and developed a life-long appreciation for second-hand culture.

She became invested in raising awareness of waste culture during her Foundation Diploma in textiles design, when she knitted plastic bags to create new textures and fibers for garment construction and sculpture. Through Hot Knots, she designs affordable and accessible zero-waste items using ‘waste’ materials and delivers workshops to share upcycling skills and start conversations around sustainability.

She is a writer and communicator and hopes to integrate this into her work as a Remake Ambassador, as well as sharing upcycling skills and joining a network of other sustainable creatives. Looking ahead, she’s excited for the knowledge that this opportunity will bring, and hopes that Remake will equip her with the tools to take further action through organizing events, running campaigns and telling stories.

“I #WearMyValues through my commitment to boycotting fast fashion, buying only from small businesses and designers. I use my voice to promote slow design, and to challenge fast fashion’s impact on the environmental and social fabric of the modern world. I’m very lucky to have talented friends who design and make amazing clothes, using sustainably sourced materials. I hope to use my networks to amplify slow, conscious designers whose voices are often silenced by the noise of fast fashion.”

Tran H.

Ambassador, San Jose, California

Tran was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area! Tran started thrifting back in her teenage years as a way to save money, and has continued to do so as she commits to a zero-waste lifestyle. She realized that by shopping fast fashion, she is not only helping to dig the hole in landfills, but is also supporting non-ethical brands.

The opportunity to be a Remake ambassador and work hand in hand with other ambassadors around the globe excites her! She aims to better educate herself about sustainable and ethical fashion, connect with like-minded people, and spread the message to others. In order to change consumer behavior and make fashion a force for good, she believes the first step is to educate others. She admires the daring individuals behind this program and the huge impact it has made!

“I #WearMyValues by buying less and being intentional about where I purchase my clothing!”

Jessica Nguyen

Ambassador, Boston, Massachusetts

Jessica Nguyen didn’t expect to return to the world of fashion after turning her back to her ex-fashion blogger days. However, after diving into reads such as “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion” and “Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change,” Jessica rediscovered her interest and faith in creating social change in fashion. Her feelings were further justified after working on the front lines as a retail sales advisor in some of the world’s largest fast-fashion chain companies. Having sold $175,000 worth of stock in twelve hours, $50,000 more than their average goal in one day at a flagship store, she realized that something needed to be changed.

Passionate about speaking out against the ethical issues of the global fast fashion industry including workers’ wage equity and environmental sustainability, Jessica decided to enroll herself in Factory45, an online sustainable fashion accelerator program for aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers, and became an Ambassador of Remake.

“I believe that we have the power to subvert the fast-paced, capitalist reigns of the fast fashion industry by being better-informed consumers. I wear my values by being conscious of what I buy and vocally advocating for a more humanity-focused economy.”

Lyna Bennani

Ambassador, Bali, Indonesia

Lyna is a fashion photographer who was born and raised in Morocco. She has lived in four different regions of the world: North Africa, the US, South Asia, and Europe. This gave her an international background and an open-mindedness about today’s global issues.

She always had an interest in fashion, from big stores to small Moroccan artisan shops, she was a compulsive buyer. She acquired more awareness about the conditions of garment workers in developing countries when she started traveling around Asia, doing volunteer work.

However, she got completely hooked on it when she started living in Bali, where ethical Fashion Brands are leading the way in the industry. She believes that sustainability is the future of fashion and that it’s time for fashion labels to care more about the conditions of their workers and the materials that they are using.

“As I’m starting my fashion and beauty photography career, I want to be as ethical as possible, and being part of a community is a more powerful way to make changes. As a Remake Ambassador, I’m looking forward to building a strong and meaningful community with other like-minded professionals from all over the world, but I am also eager to create a positive impact through my work.”

Claudia Cuidad

Ambassador, Santiago, Chile

Claudia is a fashion and textile designer, image consultant and personal shopper and an entrepreneur at heart, with more than 10 years of experience in the fashion field. And today she is launching her own brand of sustainable shoes reusing disused garments for its manufacture and with zero philosophy waste, in addition to advising an enterprise that investigates alternative natural and sustainable medicines for the management of certain diseases.

She hopes to be able to put in society’s mind the concept of “conscious buying”, to understand that the decisions that each one makes have repercussions that affect others and that the actions of each one can produce incredible changes. Claudia is very excited and motivated with the opportunity to be a Remake ambassador, to meet and share with other people who want the same as she does for the world and learn from them.

“I care about choosing the garments I wear very well, I only buy when necessary from local brands, which have a social responsibility and are transparent in how they produce their products. I buy in second-hand or vintage stores, fix or transform a garment that is in poor condition to be able to continue wearing it, as a gift or sell clothes that I have not seen so that someone else can use them and every so often I make a detox closet.”


Marco Ferrari

Ambassador, Paris, France

Marco is of Italian origins but has been living in several places, from Barcelona to Paris, London and Singapore, working for some of the biggest fast fashion companies as a buyer first and as a category manager after. Coming from a Business School background, he managed to dissect the main economical mechanisms of the industry and throughout the years he also got his styling and design skills down to a fine art.

This experiences gave him a 360 degrees bird’s eye view of the fast paced retail industry, its inner workings and all of its devastating effects on both people and the environment.

The increased consciousness led him to found The Fashion Sloth, a platform where he discusses sustainable and circular fashion, how to style up in a greener way and everything in between. He’s also a contributor for different sustainable media platforms like Green is The New Black and organizes sustainable styling sessions at organizations like The Fashion Pulpit or Dress for Success, among others. The main objective of his action is to bring circular fashion under the “cool” light, making people understand how urgent but also how empowering swapping, mending, thrifting and upstaging clothes can be.

“The situation we have created is catastrophic and it needs to stop urgently but I am very positive on the collective impact we can have and how education is key to lead the change. It is primordial to realize how the fashion industry is tricking us into thinking we need that blue t-shirt today and how lame it will definitely become tomorrow and prevent this very brain bias of ours from expanding. There’s a lot to be done in making people aware that circular fashion is the only way through and everything it has to offer, this is thrilling! Thanks to communities like Remake, we can make these messages louder and have a wider reach”.

Saloni Sachdeva

Ambassador, Delhi, India

Saloni is a sustainability advocate by passion and profession. She truly believes that ‘simplistic and minimalistic’ living can help our society grow along with making our unique planet earth healthier.

She has immense trust and faith in the ‘Power of People’ to create change and ‘Remake the world’. Saloni is an engineer with a master’s degree in sustainable development and renewable energy. She has over four years of experience in sustainable energy in the not-for-profit space with responsibilities of grant development and management, strategy and planning, project execution, and government liaising. In the past, she has been instrumental in developing policies and regulations to ensure supply of 24×7 clean, reliable, and affordable power to all consumers resulting in reduced carbon impact.

During her work and regular visits to the rural community in India, she realized how cloth and fashion industry played a huge economic role in the life of the rural folks. How local entrepreneurs and mills were producing authentic material and styles which eventually got lost in the fast-fashion industry. She got curious and started researching supporting NGO’s in India. She recently started her own Instagram page called ‘SustainableSassy’ to spread awareness about alternate eco-friendly solutions and collaborate with local -brands and give them a platform to create a new, slow, and clean fashion industry.

Saloni finds her solace and passion in dancing her heart out. She is an adventure freak and loves to travel.

“I wear my values by spreading awareness about sustainable fashion and keeping faith in people’s essential goodness and make consistent effort to cultivate and ignite this goodness in ourselves. I aim to learn from the beautiful community and create a platform on sustainable fashion in India to empower consumers with sustainable fashion choices to make an impact.”

Alexina Prather

Ambassador, Miami, Florida

Alexina is the founder of a brand (@ShopAlexina) that creates conversation-starting, up-cycled fashion pieces. She is a passionate advocate for the secondhand clothing industry. Alexina has sewn, knit, and crocheted her whole life and has always held a passion for the fashion industry. More recently, as she enrolled in the inaugural cohort of graduate students at the University of Miami Herbert Business School studying Sustainable Businesses, her mindset towards the clothing industry and also her own purchasing habits shifted. Alexina has committed to only buying secondhand and participating in clothing swaps, and strives to spread this message.

As a Remake Ambassador, Alexina hopes to further promote sustainable practices both in the fashion industry and beyond. She believes in finding clothes that you can invest in and wear forever. Reusing is the best first step in any recycling process and that is why the materials for every design that she creates are bought secondhand.

“I wear my values by putting secondhand clothing first. I aim to educate and empower individuals about how they can reduce clothing waste and purchase their clothes more consciously.”

Mirah Alix

Ambassador, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Mirah is a sociological researcher, communicator, and strategist. She became hooked on conscious consumerism through her work with Social Enterprise Alliance, where she saw the power of using business as a force for good. As a Category Specialist at Walmart eCommerce, her understanding of mass production, mass consumption, and the global negative effects of fast fashion grew. This sparked her passion for implementing eco-friendly and corporate responsibility practices at a large scale, where even small changes can have a monumental impact.

Since then, she’s started using her voice to write articles for B-Corp’s B The Change, Social Enterprise Alliance, and Brightly. Mirah earned her Bachelor’s degrees from Vanderbilt University and is now a graduate student in Sociology at UNC Chapel Hill. Her research asks how apparel brands strategically communicate their social and environmental commitment. She’s excited to join Remake as an Ambassador to continue learning and connecting with others.

“I wear my values by avoiding leather, buying secondhand, staying minimal, and investing in sustainable pieces from ethical brands. I also wear my values digitally by sharing information about fast fashion while promoting brands I believe in.”

Diana Eugeni Le Quesne

Ambassador, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy

Diana has a degree in architecture, PhD in sustainable design, and Master in Product Design. Diana taught at the politecnico of Milan for 10 years, She was a luxury consultant- art director-stylist for many brands and she has been creative director for different Italian fashion magazines and websites. Now Diana is teaching yoga and dance and she has a brand called Vuscichè with a mission to collect local fabrics ( 20 km) restoring, dyeing, mending and transforming them into garments. Vuscichè  doesn’t have a permanent collection and produces on request – customizing the garments on the measurements of the clients.

As a Remake Ambassador, Diana is looking forward to connect with people that are building for a future that is based on values. She dreams of a network of minds that support each other and define a new aesthetic, using second hand garments, handmade creations with local producers. Working localy with a global network to learn and share experiences could be a key to move forward.

“I don’t buy new clothes or new fabrics. I wear a combination of second-hand and self-made garments, I work with just 2 artisans that help me with the part of production i can not manage myself. I respect their prices and time and I like to be grateful to them for the help.”

Garik Himebaugh

Ambassador, Iowa City, Iowa

Garik Himebaugh is the founder of Eco-Stylist, the go-to marketplace for stylish and sustainable men’s clothes. He got hooked on sustainable fashion after a chance meeting with the founder of an ethical brand, which then lead him down a path of countless hours of research into how un-sustainable the fashion industry is. Garik emerged from all this research with a simple question: “can I put together stylish outfits with only sustainable brands?”

Once he knew that he could, he wanted to help other guys dress like they give a damn—and Eco-Stylist (@yourecostylist) was born! Along this journey, Garik partnered with Remake to utilize their sustainable brand criteria to power Eco-Stylist’s brand research. He is excited to continue leveraging Remake’s criteria in order to start conversations around what “sustainable” means, and as a vehicle to move brands towards greater and greater transparency.

“I wear my values by supporting brands that are creating the future I want to live in: a world where all people are respected as if they were family, and all of the planet is regarded as if it were in our own backyard. Through Eco-Stylist I help other guys do the same.”

Dustin Mintzer

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dustin is a creative extrovert with a passion for the environment and fashion. With a B.S. in Agricultural Science & Environmental Sustainability from Penn State University, Dustin provides a unique perspective to the apparel industry’s supply chain.

Presently as a Research Fellow with the United Nations Environmental Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), she is researching and writing a white paper emphasizing the environmental/social issues within the apparel industry and providing policy recommendations for governments, businesses, and consumers.

As a Remake Ambassador, Dustin’s mission is to collaborate with other leaders in the movement, spread awareness and to promote sustainable solutions. “I #WearMyValues by educating myself and others about where our clothes come from and by making conscious decisions about the brands I support.”

Gaia Rattazzi

Ambassador, Italy

Gaia is a student about to graduate and through her studies and personal research she was able to combine her two passions of, fashion and sustainability.

Fashion to her is an important form of self expression but the demand for cheap, low quality clothing with a short lifespan causes many of the world’s problems, environmental and social. From environmental pollution to the exploitation of workers. Gaia was an avid shopper, she used to buy a lot of clothes, until she realized the impacts of her shopping habits had on the planet, her goal is to raise awareness on these issues, which people are often unaware of.

She hopes, through the Remake community to connect to people with similar aspirations and to use her voice for good, motivating people to become more conscious consumers, only this way the fashion industry can really improve, with the vote we cast each time we spend money.

“I #wearmyvalues by choosing to shop mostly secondhand and caring about my clothes, because loved clothes last.”

Charline Zeroual

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Charline Zeroual is a wardrobe stylist who moved from France to the US ten years ago. Six years ago, she decided to leave her marketing career to combine the two passions she has- people and styling.

While her mission is focused on making a positive impact on people’s lives, as a stylist, she wants to use her voice to promote awareness around sustainable fashion and create some consciousness of how much clothing we consume, where we are consuming from and how much it’s impacting our environment. She works closely with her clients to bring a positive change in our society by educating them on how to build and maintain a more conscious wardrobe.

After living with a minimalist maternity wardrobe for almost four years, she has come to realize that even with a smaller closet filled with good quality basics, she could look stylish. Her second Aha moment happened after discovering a local shop in NYC specialized in ethical fashion – she realized that her positive impact on the environment could actually be greater if she supported and consumed from more “sustainable brands.”

As a remake ambassador she looks forward to learning more about how to support sustainable fashion and how to influence and support the change in her local community.

“I wear my values everyday by supporting and consuming from brands who care about how they make clothes, the people who are making them and how it is impacting the environment.”

Erika Taylor

Ambassador, Garden Grove, California

Erika Taylor (@erikatxylor) is a full-time student and fashion model based in Los Angeles, California. Erika initially became interested in sustainability after conducting undergraduate-level research on the subject through an accelerated program at her high school. Since then, she has become an avid thrift-enthusiast and has started her own business selling secondhand clothing through the app Depop. As a recent high school graduate, she is excited to be attending Loyola Marymount University in the fall of 2020. Like any true Californian, she enjoys spending her free time at the beach. 

As a Remake Ambassador, Erika hopes to influence some of fast fashion’s worst offenders: teenagers and college-age students. Looking to grab clothing at cheap prices, the majority of individuals in this age group lack knowledge regarding the harsher realities of fast fashion. Through sharing her journey into sustainability on social media, Erika hopes that she can encourage others to join the movement and become educated consumers. 

“Sustainability is ongoing — I wear my values each day by building a consciously-curated closet filled with items that are good for people and the planet.”

Annika Pederson

Ambassador, Washington, D.C.

Annika Pederson is a student set to attend Northeastern University as a freshman in the fall of 2020, planning to major in Business and Economics and minor in Global Fashion Studies. When she was in sixth grade, her Social Studies teacher taught her class about the impact of the fast fashion industry, and what she learned stuck with her ever since.

During her sophomore and junior years of high school, she completed a social entrepreneurship and leadership program called “LearnServe International,” which challenges high school students to create a business venture or organization to combat a social problem they are passionate about. With the help of LearnServe, Annika launched Ethos (, an online magazine and fledgling organization that aims to spread awareness about the fast fashion industry. Annika is very excited to be a Remake Ambassador and meet like-minded people and help advocate for sustainable fashion choices.

“Prior to making purchases I research all brands of clothing I purchase to ensure that the company is practicing sustainable and ethical habits. I’m also an avid secondhand shopper. I also make an effort to upcycle my clothing and encourage my friends to do the same!”

Liana Malinowski

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Liana Malinowski is a current student at the University of Michigan, majoring in Program in the Environment. After learning about humanity’s negative impact on our planet and the preventable endangerment to forests and oceans in high school, she became a passionate environmentalist and decided to dedicate her future to helping the earth. After an internship for a fashion brand in Los Angeles and an educational fashion program in New York City, she decided to explore fashion as a career path. A self-proclaimed shopaholic, Liana has always had a taste for fashion but understood the environmental and ethical consequences of convenient fashion. It was not until recent years that she became loyal to brands dedicated to sustainability and transparency. Now, as an ambassador to Remake, she hopes to inspire others to share in her passion for sustainable fashion by giving them the resources and motivation they need to take the next step in decreasing their carbon footprint. She is excited to use her social platform for a movement much bigger than herself.

“I #wearmyvalues by being proud of the story behind my clothing. I make the conscious decision to shop at fashion brands that do not compromise my devotion to environmentalism or stray from my ethics. I’m also a huge fan of recycling and upcycling clothing!”

Angela Mao

Ambassador, Syosset, New York

Angela is a high school student who aims to raise greater awareness among youth about the impacts of fast fashion and its impact on the environment and labor. Angela has been an avid shopper who loves pulling together new and trendy looks and posting them on social media for much of her life, but she didn’t think about the impacts of her actions until she gained a greater understanding of the environmental impacts. She used to shop fast fashion brands like Forever 21 because it was cheap and readily available, but now aims to shop less at these brands and focus more on buying secondhand and from sustainable brands.

As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to inform girls her age about the effects their fashion choices have on the environment and steer them towards a more sustainable lifestyle. She also wishes to learn more about sustainable fashion from the Remake community.

“I #wearmyvalues through conscious decisions to limit my fast fashion expenditures and focus on expanding my style through sustainable choices.”

Milagros de Souza

Ambassador, Durham, North Carolina

Milagros de Souza (Mila) joined Remake during her junior year of college at Duke University. She always had a commitment to sustainable fashion, but it was not until she began an in-depth study of the fashion industrial complex within her major at school that she realized how much the fashion industry needed sustainability.

In the past year, Mila has committed to being a sustainable fashion activist. In her daily life, Mila only buys sustainable or second-hand clothing. In her career, Mila is a stylist, model, designer, blogger, and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. In all of these roles, Mila incorporates social and/or environmental sustainability. Even during a school club, Runway of Dreams, an organization committed to empowering people with disabilities through adaptive clothing, Mila pushed for the inclusion of upcycled clothing as opposed to buying all new clothes.

As someone who has experienced the fashion industry as a business owner and consumer, she knows that being sustainable is not easy; however, she also knows that it is non-negotiable.

“I am always telling people the harms of the fashion industry- constantly urging them to use their buying power and change their purchasing practices. A lot of people find me annoying and disregard what I am saying. At times it feels futile- like no one is listening; but I persevere because if just one person changes their purchasing practices, then I have made the world of a difference.”

Maddie Pope

Maddie Pope

Ambassador, York, England

Maddie is a long-term lover of clothes. Her mum taught her to buy good quality and long lasting garments whilst patiently teaching her to patch up many a hole; a ‘make, do and mend’ approach is very much part of her philosophy . After traveling through Latin America for 6 months whilst wearing the same core items again and again, she couldn’t get over the number of clothes her friends and peers at home were going through. Having delved into as many books and articles as possible, it became abundantly clear to Maddie that the fashion industry was neither kind nor sustainable. This sparked a determination to show the rest of the world that fashion can be kind and ethical, without compromising aesthetics.

As a student studying Spanish and Arabic at the University of Durham, she has a global perspective which she hopes will stand her in good stead in terms of promoting ethical fashion as part of the Remake Ambassador team now and well into the future. She is most excited about meeting fellow sustainable fashion lovers and spreading the message of kinder fashion.

“Fashion has always been an outlet for me to express my identity and this extends well beyond aesthetic values. I have thought deeply about each garment I wear – whether that be from a perspective of who made it or how many times I have and will wear it – and hope to encourage others to do the same.”

Abbey Kebe

Ambassador, Columbus, Ohio

Abbey (@abbeykebe) has been in the fashion industry since graduating from The Ohio State University with a B.S in fashion & retail studies in 2016. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan she now resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Philip, & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Darby. In her spare time she enjoys shopping (+ eating) local, blogging/gramming, and traveling to new places.

As a former avid fast fashion shopper, Abbey first became interested in sustainable fashion while exploring purchasing luxury & vintage goods secondhand as a way to express an individual sense of style, as well as shopping in a more conscious way. While shopping secondhand, and researching the positive impact it has on the planet, she was also exposed to all of the negative aspects of buying new. She hopes to inspire & empower others to think before the shop, as she has been inspired by the rest of the team at Remake.

“I #wearmyvalues not only to help create an individual sense of style, but to help build a future that this generation can be proud of. Sustainable fashion is the future, and I can’t wait to help normalize that!”

Pilar Morales

Ambassador, Barcelona, Spain

Pilar is a ‘Textile Engineer’ from Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Spain and obtained a ‘Chemical Engineering applied to Textiles’ degree in Università Politecnica di Torino. She made her thesis on the Peruvian Alpaca Fibre, at CNR of Biella, Italy. And after almost 20 years in traditional fashion industry, she has founded B.e Quality, a Slowfashion brand, with a completely sustainable supply chain in Peru. As part of her commitment to sustainable fashion, she organises talks, exhibitions to inform people about fashion industry, the good reasons why and how to adopt a more responsible fashion consumption.

As a Quality Control & Production Manager on traditional fashion industry, Pilar was traveling to visit factories in Asia, North Africa & East Europe. She could see the impact of fast fashion ‘on site’, and had to deal with the big differences between European and the other part of the world’s standards, which in the latest years became unsustainable.

Pilar is so enthusiastic to be part of the Remake Ambassadors with different backgrounds and stories, with the same objective! She sees this as a great opportunity to put together strengths to transform fashion into a sustainable industry, protecting the environment and giving value to workers & clients.

“I can’t work in a system which doesn’t reflect my values. So, I quit my full time job on the traditional fashion industry and founded my own brand, based on Respect. This is a simple word that if applied to all our actions/choices can make a difference in regards of the environment, the workers & the clients. My motivational phrase is ‘be the change I want to see’, as Gandhi suggested.”

Yimin Deng

Ambassador, Stamford, Connecticut

During Yimin’s senior year at Parsons, he was selected for Remake’s Made In Sri Lanka journey inside garment maker communities to learn about the true human stories behind mass-produced fashion. During his awakening experience with garment makers inside their factories and boarding home, he realized the complexity of our fashion system and came away hoping to transform fashion into a force for good. Yimin earned his BFA from Parsons in 2018 and soon after became a Remake Ambassador. His involvement at Remake includes editorial writing, industry leaders interviews, event organization, public speaking and partnerships building. He helps grow Remake’s ecosystem in New York City.

After a year working as an Ambassador, Yimin is promoted to Community Manager of New York in June 2019. Continuing his responsibilities as an Ambassador, he is now in charge of organizing clothing swaps with Remake’s partners in New York: Buffalo Exchange, Global Fashion Exchange and The Phluid Project. As a special correspondent, Yimin has been covering the New York and global sustainable fashion community from local organizations to industry leaders including Outerknown, One432, and Carmen Gama of Eileen Fisher Renew. He also translates Remake’s valuable assets into Chinese in order to help expand Remake’s presence and contribute to the sustainable fashion movement in China. Yimin is also a liaison with Parsons School of Design, his alma mater, to help continually deepen the bond between Remake and Parsons.

“I wear my values by actively curbing my consumption and taking the time to research if I do need to buy something new. I ask myself again and again, do I really need more stuff in my life? Does this spark joy? I also love The RealReal and Remake Clothing Swaps!”


Alesya Zubov

Ambassador, Santa Barbara, California

Alesya Zubov was a business manager in industries that were typically male dominated. She consistently learned and grew as a person and professional, ultimately realizing that this was not her path.

Alesya decided to leave the corporate world to follow her true passion of launching an online boutique dedicated to rediscovering, reinventing and redefining our identities through sustainable lifestyle choices. Her boutique centers around zero waste, partnerships with nonprofits, and collaborations with local artisans supporting causes such as: animal welfare, women’s rights, ailment awareness, and other worthy causes. Addressing a broad spectrum of economical, environmental and social issues, one sale at a time.

“I wholeheartedly believe it is up to each of us to not only preserve our planet’s resources but to assist and give back to those living in it (human and otherwise). I refuse to reduce my career solely to profit margins, I want my success to be measured by my contributions to society. #WearYourValues.”

Ana Bogusky

Ambassador, Boulder, CO

Ana is a mom and sustainable fashion activist in Colorado. She learned to sew at a young age, and has always loved clothing and accessories. After several years of blogging as @MrsAmericanMade promoting a more local shopping ethos, Ana realized that even clothing manufactured domestically has a profound impact on the environment, so she pivoted and vowed to learn more in order to continue to help and advise others on how to dress their best. To do that, she had to first define her own sustainable wardrobe, and she now helps others understand how to do that for themselves.

Ana received her undergraduate degree from Duke University in Mathematics and Art/Art History, and she has recently completed a Master’s degree at the University of Colorado in Environmental Studies to learn how fashion fits into the larger system of sustainability. For her program capstone project she created the unCover Handbook, a magazine-style beginner’s guide to sustainable fashion to help educate teens and young shoppers.

We need big change in the fashion industry – from the designers and brands down and up from the consumers – and Ana is excited to be a part of a community that shares the same vision and goals and to join forces with the Remake Ambassadors to amplify our voices to affect change.

“My values include doing my best to consume mindfully, ethically, and sustainably. This means that my closet is predominantly natural fibers, made domestically, and secondhand. I am most excited about the resurgence in secondhand shopping that allows everyone to #wearyourvalues.”

Emma Hickey

Ambassador, Greenwich, Connecticut

Emma has an undergraduate background in international and cultural studies, worked for a Turkish Cultural Center, and lived in Dakar, Senegal to teach English.  She has always been an adamant traveler and has traveled for academic, professional, and personal purposes.  Throughout all of her travels, Emma started to notice the environmental health issues that plagued the world’s population, from India, to Turkey, to Cuba, to England.  She then decided to pursue a Masters of Science at Pratt Institute in Sustainable Environmental Systems, which was a very interdisciplinary program that approached each subject through the lens of environmental justice.

It was through her travels and background as well as graduate classes such as “Life Cycle Analysis” and “Sustainability and Production” that her interests all fused together under the sustainable fashion umbrella.  Since this realization, she has worked on various projects and for various companies, including Eileen Fisher, Textile Exchange/Responsible Down Standard, Katherine Parr Jewelry, and Another Tomorrow, a completely traceable luxury brand that just launched in 2020.  In addition, Emma has vast experience with outreach and customer experience, not only at Turkish Cultural Center; but at Greenwich Library in Greenwich, CT, a major hub for community that is just an hour train ride from NYC.

“Remake really makes me excited about the possibility of expanded a NYC metropolitan presence.  As someone who is often left out of the conversation when it comes to size, I look forward to talking more about the need for size inclusion in the sustainable fashion world.  I also hope to expand the conversation more on white privilege in this space and the colonization of sustainable fashion because it is a narrative too often controlled by a specific demographic of society.  I cannot wait to do this with Remake!”

Krissy Teegerstrom

Ambassador, Austin, Texas

In 2009, Krissy Teegerstrom completed a year of #nonewclothes. During that year, she learned about the ills of fast fashion and quit it for good. One year of no new clothes has turned into more than a decade of shopping sustainably. 95% of what Krissy buys for her home and her wardrobe is secondhand or vintage. When she does buy new clothing items, she supports businesses that share her values. As she tuned out of trends, she discovered her own personal style which reflects her uniqueness, individuality and the joy of self-expression through getting dressed.

Krissy is a native Texan who lived in NYC and the Bay Area before returning to Austin. With her creative work under the name Featherweight Studio, she turns secondhand and vintage pieces into one-of-a-kind art-to-wear pieces by repairing and embellishing them with patches, paint and vintage notions. Krissy is the creator and host of Beyond + Back podcast where she interviews fellow artists about their creative journey. She is also a Creative Consultant to authors and thought leaders spreading messages of creativity and service. Throughout her diverse projects, she carries the values of style, self-expression and sustainability.

By becoming a Remake Ambassador, Krissy intends to learn more and better ways to spread the word of why she’s been dressing sustainably for the past decade. She’s excited to connect with a likeminded community united in a mission she’s passionate about.

“Dressing sustainably doesn’t limit you, it opens up a broader world of self-expression. You don’t need to have a capsule wardrobe or dress in all neutrals. I am a maximalist who chooses to make a minimal impact on the environment.”

Masego Morgan

Ambassador, Cape Town, South Africa

Masego is currently in her final year of studying a BA in Visual Communications. She is a co-creator of cnscs_, a platform that aims to promote low-impact living, mainly to young South Africans. She is also the co-founder of Swap Social, a clothing swap event that donates the entry fees to NGOs, such as FemmeProjects and The Beach Co-Op.

Masego first got hooked on sustainable style at a young age through her mother. Unaware that wearing preloved was sustainable fashion until 2015 when she started looking into alternatives to the fast fashion industry. Being a Remake ambassador excites Masego because not only does it align with her passion and values, but she’s able to learn and have access to more information that she can share with others.

“I wear my values by promoting loving preloved clothes, making sure my clothes last me years, not just a season, and supporting brands that practice ethical and low-impact practices.”

Dhrumil Shah

Ambassador, Washington, D.C.

Dhrumil is a public health social entrepreneur pursuing a Master’s in Public Health at the George Washington University. He received his bachelor’s degree in Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2018, Dhrumil came across the environmental and occupational health hazards created by the fast fashion industry in a human centered design thinking workshop, and immediately became obsessed of the underbelly of the fast fashion industry. Originally pursuing medical school, Dhrumil now has dedicated his career to learning about sustainable fashion supply chain and social marketing to create positive social and environmental impact in the industry.

Dhrumil is now developing an independent sustainable fashion consulting group dedicated to supporting the transition to sustainable and ethical fashion supply chain and marketing. As a Remake Ambassador, Dhrumil aims to connect with like-minded sustainable fashion advocates, professionals, and connoisseurs who desire to remold the industry from within.

“I believe that well-being is a basic human right, and it requires everyone to work towards something greater together. I wear my values by shopping secondhand, purchasing eco-friendly materials, and am looking to style my current closet in new and interesting ways. Fashion is among a few areas that connects everyone, and it is one of the most basic needs that drive our ability to live healthy lives. The global fashion industry must play a role in that basic need, and transform it into something empowering for everyone involved in the sow, sew, sell, and salvage process.”

Vashti Joseph

Ambassador, Washington, D.C.

Vashti’s interest in sustainability in fashion first began while working as an Operations Manager in the retail industry, 5 years ago. Before beginning her career in retail operations, Vashti worked with the CFDA, producing runway shows for New York Fashion Week as well as other fashion weeks in the United States and abroad. Working in retail operations inspired her to return to school for her MBA, focusing on logistics and supply chain management. Since graduating in December 2019 from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, Vashti has been working as a freelance retail consultant and is looking for a full-time role that focuses on sustainability and corporate responsibility.

“I do my best to buy second-hand as much as possible. In 2019, I did not purchase a single new item of clothing or furnishings for my home.”

Ndi Kilian Ngwang

Ambassador, Abuja, Nigeria

Ndi Kilian Ngwang is a graduate in Biochemistry. However, his concerns for the rapid deterioration of the natural environment, which makes it lose its natural beauty and the escalating climate change effects, inspired him to focus his attention on the possibilities of reducing waste from fashion designing in Nigeria, a nation where the fashion design industry has greatly improved in recent years. In 2018, Kilian was selected as a Wear It Wise campaign Ambassador by Net Impact, a program that enabled him to learn more and interact with other change makers in the fashion industry from other parts of the world.

Hosting the Wear It Wise campaign in Abuja, Nigeria was a great inspiration and many fashion designers jointly participated by learning about the impact of waste from fashion designing and its effect on climate change. They also learned how the waste could be recycled to create wealth. Kilian has continued to organize other projects in Nigeria to reduce the effects of fashion to climate change by liaising with other organizations. Kilian is most delighted to join the Remake’s Ambassadors to ensure that it is fully represented in Nigeria and its impact felt nationwide.

This will be accomplished by organizing and hosting programs that will influence the attitudes and dressing of fashion designers and consumers to make choices that will that will contribute positively and sustain the beauty of our natural environment so as to make the world a better place and live a good legacy for our future generations.

Robin Shaw

Ambassador, Delray Beach, Florida

Robin Shaw is a Mom, a Model and an Activist. Having modeling for 15 years in NYC and around the world she turned to activism as a means to create positive change and to channel her passion for advocacy.

The birth of her son in 2017 was the catalyst for this change, and since then she has spoken at Climate panel discussions, organized events in preparation for climate marches and coproduced a sustainable fashion show during fashion week with Zero Waste Daniel. Her goal as a Remake Ambassador and Activist is to help individuals and families to live more mindfully, peacefully and sustainably, so that future generations and the planet may thrive.

“Every time you buy, eat, or make a choice, you are casting a vote. You either vote unconsciously for unethical practices and the destruction of our planet, or you can learn about all the amazing sustainable and ethical brands and daily choices that are now available to us, and vote for those. I choose to #WearYourValues because I want to give my son, and all future generations, a chance at a better world. And I know that many small choices lead to big changes.”

Amelia Easley

Ambassador, San Jose, California

First introduced to sustainable fashion online shopping at PrAna, an ethical activewear company, Amelia became instantly devoted to changing the fast fashion industry as we know it. She is currently studying Environmental Studies and International Business at Santa Clara University. Also, she works at a small retail business called “Makers Market,” where all products are made by various small businesses around the United States. Ultimately, her goal is to enter the corporate sustainability sector in fashion corporations once she graduates.

After spending years learning about the ins-and-outs of sustainable and ethical fashion and the effects of fast fashion on the environment, Amelia is eager to finally join a community of like-minded individuals representing a cause she cares so deeply about.

“I #wearmyvalues by purchasing second-hand or purchasing first-hand from small, sustainable businesses. I share the story of my clothes whenever I can, like my apple-peel-leather sneakers made in the Netherlands!”

Carolina Gomez

Ambassador, Sincelejo, Colombia

Carolina was born in Sincelejo, Colombia. She is a business administrator and currently pursuing her Master in Digital Marketing. When she realized her hyper-consumption behavior, she knew immediately that she wanted to change it. This is how she discovered her passion for sustainable fashion. She currently promotes more sustainable habits among her friends and aims to change current consumption and production models.

Carolina once organized a Pop Store for a weekend in Bogotá , Colombia, to sell all the clothes she did not wear and had 15 friend join her in the event. In order to go one step further on this initiative, she is currently building an e-commerce business where she wants to create a space for emerging brands with environmental and social impact awareness. Through this medium she also hopes to serve as an example to consumers, especially in Latin America, about the need to change their consumption habits in relation to fashion and generate more awareness about the problem.

¨I believe that the fashion industry is a major contributor to social and environmental impact, and therefore a change in the production model is a necessity. We cannot forget that informing the consumer is a very important part of the process, I want to be part of that voice.¨

Carolina Castañeda

Ambassador, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Carolina is a diligent Mexican lawyer keen on searching for political and social solutions regarding human and labor rights in the workplace. Carolina found her passion in International Law with a special interest on Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain management. Her interest in sustainable fashion began during an internship in a corporate law firm when she realized the continuous human and environmental rights violations due to the lack of legal implementations on the supply chains on developing countries.

Carolina´s passion and compromise towards raising awareness about the fashion movement started after realizing the absence of corporate information regarding the biggest and strongest fast fashion stores in Mexico. She became a Remake Ambassador because she is certain that knowledge is a person best friend and the voice of the people is the strongest force of all in order to improve the fashion industry towards to sustainability.

“I wear my values every day I walk down the street of Mexico and I see all these hard working women making local and sustainable clothes from scratch. I wear my values every time I talk to someone about fashion sustainability and how we need to raise our voice as consumers.”

Alia Dobson

Ambassador, Montréal, Canada

Alia Dobson ( is currently studying Liberal Arts at Dawson College and will be attending the University of Leiden in Anthropology in the fall. She has always been creative, making craft projects since she can remember with an artist for a mother who showed her the importance of remaking and upcycling.

In high school, she discovered the wonderful movement of Feminism and through that, Environmentalism in clubs such as FemClub but found she felt helpless in the face of the growing climate crisis. Finally, in 2019, she co-created an Instagram-based page on sustainable fashion and became the Digital Creation Executive for the Canadian organization SYC (Sustainable Youth Canada). In both these positions, she continues to apply her creative skills to attract attention to the graver cause at hand and give ways for the average consumer to make an impact. And, having won the superlative “best dressed” in high school, she obviously has a passion for fashion, and with Remake, she hopes to pursue this passion in an increasingly sustainable way.

“Let’s kick fast fashion in the resource-intensive butt!”

Romy Shoam

Ambassador, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Romy ( is currently studying Liberal Arts at Dawson College and plans to study Public Affairs and Policy in university next year. She has been ambitious in her attempts for social justice since high school, having participated in and led awareness and fundraising campaigns for local women’s shelters, for example. Her environmental enlightenment came after watching Lauren Singer’s famous mason jar TED Talk, and Romy then started making serious attempts at a low-waste lifestyle and discovered her love of secondhand shopping.

She co-manages the Instagram account  with fellow ambassador Alia Dobson, “an attempt to change our clothes and minds as to how we consume & contribute to our environment.” She hopes that joining this team of passionate and determined Remake ambassadors will connect her to other like-minded people and popularize the sustainability-oriented culture. Romy is also the executive of marketing at youth nonprofit Sustainability Youth Canada (SYC)’s Montreal branch.

“Being an environmentalist is hard, but we’ve all got to do our part. With Remake’s help, I hope to continue improving on my sustainable lifestyle, and encourage others to #wearyourvalues.”

Angela Cruz

Ambassador, Philippines

Angela Cruz (@cruzangelax) is an environmental planning and management graduate and an aspiring sustainable fashion designer. She first became aware of the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry to the environment when she was studying in college. 
For the past two years, she’s been researching and incorporating sustainable fashion into her life. She started by slowly turning her back on fast fashion and upcycling clothes instead of throwing them out. Just as in conformity with the definition of sustainability, Angela believes that we can always meet our needs when it comes to fashion without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own.
“As someone who’s officially bidding goodbye to fast fashion, I wear my values by joining a community that will help me expound my knowledge when it comes to sustainable fashion. In return, I will live this in my daily life and will share with my community. I also wear my values by incorporating what I learned in college into what I’m aspiring to become. I want to create an impact in both fields, in my own creative way.”

Mariana Salles

Ambassador, São Paulo, Brazil

Mariana is a fashion graduate, and since college she has been attached to sustainable fashion. She discovered this “new world” right before her graduation year, and since then she dedicated all her college projects and research to learn more about the subject. From that, a life project was created: Angá, the first Brazilian marketplace for sustainable fashion brands, composed only of Brazilian brands!

Now Angá one and a half years old, and since the beginning of 2019, Mariana has been changing things up a little bit. The company is not only a marketplace anymore — now it is also a cross branding/communication agency for sustainable brands, where Mariana can come up with communication and branding strategies with her clients, always with the purpose of spreading the word about sustainability and conscious consumption — and that’s why being a Remake Ambassador, the first one in Brazil, is so important to her. This is another step towards her main goal, which is inform as many people as she can about sustainable fashion and the importance of being conscious about what we buy and wear.

“I #wearmyvalues every time I decide to make a purchase – or not to. I’ve been studying and researching sustainability for almost 5 years now and it is a daily challenge to always be making the best choices, so every time I do it, I feel like I truly am wearing my values and being true to myself and it’s the best feeling ever. I also #wearmyvalues every time I talk to someone about this subject and am able to make them a little more aware of the industry, how it works and how we can fight for a more just fashion industry. Hopefully, I’m only starting!”

Nikki Bracy

Nikki Bracy

Ambassador, Baltimore, Maryland

Nikki Bracy is an activist, creative, and ethical fashion lover. She got started in the sustainable and ethical fashion movement in college when she found out her university’s branded apparel was all made in sweatshops. She has been fighting for the sustainable and slow fashion movement ever since through protests, education, and more.

She is currently on a mission to make her closet 100% sustainable and sweatshop-free. So she started designing her own pieces and having them made by seamstresses so that she knows which materials are being used and that the workers are being paid a fair wage—all without compromising on style.

“You are what you wear. I wear my values by always striving to act in ways that benefit the collective—not just myself. By focusing on creating a positive long-term reality for individuals, the environment and humanity overall.”

Kevin Yuan

Ambassador, Boston, MA

Kevin is an engineer, photographer, sustainability champion, and streetwear aficionado. Kevin received his engineering degree from the University of Texas and his MBA from Dartmouth College. He started his career as an engineer for Chevron managing environmental policy and piloting innovations in sustainable energy. He was also a wildlife photographer for National Geographic, specializing in underwater and scuba diving photography with his travels taking him across the world.

Kevin is now at Nike where he worked on the Sustainability and Innovation team and will be serving as a manager on Nike’s Global Sustainable Operations team. In addition, Kevin is a United Nations SDGl Ambassador having been invited and attended COP24, COP25, and the annual United Nations General Assembly. In addition, Kevin has served as a consultant to Patagonia’s Worn Wear team, evaluating market expansion opportunities and new business development opportunities. As a Remake Ambassador, Kevin aims to tap into the global sustainable fashion network and continue to connect with likeminded individuals to reform the fashion industry.

“Making the fashion industry sustainable needs to be a holistic process. From design to sourcing to manufacturing to end of life treatment, there are so many opportunities for ALL of us to play a role in reforming this truly global industry.”

Sarah Ohrt

Ambassador, Omaha, Nebraska

Sarah was born and raised in the middle of the US – Nebraska!  She holds a BS degree in Industrial Distribution from the University of Nebraska – Kearney.  Today she works at a local CAT dealer as forklift sales rep!  With a background in heavy equipment and not fashion, she was intrigued when she started to research where used clothing ended up.  Her love for thrifting and flipping vintage Nebraska gear is what sparked her interested in sustainable fashion.

As a kid of the 90’s, she grew up around a sewing machine making bandanas to sell to the neighborhood kids.  It was not until October 2019 that she started to upcycle clothing.  Her side-gig is rescuing and rehoming garments through her brand OHRTinary Designs.

“I became a Remake Ambassador to spread local awareness in Nebraska and that it is cool to wear and re-gift used clothing! I’m excited to learn more about sustainable brands and to join the movement by educating local consumers on the impact we all have in the clothing industry.  I wear my values by turning trash and unwanted items into new wearables.  I also shop at local resale and thrift shops instead of the shopping malls. Nebraska, honestly it’s not for everyone but Sustainable Fashion is.”

Kaila Korosec

Ambassador, Kelseyville, CA

Kaila received her Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2018. Currently, she is a Fellow in Northern California with CivicSpark a branch of Americorp, that works on capacity building for local governments to address environmental challenges.

Kaila is passionate about fashion and design and wants to see the industry become more sustainable. She loves thrifting and wants to empower and inspire consumers to make more conscious purchases!

Kaila is excited about this opportunity to connect and collaborate with individuals of the same values and views on sustainable and ethical fashion and believes Remake is just the place.

“I wear my values by thrifting and swapping clothes with others. Trying to make a conscious effort to buy from sustainable brands can be tough but worth it after learning about the ins and outs of fast fashion”

Jessica Lemire

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Jessica is a concierge personal assistant living in Atlanta with her young son and husband. She is passionate about sustainability, the environment, human rights and low waste living. Her “ah ha” moment came when she was pregnant with her son and began worrying about the world she would be passing on to him. Since then, she has been researching and advocating a lifestyle that has the least amount of impact on the environment and humanity. She believes there are no acts too small and any stride toward conscious living and mindful consumerism will have great impact on the world.

“I Wear my values every day— in the clothes I purchase, the foods I eat, and the examples I set for my family. I want to show others that it doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be intentional. Life is meant to be lived intentionally. ”

Kendria White

Ambassador, East Point, Georgia

Kendria White is a Paper-crafting, gift wrapping, balloon blowing Key holder for Paper Source by day and a fashion designer by night. She lives in East Point (in Atlanta,Ga.) and has been a thrift store constant for close to 5yrs. She took a leap and tried college again in 2012 at the age of 32 and that is where she first learned about sustainability while attaining her B.F.A. in Fashion Marketing & Design. Kendria was raised doing her part in upcycling being baby #4 of 5 kids. Her first sustainable act post-graduation was putting on her own fashion show. Running out of  funds, she took her mockups made in muslin, and used kitchen ingredients to dye the garments (wine, turmeric and kool-aid) and put them on the runway, resulting in success!

As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to encourage confident use of the words “thrifting”, “upcycling”, and the idea of pass-me-downs. Kendria wants people to look at the words as creative opportunities, not just trendy terms.

“I wear my values by thrifting instead of mall shopping. I take garments that have thankfully remained wearable for years and pair them with thrifted apparel or things passed down, borrowed, or re-designed by me. #wearyourvalues”

Francesca Naim

Ambassador, Beirut, Lebanon

Francesca herself was recently a victim of overconsumption, impulsive buying and absolute oblivion. She first became aware of the negative impact fashion has on the planet – and people – after coming across a few articles, and watching the documentary: The True Cost. The more she learned, the more she found herself guilty of plundering the planet with her shopping habits. She is currently writing her master’s thesis on the topic, and is eager to shed light on hidden areas in the fashion industry. She has started an Instagram page (@behindyourclothes), where she will be sharing her knowledge as she completes her research. Her goal is for you to become more aware and conscious without putting in the extra effort – that’s what she’s here for!

As a remake ambassador, she looks forward to building a community of like-minded fashion sustainability advocates starting in her country. She believes that people simply do not know enough, and that the first step in changing consumer behavior is getting rid of ignorance. She hopes that this opportunity as a remake ambassador will help her have a greater impact in turning fashion into a force for good. She is excited to work hand in hand, with all ambassadors around the world, as they each bring positive change to their respective communities.

“I wear my values by considering where my clothes were made and who made them. Now, instead of being tempted by incredibly cheap price tags, I stop and think of what the garment is made of, and how many wears it’s going to last me before it looks worn out. Invest in your clothes. It’s all about fast fashion vs. slow fashion. Instead of buying four ridiculously cheap t-shirts, opt for the average priced one that won’t end up in a landfill after a few weeks”.

Ellie Pearce

Ambassador, London, England

Ellie Pearce runs Ellie’s heirlooms, a small sustainable brand, making clothing to order from antique linens with handprinted patterns. Following the ‘Make do and mend’ initiative of 1940s she repurposes, reuses and remembers the history of this fabric giving it a new story to be part of.  She is able to make to order commissioned pieces from otherwise lost and wasted fabric.

Alongside Nadien Klages of Nadien_K and her upcyling brand of handmade kids clothing they have set up The Hackney Made collective. A sustainable concept store for other independent, ethical and eco conscious brands to have a space to sell on the high street, take workshops and hold events to grow their business and change our world. It is run as a true collective with brands supporting each others work with in the running of the shop. They have an opportunity to rent a space, which pays for shifts for makers to  work in the shop, and runs a schedule of evening talks and exclusive introductions to host mindfully made products otherwise unseen in the market. Its a chance to create something that changes how things work in commerce, create a community and for these ethical brands to grow at a rate and in way that is healthy and is environmental.

“We can and must all play a part. Us creatives can offer new ways of making and living out change for the way we buy, what we need and how we use. As a community we are at our strongest, working out out how to do things, sharing skills and learning from each other. So if we can set up a forum for makers to bring to society their products and lead others in the same thinking, we will start to really impact change. Together we can pass things on and enhance ours and others lives.”

Libby Double

Ambassador, Norwich, England

Libby has made clothes since she was old enough to dream them up. But getting into the fashion industry herself took years, as the way the industry works always made her uncomfortable. Until she turned 30 and realized she didn’t have to conform – she could be part of changing it into something better.

Libby set up The Way Of Tea after she graduated from her Masters in fashion. She dyes fabrics with plants and creates one off pieces from reclaimed and organic fabrics, zips, buttons, threads and embellishments.

“I wanted to become an ambassador for Remake because I have such a passion for CHANGE. I believe the fast fashion industry is abusing women all over the world – from farmer, to spinner, to weaver to garment maker to models to consumer. I want to be part of empowering women – including myself – to stand up, say no, and carve out new ways to make a more nourishing industry that makes us feel good and appreciates those whose hands make our clothes. Including the hands of Mother Nature.”

Tyra Fisher

Ambassador, Columbus, Ohio

Tyra is currently a third year student at Ohio State studying Business Marketing. After her study abroad in London she realized how passionate she was about a career in the fashion and retail industry and added a minor in fashion and retail studies. On Campus, she is a member of the Fashion Production Associate where they plan their annual fashion show and advocate for more sustainability. On her blog Blush by Tyra, she discusses new trends in fashion as well as issues in the industry.

Tyra joined Remake as an ambassador because she wants to have a greater impact on an issue, she is passionate about. She wants to continue the conversation surrounding sustainability with college students and show more sustainable retail options. After graduation she hopes to go into merchandising or marketing and brand management for a retail brand that values sustainability as much as she does.

“I want to make sustainability more than just the new trend. Empowering and educating consumers is only the first step and I can’t wait to see where we go from there”

Lottie Farrow

Ambassador, East Sussex, England

Lottie has currently finished a foundation year in psychology, studying graphic design from home and training to be a personal trainer. Plays rugby and loves cooking funky vegan food. Hopes to inspire people all around the world in any way possible – wants to learn as much about sustainable fashion there is to know and really make a difference in the world. Lottie wants to achieve the most she possibly can in life and inspire many others to feel the same way.

Lottie hopes to make new friends across the globe being an ambassador for remake and really connect with different people in as many ways as possible! Getting involved with events and hosting wherever she can.

“I feel that expressing myself through my clothing really plays a part in what I chose to wear. Making sustainable choices that are good for the environment and that don’t harm animals is incredibly important to me.”

Melinda Chu-Yang

Ambassador, New York City, New York

Melinda currently resides in New York City and is originally from California. While working full-time as a sexual health educator, she created her own handbag line in which she used vintage fabrics and upcycled materials.  After working in public health for 10 years, she earned her Certificate in Image Consulting from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She is currently working as a Stylist for a men’s fashion company.

Melinda became a Remake Ambassador when she realized how much waste and damage is created through fast fashion. She became interested in learning more about sustainable brands and celebrating thrifting and clothing swaps. She loves to gain knowledge on upcycling, reducing waste and water consumption and seeing how items are made from recycled products. She hopes to help educate others make an impact on the environment and fashion industry for future generations.

“I #wearmyvalues by thrifting and swapping! I also love reworking and shopping my own closet. Understanding how my clothes are produced prior to purchasing helps me to live a sustainable lifestyle and gives me knowledge to educate others.”

Valerie Smith

Ambassador, New York City, New York

Sustainability fell into Valerie’s lap. Valerie studied Public Relations and Business in Hotels, Restaurants, Tourism Management. She lived in Madrid her senior year before graduation and has been to multiple countries in Europe, her happy place. Valerie had an innate passion early on for hosting closet swaps with her friends, without yet discovering sustainability. Valerie’s first job out of college was working for a sustainable fashion start-up and is now PR & Marketing Manager of that very same company, now Ecofashion corp.

Valerie’s an aspirational entrepreneur and determined to change the world in the travel, fashion and sustainability space. She’s chosen to be an ambassador because she aligns herself and strongly believes she contributes to Re/make’s goal to re/make 1 million closets by 2025. Valerie’s, “Why,” is to increase human-connectivity all around the world to share, learn and understand each other better within human-to-human connection to ultimately help save our planet.

“I wear my inner values in practicing spirituality, TM Meditation and yoga. I wear my outer values from how I treat others, including every homeless person in the streets of NY, to the clothes I wear because it feels good to be a conscious consumer.”

Lucy Maybank

Ambassador, San Francisco, California

Fashion and textiles have inspired Lucy her whole life, which is why she became a home textile buyer in San Francisco. Over the past four years of working within the retail industry, she has learned the ins and outs of manufacturing and is deeply passionate about sustainability and corporate responsibility. Earlier this year, Lucy traveled to a small town in India to explore new production opportunities. While she was there, she spent time teaching screen-printing to local women. Watching this group of women learn the textile printing skills that would enable their financial independence inspired Lucy to get more involved with sustainable textile initiatives, ultimately leading to her involvement with Remake.

“Remake’s mission is incredibly important to the well-being of our planet. I hope to spread awareness within my work and the greater bay area community. I #wearmyvalues by researching brands before I purchase from them and by buying pre-owned and vintage clothing.”

Adriana Flores Bernal

Ambassador, Laguna Niguel, California

Adriana is a proud Mexican girl living in California. She holds a BS in Communications and has over 15 years of professional experience in the Marketing & Communications fields in the corporate world. She has always been passionate about beauty and fashion, so she also holds a career as a Make-Up artist since 2002, and in 2013 she started her own fashion marketing blog. As her career as a blog editor evolved, she realized how hyper-consumerism is integrated in our society, and she started to question herself if she was rising responsible fashion awareness.

In the recent years she has been concerned about the challenges the human race is facing due climate change, and the unsustainable and harmful impact of the fast-growing “throw away” practices across industries. She started researching sustainable fashion and beauty industry and decided to change her mission: to practice more conscious, ethical and environmental habits, and to share her journey with whoever is keen to learn along to make changes for a better world.

“I am happy to be a Remake Ambassador. I want to continue respecting expression through Beauty/ Make-Up, Fashion and Interior Design, as well as respecting the environment. Having my blog does not make sense anymore if my voice will not contribute to my community in a positive way, especially when it comes to taking care of our only planet”. 

Madeline Dolgin

Ambassador, Scottsdale, Arizona

Madeline is a higher education professional by day and a sustainable fashion advocate by night. Madeline first became passionate about sustainable fashion through studying international development in college. Overwhelmed by the unethical labor conditions and environmental issues within the fashion industry, she stopped buying new clothes and instead started upcycling what she already owned.

Today, Madeline accepts donations of old clothes and upcycles them through her fashion brand Healing Seams. She showcases designs in local fashion shows and pop-up shops. She loves the opportunity to re-purpose her friends old clothing and watch them take on a new life with a different owner. Her brand expresses her values of saving garments from the landfill and inspiring others to make more sustainable choices. While her brand is currently still a side-gig, she hopes that the Remake community can serve as a source of knowledge and support to prepare her with the tools to dive into this work full time.

“I #wearmyvalues by being intentional about how I purchase and care for my garments. I alter and upcycle my clothes when they rip instead of throwing them away, utilize a ‘guppy’ bag in the washing machine to save microfibers from going into the oceans, and invest in purchases from companies who have transparent supply chains and utilize organic/natural resources.”

For upcycled designs, follow her on Instagram @healingseams

Caroline Eaton Pickard

Ambassador, Houston, Texas

Caroline is a passionate entrepreneur who wants to use her influence to make a positive impact on others and the world. She became obsessed with studying sustainability a few years ago and learned about how terrible fast fashion is for the environment, but it was discovering how garment workers are treated that made her blood boil (shout out to The True Cost doc). She made a vow to never buy from fast fashion brands again, and now she loves to help others learn to love sustainable shopping.

She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two cats, and works full time as an independent distributer with Young Living Essential Oils. She loves using her business to educate on natural health and going green with your home products.

“My favorite thing about ‘conscious living’ is how everything is so connected. Choices that are better for your health are usually better for the environment, and vice versa. I see that same connection with clothes – slow fashion is better for us, for others and for the planet, and I’m excited to spread awareness to that message.”

Bridgett Keith

Ambassador, Portland, Maine

Bridgett Keith (@bxoxbeauty) is a freelance writer and actress with a passion for storytelling.  Like most people, she bought most of her clothes at fast fashion chains without thinking about the consequences.  After watching The True Cost, she became aware of the negative harm fast fashion has, both on the environment and in many people’s lives.

Due to her growing passion on the issue, Bridgett has recently launched an Etsy shop called A Fanfare for Elephants where she sells flower crown headbands.  Bridgett is soon launching a fashion blog and podcast under the same name, to promote sustainability and make/sell upcycled clothing.  She is excited to be a Remake Ambassador, and to educate others on the importance of sustainability.

“I am passionate about helping to spread Remake’s message- being mindful of where our clothing originates from, and how a seemingly simple choice, like what to buy, can have a profound impact on other’s lives. I am #wearingmyvalues by committing to buying second hand clothes and nothing new from fast fashion chains.”

Tammy Miller

Ambassador, Washington, D.C.

Over the years, Tammy Miller has developed a love and appreciation for thrift and sustainability. Besides having a background in information technology, Tammy Miller has blog that interview guest about their thrifting experiences and finding clothing that are both sustainable and accessible for workwear and weekend.

The opportunity to become a Remake ambassador aligns with her values and she looks forward to sharing the knowledge, the mission, and other resources about sustainability in the DC metropolitan area.

“I wear my values by thrifting at second hand stores and looking at brands that are sustainable. #wearyourvalues”

Viti Pathak

Ambassador, Raleigh, North Carolina

A high school student, Viti quickly became immersed in the fast fashion issue after her fellow classmates gave a presentation regarding the concept’s detrimental effects. After in-depth research, Viti decided to switch to a sustainable fashion lifestyle. Additionally, she created SUSS Fashion, an organization dedicated to guiding young people with their sustainable fashion journey through discussions and workshops.

Viti decided to become a Remake ambassador to help educate people in the community about ethical fashion. She believes spreading the word will help create an impact, benefiting both the environment and the preservation of basic human rights.

“I #wearmyvalues by limiting my spending on clothes along with buying both second-hand and sustainable clothing. It’s an enjoyable practice that comes with many perks!”

Kelly Stone

Kelly Stone

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Kelly became interested in sustainable fashion after an internship with College Fashionista and spending some time working with brands online. Seeing how much product was sent out to bloggers alone, who would never be able to wear everything sent to them by brands anyway, sparked her curiosity as to how much was being produced in the first place. Fast forward a bit and the research she had been doing made her desperate for a change!

Kelly is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy and hopes to work on issues related to economic development, something she believes the sustainable fashion industry can play a major role in. She chose to become a Remake Ambassador to join a community who believed in that change. Furthermore, she wants to aid in fostering our movement in her own community by helping host events and igniting conversations on how we can become more conscious consumers.

“I choose to #wearmyvalues by making a conscious effort to research brands before buying and seeking out secondhand options first whenever possible.”

Pooja Sathya

Pooja Sathya

Ambassador, India

Being born and brought up in a country like India, where human manpower in the clothing industry stands to be a challenge when it comes to ethical practices in the fashion industry, Pooja has witnessed the hardships of the workers and chose to take a stand to bring about a change in the fast growing fashion Industry. By using the idea of up-cycling, her motive is to change people’s mindset from fast fashion to fair fashion. After completing her course in Sustainable Fashion from Central Saint Martins, London, Pooja has been using her intellectual skills in sharing her knowledge of expertise by consulting her clients and designing their wardrobe clothing into up-cycling wear.

Pooja finds fun ways to revamp the wardrobe without burning a hole in the pocket and the environment. She recently conducted a fashion show with the slogan of FASHION REVOLUTION to strengthen the thoughts of people and show them the TRUE COST story. Where every closet in India contains saris (five and a half meters fabric attire), which is hardly used, Pooja designs a capsule collection out of the same material on a zero waste basis. She also holds clothing swap within her city. She is currently working on launching her new label, MANNEQUIN, which will contain up-cycled wear and organic wear. She is also helping a small group of women from rural areas in selling their recycled products by collaborating with them.

“I simply believe that instead of building a new sustainable fashion industry, we need to make our existing industry more sustainable. The aim is to close the loop, through various contributors— experts, enthusiasts, and most importantly, us as consumers. Gandhi once said ‘We need to be the change we want to see in the world.’ We can be the change makers, all we have to do is have a long-lasting relationship with what we have hanging in our closets. As humans, we owe it to ourselves to be responsible for what we have caused, and we can love what we already have in our closets.”

María José Munguía

María José Munguía

Ambassador, Mexico City, Mexico

María José Munguía is a textile engineer graduate, conscious consumer, and fashion lover. During her academic development she started to question if the textile industry was making the right choices in terms of sustainability. She questioned every step from processes and materials to working conditions and consequences; between classes and research programs, she discovered that changes around this industry needed to be made. She found her passion discovering that fashion doesn’t have to be in a fight with nature.

Thanks to her academic background, she is working towards a better industry. Nowadays she works for a Mexican Brand in which seamstresses are getting better working conditions. She is very excited to be a part of something that inspires her and she hopes to bring more consciousness and show people that every step counts. She believes that consumers have the power to change the world if they decided not only to buy less but to but better.

“No pretendo cambiar al mundo, pero en el pedacito que me toco vivir quiero hacer la diferencia.”

Stacey Berry

Stacey Berry

Ambassador, Des Moines, Iowa

Stacey became interested in sustainable fashion when she learned more about the people who were making her clothing and getting paid next to nothing when she was still shopping at fast fashion companies. She decided that she needed to do better for herself and for this world that she lives in.

Stacey is the co-founder of The 1846, which is a fair trade and sustainable e-commerce site that shows that individuals can find ethical fashion that looks great and is better for the environment. The site’s Instagram page dives into great sustainable brands and how individuals can become more sustainable. Stacey hopes as a Remake Ambassador that she can keep teaching others about the great impact sustainable fashion has and can continue to have on the world, and show others that this can be a lifestyle that they too can live.

“I wear my values by spreading awareness to others that the sustainable fashion movement is something that they too can be a part of by wearing clothes that were made through great companies that show their workers and the earth respect.”

Ilenia Ghità

Ilenia Ghità

Ambassador, Italy

Ilenia is a fashion designer and has been working as a fashion editor since September 2017. She founded a small sustainable clothes brand for babies, starting with fabrics coming from textile wastes, failed clothing factories, or donated clothes in good condition. Her main purpose has been to find a way to reintroduce textile wastes, giving them a second life circle, and transforming them into new, unique pieces. 

She became hooked on sustainable fashion when, living in Brussels in 2018, she discovered the zero waste movement, and she had the chance to collaborate with the designer of a 100% circular brand, where the clothes are made from old men shirts. Since then, she never stop believing in circular fashion and a sustainable lifestyle.

“I am Remake ambassador because I believe that the fashion industry needs to undergo a big transition, and instead of solely advocating for it, I want to concretely do my part in order to make it happen.”

Amber Dawn Lee

Amber Dawn Lee

Ambassador, Los Angeles

Amber wears her values every day by mixing up second-hand outfits that look boho-chic for the Los Angeles style scene. She is an active content creator who focuses on sustainable second-hand fashion styling.

She remembers a specific summer as a child where the old rackety washer her family owned broke down, and the laundry pile turned into a mountain of textiles. She loved jumping into the clothing to dig for an outfit to pull and wash. The outfit had to be special because if she was going to hand wash, she didn’t want to look frumpy. So mixing and matching has always been part of her mojo. Her family even lived in the back of a thrift shop for a while. It’s part of who she is, she loves fashion, and she loves looking awesome for less by mixing high-end pieces with less expensive finds.

Liza Cohen

Liza Cohen

Ambassador, NYC

Liza is a student at Fordham University Rose Hill in the Bronx, NY. She is studying Communication and the Environment with a minor in sustainable business; she’s on a mission to find solutions to the environmental crisis and share those solutions with others. Being educated on this topic was a privilege she first experienced in high school, and it is her desire to continue to broaden her knowledge on the subject. Additionally, Liza is keenly aware of the necessity to make knowledge about the challenges to our world readily available to everyone. She believes businesses will play a big role in this task.

Liza got hooked on sustainable fashion because she loved shopping but hated the waste produced by it. She developed an appreciation for local businesses who were transparent about materials and efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. As a Remake Ambassador she hopes to bring more public attention to the ethical issues of fast fashion and educate her community about sustainable brands and efforts they are making.

“The price of fashion should not come at the cost of the natural world. I want to feel good about what I put on my body, so when people ask where my clothes are from, I can tell them how I #wearmyvalues.”

Milena Marchetti

Milena Alexandrovna Eva Marchetti-Kozlov

Ambassador, Guadalajara, Mexico

Milena is a sustainable fashion designer based in Guadalajara, Mexico, and originally from Northern California. She is currently launching her brand, MARCHETTI Sustainable, in the U.S and Mexico.

After going to university for both fashion merchandising and advertising and strategic communication, Milena found herself torn between her love for fashion and her concerns about industry practices. After researching and understanding the true cost of clothing, she could no longer pursue a career in the field without taking a more responsible route.

Milena is driven both by a deep concern and awareness to build a better world through conscious consumption. She is ecstatic to join the Remake team and be part of a community of sustainable fashion advocates.

“Empathy is nothing without action. We must refuse to buy into the hype that our needs or desires are more important than someone else’s humanity or well-being. There are real, serious consequences for each and every item we purchase. Our choices matter.

As a designer, I feel passionately that if new clothing is being created, it absolutely must be designed around the sustainable materials or practices available to us. In my case, it was a huge struggle to find authentically sustainable options, but I felt I had no other choice if I wanted to create this collection.

Fashion is such an important industry and has the ability to create and empower a movement that has a tangible impact on both people and the planet from within. There is so much to be done and I am honored to be part of a group of like-minded individuals working to make fashion a force for good.”

Breezy Diabo

Breezy Diabo

Ambassador, NYC

Breezy Diabo is an NYC Renaissance artist who loves to dabble in many mediums. She attended University for fashion design and theater and has worked as a stylist for online content, artists, magazines, and everyday women. When she started writing content for fashion blogs about feminism, sexuality, and living a sustainable lifestyle, her research opened her eyes to a major problem: fast fashion. While she grew up a vegan shopping at cool vintage and antique stores and seeing her mother go through breast cancer, she was appalled later in life to read not only how fast fashion disrupts our earth and its awful working conditions in factories, but how damaging fast fashion is for your body externally as well as internally. She now dedicates her time to educating friends, family, and the masses at events and through her writing on the unethical damages fast fashion creates.

Breezy currently makes a point to use recycled, vintage, and sustainable clothing while dressing clients and or booking personal shoots. Her closet and the way she shops has forever changed for the better! As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to spread the word of reducing products, buying clothing of quality for one’s health, and how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle to the masses through events and learning from the fellow Remake team. She is most excited to meet others from around the world and her neck of the woods who believe in the sustainable movement.

“Fashion has always been a way for me to express myself or my current mood.  One could even say I was a different character on stage each day. Yet it saddens me to see the rise in fast fashion and mass production of items one “must-have” due to the increase of social media and envy in many individuals. Choosing to buy a cheap dress or shirt via Instagram, Amazon, or other fast international sites makes me feel like the people in my life and so many others are a part of a large problem that needs to be taken on full speed ahead now! If it takes gallons of water, cruel working conditions, and made with fabrics unhealthy for my skin in the long run, is it even ‘beautiful or easy fashion’ anymore? When people say they love the way I dress and how different it is, I let them know about the sustainable or recycled vintage ways I source each piece. I’d rather my clothing tell a story, one that wasn’t made quickly without care.”

Chris McKenzie

Chris McKenzie

Ambassador, NYC

Chris is a Buyer at Nubian Hueman and an MBA Associate at a fashion-focused venture capital firm. As a Remake Ambassador, she promotes shopping sustainably through her writing, speaking engagements, and co-hosting clothing swaps in DC and New York.

“Being a Remake Ambassador has allowed me to learn how to buy and live more sustainably from a knowledgeable team. I have the honor to share my learnings with my local community. When placing large merchandise buys at work or shopping for myself, I support brands that have sustainable supply chains.”

Claire Aboudarham

Claire Aboudarham

Ambassador, Montréal, Canada

Claire got into sustainable fashion and a more sustainable way of life in 2014, when she started studying. Since then, she’s become a journalist who tries to write as much as she can about the fashion industry. Specializing in new technologies and innovative businesses, she is at the perfect place to get in touch with sustainable businesses and people who want to change the way we use, produce, and throw away materials. Being a Remake Ambassador will help her get information about sustainable life to as many people as possible, and she can’t wait to put her knowledge to good use.

“Sustainable life is not a trend. It’s how we have to live if we want to change things around us. The more we try, the more efficient we will be. #wearyourvalues”

Sarah Jones

Ambassador, Youngstown, Ohio

Sarah is a 23 y/o living in Youngstown, OH (smack dab in between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH for reference, since you’ve probably never heard of it). She currently works as a coordinator of development and fundraising for a nonprofit that focuses on mental health and drug + alcohol addiction recovery. She loves music, fashion, wearing sneakers with everything (lifelong runner over here!), being outside, food, and traveling.

Once a booming area before the demise of the steel industry, Youngstown is finally rising up after years of persistent rebuilding. The majority of the population here tends to be ~10 years behind on trends, social issues, etc., and sustainable fashion is not a typical topic of conversation. She’s excited that as a new Remake Ambassador, she will soon have the confidence, knowledge, and tools to start that conversation!

Sarah studied marketing with a focus in consumer and retail marketing in college and has worked in retail marketing (and in-store retail during college), so the damage of the fashion industry has been on her radar for only a few years now. She was so concerned about it upon her understanding of it, but honestly felt powerless. After watching interviews and documentaries, reading countless articles, and being inspired by a former fashion colleague to join Remake (hi LC!), she understands that it takes small steps at first. So, here she is taking her first step!

Jen Guice

Ambassador, Sydney, Australia

Jen has been a sustainability professional developing and managing sustainability policy and projects for over 20 years. Along the way her passion for sustainability and social justice has merged with her passion for fashion. Jen is behind Juice Design & Style (@juice_design_style) where she promotes wearing recycled fashion and teaches women personal styling and how to shop for recycled clothing to encourage them make empowered thoughtful fashion decisions. Jen hosts op-shop/thrift/vintage tours in Sydney Australia, she gives talks and presents sustainable fashion workshops, she hosts clothes swaps and writes a blog. Jen’s career, and now her sustainable style advocacy, aligns perfectly with Remake’s mission of working for environmental and social justice.

“I am proud to be a Remake ambassador (am-bad-ass-ador!). I am a mother of two teenage daughters and showing them (and all the women around me) that they hold real power in their hands to make change when they make conscious fashion choices excites and drives me. The future can be beautiful, feminine, and creative while being fair, sustainable, and accountable.”

Francesca Belluomini

Ambassador, Miami

Francesca is a quick-witted fashion veteran and an unapologetic style savant. She has lived in Miami long enough to realize she is still Italian.

As people always complimented her chic style and wanted to dress like her, she worked to capture the essence of her putting things together with nonchalant elegance, extracted a concentrate, and created the tools for every woman to dress and live the Italian way: this is now her book The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style. Confidence and Sustainable Chic in Ten Struts. 

In real life Francesca grew up following those sustainable chic struts and intends to bring common sense back to the world of Fashion: no allegiance to trends, a curated wardrobe that considers provenance, quality, and durability, favors luxury as a state of mind, has pledged to the Sustainable Development Goals (n.12 – “responsible production and consumption”) in an effort to eradicate discrimination and social injustice.

“Keep it chic or leave it: stick to sustainable, reclaim yourself by dressing the Italian way, because luxury is a state of mind.”

Kelly Wang

Ambassador, NYC

Kelly Wang is an entrepreneur, business leader, and fashion & travel enthusiast based in New York City. Kelly spent a decade working in Finance before launching her sustainably focused lifestyle shop, Rue Saint Paul, in 2018.

Having lived on five continents, Kelly saw the astonishing beauty of nature, culture, and fashion from around the world. Inspired by her travels, she set out to create a shop showcasing the independent creations in fashion and design from around the globe. Along her journey, Kelly became aware of the significant environmental and human impact of the things she loved. Since then, she is dedicated to continued learning, educating, and furthering efforts in sustainable and ethical fashion in her everyday life and through Rue Saint Paul.

She is excited to join other Remake Ambassadors on spreading the message about our fashion footprint and how making an impact is possible.

“Money is power. How we spend our dollars is a vote for how we want the world to be”

Jenna Agatep

Ambassador, Boston

Jenna is currently a second-year law student in Boston at Northeastern and is designing her curriculum to advance her knowledge and skills in corporate social responsibility.

Prior to law school, Jenna worked at a law firm in New York City assisting attorneys on a variety of cases ranging from pro-bono human rights matters to litigation disputes between fashion companies. Being highly interested in the intersection between fashion and the law, Jenna went on to receive her master’s in Fashion Law at Fordham Law School in New York. In her master’s program, Jenna worked at the non-profit Nest, which is centered on bettering transparency across the supply chain and obtaining legal rights and benefits for artisans and homeworkers across the globe. It was at an event cosponsored by Nest that she was first exposed to Remake!

Jenna joined Remake as an Ambassador to add more power and value in the movement of making fashion a force for good. In addition to her educational background, Jenna has also hosted events at her school to bring attention to the waste fast fashion produces and the injustices experienced by developing countries utilized as fast fashion factory hubs; spent her summer after her first year of law school at Oxfam America in their Private Sector Department building their Living Wage Initiative; and began her blog bridging the gap between fashion and the law! Follow her on instagram – @thealtrusthetic

Federica Morolla

Ambasador, Madrid

Federica Morolla is a Remake Ambassador based out of Madrid. She believes in the power of people and positive influence, because these elements can truly motivate you to strive to do your best.

Originally from Italy, she graduated from IULM University in Milan in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Some years later, she gained a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Sales Management. Passionate about food, fashion, music and art, she can’t think of her life without a piano or singing. Writing is another passion of hers, she has published novels in two collections of stories: “D’Autunno” and “Je suis Chocolat”, Edizioni 2000 diciassette. At the beginning of 2019, she published with 2 co-authors her book, ‘La Filosofia delle Spezie’ a culinary diary that combines the best of Italian and Mediterranean recipes with Indian and exotic spices, creating brand new healthy and tasty recipes told through the personal experiences, memories and lives of the authors.

“I believe fashion is as powerful as food to express our personality. I wear my values by buying fewer better things and treasuring my heirloom accessories.”

Sampada Nandyala

Ambassador, Somerset, NJ

Sampada has been interested in style and fashion since a young age, but became truly hooked around the time that the fashion blogging world became a force of its own. Inspired by peers who were experimenting with their personal styles, Sampada first started a blog to document not only her daily outfits, but also her thoughts on the industry. She soon went on to intern for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru, writing regularly about stylish students around campus and how readers can achieve such looks.

While Sampada was exposed in small doses to the ethical shortcomings of the industry throughout these years of dabbling, she began considering it strongly when she switched her career path from pharmacy to public health. Learning about the Rana Plaza tragedy, hearing Remake Founder Ayesha Barenblat discuss the labor and environmental issues posed by mass clothing production at the United Nations, and interviewing Ayesha for Public Health Post cemented Sampada’s commitment to the sustainable fashion movement.

The most exciting aspect of joining Remake as an Ambassador is the opportunity to not only make a positive impact on the fashion industry, but also on the environment and population wellness. Sampada hopes to encourage her friends and family members to support the sustainable fashion movement through her role as a Remake Ambassador.

“I #wearmyvalues by saying no to fast fashion retailers, shopping my own closet, and buying second-hand or from businesses with good practices only when I know I will wear an item multiple times, for years to come.”

Sacha Bushby

Ambassador, Exeter, UK

Sacha is currently studying at the University of Exeter where she set up her own handmade earring business @sacha_beee which promotes a conscious and ethical style. Her focus is to create beautiful, unique and affordable pieces whilst raising awareness of sustainability.

“I am so excited to reach out to a larger audience with Remake and share what we are all so passionate about. I use clothes to express myself so it only seems right to #wearyourvalues everyday and encourage others think before they buy.”

JeLisa “JL” Marshall

Ambassador, Seattle

JeLisa “JL” Marshall has spent a decade studying and creating within the fashion industry. She currently develops private label clothing for a retailer in Seattle. It is this work that ignited her passion for sustainable fashion. She discovered there is so much room for improvement in the development and production process, and wants to help spur the necessary changes. Insert: Remake.

Her goal as an Ambassador is two-fold. She aims to better educate herself and others about sustainable fashion and to join forces with other like-minded people. The thing that is most exciting about this opportunity to her is knowing how big of an impact this program has made and will continue to make with such caring and daring individuals behind it.

“To me, buying clothes is like searching for a new best friend. I only want what will be down for the long haul.”

Melanie Davenport

Ambassador, San Luis Obispo, CA

Melanie’s adventures in sustainable fashion began with her desire to help protect the environment. Earning a degree in Environmental Policy, she learned about the devastating effects of global resource consumption. Inspired by her education, her love for fashion, the Leave No Trace philosophy and outlandish styling found at her favorite music festivals, Melanie began creating wild, wearable art from upcycled and recycled materials.

Currently, Melanie is promoting sustainable fashion with her clothing brand Felis Ferox. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to get people involved in mending, redesigning and trading their clothing. She envisions hosting a space where people can learn to patch, mend and remake their clothing using her abundant scrap fabric supply.

“I wear my values by up cycling clothing into fresh, new designs and by wearing those designs in a million different ways! #wearyourvalues”

Kimberly Milton

Ambassador, LA

Kim grew up in a small, Midwestern town where wearing your older sister’s hand me downs was not only exciting, it was required. Her sustainable fashion was not born out of duty, but more out of necessity.

Kim first learned the term “fast fashion” when she was studying the slave labor condition in the textile industry in college as part of her International Studies curriculum. She was shown picture after picture, documentary after documentary, of men and women working long hours in dangerous conditions being paid less than a living wage. As a direct result, the cost of “fast fashion” became too high for Kim to be willing to pay.

As a Remake Ambassador, Kim wants to spread the word about the harmful slave conditions that fast fashion creates, not only in clothing, but in other industries such as make-up, and textiles used to make home décor. She believes that if more people knew what goes into making the things they purchase, they might take a step back and think about purchasing more sustainable products, as opposed to products that are detrimental to people and the environment.

“To me, I don’t see the price tag as the cost of fast fashion. I see the men and women working tirelessly day in and day out – THAT is the cost of fast fashion. And that cost is too high.”

Patricia E. Langan

Ambassador, DC

Patricia has been looking for a community of women who care what their fashion statement says about them – and has found it in Remake! She looks forward to extending that community through her initiative Women4WomensWear, a network that connects women to one-of-a-kind products handmade by talented women from around the world.

The idea for Women4WomensWear was inspired by Patricia’s global travels as a program director for international NGOs the International Youth Foundation and Save the Children. She helped subcontractors to global brands such as Nike and The Gap provide training to young female garment workers that empowered them to make life and professional choices and to stay healthy in Morocco and Bangladesh. She also found that her friends loved the fashions from independent female designers from countries such as Ethiopia and Vietnam that she brought back to DC. She realized there is a market for unique, artisanal luxury with a modern twist in the US, but that her friends didn’t know where to find it. Thus Women4WomensWear was born to connect her friends to ethical fashion.

“More women I know would #wearyourvalues if they knew where to find ethical fashion. As a Remake Ambassador and through @Women4WomensWear, I hope to help more women use the power of their purse to empower more women designers and makers!”

Tosin Adeniyi

Ambassador, Boston

Tosin Adeniyi, @tosin_adeniyi13, is an aspiring sustainable fashion designer who fell in love with fashion at a very young age. The paper fashion kits overtook her house since she was able to cut construction paper.

After becoming vegan and looking further into the issues with the environment, she decided that she needed to find a way to help make a change in the fashion industry. That’s when she decided that she wanted to make sustainable fashion cool and start her own small business line, @adeniyidesigns. She’s now partnering up with a fellow vintage lover to create a vintage clothing business with one of a kind vintage finds. Remake gives her a platform to share her values with a like-minded creative community to grow the sustainable fashion movement.

“Sustainability is an up and coming trend in fashion and I am so excited about it. Being able to look as sassy, elegant, chic, or as rebellious as you want does not have to come at the cost of the environment or animals. I wear my values by telling my fashion story with these ideas in mind and I hope to show others it’s futuristic and trendy to do the same!”

Bella Dina

Ambassador, Indonesia

Bella Dina is a singer/songwriter and a content creator on instagram @ladinabella. She helps ethical business, brands, and restaurants boost their values online.

She tells her stories through pictures to inspire her audience, and recently started her e-commerce for eco-friendly and sustainable goods called @EcoLand. It’s a store with the hope to build awareness and lifestyle that benefits everyone, so we can co-create a better future.

“I am committed to giving back and creating a positive impact through my work. #wearyourvalues”

Rabina Sawhney

Ambassador, Chapel Hill

An avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, Rabina quickly discovered her passion for environmental protection and sustainability during her time at UNC. She became involved with several environmental organizations on campus, all promoting sustainability through different means. Eventually, she helped form Sustainable Fashion Initiative, a campus organization promoting mindful consumption through hosting creative up-cycling workshops, clothing swaps, and discussions.

Rabina is earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Kenan-Flagler Business School and hopes to combine her interests in sustainability, innovation, and creativity in her future career(s).

“There is something exciting about owning fewer pieces of clothing that hold special meaning to you. Whether it be my up-cycled denim pieces or my favorite pair of sneakers purchased from a thrift store, I continuously seek to redefine fashion by promoting ethically and environmentally-conscious practices.”

Florina Tatiana Secara

Ambassador, Romania

Florina has a background in corporate communications and digital marketing, consulting for a diverse range of companies and projects.

Her long time passion for fashion and a growing interest in the circular economy has recently led her in a new professional direction. She enrolled in courses like Product Design and Sustainable Luxury Fashion at London College of Fashion and joined workshops and conferences on various topics such as the future of fabrics, waste management and more. Her next project includes launching an online platform in Romania dedicated to sustainable brands with a dynamic educational component.

”I grew up in a post-communist country, and as the youngest daughter of a garment factory worker. I discovered what upcycling, recycling and ethical fashion meant way before these initiatives made it to the news. Even so, fast fashion became my second nature. I understand now that only education and transparency will help. Putting the topic of sustainability on the daily agenda, providing alternatives, just like Remake is doing, can bring a change on all levels. Innovation and close collaboration between various players, not only in the fashion industry, but across other areas, can make sustainable fashion not just a trend, a niche, but the reality in which our children will grow up. What could be more stylish than to #wearyourvalues!?”

Cory Skuldt

Ambassador, Austin

Cory believes that fashion is a form of self-expression that should be accessible to everyone – but that it fails when it doesn’t reflect our values about how we treat others in our own community and around the globe, and about how we care for the environment we’re leaving for our children. Changing the problematic nature of current apparel supply chains can bring the joy back to that self-expression and make it more truly beautiful.

As a strategy consultant, Cory’s work supports apparel brands and supply chain partners in developing a comprehensive and brand-aligned approach to sustainability. Projects include triple bottom line impact modeling, sustainability growth strategy, circular business model innovation, and more. Cory received her MBA in Sustainability at Bard, where she continues to serve as a teaching assistant in Data & Analytics, and as network/events chair of the MBA Alumni Board. Cory also holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Maura McInerney-Rowley

Ambassador, SF

Maura grew up in an all female household in Philadelphia with her two moms and older sister, where sharing each others clothes was the norm. In high school she was part of the environmental and human rights club, where she helped to get plastic water bottles banned from campus and raised money to donate to nonprofits like Kiva and Books Behind Bars. She left Philly to attend the University of Vermont where she received her B.A., in Global Studies and Anthropology.

After college Maura moved to Aspen, Colorado to follow her recent love of snowboarding. In Aspen she worked for a sustainably minded premier event planning company for two years. During her time living in the luxury mountain town she experienced a personal challenge, which led to a professional endeavor. It was very difficult to shop locally on a budget so she developed an interest in e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands. Maura followed this interest to San Francisco where she joined a startup called Lyon + Post with a try-before-you-buy method for women’s contemporary fashion. It was during this time that she became aware of the evils of fast fashion and the mounds of unused clothing that were being discarded to landfills.

“As an aspiring social entrepreneur/investor my goal is to one day create a company or invest in companies that support ethical and sustainable fashion practices. I #wearmyvalues by being a conscious consumer and doing my due diligence before I purchase an item.”

Emily Stochl

Ambassador, Cedar Rapids, IA

Emily Stochl is a writer, podcast producer/host, and content creator on the instagram @brumeanddaisy. Her first love is storytelling, and she uses her platforms to inspire people to slow down, consume consciously, and live a lifestyle in line with their values. She is a proud Midwestern, living in Iowa these days.

Emily is the founder of Pre-Loved Podcast, a weekly interview show about rad vintage and second-hand style, with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with. She created the show to highlight that second-hand style can be both stylish and important. Emily chats with guests about their love for vintage clothes, how they source creative inspiration, their role in the fashion industry, sustainability, the stories behind their favorite pieces, and why we choose second-hand things first.

The opportunity to become a Remake ambassador aligns with her passions and values, and she looks forward to sharing knowledge about the fashion industry, making visible the women who make our clothes, and calling attention to the environmental and human rights impact caused by fast fashion brands.

“I wear my values by being a proud promoter of shopping second-hand first.” #wearyourvalues

Ana Teresa Espinosa Robles

Ambassador, NYC

Growing in a country like Mexico allowed Ana to learn and see that social and environmental problems are solved by dedicated, passionate people and go getters. She committed to become one, and to leave this planet better than how she found it. This commitment led her to New York City, where she graduated from MS Sustainability Management program at Columbia University, a program that help her translate her engineering knowledge and her passion for supply chains to advance sustainability and the circular economy.

Ana’s current goal is to fully embrace a zero waste life, and help other reduce products’ environmental and social footprint by expanding access to sustainability and mainly by advancing innovative sustainable packaging solutions that help the world tackle the plastic and waste issues we face today. Ana is currently applying her sustainability knowledge in the beauty industry at Estée Lauder Companies.

“I believe in the connection of fashion and beauty as empowerment tools that help me embrace sustainable living as both a celebration of style and authenticity as well a commitment to a more responsible and purposeful purchase power that on a daily basis help me impact the world in a positive way.”

Vivian Li

Ambassador, SF

Vivian is a filmmaker and nature-lover who is currently developing a long-form documentary about the world of sustainable and ethical fashion. Fashion has always been a big part of Vivian’s life, but it wasn’t until she came across the term “sustainable fashion” that she realized what fast fashion was doing to people and the planet. Since then, she has immersed herself in researching the topic, gaining insight from trailblazers, and spreading what she has learned with the people around her.

Vivian became a Remake Ambassador to join a community of like-minded sustainable fashion advocates, and be part of a team effort to make fashion a force for good. She aims to leverage the power of media to influence positive change and hopes to influence more Asian representation in the sustainable fashion space. She is excited about the opportunity to put on and participate in larger scale events to further the cause of sustainable fashion, especially among her family and friends.

“I wear my values by significantly changing my shopping habits. I used to be a hopeless shopping addict – I would purchase at least one item of clothing every other week. I now only purchase clothes that I really need, and when I do I try to get them secondhand. You can #wearyourvalues too.”

Sheila Amorsolo

Ambassador, Philippines

Sheila is a sustainable fashion advocate, graduate of Business Economics, a mother, wife, banker and is one of the co-founders of Forth Co – a startup enterprise promoting sustainable fashion in the Philippines. She was once a shopaholic, who shopped the trends at fast fashion brands for items that she didn’t really need. She first became aware of the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry through Fashion Revolution and the documentary film, True Cost.

Sheila believes that it is time that we consider making better buying choices to save planet earth, and hopes that through her work, she is part of the solution.

“As a sustainable fashion advocate, I wear my values by making better, mindful choices when it comes to fashion and sharing the things I’ve learned. Everyone is responsible for the health of this planet and I strongly believe that our collective efforts can create a greater impact in our society and the environment. Let’s challenge the current norm in this industry. #wearyourvalues”

Izzy Grafton

Ambassador, Bristol UK

Izzy is a Welsh-born Psychology student living in Bristol, UK. Izzy grew up tearing through Vogue once a month and quickly developed a love for all things fashion. In recent years this love led her deeper into the depths of sustainable fashion and an awareness of the fast fashion world. She began to realize the world around her was thriving off the fact that they could have a cheap (but pretty) dress delivered next day regardless of the process. This kick-started her to spread sustainable fashion among not only her friends but the rest of her community, her city and our world.

When Izzy stumbled across Remake for a project on sustainability, fashion and empowering women – she found a perfect match to her passions for raising women up and addressing the elephant in the room that is fast fashion. She is so excited to see the movement make waves across the world.

“Fashion has always been an expression for me; clothes have enabled me to portray my emotions, beliefs and creativity. But if I am wearing a cheap t-shirt from a sweatshop what am I expressing? I want to choose to not only express my creativity but my core values when I wear a piece of clothing. You’ll often find me responding to compliments with ‘thanks, and it’s sustainably sourced!’”

Heidi Altree

Ambassador, PHX

Heidi Altree, daughter to entrepreneur parents, grew up believing two truths: she would be successful, and she would change the world.  What she didn’t know is she would find success in Technology Sales, and activism in sustainability. In fact, until a couple years ago Heidi didn’t even know there was a such thing as “Sustainable Fashion.”  It was by way of her love for animals, a plant-based diet, and a failed attempt to launch a vegan shoe line that Heidi learned about sustainable fashion. She realized if she wanted to save animals, and the planet, she had to think bigger than vegan shoes, she had a find a way to socialize sustainability.

Heidi launched Amare by Heidi; a digital lifestyle magazine focused on sustainable living. From fashion to nutrition to physical & mental health, Amare by Heidi tackles it all. As an Ambassador for Remake, Heidi hopes to use her platform to spread the Remake message and introduce new and exciting sustainable brands to Remake.

“It’s not enough to dream of something better.  It’s about pushing through even the most nightmarish of days to ensure your dream comes true.”

Tere Arigo

Ambassador, Philippines

Tere is a founder of a sustainable fashion brand that sells reclaimed and repurposed thrift clothing. She is a big fan of DIY and is always on the lookout for ways to make fashion for good.

Aside from working on her brand, she is currently a volunteer researcher on projects that aim to measure the impact of the fashion and the second-hand clothing industry on the economy and environment.

She found Remake through a fellow ambassadors account and immediately connected with the thought of ‘wearing your values’.

“By helping someone change their participation in fashion – choosing to buy second-hand, quitting from fast fashion, or upcycling a shirt instead of throwing it out – that is a win for sustainability.”

Ankur Maniar

Ambassador, NYC

Ankur is a designer and photographer, as NYC Ambassador Ankur helps build Remake’s visual identity through branding, fashion photography, and graphic design.

He holds two BA degrees in Molecular Biology and Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley. Alongside his studies, he has spent his time collaborating with fashion designers on ad campaigns and editorials, designing logos and branding materials for startups, shooting runways during NYFW, and teaching photography and art through UC Berkeley.

“On the journey towards a more sustainable future, the easiest changes we can adopt are investing in fewer pieces, shopping vintage, and replacing our basics with slow fashion brands.”

Joss Bacalla

Ambassador, LA

Born and raised in Toronto, ON Joss graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and Film. With over 9 years of experience working in media, she is a full-time television producer in Los Angeles and the founder of the digital publication Seek Minimal.

Seek Minimal is a digital publication where the conscious shopper can discover sustainable brands and improve their mind, body, and spirit. They support creators who share the same ethos on ethical and organic products and give them a platform to be heard. Seek Minimal’s goal is to share what we care about to help you lead an open-minded, happier, and more conscious life. Joss is excited to be a Remake Ambassador to connect with like-minded creators, movers and shakers to turn the fashion industry into a force for good.

“I am passionate about educating others about the importance of sustainable shopping and believe we can use our purchasing powers to save the world. #wearyourvalues”

Anna Dudik-Machado

Ambassador, NYC

Anna worked in Management Consulting for over a decade and after having her first son in 2017, she decided it was time to pursue her passion in sustainability. She went on to further her education in sustainability, and during her research she discovered fashion’s negative environmental and social impact. She grew up in New York City where the fashion industry was ever present, so this industry resonated deeply with her.

In 2017 Anna earned her certificate in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and in 2018, Anna co-founded The Artesao, with Vi Rowshankish. The Artesao is an education-driven marketplace where consumers can reconcile their love of fashion with conscious living. As a Remake Ambassador, Anna is excited to be part of a diverse community; to expand her network and inspire consumers to take a more active role in understanding the story behind their clothes.

“I wear my values by being mindful of my clothing purchases. I research brands and shop only those that are both environmentally friendly and ethical. I only buy clothing that uses natural fibers (organic cotton, linen, wool, etc.) and only buy pieces I absolutely love.”

Zakiya Cita

Ambassador, Seattle

Zakiya is the Boutique Manager for Dress For Success Seattle, the organization who enables women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. As Boutique Manager, Zakiya ensures all donations are adequately collected, sorted and curated to meet the needs of the women they empower daily. She also manages sales for the quarterly fundraiser that the Seattle affiliate has become so well-known for.

In addition, she is the Founder of The Chayah Movement, a textile re-directing hub that supports resale curation, upcycling, re-purposing and donations that support multiple non-profits in the Seattle area. Zakiya learned about the Remake Ambassador program in a sustainable fashion Facebook group and after reading about the organization and she saw it as a natural fit.

“Through my promotion of sustainable fashion, ethical fashion and textile waste, Remake will allow me to empower people in a deeper way.”

Sofia Grace

Ambassador, LA

Sofia Grace (@sofilovita) is an actress, model, environmental activist, and co-founder of Greenheart Market, an online earth-conscious community and marketplace.

Having grown up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sofia is influenced by her family owned natural foods store, Greenheart Market. Because of their business, her childhood was full of nature and earth-conscious products that help sustain and regenerate our resources. Today through @greenheartmarket, her online modernized platform of her parents brick-and-mortar, Sofia connects individuals, small businesses, environmental protectors, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs.

“As an actor, model and environmental entrepreneur, I am proud to be a part of sharing Remake’s message – spreading awareness that connects us all in this vital conversation about the fashion industry, its global impact, and how necessary change begins with our choices and actions as individuals within the greater collective.”

Molly Radin

Ambassador, SF

Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, 40 minutes from the city and the Shore, Molly is currently based in San Francisco. She earned her BFA in Fashion Design at Washington University in St. Louis in 2015. Currently pursuing a graduate certificate in ethical and sustainable apparel business, her focus on considering design and apparel within the context of social and environmental impact led her to Remake.

She loves all things materials and textiles and in her personal design project, Bluestone Loft, works to utilize quality textiles in a sustainable and versatile way to create products that remain current from season to season.

“After seeing how much plastic was used at my previous job with a fashion label, I dug further into the severe impacts of the textile and apparel industry. I’m excited to be a part of Remake to ‘wear my values’ and to spread the word on more conscious consumption supporting better industry practices and less waste.”

Alice Finnerty

Ambassador, NYC

Alice became interested in sustainability a little over a year ago when she was trying to sell her old jewelry online. She started looking for places to sell used jewelry and learned a little about sustainable jewelry in the process and how it’s a better alternative to newer brands. She began wondering why everyone didn’t just buy sustainable jewelry instead of new brands that don’t source things carefully. It was then that she began researching brands and decided to start her sustainable jewelry blog, Goodbern. On her blog she recommends brands, reviews products and shares her life.

Alice has enjoyed writing and learning about the slow fashion and sustainable fashion industries in the past few months. She is really happy to be apart of the Remake team!

“There are so many cool and beautiful jewelry brands available that protect human rights and the environment by choosing ethically mined and responsibly sourced materials. I wear my values by choosing to buy from and wear these brands.”

Briston Sullivan

Ambassador, DC

Briston is a seasoned marketing professional with nine years of experience in building brands across the hospitality and fashion industries, including brands such as Ann Taylor, Autograph Collection Hotels, Charming Charlie, LOFT, and Tribute Portfolio. Her specialties include brand, retail, media, and digital marketing and she plans to leverage her expertise to help grow the Remake movement.

In addition, Briston co-founded an eco-friendly candle company in 2014 and her products were sold at many wholesale partners including Whole Foods. She continues to pursue sustainable education and is currently enrolled in the Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs program at FIT.

“For me, sustainability is the future of fashion and as a Remake Ambassador I’m looking forward to spreading awareness one conversation at a time to turn fashion into a force for good.”

Laurie Barenblat

Ambassador, Dallas

Laurie has a background in wellness consulting and healthcare informatics. Her interest in sustainable fashion developed out of her concern for health – the health and well-being of the factory workers, as well as the effects on our health of the treatment and materials used in making the clothes. She has begun to change her habits by buying fewer clothes that she will wear longer and by shopping in thrift and resale shops more often.

Laurie became a Remake Ambassador to help spread the word of sustainable fashion in Texas. She believes that many of her friends and acquaintances would be interested in supporting this cause and changing their habits if they knew how.

“Many of us don’t think twice about buying cheaper clothing and discarding it whenever we desire. I would like to support Remake in changing the status quo, so that workers’ rights will be supported and we are wearing healthier, more natural clothing as well.”

Ashley Roberts

Ambassador, NYC

Aiming to heighten the concept of sustainability through fine art, Ashley is a New York based artist & creative director passionate about connecting the two worlds.

With a background in fashion photography and large scale production she actively chose to work with sustainable brands working towards a more transparent fashion agenda. This is when she found Remake!

Currently, Ashley is working on an art collective that connects sustainable brands with fine art to create exhibitions & events.

“Sustainability is a way of life, and one that is achievable for all beings–through connection and awareness.”

Shawnee Badger

Ambassador, LA

Shawnee Badger (@shawneebadger) is one of those few LA Natives. A SAG AFTRA actress, internationally published model represented by Role Models Management, and an activist within the world of progressive politics, Shawnee promotes environmentally conscious living and strives to elevate the political consciousness of her audience on social media. Shawnee believes we must live our politics to the best of our ability and choose people over profits and compassion for others over ourselves.

Currently a delegate to the California Democratic Party, Shawnee authored and passed a resolution and implemented language into the 2018 California Democratic Party Platform about the need to shift to plant-based living, as animal agriculture is a leading driver of the climate crisis. This was the first resolution of its kind in the country to pass a state political party and the 2018 CDP Platform is the first in the country to talk about veganism.

Through strides in the world of acting and modeling, her number one passion, Shawnee hopes to continue using her platform to inspire her audience and be a symbol of sustainability and environmentally-conscious living. She is so excited to be a part of the Remake family.

“By not wearing anything leather, wool, or anything with animal products or by-products and shopping brands that are eco-friendly, pro-human rights, and supporting unions, I wear my values.”

Anne Therese

Ambassador, SF

Growing up in Sweden, Anne Therese developed an early appreciation for nature that later led her to seek ways to live a sustainable and eco-conscious life. Besides being a self-proclaimed “Eco-Warrior”, she’s a former NYC model and the Co-Founder of Role Models Management, an ethical modeling agency on a mission to redefine what it means to be a model. She’s also the host of Podcast Hey Change, where she inspires people to embrace curiosity and positivity, as well as promote an ethical and sustainable way of living.

Anne Therese decided to become a Remake Ambassador to help further the message of ethical, just and sustainable fashion to the masses, and to be part of empowering women in the fashion industry all over the world. From garment worker to models and consumers!

“To me, what you wear is more than just a look. It’s a feeling, it’s a statement, it’s an expanded version of who you are. I wear my values by making each choice a conscious one, and by always pausing to ask myself: what do I think is right? Lately, those choices have come a lot through thrifting, swapping, or by supporting brands that are sustainable, innovative and ethical in all they do.”

Sandra Conceicao

Ambassador, Portugal

Sandra recently became more and more aware of how much she was consuming fast fashion and of how much of a hole she was helping to dig, by both filling up landfills with her used and thrown-out fashion, and her wallet. She decided that it was the perfect time to change her ways in life. She became a Remake Ambassador to join a community of creatives who consume responsibly and to help others be more aware of their habits, too.

As I am trying to change my way of consuming fashion and beauty, I am always on the look out for new brands that pay humane wages to their factory workers, care about their health, and say no to any kind of animal products.”

Amy Civetti

Ambassador, DC

Amy has worked in art direction and graphic design in the D.C. area for the past 9 years. She currently works as the in-house Art Director for the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC is committed to creating a sustainable future through green buildings and communities worldwide, so Amy is no stranger to the sustainable community. In 2019 Amy set some goals to focus on her personal fashion choices and learn more about sustainable and ethical fashion. And as a Remake Ambassador, Amy is taking her commitment to the next level.

“We should commit to buying less, investing in quality pieces, and supporting sustainable designers. I’ve made some conscious decisions to try to avoid fast fashion, and instead look to handmade or secondhand options. “

Lindy Fox

Ambassador, NYC/LA

Lindy Fox is a luxury knitwear designer based in New York City and Los Angeles.

Her childhood growing up on a farm in California shaped her practice to become more conscious over the years. For her own brand she is most interested in zero-waste techniques and ethical practice as well as upcycling within the fashion and textile industries. Lindy also freelance designs for prominent brands in the womenswear space and educates about sustainability at any chance she gets all the while challenging her own methods to become better. In becoming a Remake Ambassador, she can take her message further. You can follow her work on Instagram, @Lindy__Fox.

“I wear my values by designing my values into the clothing and shoes I make. If I’m shopping, however, I shop second-hand!”

Emily Long

Ambassador, NYC

Emily Long is a recent Drexel University Design and Merchandising graduate and currently works in the fashion industry in New York City. At a young age she was raised to respect people, the earth and the resources it provides. As she became more immersed in fashion, it upset her to see the negative impact consumerism has on not only the planet, but the people.

After interning for ethical jewelry brand ARTICLE22 and summer school at the London College of Fashion, Emily launched @greeneyeforfashion to highlight sustainable brands and information about sustainable and ethical fashion to her followers. Being a part of the Remake movement gives her a place to meet and collaborate with like minded creatives in order to exchange ideas for a brighter future.

“In an effort to merge my passion for the environment and passion for self expression through fashion, I work to raise awareness about accountability in fashion and educate others on how we can create change for good.”

Katie Morris

Ambassador, SF

Katie is a communications professional from the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, she manages digital communications and marketing for BSR, a nonprofit organization that works with business to create a just and sustainable world.

It is through her experience at BSR that she found Remake and her passion for empowering women across value chains. One of her missions in her career is to tell stories that raise the voices of marginalized groups and empower people everywhere to live to their fullest potential. And, as a self-proclaimed fashion and lifestyle junkie, she is excited to more fully work the values and lessons of Remake into her personal life. Katie holds a B.S. in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning from the University of California, Davis.

“I’m so thrilled to be joining Remake to learn and promote how building a sustainable wardrobe can be inclusive and accessible, regardless of size or budget. Fashion is one of the biggest markets in the world, and there is so much power in making it work for everyone.”

Nelly Born

Ambassador, PHL

Currently a senior at the University of Delaware, Nelly has been exposed to the dark side of fashion through her studies as a fashion merchandising major. She accompanied a professor to the annual Sustainable Apparel Coalition meeting, which opened up a world of opportunities and potential solutions that she realized she can bring to the fashion industry.

Nelly first heard about Remake on the podcast, Conscious Chatter, when founder, Ayesha, was featured on an episode. Nelly herself was also featured on Conscious Chatter, speaking about the importance of sustainability in the fashion curriculum. In addition to continuing remote work with Conscious Chatter, Nelly has interned at Nest, a non-profit who is creating a new handworker economy, prioritizing women’s worker rights, and increasing global workforce inclusivity.

“Although I’ve been exposed to the dark and unfortunate side of the industry, I see solutions and potential areas of opportunity for garment makers.”

Ruby Veridiano

Ambassador, Paris

Ruby Veridiano, @rubyveridiano, is a fashion changemaker. She is a writer, fashion correspondent and speaker whose work focuses on connecting the dots between women’s empowerment and socially-conscious fashion, as well as promoting diversity & inclusion in the fashion industry.

She is a contributing correspondent for NBC News, NYLON Magazine, and, and has interviewed designers Anna Sui, Vivienne Tam, and Prabal Gurung, among other multicultural designers in the fashion industry. Ruby has worked on the social responsibility team of the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Group in Paris, where she worked on global diversity initiatives.

“I am a proud Filipina-American from California now living in Paris, sharing my ‘glamour for good’ approach to life & style.”

Sarah Lee

Ambassador, NYC

To build her own path to turn fashion into a force for good, Sarah moved to New York City from her home South Korea to study sustainable entrepreneurship at FIT. In South Korea she was raised practicing Buddhism, which included principles such as non-possession. The principle doesn’t mean ‘live as a monk’, instead it is the idea of not possessing what we do not need. Sarah had an issue with this: she loved fashion too much! After finishing her Bachelors in clothing and textiles, she started her fashion career in global mass manufacturing. But when she learned the true story behind fast fashion and her own footprint in the system, she became conscious of her fashion choices.

Sarah joined Remake as an Ambassador because she believes we can make a huge difference by spreading the true stories behind our clothes:

“I want to help other fashion lovers, from shoppers to buyers, become more conscious. Each person who touches fashion has the power to make a change. I believe we can do better and must do better to survive.”

Brana Dane

Ambassador, NYC

Brana Dane is a model, sustainability advocate and activist. As one of the leaders of the game-changing “model mafia” based out of NYC, she co-produces and supports sustainability focused events for models. She was recently interviewed for her work by Eco-Age, the sustainability and communications consultancy founded by Livia Firth. Brana herself is a host for the global FNL Network on Amazon Prime and writes interviews for Bella Magazine on the change-makers of our time. As a Remake Ambassador, Brana wears her values and helps her friends, colleagues and a growing community of sustainability advocates do so, too.

“I wear my values by thinking twice about every purchase. Clothes are a way to express oneself. For me, this means going beyond the surface and looking at how a garment is produced and what impact it has on human and animal life.”

Allison Griffin

Ambassador, NYC

Allie joined the Remake team after her participation in Remake’s 2016 immersive journey to Cambodia, during her senior year at Parsons School of Design. Allie creates engaging and creative content for Remake through investigative pieces and vivid storytelling. As both a journalist and fashion designer, she is able to tell stories on the industry and the need for ethical fashion from a unique perspective with thoughtful insight.

Allie graduated from The New School in 2018 with degrees in fashion design and journalism. Her fashion design thesis celebrated the makers she met during Remake’s Made in Cambodia trip, as well as her own family history of seamstresses like her great-grandmother who worked in a doll clothing factory in the 1940s. Allie currently works as a metro reporter for the New York Post, covering the five boroughs and beyond.

“Through the stories I write for Remake, I hope to educate people on the impact we have as consumers of clothing, and also to provide a microphone for the voices of makers to be heard across the world.”

Yesenia Villasenor

Ambassador, SF

A class of 2020 fashion design student at California College of the Arts, Yesenia joins the Remake team after her participation in Remake’s immersive journey to Mexico. As an aspiring fashion designer, she integrates recycled and reused materials into her textiles and collections to give what others see as “waste,” a second life.

Yesenia is first generation Mexican-American and her experience on the Remake journey helped her see first-hand how the fashion industry impacts the people of her mother country. There she met the women makers who find strength in themselves and in each other to fight for their essential human rights. Yesenia now channels that strength into her design practice, and hopes she can return to Mexico to apply the new fashion values she discovered through Remake.

“As a Mexican woman in the United States studying art and design, I have a position of privilege. It is my responsibility to use this position to speak up and represent women who do not get the recognition they deserve. Through my work, I want to give Mexican makers a voice, so that the rest of the world can meet these inspirational and heroic women.”

Anh Le

Ambassador, NYC

While studying fashion design at Parsons School of Fashion, Anh joined Remake on the 2016 immersive journey to Cambodia where they came face to face with the women who make our clothes. They completed their BFA the following year, with Remake as a defining experience guiding their commitment to working for change within the fashion system.

Anh currently works as a 3D specialist and designer at CLO Virtual Fashion, where they support brands and vendors in the adoption and implementation of 3D prototyping technology. Working at the forefront of fashion tech has allowed them to experience a broad view of the entire industry and a better understanding of how it’s sustainable future could form.

“If I work the fashion industry and impact change, even if it’s at a snail’s pace, I’m still joining the garment makers in their fight.”

Neha Purohit

Ambassador, SDL

Neha Kusum Purohit first became interested in making an impact through sustainable fashion while researching USA based sustainable fashion for her MBA in Sustainable Business. Before earning her MBA, Neha designed and showed her own sustainable fashion line that used deadstock and natural, vegetable-dyed fabrics made in her hometown Jaipur, Rajasthan, Bharat (India).

In addition to her MBA, she holds a B.Sc. in Marketing from R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland and has served as Americorps Fellow for two consecutive years with Corporation for National and Community Service in Silver Spring, Maryland. As the Remake Ambassador, she works on building local awareness on trends, issues, technologies, and design practices in sustainable fashion:

“I am most interested in starting conversations around sustainable fashion and empowering consumers with sustainable fashion choices to make an impact.”

Casey Barber

Ambassador, NYC

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Casey moved to New York in 2013 to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. In her final year she joined Remake’s journey to Cambodia to pursue her study of ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Her thesis questioned traditional making and manufacturing practices and was supported with both her learnings overseas with Remake, and from the Kering Environmental Profit and Loss Pilot Program. Exploring how she could make a unique and impactful mark in this industry, her research proposed new fashion making systems that use sustainable and ethical material sourcing and labor practices.

Casey is currently designing for SoulCycle in New York City, where she is bringing her expertise on ethical production and sustainability to her team in the active apparel industry, a category she is very passionate about.

“Although we saw and heard many stories of unfair working conditions in Cambodia, I found myself coming home speaking about all of the inspiring women I had met and how empowering it was to meet them. Making the personal connection to these women; woman to woman is what I find most powerful.”

Josefina Munoz

Ambassador, NYC

Josefina Munoz is a Colombian fashion design student at Parsons School of Design in New York. During the past year, she has focused in work with artisan communities in Colombia and Mexico, exploring in her practice the asymmetries of power in how the global fashion industry works with maquiladoras in developing economies. She is in her last year of her BFA and was selected to join Remake in the 2018 Made in Mexico journey, to understand the conditions of multiple artisans from around Mexico as well as artisans in Oaxaca. For a fashion system that benefits and works for everyone, she has applied her learnings from the journey into her thesis, for decolonizing relationships and advocating for global equality and justice.

“The current state of globalization is building momentum for designers to challenge the linear take-make-waste model and explore sustainable models. This begins with a conversation. And with enough resources, skill, respect and valor, these women will progress from ‘living,’ implying survival, to ‘existing’ implying a deeper involvement in the process of ‘becoming.’”

Alex Lee

Ambassador, NYC

Alex first met Remake through her work in Net Impact’s ‘Wear It Wise’ campaign in early 2018, where she dove into the realm of textile waste generated by the global fashion industry. In the campaign, she focused on the means to empower consumers to combat waste through the power of their voice and conscious buying.

As a part of the team, she partners with Jessie Ampofo, fellow NYC ambassador, to research and analyze brands’ supply chains from an environmental, social, and governance lens. Through this work, she taps into her background in corporate retail, as well as her current experiences as a Corporate Responsibility Analyst at PVH and as a graduate student in the MS Sustainability Management program at Columbia University.

“I believe in empowerment through knowledge and education, and am passionate about fashion, social justice, and environmental stewardship. Naturally, I am very excited to be a Remake Ambassador, to join the movement in empowering people to wear their values. I am also on the journey to do so myself!”

Ioli Tzouka

Ambassador, NYC

Ioli was born and raised on a mountainous region of Greece. She studied fashion at Parsons in New York, and wove in her experiences with a Greek all-women’s workshop that has been active since the 70s, which gives women the opportunity to work, be independent and support their family. To demonstrate the relevancy of one’s roots, she combined these two influences to explore where one comes from and one wants to go.

In September 2017 she was one of the four students to travel with Remake to Sri Lanka and witness the fashion industry’s effects on the women that keep it going…

“I realized that makers are the ones who basically run the fashion industry, and they should be the ones that get the benefits, not the ones to suffer.”

Eleanor Amari

Eleanor Amari, LA

Eleanor is focused on telling engaging stories that humanize the fashion supply chain to grow the Remake movement.

Eleanor has over 7 years of marketing and business development experience in the creative industry. She’s worked alongside designers, architects and artists around the world.

Eleanor earned her BA in Philosophy and Architectural History at Boston University, where she did her thesis on aesthetics and ethics. Here she developed her understanding that the material things we choose reflect our values.

“Creative content and live experiences are where education, beauty and fun can come together to create positive change. I’m passionate about sharing information in lively ways, so that our audience is inspired to give more credit to their closet and ultimately their consumer voice. By uniting makers and users, we can together #remakeourworld.”

Celeste Griffy

Ambassador, LA

Celeste Griffy has worked in art, design, and publishing in Los Angeles for the past ten years. Finding and fostering young talented artists and helping to tell their stories has always fueled her.

Working with both contemporary and established fashion photographers, Celeste has published, exhibited, and placed their work in collections, galleries, and museums worldwide. She loved the endless challenge and excitement of working side-by-side with artists and helping their visions become reality. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and no project is too big or idea too creative to pull off.

When she began to collaborate with documentary artists and filmmakers exploring social and environmental themes of consumption, class, and wealth distribution, her eyes were opened to the potential of sustainability. In 2016, Celeste began to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School and is most interested in the cross section of design, sustainability, and the power of consumer behavior. She currently works on marketing and branding for an environmental consulting group in Los Angeles. On the weekends, she is scouring the Rose Bowl Flea Market for vintage finds or hosting backyard dinner parties with friends.

Sajida Silva

Ambassador, SF

Sajida Silva studies Fashion Design at California College of the Arts, a design school that emphasizes sustainability. Sajida is a first generation college student striving to make her community proud. Her design process places emphasis on feminism and socioeconomic issues within the United States and Latin America.

Sajida joined Remake through their 2018 journey to Mexico. She plans to use her new insight about the fashion industry’s supply chain as part of her senior thesis and will hold onto her values after graduation when she becomes part of the industry. She will use her standing as a designer to uplift, advocate for and amplify the voices of marginalized groups within the industry.

“After meeting the women who make our clothes and seeing their resilience despite all their struggles first hand, I physically cannot keep quiet. I need to use the privilege I was born into to ensure that these women aren’t silenced any longer.”

Rebecca Blake Thompson

Ambassador, LA

Inspired by the simple draping and layering of fabrics and textures from a box of mom’s old “dress up” clothes, Rebecca started staging fashion shows in her living room at age four. While pursuing post-graduate work at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, she realized the power of this art form when leveraged with big business. Throughout her career working alongside luxury fashion designers, Rebecca has gained an intimate understanding of the complete product life cycle of apparel from design, to production, to the customer’s closet. After almost a decade of business-as-usual in the fashion industry, Rebecca realized that creating even the most beautiful things can be very ugly business.

Eager to help create sustainable solutions, she began pursing an MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School only to realize that sustainability is only one piece of the puzzle. Empowering consumers to converse, ask questions, speak up, and challenge the apparel industry is the key to real change.

“I believe that we can all do better. Through disruption, growth, and evolution, the fashion industry can leverage sustainable, humane practices to grow businesses and create value for both the producers and the consumers. When we raise our voices together we are generating awareness and growing a movement. Remake is this movement, and everyday I lean into my values by asking myself, how can I be more sustainable right now?

Mallory McDaniel

Ambassador, SF

Mallory grew up in a middle-class family in Salt Lake City, Utah. After both of her parents lost their jobs in the 2009 financial crash Mallory and her family quickly adapted to a more sustainable lifestyle. By implementing as many forms as reduce, reuse, recycle, along with dumpster-diving Mallory quickly realized how much is produced and thrown away on a daily basis. From that point on sustainability became more than a necessity. It became a passion.

While still in high school, she apprenticed under a sustainable fashion designer and made a short documentary on anti-consumerism, interviewing activists, designers, and farmers who were taking actions towards a more sustainable community. The film showed in film festivals across the country.

Mallory applied to the California College of the arts because of their dual focus on fashion and sustainability. In July of 2017, she won the Remake competition and traveled to Sri Lanka, interviewing the garment workers and activists pushing for visibility and equality. Her thesis collection looks at the excess “waste” available to designers, finding new beauty in materials that have been forgotten.

Sophia Wu

Ambassador, LA

Sophia is currently a student at UCLA studying Business Economics and Global Studies. Ever since realizing fashion is her dream, she’s been making moves to get her foot in the door. On campus, she’s the Vice President of Unravel, a sustainable fashion club, and she’s also a volunteer for San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International. She hopes to move to New York after graduation to pursue a career in sustainable fashion! As Remake Ambassador, Sophia mobilizes the movement by wearing her values and helping others do the same.

“I like to wear my values by making educated and intentional purchasing decisions and by going the extra step to learn the story behind the company I’m purchasing from – I love talking to small business owners! I like to lead by example as well, whether that’s by wearing secondhand or ethically/sustainably made clothing as often as possible or having conversations about why sustainability matters to me!”

Alex Marchyshyn

Ambassador, NC

Alex Marchyshyn is a dual degree Master of Environmental Management and MBA candidate at Duke University focusing on the intersection of business, the environment and supply chain. Her goal is to work in the apparel industry to ensure that the clothes we wear are not destroying our planet. She is the creator of, a website designed to be a resource to help young professionals and college students take steps to become more sustainable without breaking the bank. Before returning to school, she worked at Environmental Defense Fund in their EDF+Business division and with Edelman in their Business+Social Purpose practice.

As the winner of Net Impact’s Wear it Wise competition, Alex joined Remake on their 2018 journey to Mexico. She plans to use her new knowledge of the apparel supply chain to educate consumers about more environmentally and socially sustainable options.

“Going on the Remake trip to Mexico was transformative and opened my eyes to the lives and treatment of women who are the backbone of the apparel supply chain. As I return to my business school classes, I’m motivated to identify ways that we can improve their lives and the environment through challenging norms and by educating consumers.”

Misha Abbas

Ambassador, SF

Misha Abbas is an artist and designer focused on garment construction, textile experimentation and socially engaged art as the core mediums of her work. Her current practice explores identity concentrating on South Asian and the Middle Eastern influences. Her process is research based and draws from historical narratives, clothing and artisan practices.

Sustainability has been central in shaping her designs and situating the impact of her work on a global scale. Through the exploration of materials, making processes and site conditions, she looks at sustainability through the lens of a fashion designer and community artist–intersections that make her practice whole.

She is Pakistani and was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She is a class of 2019 student at the California College of the Arts, pursuing a double major in Fashion Design and Community Arts with a focus in Textile Design.

Melissa Hook

Ambassador, SF

Melissa is a sustainable apparel visionary. Growing up, she did historical reenactments at Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento where she started sewing at six years old. After learning about the social and environmental implications of the apparel industry in college she knew she could not be part of the unjust system.

Currently, Melissa is a Sustainable Management MBA Candidate at Presidio Graduate School where she is also a Digital Marketing Coordinator. Before starting grad school she worked in the apparel industry for nine years in sustainability, product development, design, and merchandising, most recently at Levi’s Innovation Lab and at PACT Apparel. After graduation, Melissa plans on using digital marketing to shift how we as consumers purchase and care for our clothing.

In addition to sewing, Melissa has recently started weaving with a goal of understanding every aspect of the production process. She takes every opportunity she can to attend fashion events in San Francisco to spread the word about just and sustainable business practices. Her personal motto: “Authenticity never goes out of style.”

Gina Bibby

Partner, Withers Bergman LLP

A self-proclaimed “fashion and technology evangelist,” Gina is a partner in the Los Angeles office of the Withers Bergman LLP law firm where she handles matters at the intersection of fashion and technology. Prior to relocating to Los Angeles to form her own fashion technology practice, Gina represented high technology clients in the Silicon Valley offices of various international law firms and was recognized by Super Lawyers® for her intellectual property litigation work. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Gina had a career as a computer software engineer.

Gina is the founder of the Two Tunics Project, which is an organization created to take clothes from fashion and apparel companies that might otherwise end up in landfills and give them to charities who provide services to people in need.

Gina received her bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Colorado Boulder. She earned her law degree in Washington D.C. from The George Washington University Law School.

Joe Oh


Joe is a technology marketing and creative advertising veteran of over 20 years, including positions as Head of Marketing at OnCue (funded by Intel and Verizon) and executive positions at Publicis Razorfish, Lowe Lintas, Duncan Channon and more. He is currently CEO of FCB West, the global strategic and creative lead for iconic brands Levi’s, Clorox and Hotwire.

Vanessa Arelle


Vanessa Arelle is a connector, storyteller and creative actionist. A tech startup investor and social entrepreneur, in 2016 she founded TEENZAPP, a youth lead disruptive narrative media hub. She is a regular contributor for Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America.

Vanessa was Head of Cultural Affairs for Mexico in the UK from 2011 to 2015, where she supported programs in art, culture, and heritage. And since 1997, Vanessa has been actively involved in philanthropic, fundraising and social development projects to further sustainability, diversity, equality and human rights.

From 2009 to 2017 she was on the board of Art Production Fund, a member of Women for Women International Leadership Circle from 2013 to 2016, on the advisory board of the David Roberts Art Foundation from 2014 to 2016 and fellow at Legatum Institute from 2015 to 2017. In addition to being an active board member of Remake, she currently serves as a trustee of Fashion Revolution, is a Strategic Cultural Advisor for Human Rights Foundation´s Oslo Freedom Forum and Advisory Board Member of London Business School’s Out in Business Club and their yearly EurOut Conference.

As board member of Remake, Vanessa brings her creative storytelling skills to grow Remake’s content and conscious consumer movement.

Seema Shah

Product Management & Marketing Strategist

Seema joins Remake’s board with 15 years as a product leader in consumer tech & marketplaces; 30 years as a world traveler; 7 years as an amateur photographer; 2 years as a mother.

She currently work independently with for profit and non profit technology startups including Remake, Fast Forward and Angel List on all aspects of product strategy and process: defining vision, outlining objectives & KPIs, hypothesis-building, feature prioritization / testing, building lean product practices / processes, occasionally product delivery & hiring.

She has formerly held product leadership positions at ebay, AngelList, TaskRabbit, and OPOWER and been awarded 9 US Patents.

Jamie Allison-Hope

Executive Director, Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Jamie is focused on building the right connections, governance structure and policies to advance Remake’s mission.

As a well-respected leader in philanthropy, she has worked across public, private and nonprofit sectors to empower youth and build inclusive economies. As the Executive Director of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund she is devoted to the fund’s mission to build a more healthy, just, and vibrant society. Prior to this, Jamie was Vice President at the S.H. Cowell Foundation, focused on grant-making to strengthen families and communities and advances economic stability.

Jamie is deeply committed to civic engagement and is a visiting lecturer on philanthropy, nonprofit governance and social enterprise at UC Berkeley, Mills College and the University of San Francisco. She currently serves as Board Chair at the Whitman Institute, which promotes social and economic equity through funding dialog and leadership initiatives. She is also Chair of U.S. Friends of CUSO International, a development organization that works to reduce global poverty. Jamie has a Master’s in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley and graduated from the University of Tennessee with Bachelors degrees in Political Science: International Relations; Spanish; Economics; and Humanities.

“With my board service at Remake, I hope to inspire a next generation of youth leaders to be globally connected and empowered to use their voice to promote safer and more decent jobs around the world.”

Katherine Parr

Katherine Parr

Founder and Owner, Katherine Parr Jewelry; Co-Founder, Parré Chocolat

Katherine is a social entrepreneur and designer: she is a founder of two ethical luxury companies with a focus on working with jewelry artisans and cacao farmers in developing nations to bring products to the developed world marketplace with supply chain transparency. She collaborates with Turquoise Mountain, an NGO that empowers artisans in at-risk areas, and Uncommon Cacao for chocolate to support cacao farmers in the jungles of Latin America.

Originally a fashion model with a degree from Villanova University’s School of Business, Katherine has worked in-house in business and creative roles for designers including Diane Von Furstenberg. She was featured on CNN World News as she left her fashion career to spend five years as a schoolteacher and social entrepreneur in an American inner-city, working with organizations including the United Nations Girls Education Initiative for a cross-cultural partnership with the Middle East.

Katherine shares Remake’s passion for global citizenship and supply chain transparency and believes firmly in our mission to create change through education. Her TEDx Talk: “Conscious Consumerism Is the Road to Economic Empowerment” highlighted our shared mission to inspire others to “Wear Your Values.”

Amanda Hearst

Co-Founder, Maison-de-Mode

Amanda Hearst is an activist and co-founder of the hybrid luxury ethical fashion retailer Maison-de-Mode. She is also the co-founder of finn2finn Alliance, a non-profit which advocates for animal welfare and conservation, and she sits on the Advisory Board of NEST, a non-profit committed to the advancement of global artisans. Hearst previously worked as a Market Editor at Marie Claire Magazine and is currently Contributing Editor at Town & Country Magazine.

Laura Madden

Influencer, Model, Stylist, Artist

Laura Madden is an advocate for fashion, art, and sustainability through her work as an influencer, stylist, writer, model and artist. She reports on the intersection of style, sustainability, and self-esteem on both her blog, The ReFashion Report, and various conscious lifestyle publications. Laura also serves as an Advisory board member and a global ambassador for nonprofit Remake, is a board member with San Francisco Fashion Community Week, and is the founder of ReFashioned Art, her brand of upcycled art.

Her commitment to sustainable fashion comes from both her love of fashion and her belief that fashion can be a force for good. Laura has modeled for over 20 years and is represented by multiple agencies in the US, including Role Models Management, an ethical model and talent agency based in NY & LA.

The words she lives by: “We vote with our dollars and that is why I choose to shop mainly secondhand fashion, which I feel is the best thing for the planet and to have a positive impact on climate change. The resources have already been used, it reduces waste, and good clothing that I can wear and share is better off in my closet than sitting in a landfill. I love clothes and that will never change. I empower and express myself through my clothing but it can not come at the expense of the environment.”

Connie K. Duckworth

Founder and CEO, ARZU Inc.

Connie K. Duckworth (@ckduckworth) is the founder and CEO of ARZU, which means hope in Dari, a non-profit organization that empowers women weavers in rural Afghanistan. ARZU is a shining example of holistic grassroots economic development employing 500 Afghans and supporting the eco-system of education, maternal health and community programs. She is a retired Partner and Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs, & Co., where she was named the first woman sales and trading partner in the firm’s history during her 20 year career.

Connie brings her passion for ethical commerce as a sustainable way to lift women out of poverty, to Remake’s advisory board.

She is also a Trustee of Equity Residential (EQR) in Chicago and a Director of Steelcase Inc. (SCS) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her philanthropic work, Ms. Duckworth is a Trustee of the University of Pennsylvania, an Overseer of The Wharton School, and serves on the boards of the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago and NorthShore University HealthSystem, in Evanston, Illinois, where she was the first woman Chairman of the Board.  She is a founding member of the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council and a member of the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Policy Advisory Council.

The recipient of numerous awards for leadership, social impact and innovation, Ms. Duckworth holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School and a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.  She is married to Tom and the mother of four children.

Steph Stephenson

Co-Chair, Cordes Foundation

Steph Stephenson is Co-Chair of the Cordes Foundation, working to advance the Foundation’s ethical fashion and sustainable supply chain initiatives. Prior to joining the Foundation, Steph held positions at Condé Nast and luxury fashion brands Alberta Ferretti and Maiyet.

Passionate about the intersection of fashion and philanthropy, she serves on the board of directors for Indego Africa, a non-profit dedicated to lifting artisan women and their families out of poverty, and advisory boards of Soko, a Kenyan-based ethical jewelry brand, and Remake, an advocacy group committed to building a conscious fashion movement. As an active member of Nexus, Steph co-chairs the Nexus Ethical Fashion Lab and serves on the Nexus Impact Investing Steering Committee. She is a Milken Institute Young Leader, StartingBloc Fellow and Hive Global Leader.

As advisor to Remake, Steph brings her passion for empowering women globally, preserving rich artisan traditions and building a conscious fashion industry.

Remake team - Lauren Friedman

Lauren Friedman

Head of Social Enablement, Adobe

Lauren (@Lauren_Hannah) drives the content and social media strategy at Remake. She’s focused on developing the voice of the Remake brand and bring the stories of maker-shopper relationships to the forefront of the conversation in a shareable and social way.

Lauren is a digital and social marketing authority having worked with many Fortune 500 brands (Levi’s, Safeway, ABC Family) to help integrate digital and social media into their overarching marketing strategy.

She graduated from the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication where she was Editor in Chief of the CU Independent. The transformation from print to digital during her tenure inspired her to reach beyond what was well-known in the journalism industry and experiment with social media where her passion developed.

“The root of social media is connecting people to people. In many ways, that’s Remake’s mission as well. Social media is powerful. The community is strong. Now, we can tell our story and the stories of the people who make our clothes at scale. And together, we can #remakeourworld.”

Mariam Khan

Product Designer and Creative Strategist

Mariam advises Remake on content and experience design strategy. She’s focused on usability and the delivery of content for the Remake brand.

As a product and experience design leader, she has has designed web, mobile and custom software solutions that are led with empathy and a user centric approach. She has successfully co-founded a company (Doughbies) and has worked with many leading brands (Genentech, Dell, Disney). She also works independently with non-profits and start-ups to provide product strategy and creative direction.

“The work Remake does to humanize brands is an important narrative that we need in our daily lives. To connect consumers to makers, to understand that the smallest purchase could have an impact on someone’s life, is what we need to live and lead with empathy.”


Sandra Rose

Head of Merchandising and Product Development, Journelle

Sandra advises Remake on product selection for their e-commerce platform and brokers key industry relationships that advance the Remake movement.

As Head of Merchandising and Product Development at Journelle, Sandra overseas the selection and management of third party product as well as Journelle’s private label.

With over 10 years in the luxury sector, Sandra has developed her expertise in retail alongside top designers, artisans and key retailers including Christian Louboutin, Henri Bendel, INTERMIX®, Harvey Nichols and Vogue. She brings this knowledge to the Remake team to champion human rights and environmental conservation.

“I was touched by the work Remake does and immediately felt called to action. Consumers must be educated on how and where their products are made, and more importantly, who is making them. Retail’s role in this will be two-fold: demand more transparency from brand partners and increase the focus on availability of affordable, trend-relevant and quality sustainable products.”

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