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Ayesha Barenblat

Founder & CEO

Ayesha (@abarenblat) is a social entrepreneur with a passion for building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. With over a decade of leadership to promote social justice and sustainability within the fashion industry, she founded Remake to ignite a conscious consumer movement. Remake’s films, stories and immersive journeys rebuild human connections with the women who make our clothes. Ayesha is passionate about where things come from, who made them and what their lives are like. She has worked with brands, governments, and labor advocates to improve the lives of the women who make our clothes.

She led brand engagement at Better Work, a World Bank and United Nations partnership to ensure safe and decent working conditions within garment factories around the world. She was head of consumer products at BSR, providing strategic advice to brands including H&M, Levi Strauss & Co., Marks and Spencer, Nike, The Walt Disney Company and Pou Chen on the design and integration of sustainability into business. She holds a master’s in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

“Today there is a long unhappy story of how our fashion is made and where it ends up. I want us to reimagine this story. I founded Remake because I truly believe in the good that comes from human connections. The modern shopper wants to know more, and the maker is better off when we use our voice and wallet to advocate for her wellbeing.”

Katrina Caspelich

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

Katrina is an experienced marketing strategist who strives to build the Remake brand using storytelling, creative thinking, and integrated marketing. A fashionista to the core, Remake allows her to fulfill two of her passions in life: public relations and socially conscious fashion companies.

With over 12 years of experience working within the fashion industry, Katrina has worked as a talent agent, fashion editor, content creator, and marketing manager. These roles not only expanded her knowledge of fashion but they introduced her to many creative people within the industry. She found herself building relationships with top PR firms, designers, stylists, celebrities, photographers, editors, and bloggers, which she enjoys greatly.

Katrina has a BS in Marketing from California State University San Marcos. Immediately after graduation, she moved to New York City where she spent the last 7 years working with fashion companies on brand management, media relations, and content creation.

“Building a brand through storytelling is at the heart of what PR professionals do. At Remake, storytelling is the heart of our brand. Through the stories we share, we are able to celebrate sustainable style, promote ethics, and improve the lives of those who make our clothes.”


Samantha Harmon

Samantha Hartsock

Director of Education

As the Director of Education, Sam supports a growing community of Remake Ambassadors, individuals working across the fashion industry and in their local communities to make fashion a force for good. She is narrowly focused on empowering the next generation of sustainable fashion and women empowerment advocates.

From TOMS to fair trade to grassroots advocacy, Sam has spent her career at the intersection of social impact and business, knowing full well that without informed, empathetic consumers the fashion industry will not change.

Sam holds a BA in Textile and Apparel Manufacturing from the University of Missouri, and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School. Alongside Remake, Sam is a managing partner at qb., a purpose-driven consulting firm helping clients create and implement sustainability and diversity and inclusion strategies and communications.

“As Brittney Packnett says, ‘Knowledge is power. Take powerful action.’ At Remake, we elevate makers’ voices bringing awareness to the vast inequities across the fashion industry; we listen to their stories. Then we act; we #wearourvalues and share what we’ve learned with our local community.”

Chelsey Grasso

Director of Content

Chelsey joins Remake with over eight years of professional editorial experience, beginning her career as a photo editor for a national teen magazine and subsequently moving into writing, editing, and content managing for a diverse range of major print and online publications.

With an academic background in film and creative writing, Chelsey is interested in the power of storytelling and how universality can be accessed through personal narrative. Chelsey is particularly excited by Remake’s interrogation of fast fashion as a women’s issue, and she is thrilled to get to play a role in spreading this insight.

“I care deeply about women and this planet, and fast fashion is harming them both. For me, sustainable fashion isn’t only a question of saving the earth, but also, it is an examination of ethics and the way we treat each other. It is a persistence in the hope for a better future, both environmentally and humanistically.”

Amelia West

Director of Development

Amelia has spent her career working for progressive causes. She brings 12 years of experience working in nonprofit and political fundraising, marketing and event planning in Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco. Amelia, who holds a BA in Art History from the University of Georgia, helps Remake by developing and implementing strategic plans to raise vital funds and to create and maintain donor relationships.

As a former Remake Community Organizer, she loves growing the Atlanta ambassador community and continues to help friends make the cultural shift away from fast fashion and realize their potential to make a difference.

“What I love most about Remake is that it’s a community of women looking after women. By encouraging one another to learn about the issues and to be more thoughtful in our spending, we remake our world for the better.”

Caroline Miller

Education Manager

Caroline joins Remake to support the development of the Ambassador and Student Ambassador programs. Having served as a Campus Rep for a Fortune 500 company, she knows how to maximize a brand’s presence on college and university campuses. Through digital and experiential initiatives, Caroline looks forward to engaging with students about the clothes they wear and the individuals who make them.

A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Caroline has a B.S. in Hospitality and General Business, with an emphasis in Meetings and Events. In her career, she wants to assist brands – including Remake – fulfill and exceed their goals through authentic and innovative engagement programs.

“My goal is to help Remake become a catalyst for ethical and sustainable fashion practices on campuses. Along the way, I hope to foster and nurture relationships with like-minded individuals in the fashion community, Remake community, and my local community, while empowering future generations.”

Daisy Christophel

Social Media Manager

Daisy joins Remake to manage our social media platforms, building up and fostering our community of change-makers. She ensures that our online communities are up to date on our initiatives and news, empowering them to take action. Daisy harnesses the power of social media advocacy to hold brands accountable and rally like-minded activists across the globe while educating our corner of the internet on how we can be better citizens and consumers.

Daisy graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Communications and Non-profit studies. She’s spent the last 5 years working in the fashion industry in social and digital media while also starting her own business. Social media gives her the chance to combine her love of digital strategy with her creative side. While she has worked to impact change at each of her prior positions, she’s excited to use her experience on the frontlines at Remake. Since Daisy was young she spent much of her time volunteering and learning how she can impact change and share that with others! Although she grew up on a farm she now resides in Los Angeles, where she loves road tripping, backpacking, and exploring nature. She’s an avid DIYer and probably has one too many plants.

“I’m so honored to be a part of the Remake team. The mission of protecting the planet and the vulnerable people on it is dear to my heart. Everything is connected, and we must work as a society to fix our mishaps of the past to build a brighter more equal future. There’s so much work to be done but there are also so many things we can all do! Seeing this community grow and work together is forever inspiring and hopeful.”

Becca Coughlan

Transparency Manager

Becca first joined Remake in the Spring of 2020 while she was working as an au pair in Maryland. She was mobilized to become an ambassador after signing our first #PayUp petition. As Transparency Manager, Becca’s focus will be the ongoing vetting of external brands, overseeing the growth of our Sustainable Brand Directory, and liaising with brands who wish to discuss our scoring criteria in relation to their sustainability efforts.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, she had always been interested in fashion, sustainability, and Human and Women’s Rights. However, it was only when she discovered her passion for thrifting while pursuing her Economics and Politics degree in Scotland that she started to realize the extent of the journey her clothes had been on before they had come to reach her. Then, when she watched the documentary The True Cost in 2015, the rest of the puzzle came together. She understood the intrinsic links between each of her passions, and it became her life’s mission to help make fashion better for people and planet.

Though she has been somewhat of a nomad since graduating university, she has woven conscious fashion and social and environmental justice into all that she has done since then. She has worked on projects educating and empowering garment workers in India, she has run her own online secondhand clothing boutique, and while living just outside of Washington, D.C., she interned at the sustainable and ethical fashion space Tribute. Becca adores connecting with likeminded individuals around the world and continues to be inspired by the fact that everywhere she travels she meets people who want to MAKE FASHION A FORCE FOR GOOD.

“Through my experiences working with individuals and organizations in pursuit of a more sustainable and just fashion industry, I have come to understand just how powerful a tool fashion is, and what a large role it has to play in the meeting of ambitious global targets such the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Sometimes getting dressed, in itself, is a revolutionary act”

Milagros de Souza

PayUp Fashion Manager

Milagros de Souza (Mila) joined Remake during her junior year of college at Duke University. She always had a commitment to sustainable fashion, but it was not until she began an in-depth study of the fashion industrial complex within her major at school that she realized how much the fashion industry needed sustainability. 

Mila has committed to being a sustainable fashion activist in all parts of her life. In her daily life, Mila only buys sustainable or second-hand clothing. In her career, Mila is a stylist, model, designer, blogger, and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. In all of these roles, Mila incorporates social and/or environmental sustainability. Even during a school club, Runway of Dreams, an organization committed to empowering people with disabilities through adaptive clothing, Mila pushed for the inclusion of upcycled clothing as opposed to buying all new clothes.

As someone who has experienced the fashion industry as a business owner and consumer, she knows that being sustainable is not easy; however, she also knows that it is non-negotiable.

“I am always telling people the harms of the fashion industry — constantly urging them to use their buying power and change their purchasing practices. A lot of people find me annoying and disregard what I am saying. At times it feels futile, like no one is listening; but I persevere because if just one person changes their purchasing practices, then I have made the world of a difference.”

Hope Ann Flores

Graphic Designer

Hope Ann helps bring Remake’s mission to life by designing various graphics for branding, social media, and print materials. She will graduate from Michigan State University in the Spring of 2021 with a degree in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design. Throughout college she worked actively as a graphic designer at the university newspaper and fashion magazine.

Since a young girl Hope Ann has been passionate about thrifting and second hand shopping. She’s committed to promoting the rights of garment workers, shopping smart, and helping the environment in any way possible. She joined Remake to have the opportunity to create and design for a cause she’s always been passionate about.

Aside from school and designing at Remake, she works as a social media coordinator for The Everygirl, a women’s digital media group in Chicago. Outside of work she enjoys traveling, attending music festivals, painting, thrifting, and listening to her hundreds of Spotify playlists. Her favorite item in her wardrobe is her vintage thrifted knit sweater.

Emily Long

Community Organizer, New York, New York

Emily Long is a lover of self expression and a true tree hugger. At a young age she was raised to respect people, the earth and the resources it provides. As she became more immersed in fashion, it sickened her to see the negative impact consumerism has on the planet, the people and the consumer themselves.

Determined to be a part of the ecological fashion movement, Emily interned for ethical jewelry brand ARTICLE22 and attended summer school at the London College of Fashion. She then launched @greeneyeforfashion to raise awareness about the harms of fast fashion and inform her followers on ways they can change their spending habits. She currently works in the fashion industry in NYC.

Emily is ecstatic to be Co-Community Organizer for Remake NYC with Tessa Beltrano. Being a part of the Remake movement gives her a place to meet and collaborate with like minded creatives in order to exchange ideas for a brighter future. She proudly wears her values and wants to help others do the same. Emily is honored to help support and nurture the growing group of passionate individuals that the remake community has cultivated.

Riza Jariol

Community Organizer Washington, D.C.

When Riza was a young Filipina immigrant growing up in Maryland, she was moved by how fashion has evolved into a means for self-expression. For a History Day competition at her middle school, she researched 20th century fashion and the history-graded events and cultural shifts that shaped it. Her genuine interest in history and people made her want to travel the world, and she dreamed of studying non-Western fashion and textiles. Over time, however, Riza withdrew further from this dream as she began to question her cultural identity, purpose, and social injustices. A defining moment was when Riza met garment factory workers speaking at a student-organized fair trade conference at the University of Maryland. Ever since their story intertwined with her own, Riza felt a magnetic calling to learn more about the harmful impact of the fashion industry.

Riza has a background in Biopsychology and in recent years has become an advocate for better healthcare models and domestic workers’ rights, particularly caregivers. In her travels and local D.C. adventures, she has met women-owned businesses and designers seeking less destructive approaches to expressing their craft. This opportunity as a Remake Ambassador allows Riza to give new life to her lifelong passion and repurpose it with the resources to inspire conscious consumerism in her community through storytelling.

“It is my sponge-like curiosity, my belief in the links among all things, and my willingness to dream up a society focused on community that energizes my creativity and inspires my closet. I wear my values by understanding that we are not isolated from one another or from nature. By connecting each piece in my closet to a story, it allows me to thoughtfully purchase and care for my clothes.”

Victoria Ma

Community Organizer, Washington, D.C.

During midterms in her sophomore year of undergrad, Victoria visited a friend to decompress from the stress of exams. They watched The True Cost. This documentary became the impetus for Victoria’s journey to conscious consumption.

Victoria is currently working towards a Master of Public Policy at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy in Washington, DC. She chose this program because it is research- and data science-driven, two tools that will be particularly effective in convincing stakeholders to make evidence-based, sustainable, and ethical business decisions that, on the surface level, may not seem to offer traditional benefits for them. She chose to apply to a public policy degree overall because, in a conversation with Pietra Rivoli, author of The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy, Rivoli answered, simply, “public policy” when asked how an individual can make the biggest impact on fashion’s environmental and social footprints. At the time, Rivoli was Vice Dean of the McDonough School of Business, so excluding any mention of business or the private sector from her response left a deep impression on Victoria.

Victoria joined Remake as an Ambassador in February of 2019 after learning about it from Kelly Madera, a sustainable fashion consultant at the time. Victoria met both Rivoli and Madera when she interviewed them earlier in 2018 for her upcoming book on the intersection of sustainable/ethical fashion and global health. In 2020, as a Remake Community Organizer, Victoria is excited to get to know local community members and empower each other to be change makers.

“I wear my values by maintaining a closet that is comprised of 95% secondhand items, with occasional necessities coming from sustainable and ethical brands that I thoroughly research before patronizing. When the opportunity arises, I share how shopping secondhand is fun with friends and have helped several to realize their love of, at the very least, consignment.”

Tessa Beltrano

Tessa Beltrano

Community Organizer, New York City, New York

Tessa has loved fashion as long as she can remember, but quickly learned that so much of its production has caused senseless, horrific harm to the people making the garments, the planet, and ultimately, the wearer too. Determined to be a part of the movement addressing these issues head-on, Tessa pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Business Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology with minors in both Ethics & Sustainability, and International Politics.

In an effort to spread awareness and support progress in the ecological fashion movement, Tessa served as Special Projects Manager for TILL (Today’s Industrial Living Landscapes). She coordinated TILL’s inaugural bioFASHIONtech Summit and oversaw the launch of the bioFASHIONtech LAB, both focused on exploring and developing innovative ecological fashion business models. Tessa is now working as a Customer Experience Associate at by Humankind, a company focused on minimizing single-use plastic in everyday hygiene products.

She is honored to be serving as a Community Organizer for Remake, supporting and fostering a growing group of passionate individuals looking to educate themselves, fellow consumers, and fellow industry members about the ways in which we can improve the industry socially and ecologically. Tessa hopes to share Remake’s “Wear Your Values” message far and wide, making Remake’s wealth of resources and information as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

“I wear my values by taking good care of the clothing I own, fixing anything as-needed, buying primarily second-hand/pre-loved garments, and paying attention to the supply chains and quality of any new clothing I buy. I try to invest in only good-quality, ethically made pieces.”

Jennifer Birzer

Ambassador, Astoria, New York

Jennifer is currently a costume coordinator for film and television in NYC, and has worked on productions for Amazon, HBO, NBC Universal, Netflix, and more. In her spare time, Jennifer is also a vintage clothing curator (check out Nouvogue on Etsy!) and sustainable fashion entrepreneur. She first became passionate about environmental issues after reading the book Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman during her freshman year of college, and then her professors helped narrow that focus to the innovations happening in the apparel industry. After completing internships with model/activist Summer Rayne Oakes, Vintage Vogue Apparel, and Nordstrom Merchandising Group, in addition to a year abroad at the University of Reading in England, Jennifer received a B.S. in Apparel & Textiles – Marketing Specialization and a minor in Anthropology from Kansas State University in 2014.

Overall, Jennifer is obsessed with finding creative ways to extend the life of the clothing that already exists in the world’s collective closet, whether that’s through preserving vintage garments, up-cycling, clothing swaps, renting, and so on! She’s thrilled to be part of the Remake Ambassador program and is looking forward to meeting and collaborating with so many like-minded people in order to make an impact on fashion’s future.

“Clothing is a direct reflection of who we are and how we express ourselves to the world. Everything in my closet is special to me- I could most likely tell you in detail where I got each item, where I’ve worn it, what alterations have customized it… And I think everyone should have that personal connection to their wardrobe! I wear my values through vintage and thrifted clothing of course, as well as by bringing things into my closet that I genuinely love and know I will be excited to keep wearing and taking care of for years to come.”

Maya Westbrook

Ambassador, Chicago, Illinois

Maya is a high school student, writer, and intern. She loves fashion and advocates for human rights and environmental sustainability. She became interested in sustainable fashion after hearing a former child laborer give a speech about her life and working in a sweatshop in Nepal. After hearing this speech Maya co-founded her school’s Fair Trade Club. Her club advocates for ethical consumption and educates students about the fair trade movement and the issues that surround it. Through her club, she organizes meetings, volunteering opportunities, and runs social media. Maya also interns for Chicago Fair Trade, the largest fair trade coalition in the country, and is a contributing writer and editor for F(earth)er Magazine which is a magazine for interdisciplinary environmentalists.

Between all of this and school Maya loves yoga, playing lacrosse, and cooking. Maya is committed to buying only sustainable and ethical fashion pieces because she believes we should all shop with our values. Through the Remake Ambassador program, she hopes to learn more about harnessing the power of social media to advocate for sustainable fashion. She is excited to participate in a community of like-minded people, and to take the next steps in her advocacy.

“I wear my values by trying to be conscious about the social and environmental impact of what I wear. I can do this by thrifting, making sure I care for the clothing I already have, buying fair trade, and doing research into the companies I’m choosing to support with my money. On a larger scale, I hope to be a part of making the fashion industry more transparent and ethical so that sustainable fashion becomes accessible to everyone.”

Maddie Gubernick

Ambassador, New York, New York

Born and bred in New York City, Maddie is a social entrepreneur dedicated to making her local stomping grounds more sustainable. Having studied sustainability at Northeastern University, Maddie returned home to the city exhausted by the world of greenwashing and set out to make sustainability more authentic, inclusive and attainable. While working retail for a sustainable brand, she began a blog called The Butterfly Club where she’d vet and verify truly small and sustainable brands. When COVID hit the city, Maddie was furloughed and given the chance to put all of her energy into The Butterfly Club.

In November, Maddie opened The Butterfly Club: General Store, a storefront in the East Village offering a collection of unisex, handmade, one of one sustainable goods from her growing database of emerging brands. Now both online and in-store, Maddie helps consumers shop slow by providing them with a guide and set of tools for weeding through the greenwashing. She’s excited to continue raising awareness about slow fashion as a Remake Ambassador.

“I wear my values by constantly discovering and supporting small sustainable brands, and advocating for others to do the same. If we all shop slow, we have the chance to use fashion and consumerism as forces for good.”

Savannah Hibbitt-Maguire

Ambassador, Decatur, Georgia

Savannah’s journey to sustainable fashion was not instant. It started with their skin. Being born with highly sensitive skin and a plethora of allergies they have always had a harsh relationship with mass produced products but a desire, like most, to fit the ideal of a societal beauty. Once they began to branch out from over popularized cosmetic and skincare lines they found that the more natural the product the better it fared with their skin. As you may know, numerous natural brands also support eco friendly production methods, such as recyclable bottling. Seeing these products change their skin more than any dermatologist could, inspired a belief that what is good for the planet is good for us.

Ever since then they’ve been working on transitioning multiple parts of my life from Earth harmful to Earth loving. Their latest and most exciting step is in their wardrobe and practice as a new fashion designer. After becoming frustrated with the lack of diverse fashion in sustainable lines and the lack of sustainability in trendy lines they have pledged themselves to creating funky, gender neutral, accessible sustainable fashion. There doesn’t have to be a choice between your self expression and benefiting the planet.

“I am constantly cutting up and gluing together random bits and pieces of my clothing to remake them into something excitingly new without having to purchase additional supplies or looks to hit refresh on my style.”

Lucia Mari Sanguino

Ambassador, Ibiza, Spain

Lucía is a first year Arts and Sciences (BASc) student at University College London. She studies an interdisciplinary degree and focuses on subjects such as Economics, Philosophy, Politics and Law. She was always passionate about the concept of sustainability overall, but it was only recently that she started researching and further engaging with fashion sustainability. Quarantine due to the COVID-19 lockdown gave her time to educate herself and gain knowledge on the issues faced within the industry which is when she developed a passion for sustainability in fashion. She is currently working on a start-up project to catalyst this change and believes a huge part of change is driven by consumers and their choices.

Becoming a Remake Ambassador offers an amazing platform for communication in a like-minded community which she hopes she can help expand through her work as a remake ambassador. Lucía is optimistic for the future of fashion sustainability and believes motivating individuals to educate themselves and and keep learning, however knowledgable, is key to this change.

“Everyone lives in different situations, the important thing is to make the best change you can within your situation,. If we all did this it would be a huge step into shifting to a future of fashion sustainability.”

Salomé Dormoy

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Salomé is a first-year management science student at University College London. Growing up fashion was always her passion of hers and industry in which she wanted to work. She can spend hours watching runaway shows, experimenting with hers and her mum’s clothes and shopping, online or in-person. Because all that seemed to be available around her was fast-fashion brands, she would consume them without any further questions and never though the impact her purchases had on the environment and the people involved in the supply chain.

It is when she moved to London that she started realizing how harmful was fast fashion and questioned her consumption habits. Why did she so much all the time and how did she value what she had? These questions encouraged her to research further into sustainable fashion and made her drastically change her behavior.

Through her role as a Remake Ambassador, she now wants to encourage others to follow her path by showing them how easy it can be. She also aspires to pursue a career in fashion business where she will be able to induce sustainable changes on the brands’ part, hoping to contribute to a greater positive change of the industry.

“Being sustainable and fashionable is a lot easier than it seems.”

Sara Viktorie Chladova

Ambassador, Prague, Czech Republic

Sara Viktorie is a writer, content creator, and entrepreneur. Sara (although she prefers to be called Viktorie) had been blogging about fashion for about three years while studying creative writing at the University of Greenwich in London. She decided to stop supporting fast fashion in 2020 when she heard about the #PayUp campaign. She is now focusing on her startup that combines marketing and activism, an influencer marketing agency called The Fasher, which works with sustainable and ethical fashion brands specifically.

“I wear my values by making the most of the clothes I already own and only buying something new only if I need to or genuinely love the item. I love looking stylish because it makes me feel confident. But it doesn’t mean that other people, animals, and the planet have to suffer so I can feel that way.”


Erin Smith

Ambassador, Toronto, Canada

Erin Smith is an aspiring model and part-time nanny working in Toronto, Canada. Erin graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor’s degree in Labour Studies which focuses its attention on domestic and international labour issues. Her most favorite class that she can recall was Labour and Globalization. This course opened her eyes to the origins of the current global labour regime as well as the relationship between globalization and the work in today’s world.

Erin absolutely loves all things fashion and beauty. Some of her earliest memories are filing through racks of clothes with her cousin at their local thrift stores and trying on countless gowns and high heels that were too big. Unfortunately, at first this was looked down upon by her peers. However, this generation is more socially conscious so thankfully buying second-hand is normalized and encouraged by younger people.

As a Remake Ambassador she hopes to introduce a new perspective on the issue of fast fashion from a model’s standpoint. By bringing awareness and the opportunity to educate clients and brands about the value of sustainability and opening their eyes to the problems deep-rooted in this social issue.

“As a strong independent woman, I want nothing more than to surround myself with other like-minded women that are committed to building one another up. Remake helps make this possible by connecting women of all shapes, sizes and colours around the world. Fighting for one another’s rights and dignity until we are all seen as equal. We need to come together and #wearyourvalues on our sleeves along with our hearts.”

Emily Kim

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Emily is a student at Emory University studying marketing and supply chain management. Her thrifted sweaters and 90’s earrings collection demonstrate her two passions: fashion and environmentalism. Emily is a marketing associate for altKEY, Emory’s sustainable fashion club, and listens to the Ethical Fashion Podcast on Sunday mornings. She is a beginner sewer and hopes to flip her thrift-finds as she advances.

After having the opportunity to intern at TerraCycle last summer, Emily’s career goals lie in minimizing waste and practicing social responsibility. She is excited to further these goals as a Remake Ambassador!

“I wear my values by consuming less. I thrift trends and think before I buy new; to me, each piece of clothing has its own story.”

Mia Al Abdulrazzak

Ambassador, Paris, France

Mia Al Abdulrazzak was raised in Paris her whole life before moving to London to pursue her legal studies. Having grown up in one of the most fashion-centric cities in the world, she developed a taste for fashion and dressing up very early on in life.

However after completing her undergraduate degree in law (LLB), she realized her main interests lied in the human rights aspect of the law which then led her to pursuing a masters degree in International Development Law and Human Rights (LLM) at Warwick University, where she developed a larger awareness of the injustices in the world, particularly in the realm of fashion (unfair treatment of workers, damage to the environment, etc.).

Combining her passion for human rights and environmental protection with her love of fashion, she hopes to become a voice for those who’s voice is not often heard and help others make more conscious decisions, as well as encouraging brands to make systemic changes in order to protect workers’ rights and the environment.

“Awareness is the first step to making conscious decisions for a more sustainable future.”

Davis Wilhelm

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Davis (@k.davis.w) has been vegan for over 6 years which introduced her to the world of sustainability and ethical consumption. She is currently a Masters’s student at the LSE studying Local Economic Development and did her Bachelors in International Studies in Washington, DC. During her studies, she has explored the economic and social implications of the garment industry on workers and the environment. As an Ambassador for Remake, she is excited to connect with others interested in the area and help promote ethical clothing and consumption.

I #wearmyvalues by choosing to shop from businesses that value the labor and resources behind their products just as much as I do (which is a lot).

Yuddha Maharaj

Ambassador, Inglewood, Canada

Yuddha Maharaj (She/Her) is a Registered Social Service Worker and an Environmental, Sustainability, and Social Justice advocate. She has a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Social Service Work specialized in Immigrants and Refugees. Through her work and passion within the social service sector, she has developed a vast understanding of injustices and a commitment to advocating for a just and equitable life for vulnerable and marginalized communities, both locally and globally. This then led to her interest and passion in Environmentalism and Sustainability, more specifically focused on the impacts the climate crisis has on both people and the planet. She is currently a Projects Consultant at The Community Climate Council, which is a volunteer-based, Youth-led, Non-Partisan, Environmental Non-Profit organization based in her region within Toronto, Canada.

As individuals are multi-faceted and do not live single-focused lives, she quickly grew to learn of the intersectional issues and consequences of fast fashion in the face of the climate crisis. She continues to advocate and promote sustainable and ethical fashion and a lifestyle through conscious consumption and education. She is currently developing a campaign based on this issue within the council she is a part of.

As a Remake Ambassador, Yuddha is excited and honored to be a part of an important movement and larger community of advocates, activists, educators, fashion lovers, and more who all share a common love and goal: to turn fashion into good! She hopes to utilize the knowledge, skills, and perks from being a Remake Ambassador to further advocate and take action by using her voice to spread awareness, and to encourage and inspire others to think more critically and consciously!

“I believe you can wear your values through different modes of mediums, whether that be what you choose to support, where and when you choose to speak on it and how you choose to physically show it. Being as mindful and actively conscious as I can in choosing where to shop (thrift/secondhand/sustainable brands), researching its values and ethics (ethical material and supply chain), and understanding less is more (acknowledging consumerism in the face of sustainability) is how I #wearmyvalues.”

Natalia Kakkou

Ambassador, Athens, Greece

Natalia Kakkou is an advocate for fashion and sustainability. She comes from Athens, Greece and is currently an International Baccalaureate student at St. Catherine’s British School. Her interest in sustainable fashion blossomed after volunteering to be a part of her school’s Environmental Leaders Team.

Shortly after the discovery of this newfound passion and learning about the disastrous ways in which the fashion industry impacts the environment, she began looking for sustainable labels to shop from. However, these brands were less accessible than mainstream ones and the identification of their sustainable attributes was tedious and time consuming. Therefore, she founded La Réforme Verte (@lareformeverte), a non-profit web-platform that acts as a digital resource for sustainable fashion and unifies brands with sustainability as their core value.

As a Remake Ambassador, Natalia hopes to help make fashion a force for good through creating content around ethical and sustainable fashion, sharing applicable Remake resources, and helping educate others on how to shop responsibly, without sacrificing style for sustainability or vice versa.

” believe raising awareness of the difference we can all personally make is extremely important and therefore I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a Remake Ambassador and embark on this journey of #wearingmyvalues.”

Sara Leeds

Ambassador, Dobbs Ferry, New York

For over 10 years Sara Anne Leeds (@sherhymeswithorange) had been using a bathtub in her New York home to resell her clothing, and knew that there had to be an easier way to join the circular economy.

She founded Rhymes With Orange – a platform dedicated to a one of a kind and kind to the planet closet. She leverages her resale experience to help others sell their closets. She uses her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and English to provide storytelling and copywriting for environmentally conscious brands.

Her ultimate goal is to normalize secondhand fashion on the big screen, which is why she hosts #TheOneofAKinds on IG TV; every week she raids the closets of influencers and entrepreneurs who similarly care about sustainability.

“I believe that in order for secondhand and slow fashion to compete with the marketing power of fast fashion, they must have access to premium content and strategic storytelling. I’m excited to provide that access and meet others striving to do the same.”

Sara Mokhtari

Ambassador, Genova, Italy

Sara Mokhtari was born in Genoa, Italy to Persian parents. Thanks to her origins, she was able to be in close contact with the oriental world, embracing its culture, fashion, and values. A great aspiration of her is to expand a greater awareness of this fascinating world, which is always in shadow.

Sara holds an MBA in Project Management from the BEBS Business School in Barcelona, ​​and to date, she is a Digital Strategist for the European Sustainable Hospitality Club and the Business Coordinator of Sustainable-man.
With Sustainable-man she was able to expand her knowledge of sustainable fashion, through up-cycling and recycling of unused materials, collaborating with large sustainable brands. From here, by joining her to the Remake team as an ambassador, she aims to generate more awareness in the fashion sector, also combining social and environmental sustainability with it.

“As a great lover of fashion, she thinks that “fashion has no gender. We must always be daring! What we wear reflects the person we are, in a certain sense it is part of our character! For this, #Iwearmyvalues.”

Helen Pastores

Ambassador, Orange County, California

Helen Pastores is a business marketing professional with a decade’s worth of experience in the media & entertainment industry. With a passion for fashion and philanthropy at a young age, Helen launched a fashion sustainability initiative in 2020 called Fashion Eco Score ( Fashion Eco Score’s goal is simple: to start measurably tracking our daily fashion consumption and learn a thing-or-two by doing it. She hopes that people around the globe will be curious enough to calculate their outfit of the day’s Fashion Eco Score for increased awareness and change. She’s incredibly excited to join Remake’s community to make fashion work better for people and the planet.

“I wear my values by being mindful of what I wear every day and being thoughtful with my purchases. With a lot of free time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, I started to rate my outfits out of 10 for their sustainability. It really helped me transform my mindset and staved off unnecessary purchases. I hope to pass my learnings on to others.”

Bushra Fazal

Ambassador, Ukuwela, Sri Lanka

Bushra Fazal is a Sri Lankan fashion design undergraduate who is interested in valuing crafts and traditions. Since she had been brought up in a country that practiced sustainability for ages, being sustainable is within her. She is currently handling her label AuthorB, that makes crochet products out of leftover materials like yarns, fabric and usage of natural dye extracted from kitchen waste. To make the label sustainable at its best she also re-design her products ones they are to be cleared out of store. Let it be clothing, food, other material usage, day to day activities etc. she tries her best to do it in a way that is environmentally and socially sustainable. she had also worked as a teacher, and in combination of what she did, is doing and is willing to do, her greatest interest lies on being sustainable as much as possible and educating others about what sustainable steps she follows.

It is through Instagram she came to know about Remake and by becoming a Remake Ambassador she wishes to connect to a larger community from where she can learn different methods of sustainable actions which would enhance herself living a mindful life while enabling her to share what she follows to a greater community.

“I wear my values through my origin and by sharing them I wish to see a better tomorrow.”

Sarah Steen

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Sarah Steen is a vintage curator and fair trade and sustainability advocate based in Brooklyn, New York. Her interest in sustainable fashion began at Drexel University where she studied Design and Merchandising with a concentration in Product Development. It was through her education that she realized her interest in fashion had evolved beyond trends and toward sustainable solutions.

After working for over ten years in corporate retail, buying, and production, Sarah felt it was time to be a part of the industry she grew to love in college. In 2020, she launched Subject Matter (@shopsubjectmatter), a curated collection of vintage and preloved apparel and objects, operating under the ethos that yesterday’s clothes have the power to teach us lessons for a better tomorrow.

“I #wearmyvalues by choosing secondhand first. Through Subject Matter and my involvement in Remake and the NYC Fair Trade Coalition, I commit to learning and advocating for ways to better the fashion industry to improve the health of people and our planet. In my first job out of college, a mentor advised me that we are all ‘students of our business.’ I believe it’s essential to keep a student mindset when approaching any endeavor, understanding that there is always more to learn.”

Sekar Widiarini

Ambassador, Kota Bekasi, Indonesia

Sekar is a management student at Bandung Institute of Technology. Her attentiveness in the Victorian era made her realize how much people at that time value fashion. They have to sew or go to a designer to create an outfit. However, the industrial revolution changed the supply chain and made fashion production cheaper. We know that one of the barriers to sustainable fashion is the price, and she believes that collaborative fashion consumption is the answer to the barriers. She firmly believes we are all on the way to a stage of shared fashion consumption.

Now she is working on her thesis to find out which collaborative fashion consumption archetype is the most suitable for her country. She launched, an organization she built as a form of support community to be more able to value their clothes.

“Implementing quality over quantity is a form of self-appreciation, we will only choose what is best for our body. But usually quality comes with a price. With the sharing economy, I believe we can all share to give the best for ourselves together. Because sharing is caring.”

Carolyn Becker

Ambassador, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Carolyn Becker is a petite thrift fashion and vegan food influencer, content creator, event planner and sustainability advocate. She also currently holds the title of Senior Manager of Communications and Community Engagement at Goodwill of Greater Washington.

Carolyn entered into the sustainable fashion community after becoming the face of Goodwill’s fashion blog, the Goodwill Fashionista, in 2014. Her passion for vintage and finding deals led her to this role, which opened her eyes to the horrifying effects of the overconsumption of fashion on local communities, animals and the planet. In late 2018, Carolyn joined the Goodwill team full time, playing a key digital-focused role in their Marketing Department. This position opened up access to further understanding the inner workings of the secondhand goods industry.

Community is at the core of Carolyn’s being – whether it’s fostering a conscious one through the love and joy of thrifting, or supporting the local economy by celebrating small vegan businesses. And that’s why she’s excited to join Remake – a community of passionate individuals who are determined to improve the fashion industry, through creativity and innovation.

“As a Remake Ambassador, I am excited for the opportunity to share my insider thrift knowledge and encourage others to celebrate their own personal style through the adoption of secondhand shopping. Although thrifting can take some time, the time spent is well worth it, especially if we’re becoming more selfless – changing our mindsets – consciously choosing to prioritize the health of our planet and neighbors through behavior change. I also cannot wait to share tips for styling thrift finds. As a very petite woman (with a small wallet) who loves vintage, I’ve been able to find my colorful fashion voice through thrifting.”

Nisa Fareeha

Ambassador, Carbondale, Illinois

Born and raised in Malaysia, Nisa Fareeha (@nisafareeha) is a content creator, public relations specialist, and an intersectional environmentalist. Her content centers around self-care for advocates and activists, antiracism, and conscious consumption. She has been in the PR field for five years and has had clients from the fashion, B2B, and Education industries.

Currently, she is pursuing her master’s in Media Management at Southern Illinois. As a Remake Ambassador, she intends on learning as much as she can, use her storytelling skills to amplify the cause, and collaborate with like-minded people.

“I am privileged to be in the sustainable community and I intend to use my privilege to make sustainable fashion inclusive and ethical fashion as a standard for the future of fashion.”

Marla Diaz

Ambassador, West New York, New Jersey

Marla Diaz is a latinx fashion guru, feminist, and sustainability advocate. Her love and passion for fashion stemmed from a very young age. Marla studied abroad in 2017 in Thailand, where she traveled through South East Asia where she witnessed not only the correlation between human rights and fashion but the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. Marla loves to recreate outfits with items that have been handed down, thrifted, or simply have hidden away in her closet.

She recently obtained her MSc in NYU Global Affairs, Gender Studies, where she studied the connection between women’s empowerment, human rights laws, and the importance of being social- conscious. Marla wrote her thesis based on the “Stories of Indigenous Women Artisans in Guatemala and Their Untold Exploitation by Fast Fashion”.

Marla joined the Remake team to be part of a bigger community that loves fashion but is conscious of where the clothes come from and point out flaws that are present but usually ignored.

“While one may love fashion and express ourselves through it, it is our responsibility to tell the rest of the world the silence that is endured by fast fashion.”

Sara Haidar

Ambassador, Beirut, Lebanon

Sarah lives in Beirut, she’s a student majoring in media and communication. She is fond of fashion, and since her younger age she wanted to be part of the fashion industry but wasn’t sure how she could fit in. When she started reading about sustainability and getting more educated on the subject, she realized her interest in Fashion sustainability. The combination of both is exactly what she is searching for.

By being vegan and doing efforts to live in an eco-friendly manner, Sarah tries her best to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability to everyone around her. Concerning fashion sustainability, she experienced an important shift in her behavior on an individual level. When she learned about fast fashion and the effect it has environmentally and socially, she started to be more of a conscious consumer and pay attention to what she is supporting and how much of an impact her consumption has.

Sarah lives in a country where the topic of sustainability is not very spoken of, people are not educated enough on the latter and the state does not give much attention to the environment in specific. This is why she wanted to enter the program and get more involved in this cause. By doing so she hopes she can influence her own community.

“I #wearmyvalues by knowing what I am buying, asking questions and being curious. When the product that I consume is transparent to my eyes, I will feel comfortable owning it.”

Yining Guan

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Yining was fascinated with fashion, so they decided on that topic for a research project they did for their communication class, and they searched and found Remake. Yining noticed the problem of fast fashion when reading news about how these brands gradually close their stores in recent years, so they were curious what was happening and how is their supply chain developed. With the fintech trend brought by TikTok in China, more and more girls are targeted and into buying more cheap clothing, which cause a huge waste. So Yining decide to connect with Remake to advocate for sustainable fashion.

As a Remake Ambassador, Yining hopes to introduce more high-quality designers’ brands for consumers.

“I wear values by staying faithful to what I truly appreciate and to this planet that I want to protect.”

Frida Waywell

Ambassador, Warrington, United Kingdom

Frida is a sustainability enthusiast. She became hooked onto sustainable Fashion once after watching the “True Cost” documentary and listening to various podcasts. Due to her expensive shopping habits, she came too a realization that she wasn’t helping fashion become more sustainable. Frida currently runs two small businesses, one being photography and one being a Co-Founder of a small ethical clothing brand.

Being a part of a community of people who care about circular fashion is something Frida is passionate to be apart of!

“I wear my values by reminding myself that someone has made each piece in my wardrobe and I aim to measure them for as long as I can.”

Michelle Li

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Michelle Li is a full time student majoring in marketing and minoring in communications. In her free time she likes to go to thrift stores, spend time with friends in the city, take pictures, and travel to different places. She became interested in sustainability when she realized our planet’s future depended on it. She loves thrifting and started her own business selling second hand clothing through a platform called Depop.

Michelle joined Remake as an ambassador because she believes that she can make a difference in the fashion industry. She believes that it’s time for us to take some action to help our environment. She wants to do this by educating herself and others the negative impacts fast fashion has on our planet. She hopes that she can inspire others to join this movement and become more aware of their actions.

“I like to wear my values by wearing secondhand clothing as often as possible or talking to others about why sustainability matters to me!”

Matt Stockamp

Ambassador, Ventura, California

Matt is the Sustainability Lead at Nisolo Shoes. As a college student in 2014, he had the opportunity to spend a summer in India visiting garment factories where he worked with brands and labor unions to improve their factories’ working conditions. After hearing the stories of several young women and seeing firsthand how the fashion industry is holding them in poverty, he set out to work with changemakers to make living wages a reality for garment workers.

Matt started his career on the factory floor for Nisolo Shoes in Trujillo, Peru, measuring the company’s social impact and designing a suite of livelihood trainings and benefits for their producers. Today, he’s championing the Lowest Wage Challenge and leveraging the brand’s influence to improve the way other brands pay their workers.

“What would the world look like if the tens of millions of people who make our clothes received a living wage? I plan to see it, and it’s a joy to be on the journey to that reality with Remake and so many others.”

Emma Shahid

Ambassador, New York, New York

Emma has been consistently inspired to make a change in the garment industry by the means of sustainable fashion and ethical manufacturing policy. Following the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Emma’s native country of Bangladesh, which killed 1,134 garment workers in 2013, Emma decided to prioritize conscious consumerism within fashion, beauty, and home. She moved to New York City in 2018 to work in advertising, where she worked as a Media Strategist at Refinery29 and VICE Media for luxury fashion and prestige beauty clients before moving over to Roku where she is now an Account Manager to clients including multiple Maisons under LVMH, Dolce & Gabbana, and Shiseido.

Emma is also a part-time graduate student at Columbia University, where she is studying Nonprofit Management with hopes to develop impact giving and social philanthropy strategies within the corporate sector, specially within tech and fashion. As a Remake Ambassador, Emma hopes to further spread knowledge about the challenges in both luxury and fast fashion offshore manufacturing and communicate the benefits of a circular economy (re-selling, consignment, thrifting, etc).

“My mother is the perfect example of someone who loves fashion and beauty but knows the limits on consumerism. She has had the same wardrobe for 30 years, rarely buys products unless she is truly out of a 30+ year favorite (ahem, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer), and has greatly taught me the importance of having a few classic staples of quality, rather than focusing on quantity. She taught me that abundance doesn’t come from having everything, much less anything, but rather how well a person can be fulfilled by and thrive with what they have.”

Snigdha Srivastava

Ambassador, Lucknow, India

Snigdha has worked in the apparel industry for over four years and is a Fashion Technology graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai.

Having had the chance to study in France and serve across different roles in the production and retail chain across Bangladesh and India, she realized that fashion is an industry whose veins run through the most developed nations to the most economically vulnerable and ecologically fragile parts of the world. Through the lens of this all-encompassing industry, she sees a world of possibilities where we all can come together to take substantial and transformative action for the betterment of the people who make our clothes and the environment.

Snigdha is an advocate for sustainable living and promoting local communities. She hasn’t purchased new clothes since 2019 and in her professional capacity works towards creating an impact on scale. As a Remake Ambassador, she is excited to connect with a diverse set of people who are passionately championing an ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Through this platform, she wants to spread awareness among people who turn a blind eye toward the non-glamorous facet of the fashion industry.

“I #wearmyalues by choosing intentionality over impulsiveness. I believe that all of us have the power to be changemakers. As consumers, we demand a just and greener industry, and as doers, we work to bring about reform.”

Hannah Gros

Ambassador, Gonzales, Louisiana

Hannah is a mother, teacher, entrepreneur, and self proclaimed eco warrior. She spends her days teaching little ones to love our planet through engaging outdoor play, nature based literature, and building sustainable lifelong habits.

Hannah has taken her love of the natural world and combined it with her passion for all things old and historical and created a business selling vintage clothing. With her Etsy shop, Ole Girl’s Vintage, she helps to save clothes from landfill by giving them a second chance.

Hannah joins Remake in hopes of continuing to spread her knowledge of sustainability and to help gain recognition for the world of slow fashion.

Melaura Rice

Ambassador, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Like many others, Melaura’s first introduction to sustainable fashion was from a screening of the documentary “The True Cost.” After realizing the grave environmental and human rights costs of fast fashion, Melaura set her mind to being a more mindful, ethical and informed consumer in all areas of her life. Melaura is passionate about sharing with others about just how attainable, inexpensive and fun a sustainable lifestyle can be, and changing the stigma around sustainable practices.

Melaura graduated with a degree in International Relations and currently works in fundraising for a nonprofit. Most recently, she has combined her love of international affairs and sustainable fashion by attending and covering Taipei Fashion Week 2019. Melaura is excited to continue learning about sustainable fashion on a global scale, connecting with other people who value sustainability and sharing her journey as a Remake ambassadors with those established or just starting off on their sustainability journey!

I #wearmyvalues by being mindful of the companies and causes I support, and encouraging friends and family to do the same!

Aish Bahl

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aishwarya is a student at Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media and Arts and has previously studied at the London College of Fashion, which is where she was introduced to sustainable and ethical fashion for the very first time at age 17 and has since educated herself on the need for sustainability in the industry. She aspires to launch a sustainable fashion brand or platform of her own one day, after working and gathering experiences with other start-ups focused on zero-waste fashion, sustainable fiber technology and more.

She has wanted to work in the fashion industry for as long as she can remember and before 2018, she prided herself in owning tons of fashion, fast fashion that she was so used to buying compulsively. Two years later, not only does she now buy second-hand/thrift, or buy from small ethical brands and much less frequently, but also has co-founded a sustainable, non-profit T-shirt brand during the pandemic in India, to help affected communities – Pandemos India.

In the last two years she has gained and felt responsibility as a consumer, and this has only been possible because of becoming aware through information provided by organizations such as Remake. In this period, she has also successfully introduced the environmental and humanitarian problems with clothing to her friends, family and social media network – people that may have no interest in fashion at all, but still consume it and hence would benefit from learning more.

She hopes to contribute towards change in the fashion industry by being part of Remake’s program. She believes that by spreading awareness certain outlooks can be positively changed. This is the same reason she follows and admires the work that Remake does.

She looks forward to being involved in the Remake community of like-minded individuals and taking it ahead as a student in the sustainable fashion field. Being vocal and spreading awareness is something she is more than willing to do.

“I #wearmyvalues by checking the label on every piece of clothing I put on my back. I like to know who made my clothes and where. I believe positively spreading awareness to be a catalyst for change since that’s how I was introduced to sustainable fashion myself, and eventually made major adjustments to how I see my future role in the industry.”

Anna Argentine

Ambassador, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Anna Argentine is a sustainable fashion activist, designer, seamstress, and textile educator. From a young age, Anna learned sewing and the importance of sustainability by reworking hand-me-down clothing in order to save money and conserve resources. This consciousness helped Anna to form a deeper connection with her clothing, and a respect for those who originally made them.

Using her background in textile science and creative problem-solving, Anna works to change public perception and bring awareness to the issues of unsustainable fashion by developing tangible solutions using clothing redesign, mending, and proper clothing care. Anna holds a Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Textile Design from North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles.

“My Swedish-Italian heritage and experiences living in those countries, as well as in the United States, has broadened my learning capabilities and perspective on sustainability and design. I’ve seen how it can be done in different countries with different cultures. I have seen the dignity that can be given to the work of art that is a piece of clothing and the story that it can tell through its wear and mending.”

Elaine Li

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Elaine Li is currently a college student from CUNY Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College. Her passion for sustainable fashion sparked from her self-owned shop on Depop, an up and coming fashion marketplace app with a global community buying, selling and connecting to promote high quality sustainable fashion. Joining in June 2020, her platform has grown and flourished into something that she’s proud to call her own. Through this experience, she is convinced that this generation is ready to remake fashion to be less wasteful, more inclusive, and always dynamic. Powered by this influence, Elaine has become immersed in how big of a role fashion has on our community – from politics to our consumer voice.

Elaine plans on using her insight and platform to constantly improve a new generation of fashion that positively contributes to the environment and marginalized groups in the fashion industry. She wants sellers and consumers alike to stand up to this ever-changing industry- to ask questions, to reform, and to make change.

“I like to wear my value by understanding that fashion is a big learning curve. There is so much to learn and reform in the industry that was made for people- you and me- to feel confident while buying groceries or presenting a pitch. Beautiful pieces are being made everyday but in ugly conditions. I want to challenge myself and others to remake these ugly conditions into something that we are proud of and can celebrate. There is an urgent need to make normalized conversations about what we wear and the issues but also the solutions. There is undeniably a big flaw in the fashion industry, but we are the first step to raising awareness and spreading the cause.”

Alex Adams

Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States

Alex Adams is a sustainable fashion advocate and graduate student at Oklahoma State University, currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Global Studies. She intends to have a career in sustainable fashion, focused on consumer education and garment worker rights.

Having grown up in an agricultural setting, Alex has always had a passion for sustainability and the environment. She was taught to respect the planet and all of its inhabitants from a very young age, and to make the most of things she already had. During her senior year of college, she stumbled across Venetia La Manna’s podcast, “Talking Tastebuds.” After listening to segments on the fast fashion industry, Alex had a revelation about the origins of her clothes and the people that make them. She was appalled by the lack of transparency and the human rights violations that plagued the fashion industry. Coming to terms with her own habits of relentless consumerism, Alex vowed to love and respect the clothes she had, stand in solidarity with garment workers, and cease in adding to the destruction of people and planet for the sake of her own wardrobe.

Alex is excited for the opportunity as a Remake Ambassador to connect with like-minded individuals that are just as passionate about sustainable fashion as she is. She also wants to use it as a platform to spread even more awareness about the transgressions of the fashion industry.

“The most sustainable clothes are the ones already in your wardrobe. Appreciating and celebrating them is appreciating and celebrating the people who made them. I #wearmyvalues by celebrating the dignity of garment workers, demanding that fashion brands be held accountable for their indiscretions, and loving the clothes I already own.”

Elaine Garvey

Ambassador, Athens, Georgia

Elaine Garvey is a 3rd-year Fashion Merchandising student pursuing a Sustainability Certificate from the University of Georgia. Elaine serves as the President of Fair Fashion, a UGA student organization that advocates for sustainable and ethical fashion consumption. This group works to raise awareness of human rights violations and pollution within the fashion industry. Through Fair Fashion, Elaine works to diminish the stigma around sustainable fashion and highlights how to become a more conscious consumer.

Elaine first became interested in sustainable fashion after viewing the True Cost documentary as a junior in high school. After educating herself on the myriad of human rights and environmental injustices occurring within the fashion industry, working towards revolutionizing the industry to prioritize safe and fair working conditions and environmental transparency became her passion.

In addition to her campus involvement, Elaine currently interns for Willaby, an eco-conscious fair trade company based out of Athens, Georgia. The most exciting part of becoming a Remake Ambassador is joining a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for creating necessary changes within the fashion industry and supporting the sustainable fashion movement.

“I #wearmyvalues by boycotting fast fashion and actively advocating for sustainable fashion consumption through shopping secondhand, borrowing, rewearing, and recycling.”

Aleksandra Laurenzo

Ambassador, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Aleksandra first realized the importance of sustainable fashion while watching The True Cost at the beginning of her freshman year of college. She had just begun studying fashion design and had been questioning the absurdly low prices of clothes for some years. Since that moment, she drastically changed the way she bought clothing. She became very vocal with her friends, family, and instagram followers about the issues surrounding social responsibility and later, sustainability as a whole in the fashion industry. She realized she had the power through design to create meaningful products and to appreciate those that already exist. In 2020, Aleksandra graduated from her Fashion Design studies at Kent State University and now works as an Assistant Designer. Aleksandra is excited to get to know so many more passionate individuals who will forge the future of the fashion industry and change its course for the better. She hopes to one day be able to look back on her career and see the positive impact her work, in design and advocacy for a better industry, leaves behind for future generations.

“Wearing your values is so much more than a slogan on a shirt. It’s knowing that every piece you’re wearing tells a story about who you are and who you want to be. Committing to building a wardrobe that reflects your values is a beautiful life long journey that I hope to be able to inspire people to embark on, and perhaps even purchase some of my own designs along the way.”

Juhi Dhingra

Ambassador, Toronto, Canada

Juhi is a content and social media expert in the management consulting and media & entertainment space. Born and brought up in New Delhi, India – a major manufacturing hub for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world – Juhi was exposed to the harsh reality of labor exploitation at a young age. Through her years of volunteering in rural North India, she gained further insight into the injustices meted out by fast-fashion retailers on minimum-wage workers in the country.

Since moving to Canada, Juhi has leveraged her communications work experience to spread awareness about how rampant consumerism wreaks havoc on the lives of many artisans in the developing world who remain nameless and faceless behind the glamour of an industry that is in dire need of sustainability reform. She believes the change toward more sustainable fashion will be possible only if consumers look past “greenwashed” marketing, hold such retailers accountable, and seek greater visibility into what goes into the making of their clothes.

As an ambassador for Remake, Juhi wishes to tap her network in France, India, and Canada to engage in conversations around small steps in which people can make more conscious choices and the impact every single purchase of theirs makes.

“I grew up in a culture where we repaired or repurposed an item of clothing till the absolute end of its life – out of respect for resources and culture of preservation. It’s something I took for granted and assumed to be true for everyone. But my travels across Europe and North America showed me otherwise, and since then I have emphasized the importance of buying local, repurposing old clothes, and considering second-hand and vintage stores.”

Dan Pontarlier

Ambassador, Paris, France

Dan Pontarlier is a fashion activist. Up to 2015, Dan had been working as a consultant in sustainability and marketing for the hospitality industry for several years when he decided to found his blog to write about sustainability in tourism and fashion. The impact was far more important than he had ever imagined. By mixing his passion for fashion and his knowledge in sustainability, the decision to add this field to his belt was quickly made.

Dan holds a BBA in Tourism, an MBA in Hotel Management and an MBA in Tourism, Sustainability & ICT. Currently, Dan is the founder of DP the label (@dp.the.label), co-founder of the European Sustainable Hospitality Club (@ESHClub) and author of the recently published book ‘From Trash to Runway’ (@fromtrashtorunway).

His main motivations in joining Remake as an ambassador is to increase awareness with his community about sustainability in the fashion industry and, in particular, about the positive impact of up-cycling clothes and other materials.

“I #wearmyvalues the same way I wear my clothes: clean, guilt-free, consciously, with a positive impact and with tones of awareness. I am here to foster creativity and show that everyone can go zero waste or nearby. Spoiler alert: the journey is amazing!”

Elisabeth King

Ambassador, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Elisabeth grew up thrifting before it was something cool. Sustainable fashion is something that they’ve been rediscovering these past few years. Elisabeth always loved vintage which comes from their love of old movies. It’s about owning a garment that has a story and is made to last.

Elisabeth has been working in higher education for the last few years and is a graduate student in marketing. Elisabeth wanted to learn more about ethical fashion and the impact our clothes have on the planet, so they joined Remake’s Ambassador program. Elisabeth has a thrifting meet-up group so they’d like to expand everyone’s knowledge and host some events related to sustainability.

“Every day that I wear second hand, vintage, or keep re-wearing my clothes I #wearmyvalues.”

Melanie Conover

Ambassador, Columbus, Ohio

While working in NYC at an organization that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of trafficking in Southeast Asia, Melanie learned that behind every purchase is a story and too many of those stories include labor exploitation and trafficking. Since then, she has been dedicated to living a more conscious & sustainable lifestyle and is passionate about teaching others to do the same. She is excited to join the hundreds of Remake Ambassadors around the world who are advocating for people and the planet, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable fashion industry.

Currently, Melanie is a Licensed Independent Social Worker at a counseling center in Columbus, Ohio that provides free therapy to victims of crime and trauma. Her expertise is in human trafficking and trauma, and she has worked directly with female survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, and addiction for the last 4 years. Most recently, she developed a community labor trafficking training with a local organization and is working on a Conscious Consumerism workshop set for summer 2021. She hopes to offer her conscious consumerism expertise to her community through education, training, and coaching.

“I wear my values when I remember the story behind every purchase I make, from my jeans to the rug on my floor and the bananas on my counter. I choose to be mindful about how I’m feeling before and after I buy, noticing instead of shaming and choosing to offer grace to myself and others. Shame will not motivate us to become consumer activists, but radical love will.”

Mihaela Tuballa

Ambassador, San Francisco, California

Mihaela has lived in 7 cities and 5 countries in the last 8 years, and one thing she’s very proud of is being able to pack all of her belongings into one suitcase. Traveling and always being a gal-on-the-go led her to embrace a minimalist lifestyle and sustainable + ethical fashion. After settling down in San Francisco, she was determined to change careers from international education to sustainable fashion and made it her mission to educate and change the world through conscious consumerism. She currently does Operations and Buying for a vegan + sustainable fashion start-up in the Bay Area.

As a Remake Ambassador, she is most excited to surround herself with intelligent, compassionate, and mission-driven people who will inspire each other to change the fashion industry. She also loves circular fashion and the circular economy and hopes she can connect with others about it!

“I #wearmyvalues by using my wallet to cast a vote for a better future and lift up the communities who make our clothing. I’m on a mission to make the world think deeply about our clothes and how we choose to spend our money.”

Sasha Mandaione

Ambassador, Alberta, Canada

Sasha (@stitchsash) has been obsessed with sewing ever since her Oma taught her how to hand stitch when she was seven. From there her passion for fashion blossomed throughout school where her passion was nurtured and guided with the help of teachers and her Oma. She learned about sustainable fashion in high school when her textiles teacher shared “The True Cost” documentary that really opened her eyes. From that point on Sasha became more aware of her clothing consumption habits and tried her best to purchase clothes second hand first before purchasing brand new items. And for her that was easy because growing up she loved receiving hand-me-downs from her cousins, babysitters, friends etc their clothes were always so unique. Shopping second hand was like getting hand-me-downs whenever I wanted!

Sasha is a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute by Olds College. She double majored in Costume Cutting & Construction and Fashion Apparel. Currently she works as a stitcher with a local Calgary lingerie shop, Sewn Designs (@sewndesigns), and reworks clothing with her brother for his resell business (@clothing.vam). In her spare time she loves to rework her own clothes as well as mend and alter clients’ clothing to keep it out of the landfill.

Sasha is extremely excited to be a Remake Ambassador because she loves educating others about the negatives of fast fashion and what they can do to change their clothing habits to help save the planet.

“People need to shift their mind set towards clothing. Clothing should be made well, last a long time, and is something that you need to love and care for, not something that is disposable, made poorly and will only last a single season. I think everyone should know sewing basics to be able to fix or alter their own clothes like how it was in the past.”

Maya Friedberg

Ambassador, Bellaire, Texas

An outdoor enthusiast from Texas, Maya has always enjoyed her time backpacking and learning about sustainability. Living as a member of Generation Z, she’s had the opportunity to explore the effects of our actions on the world we live in. While researching the ways she and her family could live more eco-friendly, she came across the popular, riveting documentary, The True Cost. Watching the film completely changed her perspective; she adopted sustainable fashion, ethical consumption, and progressive minimalism and began to include sustainability efforts in her advocacy with her organization, The Rising Youth. She’s interested in environmentalism and hopes to pursue a career with it in the near future.

“My life will never be the same since joining the #wearmyvalues movement. Planet, people, and population before consumption, companies, and contamination.”

Bashaer Jaberi

Ambassador, Agoura Hills, California

Bashaer Jaberi, a student in 11th grade, moved to the United States from the United Arab Emirates back in 2015. She hopes to pursue a degree in Journalism in college. She began her sustainable journey when she was taking an Environmental Science class in school. Inspired by what she was learning, she was eager to figure out ways that she could be more sustainable and ethical.

She has always loved fashion and beauty, and desired to know more about how the fashion industry affects the climate. After a ton of research, she became more aware and informed on the problems that come from fast fashion. Now, Bashaer is more conscious and careful than ever when it comes to purchasing clothes.

As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to raise awareness and bring attention to the issues surrounding fast fashion and encourage others to be more conscious of what they are actually putting their money towards. She also looks forward to learning about more ways that she can support sustainable fashion. She is very excited to connect with people who want to protect the Earth just as much as she does.

“I #wearmyvalues by shopping more consciously and by educating myself and others on how we can create equal rights for garment workers. I believe that by becoming more aware of these problems, we can make a positive difference for the people who are involved in making our goods.”

Özge Durul

Ambassador, Istanbul, Turkey

Özge is an environmental engineering student at Istanbul Technical University. Right after she started her major, her perspective on many sectors evolved. After realizing how much we damage our planet Earth in so many ways, she got hooked on sustainability. Learning more about these issues and in particular seeing that the fashion industry is so fast and yet unsustainable, Özge became hooked on sustainable fashion even more.

As a Remake Ambassador, Özge hopes to make changes in sustainable fashion, climate action, and women’s rights with people all around the world.

“I wear my values by being a deliberate consumer, thinking twice before consuming anything and revising our impacts on our planet with educating myself along with the others.”

Farha Parmita

Ambassador, Toronto, Canada

A deep appreciation for the environment and love for art – Farha has always been guided by these elements. Farha graduated from the University of Toronto and works in the public sector. She also collaborates with various non-profit organizations to engage and connect with the community through art and discussions. Farha hopes to blend her passion for the environment, creativity, and fashion that encourages sustainability.

Being a Remake Ambassador is yet another step she is taking towards that goal. She is excited to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about protecting the earth through creativity and fashion. Through workshops and resources, she hopes to create change in her larger community, in hopes of bringing greater awareness to the issue that lies in the fashion industry.

“Fashion or style is a form of art. A wonderful form of expression. We can make fashion more circular and be kind to the planet at the same time.”

Kristina Maximova

Ambassador, Montreal, Canada

Kristina Maximova is a sustainability and sustainable fashion blogger from Montreal, Canada. Her professional background is in law and public policy and she’s worked on many government projects, including Canada’s first federal carbon pricing bill. Kristina first found out the truth about the fashion industry by watching The True Cost documentary. She then founded her blog,, after being inspired by the Montreal climate march led by Greta Thunberg in September 2019. She hopes to use her platform to make sustainability and sustainable fashion more accessible and attractive for people who may not have the time or desire to do the research themselves. Kristina is also currently working on creating her own sustainable lingerie line.

“I believe that no person is too small to make a difference. If we all did our part, and did the best we could each day, the collective difference we would make would be astounding.”

Mica Caine

Ambassador, Columbus, Ohio

Since high school, Mica loved thrifting and finding vintage treasures. However, it was not until my 20s that she became more aware of the harms of fast fashion from an environmental and human rights perspective. Following sustainable fashion thought leaders such as Céline Seman and Aja Barber, she became more aware of the evils of the industry and began to rethink her own consumption patterns. She became very passionate about educating her peers about how to consume clothing more consciously, especially Black women who are over-marketed fast fashion by the media and music.

Mica is a 2018 graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business where she studied Information Systems and French. She started her career in technology consulting, and matriculated into Product Manager roles. In parallel, she co-founded, MIVE, a size-inclusive slow fashion marketplace with her twin sister, Maya. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to leverage the organization’s resources and network to reach and educate more women in her community and collaborate with other women in the sustainable fashion space.

“I wear my values by buying pre-owned clothing, shopping designers who leverage waste as a resource, and always letting go of items by reselling or up-cycling. Circularity is the framework of how I consume clothing.”

Namrita Chettiar

Ambassador, Los Altos, California

Having run her bridal business for ten years, Namrita reached a monotony and did not feel intellectually stimulated. In 2016, while traveling with her husband and kids to India, she saw the fashion industry’s havoc wreaked on nature, resources, and small scale industries. She came back to San Francisco with a renewed enthusiasm to make a difference and launched her namesake brand. Designed and made in San Francisco with fabrics that are custom made in India by local artisans. Very quickly, she realized that it’s easier said than done. Beyond the fashion fraternity, the larger consumer does not understand or prioritize sustainability. While she still makes a small annual collection, she has since shifted her focus to figuring out how to educate the larger consumer. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

“Culture defines consumption; when fashion becomes a business in a capitalistic economy, the emphasis is always on growth. Design, quality, ethics, and style get left behind. As much as I love a well-crafted product, nothing agonizes me more than seeing people being billboards for brands. It almost makes us designers look like accomplices of a mafia system. I am so excited to be a part of Remake as this is an ideal platform to educate my audience and further the cause for a more sustainable earth. IN THE CULTURE LIES THE CHANGE.”

Wendy Blanpied

Ambassador, Washington, D.C.

Wendy Blanpied is a native of Washington, D.C. in the United States. She has worked for years on addressing children and women’s rights globally, which has taken her all around the world. Over the last decade or so, she has worked on human and labor rights in global supply chains with civil society organizations such as Save the Children and the US Department of Labor. In the textile industry, she has worked to address abuses that occur at the farm level where cotton production occurs to the factory level, where garments are made.

Wendy has always loved fashion and through both her journey in addressing human rights, she has traveled and learned so much about fashion and beauty infuses the cultures she has come across. She is fascinated by how fabrics and clothes can have cultural and historical significance: from the colorful cotton fabrics men and women don in West Africa, which tell stories of an individual, family or social unit based on the use of colors, dyes, symbols, etc., to the regional variances of how women drape their saris. She strongly believes in the importance of helping the fashion industry around the globe become more sustainable and become a force for good, as was the origin of many of the designs and symbols used in clothing.

“I am very excited to join a community of like-minded individuals committed to leading the way towards sustainable fashion. I can’t wait to get started as a Remake Ambassador.”

Susanne Skelton

Ambassador, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Susanne is a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. She runs an online business The Ethical Stylist, offering personal styling services aimed at busy women on a budget. Alongside she runs a pre-loved women’s clothing boutique and ethical beauty store.

Being a single mom to Finley, who’s 7, she has become more aware of the world around us and the impact fast fashions is having not just on workers but the environment too. Susanne knows that one person can’t change the world but together we can make a dent in it.

Using her skills as a stylist she educates women how to create a wearable wardrobe that works with their authentic self & lifestyle, how to create many outfits, and also earn money from their closet. Using her pre-loved store she shows how you can style pre-loved clothing so it works with your wardrobe.

Susanne is very passionate about limiting fast fashion, reducing textile waste and plastics that goes to landfills, and protecting the workers in these organizations from being exploited. Susanne is so pleased to be working with Remake.

Mimi Swaby

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Mimi Swaby is a multimedia journalist, podcaster and sustainability advocate who focuses on social and environmental injustices. After working for ABC News in Sydney, she is currently based in London as a freelancer.

Mimi’s work for more sustainable and ethical fashion has grown as she investigated further into the devastating impacts the industry has. She believes fashion is a great access point for everyone to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious; everyone has a part in the system.

Through her creative content and multimedia investigative pieces, grounded in fact, she wants to expose and open up conversation on the industry and the need for change.

“To me sustainable fashion is celebrating the clothes we already have in order to show love and appreciation to the human hands which made them.”

Jackie Fain

Ambassador, Plano, Texas

Jackie Fain (@jackiexfain) has always considered herself an activist. From the time she was little, Jackie has been known to advocate for what she believes in. Whether it’s animal rights for the classroom pet in grade school or more recently sustainability and fashion activism through modeling- Jackie feels most herself when creating positive change, wherever that may be. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, Jackie came to realize she could only feel hopeful for the future if she found a lane of activism to continually push for change in. During the summer of 2020, Jackie began modeling with Naima Mora, cycle 4 winner of America’s Next Top Model, as her mentor. Within modeling, Jackie has honed in on a place where she can be effective: sustainability, fashion, and consequently human rights.

Jackie is a full time student at Texas Tech’s School of Nursing, on course to become a Nurse Practitioner and continue her life passion of helping others. As a Remake Ambassador, Jackie hopes to create positive change wherever and however she can. Jackie is most excited to be part of the collective effort that will one day change the fashion and clothing industry as we know it.

“I wear my values by making conscious efforts towards the person I want to be and the world I want to see. None of us can be perfect, but the real power is in the choice to care and to act.”

Nicholene Silipino

Ambassador, Hammonton, New Jersey

Nicholene is a college student studying Global Studies at Long Island University. She grew up in a small town with a big family. Once she stepped out of that tiny town, she found her passion for helping the earth thrive. Her experience in retail broadened her perspective of fashion. She wants to make a change within the fashion industry by creating a more valuable experience for the creator and the buyer. Her plan is to study sustainability in Australia for a year and move to New York after school to start a career in sustainable development. She is excited to start her journey with Remake and have a positive impact on fashion today.

“I love looking for ways to help the earth through my lifestyle and habits. Fashion is not simply about the logo or the price. It is about what is behind that brand. What does that brand value, and what is their mission? My fashion is a huge part of my lifestyle, and I want my values to be seen through the clothes I wear. I want to influence others to wear their beauty inside and out with sustainable fashion.”

Cynthia Sitcov

Ambassador, Arlington, Virginia

Cynthia has always been interested in fashion and ‘fashion fairness’; She was raised in a family of clothing retailers: her father, grandmother and great uncles each owned menswear boutiques. They carried high quality garments made from wool, linen and silk; fabrics that could go the distance. They employed full time tailors and seamstresses who had been trained in Italy.

Their working conditions were “fair trade’’ (a phrase that did not exist back then) and their employees were all full time and received generous pensions . Retail has changed greatly over the years and one of Cynthia’s goals is the make certain that fair wages and eco-friendly practices become the norm. Her father would have insisted upon it.

For over thirty years, Cynthia co-owned and operated a successful attorney recruiting firm based in Washington DC, before retiring in 2018. Last year she became a licensed Realtor and spends her time investing in real estate and building her brand as a style influencer.

She believes that the consumer can be educated about the importance of sustainability and sees herself as a soldier in the battlefield of ‘fast’ fashion versus ‘slow’. March on!

“For as long as I can remember I have gotten stopped on the street by other women who tell me they ‘dig my look’. Many have sought my advice when it comes to wardrobes. I feel I have a bully pulpit! Not only can I give out tips on best dressing practices , I can impart the wisdom I have learned from the sustainability movement. The single most important piece of advice I can impart to others is to ‘buy consciously , knowingly and purposefully.”

Bethany Partridge

Ambassador, Cwmbran, United Kingdom

Bethany has loved fashion for as long as she can remember. Whether it was the excitement of picking up the monthly edition of her favorite fashion magazine or dreaming of potential outfits to wear, fashion has always been a part of her.

As a fashion lover, in the past Bethany has been guilty of over consumption and purchasing clothing for just “one wear” because of the accessibility and constant influx of new clothing offered by fashion retailers weekly. However, this purchasing mindset changed when she was exposed to the detrimental unsustainable impacts of fashion socially and environmentally after beginning to study a module on sustainability within the Fashion Industry. After learning that fashion is the second biggest pollutant in the world, this figure alone shocked Bethany enough to encourage a drastic change in her consumption habits and the ways she valued her clothing. Bethany began to increase her awareness of what was happening behind closed doors in the industry and the huge environmental impact fashion was having on the planet.

Bethany felt a connection to promoting sustainability in fashion, she knew she had to use her voice and knowledge to inform and educate others on sustainability. To start her sustainability journey, Bethany created an Instagram account devoted to educating, styling tips and tricks. This aimed to enable people to consume less and style better with existing items in their wardrobe. In turn, increasing the life span of clothing in their wardrobe and decreasing adverse impact on the planet. Bethany wanted to look at how to become more sustainable from a student’s perspective and understood that many people in her position do not have a lot of disposable income to purchase a completely new sustainable wardrobe. However, Bethany wanted to offer affordable new concepts, ideas and styling tips to help incorporate sustainability into an everyday lifestyle and wardrobe. As well, as removing the idea and normalization of “throw away fashion” and the idea it is not acceptable to wear an item more than once. Bethany felt becoming a Remake Ambassador would be the perfect next step into her sustainability journey, she is excited about having the opportunity to connect and share ideas with a community of Ambassadors to help inform and make the fashion industry more sustainable together.

“I want to spread the message and empower others with the knowledge that if we all join together making small changes in our consumption habits and the way in which we value our clothing, it will create a huge positive impact on our planet and everyone around.”

Emily Marven

Ambassador, Oxford, United Kingdom

Emily is an intersectional environmental activist, writer and photographer based in Oxford, England. Having been inspired by sustainable fashion advocates such as Aja Barber, her work within the sustainable fashion movement largely focuses on educating others on the human and planetary impacts fast fashion is having, as well as lobbying for more change in large companies and governments, especially with greenwashing. She also writes a blog ( where she introduces and reviews a range of sustainable brands and also discuss sustainability through storytelling and activism.
Her passion for sustainable fashion stemmed from her love of charity shops and second hand shopping. And from this she took a number of online courses surrounding sustainability and began to educate herself more on the deep rooted issues of the fast fashion industry and how it is effecting those who do the least to cause these issues. She believes fashion should not have to come at the price of a person or the planet, and so in 2020 became a Remake Ambassador. She hopes to use her skills and platforms to amplify the voices of those most affected and create real change in the industry.
“I want to make a fashion statement that speaks for women’s rights, anti-racism, LGBTQ rights, intersectionality, animal rights, the planet and anyone or anything who is effected by fast fashion. There is so much power in knowledge and people deserve to know what is in their clothes and who made them.”

Tricia Fox

Ambassador, Kansas City, Missouri

Tricia has loved our planet since she was in 3rd grade and received a book called 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. Her love of the planet led Tricia to be a vegetarian for over a decade and inspired her to take classes on environmental justice at The University of San Diego, where she learned about hidden practices of recycling, hazardous waste, and environmental pollution. Tricia currently works as a business development specialist at a national law firm, but spends her evenings and weekends working as a trauma alchemist through her business Healer Fox.

Tricia began learning about fast fashion throughout the past few years, witnessing her peers cycling through a never-ending onslaught of trendy fast fashion pieces. She began taking classes and watching documentaries online to learn more about the clothing cycle and is excited to join the Remake Ambassador community.

“I understand the appeal of fast fashion and when I discovered it 17 years ago, I felt relieved to be able to “finally afford” trendy pieces and feel accepted by my peers. As I’ve matured and educated myself on happiness and self-acceptance, I realize what a sad tool fast fashion has become for many. I look forward to learning how to support alternate, sustainable practices and how to support my community as we all learn how to be better, together.”

Peyton Roberts

Ambassador, Stanford, California

Peyton Roberts is a writer and communication instructor who grew up in Florida making sundresses and formal gowns on her mom’s sewing machine. After completing a Master’s in Communication, Peyton relocated to topical Guam where she embraced the simplicity of island life—buying local, up-cycling donated goods, and using what you have. Traveling and blogging across Asia opened her eyes to her clothes’ complicated journey from cotton fields to closet.

Peyton lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area. She learned about Remake while researching sustainable fashion solutions for a novel she is writing about the dark side of the fashion industry.

“Shopping can feel so glamorous, but a closer look reveals more to the story. I’m excited to join Remake in shining light on the dark corners of the fashion industry, with the hope of inspiring others to make value-based decisions about clothes.”

Riddhi Patel

Ambassador, Sayreville, New Jersey

Riddhi Patel is a fashion professional, slow fashion blogger, sustainability advocate, and model. She continued to focus on her education completing her MBA in Global Business while working full-time in retail, wholesale and e-commerce, and launched her slow fashion style blog, RiStyles (@RiStylesbyRiddhi) in 2017. Working her way up the corporate ladder, Riddhi has a front row view into the inner workings of the fashion industry and as a result, has made it her mission to bring awareness to sustainable brands, promote ethical practices, and inspire conscious consumer behavior. She collaborates and works with unique brands, influencers, and media within the space, like Cariuma, HerCapital, and PACT clothing.

“As a first-generation Indian-American, I believe in inclusivity, diversity and equality in all areas of the fashion cycle whether that be political, economical, environmental, humanitarian, and/or social justice. I strive to use my voice to push this agenda that we so desperately need and empower consumers to make a positive impact through sustainable choices. As a Remake Ambassador, I wear my values by utilizing and promoting the #30wears test and aspiring to unite makers and users because we are all in this together.”

Mollie Miller

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Mollie recieved her BFA in Fine Art from Cornell University and BA from Parsons in Fashion Design. After various internships and freelance projects at labels like Edun, Calypso St Barth, J.Crew and Alexander Wang, Mollie began working full-time at Macy’s Merchandising Group as a trend analyst in the Fashion Office. Focusing on all accessories, she spent 5 years working her way up from Assistant to Design Manager, conducting research, creating color palettes and presenting trend stories to buyers and upper management across all private label jewelry, handbags, footwear and soft accessories. Realizing her passion for more hands-on design, Mollie transitioned to accessory designer roles working on various brands including LC Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Kate Spade, Rag & Bone and Steve Madden.

Mollie started her own styling and up-cycling business in 2020 under the label Zest Dressed (@zestdressed). As she continues her day job as a soft accessory designer, she is slowly building her own business built around sharing best-practice sustainable shopping and styling advice. Her products are all locally and ethically produced using recycled and natural materials. As a Remake Ambassador she is excited to connect with other individuals who love fashion, and are also interested in finding low-impact and fair trade solutions.

“I love trends, and feeling like my outfit is relevant; It helps me feel confident. With my virtual styling services and vintage edits on my website, I am hoping to provide a guide so others can enjoy shopping sustainably like I do. You can truly find the most unique and well-made pieces once you open up your mind to shopping second-hand. You can also feel better about shopping once you begin to shop consciously by supporting small businesses, local production and fair trade practices.”

Kelly Coe

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Kelly Coe is the creative behind Live Consciously with Kelly, a blog and Youtube channel about inspiring others to live intentional, thoughtful lives for their well-being, their community and the planet. Her blog focuses on 3 main areas: fashion, philanthropy and lifestyle.

Kelly has always had the desire to help others. She started a fashion design business in 2013 to empower women and promote self-confidence. While working in the fashion industry, she learned about clothing production, fast fashion and its impact on people and the planet. Kelly wanted to BE the change and began doing more research on sustainable fashion. In doing so, she learned how her daily habits affected the world around her. She decided to make a commitment to work on living sustainably, educating others and documenting her journey along the way.

As a blogger and Remake Ambassador, Kelly hopes to spread awareness regarding the social and environmental injustices related to fast fashion. She also hopes to educate others and remove any stigmas associated with sustainable fashion.

“Action is the only way to turn moments into movements. While making a statement with our personal style may be nice, what’s even BETTER is standing up and supporting equality, striving towards a healthy planet and protecting the rights that we all deserve.”

Zoe Saliba

Ambassador, West Hills, California

Zoe Saliba grew up in Los Angeles and has worked with e-commerce start-ups in the past. Ever since she was young, Zoe has loved spending time in nature and working towards conserving our environment. As Zoe began attending Bentley University, she became determined to merge her passion for sustainability with her e-commerce experience. In this way, she hopes to work towards recreating the e-commerce fashion industry and developing this community with Remake. As a Remake Ambassador, Zoe will use her platform to raise awareness of the ease and ability to shop sustainably – for all willing to learn more about the cause.

“Shopping sustainably creates a more environmentally conscious world, where each member can #Wearyourvalues. This ensures that we are encouraging brands to stay true to their creative roots, while focusing on sourcing materials that minimize their negative impacts on the planet.”

Leonela Leon

Ambassador, Davis, California

Leonela is a senior at UC Berkeley studying environmental studies, journalism and public policy. She first learned about fast fashion her freshman year of college and has been on a mission to educate others and take action against the industry’s global environmental injustices ever since. She spent 2 years as a writer and editor at UC Berkeley’s environmental publication covering sustainable clothing and the environmental impacts of the clothing industry. She also volunteers at Re-USE, a student volunteer-run thrift store on campus. She is now pursuing an honors thesis on the topic and expanding her education efforts to her new Instagram page @ecofits.byleo.

“My goal is to educate about fast fashion and empower people to take action, both as a consumer and as an active and involved citizen of the world. We have the ability to change the industry for the better, and we can by speaking up and taking action every chance we get.”

Leigh Deans

Ambassador, North Ayrshire, Scotland

Leigh is a Textile graduate of Manchester school of Art, class of 2020. However, Leigh takes a different approach to textiles as she actively tries to make us question the difference between luxury and necessity when we design and consume by embodying an eco-conscious and sustainable manifesto. Over the past year Leigh has created a series of publications to help provoke conversations and initiate changes where necessary within the fashion industry. One of Leigh’s main goals is to create a platform for like-minded people to share their thoughts and ideas and redirect that energy back into the community to promote a greener lifestyle. Leigh’s work has developed over the past year as she began to embrace activism and current affairs. Climate change has been a major influence in the way in which she works and she has somewhat struggled to come to terms with the idea of producing more ‘stuff’ in a world where resources are already so over exposed.

Leigh manages both a personal and professional Instagram account that looks into the ideas of a post trend and eco-conscious world. After graduating Leigh has continued to embrace ‘waste’ and use it within design to help provoke an educational outlook on a circular economy. Leigh eventually hopes to open her own sustainable business following sustainable and circular methods as soon as we are past these unpredictable times.

Being a Remake Ambassador is an exciting opportunity for Leigh to develop her network and expand on her knowledge within this expansive and complicated movement, as well as unite her with like-minded people.

“In an era of change, normalize adaptability and improvement of our minds. Preserve awareness and educate. Don’t change your wardrobe, change your opinion.”

Alexa Abbott

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Alexa’s love for sustainable fashion first blossomed in her early 20’s after discovering minimalism. It led her to learn more about how consumer habits can negatively impact the planet – especially overconsumption and inhumane labor practices. She realized failing to honor the planet was a dishonor to both God and humanity. She began studying and implementing sustainability practices into her personal life and her home organizing business.

Alexa works as a community development consultant during the day and home organizer on weekends and evenings. She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to bring awareness to her community about why sustainable living is important, and practical ways to do it. Hopefully, she can help others take newfound awareness and transform it into lifestyle changes that benefit the planet and humanity.

“My mantra is to only take what I need from the world, and to try to need less each day. And… if I must make a new purchase, buy from a small, minority-owned business with sustainability values!”

Elizabeth Magalski

Ambassador, Chicago, Illinois

In an effort to find a project that would combine her passions for sustainability, human rights advocacy, and fashion & design, Elizabeth created her blog, Conscious Life & Style while at Loyola University Chicago. After graduating with a degree in Business and working in a marketing role at JCA, a nonprofit technology consulting company, she decided to take the leap into full-time blogging and freelancing for conscious brands and creatives.

Elizabeth is committed to continuing her fashion activist journey as a Remake Ambassador to encourage others to wear their values, push brands to take action on environmental and worker rights concerns, and grow the movement to create a better fashion industry.

“There are so many ways to participate in conscious fashion and I #WearMyValues in many different ways: by taking care of what’s in my closet, by borrowing, swapping, and choosing secondhand first, and by supporting fair and eco-minded fashion brands whenever I do choose to invest in something new.”

Genevive Ngo

Ambassador, Toronto, Canada

Genevive Ngo is a content creator, project manager, and sustainability advocate. She completed her undergrad in Business at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. After graduating, she is currently working in the Telecommunications industry as a Project Manager where she focuses on building her business leadership experience. Alongside this, she has always had a love for content creation, fashion, and photography on the side.

Genevive has made it one of her goals to educate herself and others about the impacts of fast fashion and how we can work towards building a more sustainable closet. In reflecting back on her own shopping habits, the sustainable fashion movement was introduced to her and has since been something she has advocated for.

“As a Remake Ambassador, I am excited for the opportunity to share knowledge and inspire others to start their sustainable fashion journey. As consumers, we hold a lot of power to change the direction of the fashion industry. This starts by educating those around us on small actions they can do. As someone who grew up loving fast fashion and all the trends, I want to show people how they can be fashionable without being wasteful and instead wearing their values!”

Jaclyn Lupo

Ambassador, Mendham, New Jersey

Jaclyn Lupo is a fashion design major at Drexel University. Through her work with Zoe Elle Media, a company dedicated to promoting more sustainable lifestyles, she has developed a deep passion for initiating change. Most of Jaclyn’s family was involved with the fashion industry prior to the rise of fast fashion, and after hearing their testimonies, she knew that she needed to reprogram how society views their clothes. What really excites her about sustainable fashion is how personable the companies are. A truly ethical and sustainable company is eager to engage with their customers and make a better world.

She aspires to spread awareness about the dark side of the fashion industry and encourage people to choose better when shopping. She realizes how easy it is to be swept away by cheap prices when you are unaware of why the clothes are such bargains. Jaclyn is hoping that she’ll be able to reprogram how society views their clothes by using her voice to educate and promote more sustainable habits. She want to move the industry towards a more sustainable normal by using this opportunity as a way to connect with like-minded individuals. Jaclyn is thrilled to be surrounded by a community that is passionate about a better future through the Remake Ambassador program.

“I consider shopping a luxury, with a responsibility to choose well. Before buying new clothes, I do my research to see who is making my clothes and how they are doing it. It’s important for me to know that the garment I want didn’t harm anyone or anything in the creation process.”

Roksan Sarfati

Ambassador, Istanbul, Turkey

After working for seven years in the fast-fashion industry Roksan was inspired to take action on production waste. Fabrics were constantly wasted and discarded and at some point, Roksan decided she wanted to do something about it. For more than two years, she collected leftovers and unwanted garments from around the world; she gathered them in her Balat, Istanbul atelier, in order to repurpose them and form an ethical fashion brand. Máh-roc was founded with the mission of raising awareness in up-cycled fashion. Máh-roc was the result of Roksan’s journey, her travels and her rich experiences.

When Roksan started in 2016, everyone was asking what up-cycling was and they couldn’t understand the purpose of it. Now they are starting to support it. According to her, the biggest issue in her country today is the lack of education and awareness around waste and other environmental and social issues. She aims to inspire people and make them more conscious.

“If we don’t start to address the negative impacts of the fashion industry soon, we’re not going to have an industry in the future.”

Inès Jacques

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Inès recently finished her Marketing MA at London College of Fashion. It was her year there that opened her eyes to the issues brought by the fashion industry. Inès suddenly decided to research ways to be a more responsible consumer, as she realized that keeping the same lifestyle was no longer a possibility. She started her blog and Instagram page, “The Lasting Fashion,” in April 2020 to raise awareness and especially show her followers that there are simple ways to be more sustainable and ethical.

As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to be able to educate herself and others in order to find ways to raise more awareness over environmental and ethical issues of the industry. Her goal is to make a change and find her voice.

“I #wearmyvalues by shopping responsibly and by raising awareness as much as possible through a positive voice. Educating others is the most important step if we wish to reach sustainability in the fashion industry, and I believe that passing this message with positivity is the best way to do so, as it shows that there is hope through all the amazing initiatives that take place everyday.”

Ella Johnson

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Ella Johnson is a student, and advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion. She lives in Los Angeles and attends boarding school in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She has focused aspects of her academic work throughout high school on sustainable fashion. She is currently working to attain a Certificate in Sustainability in her senior year of high school. She has an internship with For Days, the first clothed loop clothing company and continues to make strides against fast fashion. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to become a part of the sustainable community as well as educate and implement practices in her local communities.

“I wear my values by purchasing sustainably, and I continue to educate myself and those around me on sustainable fashion. I hope to broaden my impact and create sustainable innovations in the future.”

Maria Chiara Loiudice

Ambassador, Rome, Italy

Chiara is a master student in International Relations, with focus on European Studies, from Rome, Italy. Thanks to her studies, she previously lived in Barcelona and in January 2021 she hopes to move to Paris. Her interests in Politics and human rights protection, as well as in sustainable economy and climate justice, perfectly match with the Remake cause: promoting social justice and sustainability within the fashion industry. She therefore decided to commit to the cause and became a Remake ambassador in 2020.

As a consumer, she likes to look for small boutiques with local production around Italy, consciously choosing vintage and/or organic clothes. As an Ambassador, she hopes to encourage others to understand their power as consumers and to explore the beauty of slow fashion.

“The most exciting part of being an Ambassador is being part of a community: to share ideas and knowledge, to empower others, to support each other. An actual change in the fashion industry is possible, let’s wear it.”

Cassandra Quito

Ambassador, New York, New York

Cassandra Quito, @planetcassey, is a recent graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and currently works as an administrative assistant for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreations. Since attending college, she has become increasingly aware of the global climate crisis as well as acknowledging the detrimental and wasteful habits that all of us on planet earth are affected by. With that in mind, she began researching ways in which she can live a more sustainable lifestyle. Thrifting and buying sustainable has become her #1 fashion and lifestyle goal. Her favorite things to do include: shopping at thrift shops, attending clothing swaps, and engaging with like minded individuals at sustainable fashion forums.

As a Remake ambassador, Cassandra hopes to learn more about sustainability in the fashion industry and share that knowledge with her friends and community.

“I wear my values by making sure the clothes on my back are helping instead of hurting the person who made it. We can all be revolutionaries within the fashion industry if we recycle our clothes and are more mindful of the purchases we make.”

Rossella Petrini

Ambassador, Sydney, Australia

Rossella is a writer and content creator whose work focuses on increasing awareness about the environmental and social impact of fashion. After graduating from a Bachelor in Communication Studies in Italy, she moved to Australia where she started writing about sustainable fashion for @ecobuyau an online directory that showcases eco-friendly brands. She has always enjoyed decluttering her mom wardrobe to find vintage pieces to play with. One day she realized that it was actually a very sustainable habit and since then, she got closer to ethical fashion and she became a “the most sustainable garment is the one you have in your closet” advocate.

Rossella created @scarlclipsit a visual guide to ethical fashion for beginners with pragmatic tips for a more responsible approach to fashion consumption and she founded @moka.handicraft, a slow-made brand for which she hand embroider each garment. She became a Remake Ambassador to join a community that shares her values and be part of the change she wishes to see in the fashion industry.

“I wear my values by experimenting DIY, embroidering, sewing and trying traditional techniques to up-cycle and create my clothes, by exploring my grandma and mom closets and secondhand shops, by taking care of my garments.”

Delfina villa Bandiera

Ambassador, Milano, Italy

Delfina has a background in design and architecture where she got to understand that most of environmental issues happen because we are not using materials how we should.  In house planning, as in garment production, material must be sustainably produced, durable and it is really important for each designer to make a deep research of the most sustainable and regenerative options available in the planet for each project. Delfina built a love for sustainable authentic materials because, vernacularly, they are chained to little traditional stories that are related to culture of the people that hand make them.

Delfina created a brand of sustainable clothing and accessory called Delfina Designs (DD). At the heart of DD, is the idea that materials can narrate a story about a culture and bring people together in the name of creativity. Delfina believes that the value of the maker and the object are interconnected. Delfina’s collections are 100% sustainable, fair traded, and hand made from the beginning to the end.

“I feel that as fashion designers and artisans we have an important role in contemporary society. It is key that we take care of transmitting through our creations and retail the importance of sustainability and quality of materials: creating functional objects that embody this ethos. We must embrace creativity whilst being aware that the decisions that we make in our creative and production process have anthropological and socio economic repercussions.”

Miko Takama

Ambassador, Berlin, Germany

Miko Takama is a marketing freelancer and a journalist. She learnt how dirty and unethical the fashion industry is while she was studying fashion marketing at London College of Fashion, and after graduating she decided to only work for companies that do business for a good cause. She is currently a Branding & Communications manager at sustainable swimwear brand Saqua Studio, also a sustainable fashion and lifestyle editor at a sustainable lifestyle magazine KeiSei Magazine. She values educating the consumers and designers, she’s sharing how to build a sustainable fashion brand and insights on sustainability in the fashion industry on her blog ( and Instagram (@publicecology).
She decided to become a Remake Ambassador to create more awareness of environmental and social issues in the fast fashion world and shed the light on female workers in the supply chain to give them a voice and empower them, because fast fashion is an environmentalist and feminist issues! She hopes she can encourage people to break up with fast fashion and live a more conscious lifestyle.
 “I #wearmyvalue by supporting local vintage shops and independent sustainable brands. I only buy clothes once or twice a year now but when I do buy something, I want to make sure that no human or animal was harmed and the money I spend goes into making a positive impact on the community and the planet. It’s important to understand that every time you purchase something, you are investing in that business and agreeing with the way they operate. So I encourage everyone to ask themselves “where does my money go?” before you make a purchase.”

Rebeca Dallmaier

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rebeca has been passionate about fashion since her childhood. After graduating in Fashion Design, in her early 20s, she founded an ethical and socially responsible factory supplying for the most relevant brands in that country for almost a decade.

After moving to London in 2015, she had her first close contact with the fast fashion system, working for a high street supplier. This was the turning point where she decided she couldn’t stand the fashion industry as it is anymore and would actively fight for change. At the moment, besides digging deep on sustainable fashion studies for future projects, she is working as a Garment Tech and has just started volunteering as an Adviser to Awaj Foundation.

Rebeca decided to become a Remake Ambassador to, together with great leaders, make fashion a force for good. Fighting the unfair current scenarium and ensuring that people producing the garments have the same treatment of people buying it.

“I wear my values by being conscious of what I’m supporting when paying for clothes. I love charity shops and second hand apps! This is how I like to find bargains.”

Emily McKay

Ambassador, British Columbia, Canada

Emily is a proud Canadian who was born and raised in British Columbia and is about to graduate from her Bachelors of Business Administration at Okanagan College. She’s also helping manage a second hand luxury clothing store, Most Wanted, in her home town of Kelowna. From the moment she saw The Devil Wears Prada as a young girl she knew she had to work in the fashion industry, but had no idea what that would actually entail. She took a semester off in 2019 to work abroad in London, England as an intern for Farago Projects, a fashion photo and video production company. She had the privilege of working with brands such as Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Vogue, Interview Magazine, and more. This experience was pivotal in Emily’s course of action for her future in fashion, as she learned about the artistic/marketing tactics of major industry players, and the environmental impact these houses have in every aspect of their businesses.
Emily learned from her mentors the importance of waste reduction decision making when producing shoots, and showed her how these brands have the power to display their values in their content in a truly influential way. This is how Emily became obsessed with sustainable fashion, supporting brands who live their values, and learning as much as she could about the fashion industry’s major impact on our climate. She is ecstatic about joining Remake’s ambassador program because she hopes to build a career centered in making the fashion industry a force for GOOD, as a stylist, entrepreneur, art director and advocate. She can’t wait to start educating others about sustainable fashion and learning more ways to make this industry better.
“I want the choices I make in my work and personal life to not just sustain our way of life, but leave our home in better shape than it was before. The fashion industry has unparalleled power over our society and culture, but what many people don’t realize is the power it has over the future of our planet. Every single decision we make matters, whether it’s buying strictly second hand & ethical brands, or committing to only working with brands who share your values. We have the power in our hands, voices, and most importantly, our actions.”

Riikka Olli

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Riikka Olli, originally from Finland has led an international career in Tech/Ecommerce building and developing faster, more convenient 1-click shopping experiences. She led product development and new business innovation at PayPal for 7 years in Paris, Stockholm and Moscow. While studying her MBA, she worked with a smaller sustainable fashion brand in Helsinki and that opened her eyes to the challenges faced in Fashion. The lack of transparency, fast-fashion business model with massive over production and unfairness channelled in the industry made her readjust her own mission and next career move. She wanted to find a way to use her tech background for greater good within fashion.

Today Riikka is a Founder at Styleuncoded Ltd, recently launched a business based in London and Helsinki, with a mission to help brands that sell online in 2 ways 1) building tools for customers to buy more consciously, no more 1-click but value adding services that help customers make more sustainable choices 2) Innovating business models to introduce sustainable and circular business practices like second-hand, repairs and up-cycling.

“I’m excited to join Remake as I believe this is a great forum for consumers, brands, influencers and policy-makers to lead change in the Fashion industry. When joining forces we can take action for a cleaner, more transparent and more equal future.”

Sachi Sethi

Ambassador, Glen Head, New York

Sachi is an avid writer, artist, and activist. She is a high school student who has used fashion to express herself for as long as she could remember, However, having begun to learn about the dangers of fast fashion and its impact on the environment, she had begun her journey embracing a sustainable lifestyle. As a remake ambassador, she hopes to inform young girls about the impacts of their styling choices on the environment, as well as the impacts production can have on labor. She hopes to be an inspiration, and hopes to embody self love, raise awareness about injustices caused by the impacts of the fast-fashion industry, promote body-positivity and feminism, all while maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

“I wear my values by respecting my integrity, and by making choices that make me proud to stand by the consequences of my own actions.”

Luz Barbosa

Ambassador, Flushing, New York

In March of 2019, while recovering from foot surgery, Luz was conducting research for her up-cycled jewelry brand, Stella Lucchi, Inc. – because she had steered away from solely up-cycling broken or discarded jewelry and felt that she needed to honor her commitment of keeping broken and unwanted jewelry out of the landfills. While researching how she can partner with others who shared her values she came across the NYC Fair Trade Coalition (NYCFTC) and became a business member. Through NYCFTC, she came across the Global Fashion Exchange and Remake. She learned about Fashion Revolution Week and began learning all she could about sustainable fashion and fell in love with the whole cause.

She has always been an avid thrifter and clothing swapper. She came across the Slow Fashion Season campaign in the summer of 2019 and pledged to not purchase anything new, as well as give up purchasing from fast fashion megastores. She committed to only swapping clothes and purchasing secondhand and since then it is all she does. She also sells her and her friends’ unwanted clothes on Poshmark and at a thrift store where she is involved in. Luz wanted to find more ways to get involved in the sustainable fashion movement and when she learned about the Remake Ambassador program, she signed up right away. Bringing awareness about all facets of sustainable fashion is important to her, issues such as the impacts of fast fashion, apparel supply chain, and how fashion impacts the environment. She feels she has lots to learn but in the process can share what she does know to aid in making a difference.

“I am committed to increasing the life of what I already have, only purchasing secondhand whenever possible, swapping my clothes as well as reselling whatever clothes I no longer want to keep it out of the landfills. I am all about Re-purposing, Re-Styling, and Re-Fashioning what you have. I believe sustainability is sexy! More importantly, I am committed to bringing awareness about sustainable fashion to those around me.”

Bernisha Moore

Ambassador, Washington D.C.

Creator of “Love Is Therapy,” Bernisha set her business focus on educating the importance of sustainably, loving the world we live in, and it’s connection with mental healing.

Her love for fashion started at a very young age, which consisted of modeling and reconstructed denim jeans into skirts and bags, as a form of creative expression. She went on to study Fashion Merchandising, and from there is where her love for sustainability grew. She currently creates handcrafted and custom clothing and decor making “unloved” items loved again.

Becoming a Remake Ambassador gives Bernisha the opportunity to connect and engage with like minded people, and further her knowledge of sustainability to pass it on to others.

“My motto is, ‘Love what you wear,’ but it’s more than just looking good, it’s feeling good about the conscious clothing decisions you make for yourself and the world.”

Bella Stern

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bella has always had a long-standing love for fashion and is now on a mission to showcase the sustainable side. She has a styling account (@bellasternstyle) where she researchers small, sustainable brands and “shops” from her own closet to try to elevate the seemingly daunting task of finding sustainable fashion. She is a part of Villanova University’s class of 2021 with majors in Psychology and French and a minor in Sustainability. She has made it her prerogative to study and learn everything she can about the fashion industry, the good, the bad, and the ugly, on her own terms.

She got into sustainable fashion after working for a fast-fashion company and seeing first-hand the toxic and exploitative work environment. As a remake ambassador she hopes to join a community, spread the word, and foster the dialogue around ethical and sustainable fashion.

“Not knowing where and who is impacted by our shopping choices is no longer an option. We need to take responsibility and change the industry if we want to see it move forward. I wear my values by shopping from small, ethical, sustainable brands or second hand.

Kate Burger

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Kate is a visionary entrepreneurial leader who has spent 20+ years forecasting future trends for global brands & businesses, mentoring teams and building organizational standards from New York to Hawaii. By utilizing her executive skills in leadership, merchandising, spatial, product, and line architecture, she has built a legacy of lasting relationships and vast networks in design, retail, production, technology, operations, logistics, construction, and human resources.

Kate joined the Remake team after shifting gears from the fast-fashion world to focus on the next stage of her career path to align more closely with her values in sustainability and circular economies. She first learned of Remake through her studies at Wageningen University, Circular Fashion Design, Science, and Value in Sustainable Clothing Industry course. Her recent years of studies have kick-started her passion to collaborate with brands and ambassadors who align with her similar ideals, which why she is so excited to be a part of the Remake team.

Ingrid Garosi

Ambassador, Uppsala, Sweden

Originally from Mantova, Italy, Ingrid is what you can call an European citizen. Graduated in Politic Philosophy and Economics, she lived in France and Sweden and she is now a master student in European Studies, Politics and culture. Interested in sustainability and the role of politics in promoting a more sustainable world, she became a Remake Ambassador in 2020. In her academic career she studied environmental law and sustainable societies. In addition, her interest for sustainable fashion motivated her to attend a course at the London College of Fashion about fashion and sustainability.

Ingrid is a vintage lover and she loves to thrift all around Europe and beyond. She loves every clothing brand that is organic, vegan or uses new technologies to promote sustainable fashion.

“I became an Ambassador because I believe in the power of knowledge, awareness and education, pushing modern societies to ameliorate their way of living. Fashion MUST be a sustainable and an affordable option for everyone. Just through common effort we can make it possible!”

Trish Pham

Ambassador, Irvine, California

Trish graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with an Associate’s Degree in Merchandise Product Development and a B.S. in Business Management. She currently works as a senior content strategist for a lifestyle digital media site that lifts up the voices of women around the world.

Given her academic background, industry experience, and passion for fashion and social justice issues, Trish hopes to bring awareness and encourage people to reflect on the power and responsibility they have to make better decisions, hold brands accountable, and to advocate for those who don’t have voices.

“As a faith-based individual, I believe that empathy is what motivates me to wear my values. I approach my consumer decisions with this in mind, by taking care of my clothes and repurposing items I own to extend its life and lessen its negative ethical and environmental impacts. “

Ellen Mason & Jennifer Ransom

Ambassador, Austin, Texas

A Fashionating Life is a fashion blog for women in their 40s who want to feel empowered by fashion in their daily lives. Inspiring women to take control of their personal style and view fashion as a powerful tool in the story they tell the world. Co-founded by sustainable shopping enthusiasts, Ellen Mason, 48 and Jennifer Ransom, 45, AFL wants to see 40+ women have more representation in the influencer space, with a focus on developing personal style through sustainable shopping. From thrift and vintage stores, to designer consignment, Etsy and eBay, 85% of our (rather fabulous) wardrobes come from the secondary market.

Both discovered their love for sustainable shopping at garage sales and thrift stores with their grandmothers in the 70s and never stopped. Ellen has a background in fashion and music marketing. Jennifer’s experience is in politics and nonprofit work. They met while working together for the largest arts advocacy organization in the state of Texas where they fought for increased funding for the creative sector, as well as arts education initiatives.

The most exciting part of being a Remake Ambassador is getting to work with sustainably stylish women who are committed to making a difference in how we produce and consume clothing, as well as cleaning up the fashion industry in general.

“We are unapologetic fashion lovers. While some might find that frivolous, we believe that fashion lovers have the power and the opportunity to bring about crucial changes that will positively impact everything from women’s rights and our environment.”

Sierra Stacey

Ambassador, Victoria, British Columbia

A human rights and environmental activist, Sierra found Remake through her passion for low impact and locally made fashion. With a degree in environmental science, her work has been largely focused on connecting people with what’s in their own backyard. She bridges her interests in minimalism, tiny living, and nature with her closet and shares that with others. By committing to #365daysnonewclothes Sierra hopes to inspire others to live more sustainably and be a conscious consumer (while building a bada** thrifted wardrobe)!

Sierra has been immersed in local fashion as both an employee, model, consultant and friend. She takes her work seriously and continues to strive for a more just and sustainable world through activism and organizing. By building community through event planning, she gets to share her values and connect with people from all walks of life. Come at her with an idea and she will surely make it happen!

“I want to be part of a just and equitable future for all. Clothing and fashion is one piece of the dollar puzzle where every vote counts. Our future depends on the decisions we make now.”

Kevin Ramirez

Ambassador, Mexico City, Mexico

Kevin Ramirez is a young student from Mexico City. Kevin studied digital marketing at The Open University and while taking a course on ecological management at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he realized the impact that fast fashion had on the world and quickly changed his consumer habits.

Kevin lives in a community where fast fashion shopping is very consistent and accessible. He wants to inform and educate about sustainable, ethical and second-hand consumption.

“I stopped being a big consumer of fast fashion and #wearyourvales by educating and buying ethically sustainable brands.”

Philippa Scholz

Ambassador, Sweden

Philippa grew up all over Britain where she also began her studies in textiles and fashion. Being unsatisfied with the lack of an interdisciplinary approach, she moved to Sweden where she is currently studying a BS in Development Studies. She has combined her love for fashion with her activism, touching on topics such as race, gender and sustainability through her blog ‘Talking Dirty- The filthy state of fashion’. She hopes to use this to encourage others to explore the fashion industry and use it as a platform to promote re/make.

“I truly think that the heart of fashion should be expression, love and creativity. The fact that the current state of the market does not reflect this, with its abuses of human rights, theft and pollution -to name just a few horrors- has caused the industry to rot. Slowly, through the awareness-raising by many amazing people like at Remake, the world is slowly starting to wake-up to the injustices. I hope to be a small part of making that happen!”

Lucy Hall

Ambassador, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Lucy Hall is a freelance brand strategist, content creator and founder of the Instagram page, Nothing To Hide. Horrified by the environmental and ethical implications of garment manufacture, Lucy developed her knowledge on the darker side of the industry, writing a report on supply chain transparency. Her research revealed a desire from consumers to be educated on the truth, sparking the concept for Nothing To Hide. Recently featured on the Graduate Fashion Foundation Talent list, Lucy’s approach focuses on rewriting the narrative surrounding sustainable fashion. Think more accessible and cool, less green and leafy.

“Shopping only from second-hand stores or sustainable labels for well over a year now, I wear my values by saying no to fast fashion on all levels. I am thrilled to be working alongside my fellow remake ambassadors on the mission to put an end to the detrimental environmental and ethical implications of our current system. It’s time to shine a light on the brands who are getting it right, allowing them to pose a threat to mainstream ideas of fashion.”

Anushka Bibi

Ambassador, Toronto, Ontario

Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Anushka moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in Marketing. Having grown up in the hub of fast fashion production, Anushka was determined at a young age to bring meaningful changes to the lesser seen side of fast fashion. She then went on to work with NGO’s in rural Bangladesh, Myanmar and Malaysia to facilitate women to unlock their entrepreneurship potential through micro finance.

After moving to Toronto, Anushka quickly realized that consumers were not aware of the conditions that the workers who made their clothes were working in or how much they were getting paid. There was no transparency across the supply chain about how the most vulnerable workers at the bottom were getting treated. Anushka is passionate about shedding a light to consumers on the lives of workers by humanizing the fashion supply chain and demanding accountability from brands.

”As consumers we often get carried away by shiny clearance and sale signs, forgetting that somewhere in the world, someone is paying the price for it. Now more than ever, we must look at our clothes with empathy and remember that someone’s hopes and dreams are being sacrificed for our fashion. I wanted to become a Remake ambassador to help spread their incredibly important message of Wearing your values, and educating consumers to challenge their shopping habits for the better.”

Amanda Battaglia

Ambassador, San Diego, California

Amanda is a sustainable fashion advocate who has had a love of thrifting, up-cycling, and the art of fashion since she was a kid. She has committed herself to using her voice and actions to address the urgent need for change within the fashion industry.
Amanda recently earned a Masters in Social Innovation where she analyzed the intersection of business and social impact to create meaningful solutions for today’s global challenges. Her work focussed on fashion circularity, human rights issues within the garment industry, and utilizing social influencers to be catalysts for change making. She also began her own small business, @MandzzMade, where she sells handmade items that have been up-cycled or made with sustainable materials. She is excited to join the ReMake team to learn more about ways she can advance the sustainable fashion movement and take part in a community of activists who share her passions.

“I #WearMyValues by making careful choices about each item I buy and wear. I use fashion as a way to celebrate creativity of giving new life to old clothes and to support innovative brands that are driven by social impact.”

Giana Manganaro

Ambassador, Boston, Massachusetts

Giana is a fundraiser by trade, activist at heart, and aspiring sustainable fashion entrepreneur. As she nears the finish of her MBA, she‘s realizing it is time to blend her passion and her career which is precisely what brought her to Remake.

“I grew up in a family of small business owners, so the entrepreneurial spirit was always inside me. But, I remember the time clear as day when I realized the space I wanted to take up was in sustainable fashion. I met a friend for coffee before work in my gym clothes figuring I’d get some exercise in after our date. I realized I had completely forgotten my professional clothes (and, of course, had some big meetings that day)! I found myself in the middle of Downtown Crossing in Boston, surrounded by notoriously unethical brands and without any options. It dawned on me then, I can be the one to help my city do better.”

Irfan Miswari

Ambassador, Indonesia

Irfan obtained his undergraduate degree from University of Delhi under Indian Council For Cultural Scholarship Scheme.

Irfan has more than 10 years experience with various NGOs in Indonesia and 4 years as journalist. Today, he established Jendela Desa Indonesia Foundation and is a director with a a vision, “empowering and enlightening people in the rural places in Indonesia.”

The number of textile and garment industries in Indonesia has made him learn a lot about the various impacts it has: environmental pollution, land degradation and desertification, human right violation, unhealthy worker living condition, salary below of standard etc.

“I hope I can learn more knowledge from Remake and make a positive contribution in Remake advocacy on the #WearYourValues movement, particularly in Indonesia. I think, we shouldn’t sacrifice our live and environment to be fashionable.”

Marley Finnegan

Ambassador, Chicago, Illinois

Having always been passionate about the environment and reuse, Marley’s love for fashion deepened during her time at Michigan State University, where she studied Apparel and Textile Design while on scholarship for the varsity volleyball team. Not exactly gifted with a pattern + sewing machine, she quickly realized her efforts were better served wearing fabulous fashion and connecting with people via the world of large scale event design.

Currently residing in Chicago as Director of Sales + Partnerships for one of the nation’s top event design firms, HMR Designs, Marley is committed to buying only sustainable and responsibly designed pieces – with a dream that a leading luxury design house will make a commitment to creating chic, one of a kind pieces via quality reused materials.

Her latest claim to fame is being featured on Vox Media’s “Pivot” Podcast where she brought up the need for change at big retail like Amazon as it relates to socially conscious consumerism and Chipotle’s recent line of sustainably made goods.

“Passionate in the fight vs. fast fashion and a wiz in a resale shop, I am thrilled to be a part of the Remake team as an Ambassador to help spread knowledge on the myriad of ways that we as consumers need to demand impactful change in the industry via our actions, wallets and voices.”

Katia Nicolas

Ambassador, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Katia was raised as a third culture kid who was exposed to various cultures growing up between France, Japan and California. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Policy at UC Berkeley, she moved to Singapore to jumpstart her career. This led her to discover the region and travel to Cambodia where she was faced with the manufacturing side of fashion for the first time. She researched the garment industry’s impact on the local economy and its effects on garment workers and the local environment. Two years later, she packed her belongings and moved to Phnom Penh to start GOOD KRAMA – a data-driven sustainable fashion label that operates in full transparency and places the makers and the environment at the center of her business model.

She now runs her business between Phnom Penh and Amsterdam and is excited to share her experience as a young entrepreneur with the Remake community. She is a firm believer in knowledge sharing and collaborative effort to show that ethics and esthetics are not mutually exclusive.

“My goal is to empower consumers to understand that each purchase can and does make a difference. It starts with rebuilding an emotional connection to the garments we wear and understanding how they are made and by whom. Storytelling is a huge part of my work and I am constantly amazed by the skill and craftsmanship that the makers have honed over generations.”

Catherine Bouchard

Ambassador, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Catherine Bouchard is an Economics student at the University of Glasgow with a background of corporate experience mainly focused in Audit. Her interest in the cohesion between fashion and sustainability arose from becoming more aware during lockdown of the extent to which we as a society (particularly the younger generation) contribute to the exploitation of both people and the environment. We should all be striving to live in a transparent society that allows us to make ethical and informed choices about the impact we leave behind on the planet, whilst holding corporate brands to the same high standards we should hold ourselves.

Catherine has been involved in promoting various charitable causes on campus, namely as a committee member of the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show which raised over £42,000 for Glasgow Women’s Aid, and as Treasurer of Glasgow University Fashion Revolution. Whilst Co-Editor in Chief of G-You, a magazine published by the Glasgow University Union, she has called attention to issues surrounding fast fashion and hopes to use the platform to advocate for a variety of campus societies. As a Remake Ambassador she hopes to be able to focus more student attention on Remake and raise the profile of issues linked to fast fashion on campus through collaborating with other societies and the two student unions on campus to host events such as film screenings, panel talks and vintage shops. She is excited to be able to campaign for such an important issue, particularly one that is so relatable for students!

“I wear my values by really following through on the promises I make and by considering the impact my choices have on others. Being able to live a truly sustainable life is about being more conscious, and walking the walk as well as talking a big game about being more sustainable. I also believe these changes should come from a place of compassion and desire to improve as a person, so I try not to judge others for their choices as everyone comes from a different social and economic background.”

Thania Peck

Ambassador, New York, New York

Thania Peck is a Fashion/Beauty industry content creator, the creative director of Catcher in the Style, an activist for sustainability, and an advocate for a climate positive fashion and beauty industry. She started modeling before creating her lifestyle and fashion blog. Her blog not only emphasizes her love of fashion but also her passion for philanthropy.

Intending to spread love and positivity, Thania serves as an ambassador to four youth charities, is a mentor, and a nonprofit volunteer.  She is a UN partner and works closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is an organizer for Plus1Vote, and on the advisory board of the New Fashion Initiative. Her work with major fashion and beauty brands as a strategic partner in sustainable practices has made her a dominant voice in the fashion and beauty industry movement of sustainability.

This year she’s working on public policy with goals to create a circular fashion industry and greater transparency for consumers.

Andrea Robinowitz

Ambassador, San Francisco, California

Growing up in San Francisco, Andrea Robinowitz has always been passionate about the environment. At a young age, she committed to making responsible choices by becoming vegetarian, convincing her family to use sustainable energy, and starting petitions to promote composting at her school. Through her Italian heritage, she developed an interest in fashion. In high school, she took a job at an Italian fast fashion store, popular with her age group. Working there, Andrea realized the negative impact of that industry. Not only was the store wasteful, but she also saw a culture of overconsumption that is deeply ingrained in our society. After quitting her job, Andrea was inspired to join the Remake Ambassador community. Not only does she aim to promote ecological fashion, but she is passionate about sustainable wages for garment workers. Having attended public school in an urban setting, she saw the painful effect on children in families who needed two or three jobs to make ends meet.

Now as a senior at Lowell High School, Andrea is studying environmental science and is an avid thrifter. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to learn more about sustainable fashion issues, connect with other Ambassadors in SF, explore career opportunities in this field, discover more sustainable brands to support, and inspire other people her age to follow in her footsteps.

“I #wearmyvalues by shopping with purpose and not getting carried away by short-lived trend culture. Being fashionable and having respect for the planet are not mutually exclusive. Anyone can begin walking down the path of sustainability, no matter if the steps they take are big or small.”

Dorahely Sanchez

Ambassador, San Francisco, California

Dorahely Sanchez has always been enthusiastic about the fashion industry. At a young age she would flip through fashion magazines, embroider with her grandmother, and spend her afternoons sewing.

After leaving her hometown of San Diego to further her education, she quickly gained experience in the industry. Dorahely now works for a leading global brand in San Francisco. Sustainability and accountability are her top priorities as she continues her professional journey.

As a Remake Ambassador, Dorahely hopes to learn more about the industry as it continues to evolve while educating others. She wants to bring awareness to the consumer through advocacy and community shaping.

“I #wearmyvalues by educating myself on sustainable/ethical brands and by keeping myself  accountable.”

Jemima Elliott

Ambassador, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Currently in the final year of her degree in English Literature and Politics at Newcastle University, Jemima Elliott is a writer, slow fashion advocate and activist. In 2017, Jemima started looking into the ethics and environmental impacts of fast fashion, particularly at how women are affected at all levels of the supply chain. Since then, she’s changed her shopping habits – cutting out fast fashion, buying mostly secondhand (if at all) – and has become a campaigner on sustainability and ethical issues in the fashion industry. On her blog, Another Ranting Reader, she writes about slow fashion, other areas of sustainability, books, periods and more!

“I believe that everything we buy and do should have the best possible impact on both people and planet. We should love our clothes not just because of how they look, but also for the processes through which they were made.”

Francine Heath

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Francine Heath credits designer Maggie Marilyn Hewitt with her shift into professionally focusing on sustainable fashion. On a regular working day at NET-A-PORTER, she attended a training session with the rising star, who talked through a rail of wonderfully bright and beautiful garments – noting any eco credentials along the way. At that point, sustainability wasn’t the buzzword it is today, and discovering someone in the industry striving so hard to make a real difference was far from the norm. Francine left the session inspired and hasn’t stopped researching or writing about the movement since.

A trained fashion journalist, she’s penned articles for the likes of Eco-Age, Vogue and Refinery 29, and has created content for The Forward Lab, including the #NoMoreMustHave campaign which was covered by Clare Press on the news desk of Wardrobe Crisis. At NET-A-PORTER, she worked on the global launch of NET SUSTAIN: a platform spotlighting locally made products and the use of considered materials. Francine is thrilled to join the Remake team as an ambassador and can’t wait to collaborate with like-minded change makers.

“I #WearMyValues by continuing to advocate conscious consumerism in a positive, optimistic way. I’m passionate about changing the culture of newness and influencing better shopping habits.”

TaLisa Robinson

Ambassador, Richmond, Virginia

TaLisa Robinson is a native of Richmond, Virginia. She was formerly employed as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Educator for Richmond City Public School Systems as well as her own education venture, Beyond The Basics Beauty Boot Camp. Talisa is now owner and designer at Akira Couture, offering elegant, timeless Fashion. Graduating from Bryant and Stratton College with her business degree in Management. TaLisa has worked in the beauty and cosmetology field for over 25 years and as an onset Stylest for RVA’s finest photographers and makeup artists for fashion shoots and model portfolios.   

As a child, she was first introduced to sewing at the age of 9 in home economics. This is where her interest was born for the fashion Industry. After showing a constant interest in the class, her Mother, Joyce, purchased a sewing machine and taught her how to sew. TaLisa fell in love with Vogue, one of the most complex pattern makers for that time period, and began making and altering her own clothing. 

That is where the dream began for fashion, but that dream would be delayed for decades to come. Pursuing other interests, family, and the beauty industry, she found fulfillment in her career and family. Today Talisa is the owner of the new fashion brand, Akira Couture, now a sustainable brand. While refining her brand’s focus and audience, she learned of the building collapse and the tragic and senseless loss of lives in Dhaka in 2013. So, what started out as a mainstream fashion venture, turned into a sustainable fashion company once she saw the devastating effects of the fashion industry on our eco-systems, women of color, and the danger that all of the processes to produce fast fashion held. During the search for sustainable partners, she came across this extraordinary opportunity to partner with a company that is dedicated to making a difference, Remake.

” I believe fashion shouldn’t cost the lives of others. Fashion shouldn’t jeopardize environments in our global community and people should not be left without safe living spaces, drinking water, and safe places to work in this industry. I believe I can make a difference, one garment at a time, one seminar at a time as I and others partner with Remake to make real change in this wonderful fashion Industry. I will #wearmyvalues as I move forward with my venture and through speaking with and engaging my global community with my voice and company, one project at a time.”

Lucy Lindley

Ambassador, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Lucy is a Sustainable Design MA student with a Textiles background, currently working in communications for a Brighton-based non-profit. She is a designer/maker by trade and the founder of Not So Sloppy Seconds (@notsosloppy), a sustainable fashion events company. Throughout her undergraduate career, Lucy noticed the gap in education when it came to sustainability in the Textiles industry and so shifted her focus from commercial textile design to sustainable fashion. She started to realize how dangerous the fashion industry was to garment workers and the environment and vowed to fight for change.

She is passionate about sustainable education and hopes to use her platform to educate herself and others on the atrocities committed by the fashion industry, and wider global communities in the name of profit. She believes in supporting small, independent and ethical businesses and is excited for the future of the fashion, as people begin to realize the damage that has been caused. As a Remake Ambassador, Lucy is excited to join a collective of passionate and powerful people, and continue to amplify the voices in the fashion industry that have been suppressed for decades. She hopes that she can continue to learn and be inspired by those around her in this new global community.

“I #wearmyvalues by supporting those who are campaigning for change, and vowing to educate myself with every purchase I make. Saying no to fast fashion, and yes to independent creators and makers who are the force for change in our industry.”

Kristie Bailey

Ambassador, Buffalo, New York

Kristie Bailey, @freeze_bae, is a graphic designer and socio-environmental advocate who is passionate about green, labor-positive fashion across the supply chain. Kristie first became aware of the fashion crisis after watching the documentary, The True Cost, which exposed modern-day fashion for what it is: an oppressive, unsustainable, and destructive force motivated almost entirely by profit. Since that time, Kristie has committed herself to wearing only secondhand and ethically-made garments.

An editorial designer for magazines including GQ and Oprah Magazine, Kristie is a skillful storyteller who makes complex ideas both visually exciting and accessible. By becoming a Remake Ambassador, Kristie adds her voice to a strong network of green fashion advocates working toward systemic change in the fashion industry.

“Making ethical fashion choices allows us to express a positive vision of ourselves and the world around us. No one needs to suffer for fashion. In advocating for systemic change, we work toward a vision in which no one will.”

Rose Turner

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Rose got hooked on sustainable fashion about 10 years ago. While in college she learned a bit about it and upon graduating, the more she researched, the more she noticed a lack of transparency. Rose then became quite obsessed and immersed in the industry.

Rose is a 2008 graduate from Dominican University with a BA in Apparel Design. She has her own sustainable swimwear company called Rosina~Mae. She also heads Camp Fashion Design in Manhattan’s Garment District each summer. Additionally, Rose enjoys contributing articles and editorials to sustainable fashion magazines as a stylist and writer. With a love for vintage, she has worked as an archivist for various luxury vintage companies.  Researching and writing about designers that were activists in other times is particularly enjoyable and a true passion of hers. Various works of Rose (as designer, stylist, or writer) have been featured in Sportswear International, Nylon Magazine, WWD, PhotoBook Magazine, NBC Chicago, BuzzFeed, Trend Prive, Vogue Italia, Bazaar Kids, and more.

“There are many different ways to be climate activists through our closets and with what we wear. As a Multiracial-American, I want the industry to be diverse, transparent, and inclusive. Sustainability should not be a luxury. I believe that everyone regardless of background and income can embrace an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.”

Claudia Steffens

Ambassador, New York, New York

Claudia began her sustainable fashion journey by interning with Marina Testino, founder of Point Off View and an avid promoter of sustainable choices in fashion. From Rent the Runway’s Campus Coordinator at NYU, to interning at The Circular Project, a sustainable fashion store in Madrid, Claudia has focused on obtaining professional experiences rooted in sustainable fashion. Most recently, Claudia was the Sustainability and Fashion Public Relations intern at BPCM, a strategic communications agency in New York. There, she had the opportunity to work closely with clients like Evrnu® and Thousand Fell, leaders and innovators of circularity and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Claudia utilizes her free time during the pandemic to ensure that her formal academic background backs up her passion and internship experience in sustainable fashion. Claudia took Céline Semaan’s Sustainable Literacy Course, as well as the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s Linear to Circular: Open to All Course. Additionally, Claudia is currently taking the course Fashion’s Future: The Sustainable Development Goals by Fashion Revolution. Now in her Senior Year, Claudia is the Event Director of NYU’s Future Fashion Group, a community of students dedicated to raising awareness of the social and environmental consequences of the fashion industry. She is most excited to keep the movement growing and host events in collaboration between the Future Fashion Group and the Remake community.

“As a previous fast fashion addict, I immediately understood that I had to #WearMyValues in order to force the industry to move from a linear model to a circular one. As consumers, we vote with our wallet, and in order to vote consciously we need to adapt our purchasing behaviors, research and dive deep into the ethos and values of the brands we buy. Most importantly, we need to change our consumerist mindset and focus on loving what we already have.”

Erin Bass

Ambassador, Portland, Oregon

Erin has always created “ new from old,” ever since she was young and was turning pillowcases into dresses for her dolls. But the passion really set in when she started her online business and really started to research the clothing waste that builds up on our earth, and how it affects our environment. She knew then and there she wanted to be part of making a difference in the world of sustainable fashion. She creates up-cycled wares because it really highlights the idea of eradication, and turning waste into something new.

Erin does not have any formal training, and is a self-taught fashion designer and seamstress. Her background is in theatre, so there is a lot of “drama” that goes into her pieces, hence the name: Dramatique Designs.

“Upcycling really promotes sustainable innovation and creativity for me. It also gives me endless possibilities to nurture my creativity and share something with the world that is unique, and gives promise to a chance at a better future for our world by doing my part to protect the environment.”

Serena Luca

Ambassador, Ontario, Canada

Serena Luca always had an interest in fashion growing up and decided to pursue this passion when she moved to Florence, Italy to study a masters in fashion marketing and communications. Although she had deep desires to work in fashion, she felt very internally conflicted about working in an industry that is so problematic in the amount of sheer waste it produces and the exploitative labor practices it exacerbates. It wasn’t until she actually began classes and learned more about the extent of the issues and the ways in which companies are aiming to combat them that she realized she didn’t have to be part of the problem in fashion, she could actually help improve it. 


Serena is looking forward to starting an internship in PR and E-commerce in the fall for a digital marketplace for sustainable fashion. What she is most excited about in working with Remake is connecting with likeminded individuals and gaining the tools to better educate others on the negative side of the fashion industry that is usually not talked about. 


“This year I really learned to understand the value in having fewer items of clothing and shopping not only sustainably, but mindfully as well. We are so caught up in the consumer culture nowadays that our items of clothing have very little meaning because they are easily dispensable. I working towards doing my part to live more sustainably but I think it’s also important to educate others on how they can take the right steps to do the same.” 

Phoebe Nisbet

Ambassador, Oxford, United Kingdom 

Phoebe is an English Literature student from the South of England, coming to the end of her studies. She recently created a blog ( where she writes about her sustainability journey, amongst other things she cares about. Phoebe believes that provoking honest and insightful conversation changes the way in which people think, and therefore act.

From being school-age, Phoebe was especially interested in the way certain Highstreet brands were able to charge so little for clothing, and began to learn about the human affect. In recent years, Phoebe has become a strong advocate for women’s rights and equality so, Fast Fashion does not fit with her ideals. Over time, Phoebe has become more and more interested in the various issues surrounding Fast Fashion. She took Remake’s ‘No New Clothes’ 90 day pledge and has not looked back since, instead she wants to push her journey of sustainability further.

Through being a Remake Ambassador, Phoebe hopes to bolster her own knowledge of the impacts of Fast Fashion, learn from and connect to inspiring individuals and teach others about the importance of everyone playing their own small part to combat a big issue.

“Though I am still learning how to #wearmyvalues as this is a relatively new way of living, I am much more aware and conscious of the impact from buying from Fast Fashion labels. I want to support fellow women, garment workers and do my part to help the environment so holding myself accountable for past shopping habits has been important. I hope to carry on learning, refusing to buy from Fast Fashion brands (instead shopping from sustainable labels or vintage) and to encourage and teach others to take on this lifestyle too.”

Emma Golley

Ambassador, Orange County, California

Emma is a British fashion designer and founder based in California. She earned her BA at University for the Creative Arts in Surrey, England.

Designing for internationally recognized fashion brands both in the UK and USA over the past 10 years, Emma has witnessed firsthand the implications the fashion industry can have on people and the planet. In recent years through visiting factories overseas, and seeing the amount of waste and consumption increasing year on year, she has wrestled with her conscience over her love for her job in fashion and the negative effects the industry can have.

Deciding to use her position for good, Emma took several online courses in sustainability and ethical practices as well as trying to influence from within through her role as a designer.

Earlier this year, Emma founded Fashion and the Free . An online fashion platform with the goal of giving the real people in fashion a voice to share their stories to inspire, educate and resonate with fellow industry professionals and students. The site also features articles on sustainable & ethical brands as well as educational pieces from leading experts.

The most exciting aspect of joining Remake as an Ambassador is the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals who share the common goal of shaping the future of fashion and its impact on the environment.

“I wear my values by encouraging & educating others on the importance of sustainable and ethically made clothing. I’m proud to continue this work by sharing Remake’s message.”

Maria Anthony

Ambassador, Chicago, Illinois

Maria has been in the retail fashion industry for 18 years. Her most recent role with Lou & Grey and their initiative HERproject is what inspired her to get more involved in sustainable fashion. HERproject focused on empowering women working in the global supply chain community and giving them access to health, nutrition, and financial education. Maria felt so inspired by this initiative that she decided to leave the company and launch her own sustainable fashion lifestyle brand called LYV-ON.

Maria has held a variety of roles within the fashion retail industry. While working her way up the corporate ladder she continued to focus on her education completing her MBA while working full-time. She launched LYV-ON social platform (@lyvonlife) in early April of 2020 and is currently working on her first sustainable fashion collection, which will drop in Spring 2021. She is a passionate leader and feels at her best when she is working with a purpose. LYV-ON and being a Remake Ambassador gives her purpose – making a positive impact on women empowerment, climate change, and social and economical sustainability. The ability to join a community of change makers wanting to take lead in this super important initiative and hold fashion companies accountable is what excites Maria!

“I am a huge advocate for women empowerment. I am a believer in working together as one large community – balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses to reach a common goal. At LYV-ON I wear my values by supporting women and giving them a voice to share their story in our Real Women + Real Experiences series. We also focus on educating and giving alternative solutions to shopping more sustainably and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Our content is diverse and inclusive so that all women feel seen and heard.  We are STRONGER TOGETHER!”

Coral Gotay

Ambassador, Puerto Rico

Coral is a sought-after Marketing Communications Strategist and Creative Director in Latin America and US Hispanic markets with over 10 years of experience leading creative teams, developing and executing campaigns, high impact events, executive coaching and international media relations for several Fortune 500 companies like Ford Motor Company, McDonald’s, JetBlue and LBrands along with numerous startups and nonprofits that help make the world a better place.

Her background in journalism and expertise in corporate social responsibility allowed her to develop several programs that help protect the environment and establish ethical values and procedures in world-class corporations. Her love for nature, design and fashion came together when she learned about sustainable fashion; her newly found passion. Coral is studying sustainability in Central Saint Martins and established Fashion Awakening magazine to promote a transformation in the fashion and luxury business.

“I’m excited to connect with a community that has aligned values and a common goal; saving our planet and raising consciousness about the impact of fast fashion on the environment. I intend to use my voice and skills to amplify Remake’s message and guide others through their fashion awakening.”

Ellie White

Ambassador, Seattle, Washington

Ellie is a non-fashionable ethical fashion advocate. She’s never been particularly interested in fashion, and always choose clothes that are more comfortable than aesthetic. She prefers used clothes to new clothes, and she often wear beloved items long after they should be repurposed or recycled.

Although not a fashionista, Ellie is deeply interested in supporting companies and efforts that provide a fair and just working condition for garment workers. She strongly believe that consumers have a responsibility to know where their clothing comes from, and to use their purchasing power for social and economic good.

In her previous professional life, Ellie worked with newly-arrived refugees and immigrants, helping them connect to employment opportunities and get settled into their new community. She currently spends her days with her amazing twin infants, who are learning and growing at an ever-rapid pace!

Ellie is thrilled to join the work of Remake, advocating for justice, fairness, and climate-consciousness in the fashion industry. She is particularly interested in working to inspire other non-fashionistas about why they should care about making ethical fashion choices.

“I want to be an encouraging voice to consumers, helping them understand the responsibility and importance of supporting ethical fashion. There are so many resources (human and environmental) that go into the garments that we wear – resources that we don’t see when we pick up clothing off a rack. As I continue on my own ethical fashion journey, I hope to inspire others along the way.”

Anna Labar

Ambassador, Raleigh, North Carolina

Anna is a sophomore at North Carolina State University studying Fashion and Textile Brand Management and Marketing with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. She recently became more aware about sustainability in the fashion industry from the courses she took at school over the past year. After learning more in detail about the impacts of the fashion industry on the environment and how easy it is to make a difference, she realized that she needed to change her shopping habits and convince others to be more conscious as well. She currently works part time for a sustainable retail company called Color It Green where she has discovered a variety of sustainable brands.

Anna hopes to bring awareness of sustainable shopping to her college campus by being an advocate for change for men and women her age. It excites her knowing that she is able to make a difference in her peer’s lives as well as in the fashion industry.

“I am passionate about fashion and knowing that I am making a difference, no matter how small or large, to better this industry gives me hope that, united, we can create a big change in this world.”

Carolina Carreira

Ambassador, Lisbon, Portugal

Carolina Carreira, @carolina_changetheworld, is a young student currently finishing high school from Lisbon, Portugal.

Since she was very little, she was educated to respect the planet and its people. But over the las couple of years she has been learning how her love for shopping new clothes influences the planet. That made her think she could do more to make Earth a better place. Now that she has joined Remake, she hopes to make a bigger change in the world.

“I am so exited to have the opportunity to really make a difference. I hope I can also inspire people younger than me to do something that moves them, regardless their age. We are never too young to change the world.”

Natalie Gonzalez

Ambassador, Washington D.C.

Natalie grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Being raised near mountains and the beach, Natalie spent a great deal of her childhood outside in nature. As she got older, she became passionate about environmental rights and hopes to pursue a career in corporate sustainability. She currently works at a financial trade association in Washington DC where she has learned about sustainable finance. 


Natalie attended American University where she received her undergraduate degree in International Studies with a focus on human rights and global inequality and development. During undergrad, she took a course on sustainability and global strategy, where she became aware of the harmful environmental effects and human rights abuses present in the fashion industry. Beyond her studies, Natalie wanted to find more ways to learn about and get involved in sustainable fashion, which is what drew her to the Remake ambassador program. She is excited to do more to incorporate sustainable fashion into her life and educate others about fast fashion. 


“The idea of living sustainably can seem daunting at times. There have been moments when I felt defeated and that my actions would never be enough to save our planet. However, little steps, like buying used clothing or purchasing a new outfit from a sustainable and ethical company, can go a long way. As a Remake Ambassador, I want to learn how to live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle, and I want to help others make greener choices in their day to day lives.” 

Victoria Fuentes

Ambassador, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Victoria is a Journalist and local Entrepreneur, she also collaborates with the NGO Hecho por Nosotros, an organization that works for an ethical and sustainable change in the Fashion Industry. She is studying Social Communication at La Matanza University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She would like to focus her thesis on Fashion Industry and the impact on local society.

Victoria has always been wondering why the Fashion Industry keeps on changing so fast without thinking about the consequent social and environmental impact. If every single person has their own beauty why is so important for people to fit into a stereotype? She wants to turn every customer into a critical user, who can decide what to wear, when and why.

“It is important to create awareness not only in the brand, but also in the customer. In the capitalist world there will always be several options to choose in the fashion industry. This is not about restricting options, is about creating awareness in the user and opening up all the existing possibilities.”

Sophia Toomb

Ambassador, Tempe, Arizona

Sophia (@sophiatoomb) is a sustainable fashion activist and conscious curator. She is an Arizona native, graduating from Arizona State University in 2019 with a B.S. in Supply Chain Management and a Spanish minor. Her interest in sustainable fashion started with a buying job at a local resale store. Secondhand shopping quickly became her main method of purchasing clothing after learning about the detrimental effects that fast fashion has on the environment.

From there, she dove into the sustainable side of the apparel industry. With fashion being a top polluting industry, Sophia wanted to help spread awareness about more conscious ways to shop. She founded Moda Verde (@modaverdeus), a fashion sustainability blog that is dedicated to curating environmentally and socially responsible fashion brands. As a Remake Ambassador, Sophia hopes to help educate others about sustainable ways to shop, while joining an empowering community dedicated to making change.

“I #wearmyvalues by being conscious of how much clothing I purchase, and making sure I either shop used or support sustainable brands! Sustainability is not a trend or a buzzword. It is the future of how we must live in order to sustain our planet and the people who live on it.”


Soumyaa Rawat

Ambassador, Gurgaon, India

A second year student of Journalism at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University, Soumyaa Rawat has had the privilege to access the internet and the opportunity to know about the world.

Although there are buzzing articles about international relations, climate change, and superpowers’ race to ace, sustainable fashion is a newer concept that has happened to attract the younger minds. Dressing up and shopping being one among the many hobbies that she possesses, she found about sustainable fashion and the pros attached to it. As an ambassador at Remake, she is eager to know more about what world has to offer to the field of fashion and also to escalate the combination of sustainability and fashion into a  widespread ideology. Lastly, the idea of connecting with like-minded people always excites her to the core of her heart!

“Elegance and ethics go hand in hand. For me, one can’t do without the other. Imagine being a fashionista with animal blood on it!”

Samantha Milne

Ambassador, New York, New York

Samantha Milne writes a blog (@the_sustainlabel) where she exposes secondhand treasures and sustainable fashion brands in an attempt to influence readers fast fashion inclinations. She is currently a Senior Client Strategist at a mobile marketing technology firm and graduated from Dartmouth College where she focused her studies on consumer decision-making.

Once a fast fashion shopaholic, Samantha became interested in sustainable fashion while thrifting secondhand luxury and vintage garments on the hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces to enhance her wardrobe. She has been fascinated by fast fashion’s influence on consumer purchase behavior and recently began to uncover the environmental and ethical consequences of buying new fashion. She is excited to collaborate with and learn from the like-minded, fashion-conscious community at Remake.

“I #WearMyValues by empowering others to think before shopping and providing resources to encourage reduced fashion footprints.”

Carla Morte Burke

Ambassador, New York, New York

Carla is a NYC based men’s stylist and the founder of Well-Guided Style. Carla works with men to “dress and address” their needs through sustainable, ethical, and purpose-driven fashion. She helps empower them to look, feel, and be the best expression of themselves while educating them on how to up-cycle, recycle, and mindfully shop.

Born in Spain and raised in Germany, Carla has spent the last two decades living in NYC leading public relations for world-renowned luxury fashion and lifestyle brands. Before starting her own business in 2017, Carla was the Vice president of Global Communications at Donna Karan International, where she executed runway shows, secured features in major publications, developed high-profile press campaigns, and styled celebrities, athletes, and other noteworthy men.

As a Remake ambassador, she is committed to continually learning and raising awareness around mindful fashion.

“I wear my values and try to set a good example for my clients by buying less and spending wisely on brands that address social, ecological, cultural, economic, and ethical issues.”

Alison Hamilton

Ambassador, Manchester, United Kingdom

In the 1990s, Alison had first hand experience of working in commercial garment factories the UK and South Asia, and was also privileged to work for a handloom company in Sri Lanka which had deep respect for its workers, and philanthropic values about teaching artisan skills of spinning, weaving and sewing to the underprivileged women it employs at its small, rural workshops. Here she designed collections of clothes inspired by traditional zero waste designs that were made by hand.

After graduating with a BA (Hons) Clothing, she continued as a freelance designer specializing in bespoke pattern cutting for the individual figure, designing and making garments from club wear to men’s shirts, wedding and christening dresses. She also spent many years working in online learning in higher education where she pioneered change, and led teams to develop strategies and implement operational plans.

In 2018 she quit her job in education to focus her energy on bespoke clothing design, including costumes for dance and stage performances. She is passionate about sharing and developing skills, and teaches technical aspects of fashion at private classes. She is experienced at supporting community events with creative workshops, fashion shows, costumes, and parade wear, and runs events to recycle, re-use and create garments and costumes with people of all levels of experience, to enhance their confidence, creativity and resourcefulness.

“I became a Remake Ambassador because I want to make people aware of the artisan skills that goes into making their clothes, how much a garment should really cost, and to promote ethical working practices and fair wages across the supply chain. I wear my values by making, remodeling or up-cycling all my own clothes, and teaching others to do the same.”

Kora Kane

Ambassador, Richmond, Virginia

Kora joined Remake summer of 2020 to develop a deeper understanding of the fashion world, and connect with like minded peers and industry leaders who can enhance her sustainable lifestyle. Kora is currently a student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where she studies business information technology, focusing on operations and supply chain management. She is also minoring in communication strategy and sustainability. She hopes to combine her educational paths and begin a career in sustainable fashion, which she believes starts with the supply chain of the garment industry.

Kora first became interested in a sustainable lifestyle due to her passion for the environment. She believes in living purposely, and in a lot of ways that means giving back to the planet that gives us life. On minimum wage salary with a desire to keep up with the trends, In high school she never really considered the impact of fashion and focused her efforts on limiting plastic use and vegetarianism. In college after buying from Zaful and Shien one too many times, she had to look into the fashion industry. It all changed from there. An environmentalist realizing that fashion is a top 3 polluter…. there was no going back. This was something never talked about with her friends, family, even on any social media she’d seen. So, she started @korarestyled to commit to consumer consciousness and promote sustainable shopping for people like her.

On @korarestyled, Kora posts clothing restyles, thrifts, and offers sustainable stores to her following. Her focus is to support girls her age to shop sustainably, and to show it’s possible even without a big salary.

With Remake, she hopes to help influence sustainability on a college level. Whether this means setting up an informational booth, pushing for sustainable sorority spirit-wear, or hosting informational sessions- she’s excited to be a part of the revolution.

“I think it’s important for people like me, as a student with minimal income, to understand that shopping sustainably isn’t just for those who can afford a two hundred dollar dress, it’s for everyone. I’m here to show that and spread the word.”

Pearl Moon

Ambassador, New South Wales, Australia

Pearl is glad to have grown up during the second wave of feminism. Everything she’s come to understand about sustainability and how its linked to capitalism, patriarchy and the oppression of women has come into sharp focus understood through feminist critique.

As a young woman Pearl was intrigued by “fashion” but instinctively dressed herself more as an act of performance art. Buying only from thrift shops in the 1970s some of the things Pearl enthusiastically wore in public were – a genuine WW2 soldiers trench coat, a calf length pink ballet tutu and genuine fox fur stoles. Unless you are actually doing a performance of Swan Lake the perfect thing to wear with a ballet tutu is Doc Martens boots.

In 1984 Pearl gained an industry qualification as a pattern maker and sample machinist. Initially she worked in clothing factories then later started a small manufacturing business selling her own designs from a market stall and directly to boutiques. Today she works as a professional textile artist from her own studio making woman’s art to wear clothing from wholly up-cycled clothing and fabrics. In keeping with her strong principles about ethics and sustainability Pearl is the sole worker who designs and makes everything.

“I was born a fashion disruptor and it’s my plan to die wearing a pink tutu and homemade crotchet desert boots.”

Dewey MacMillen

Ambassador, Burlington, Vermont

Dewey MacMillen was born and raised in Norwich, Vermont – definitely not a community known for its connection to fashion. However, that didn’t stop her from pursuing fashion wherever possible! She put on makeshift fashion shows, read magazines, and watched every movie/documentary available. After moving to Boston to study Marketing and International Affairs at Northeastern University, she completed a Co-op at NARS Cosmetics in NYC where she got her first taste of working at NYFW. However, after watching The True Cost documentary in 2015, her love of fashion was placed under a harsh lens.

Since then, she has moved back to her home state of Vermont; one that is known for its stewardship of the environment. This, combined with feeling inspired by organizations such as Remake have led her down the sustainable fashion rabbit hole.

Now, she is an Account Manager at a Youth-focused marketing agency in Burlington, Vermont. She hopes to educate not only her fellow Vermonters but many others, by extension.

“I do not believe any human being should suffer for fashion. The (predominantly) women who make our clothes deserve respect, a living wage, a safe work environment, and appreciation for their craftsmanship. We, as consumers, have the power to change our consumption habits and subsequently force brands to follow suit. I appreciate and admire the work Re/Make does and I am excited to embark on the journey and continue to ask myself – and others – ‘how can we make choices that create a slower, more sustainable and human system?'”

Sumedha Vemulakonda

Ambassador, San Jose, California

Sumedha Vemulakonda is an undergraduate student studying Economics, Journalism, and Law at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. As a true Economics nerd, and Fashionista, she’s combined her interests in her current project: research into the labor rights issues within the fast fashion industry — particularly analyzing success of public and private measures taken after the Rana Plaza incident. In the process she fell in love with fashion as an ethical force for good.

Like a lot of other fashion enthusiasts, Sumedha was guilty of valuing trendy clothes while turning a blind eye towards the multiple labor rights abuses and various other ethical issues that underlie the production process of fast fashion. After writing a paper on the sourcing models of these businesses, as well as publishing stories about sustainable fashion on her blog, À La Mode, she is determined that it isn’t enough to simply write about these issues. As an aspiring lawyer, she’s excited to learn a more hands-on approach to activism from the Remake Ambassadorship program. She plans on documenting her journey of growing a sustainable and ethical wardrobe and in so doing, educate her community as to how they too can #weartheirvalues.

“I’m still learning how to wear my values, and although it’s an ongoing journey for me, I can say the first step is personal accountability and education. I’m working on buying from ethical and sustainable brands, as well as slowing down my consumption. Thrifting is a great way to slow the fashion cycle, while still putting together some fly fits!”

Shrutaswini Borkakoty

Ambassador, New Delhi, India

Shrutaswini was inclined toward fashion from a very young age and loved playing dress-up. Having an artistic mother only encouraged it further. Her mum would teach her to work on old clothes and, even, to stitch old scrap fabrics to make quirky newer pieces. Watching documentaries and reading about the waste generated in the garment industries, the exploitation of labor and natural resources, brands not being accountable, and other horrors in fashion have made her understand the need for sustainability as a movement. Extensive research into it as she was growing up, further, increased her concern for the environment and the people exploited by the industry.

She is, currently, a science student from University of Delhi, India, and identifies herself as an empath with a passion in science and love for the arts. With a head full of dreams, she desires to bring change to the world around her with kindness and love.

With resources getting replenished outside and exploitation increasing, it is time that the need for ethical fashion is brought out to the masses and sustainability in fashion, as a movement, gains momentum. By joining Remake as an ambassador, she hopes to be one of those to bring awareness to the people and help this movement grow. Remake is already working well to bring awareness, justice and accountability in fashion. So, working with the team will help her do her part in bringing a change and she looks forward to it.

“I only shop, when it is necessary, from ethical brands. I #wearmyvalues by reusing old clothes, mixing outfits, thrifting and taking care of the clothes I already own. Fashion is more than just looking good every time you step out. It should be smart, sustainable and accountable. It needs to value resources and not be selfish. I’m waiting for a time when every buyer is smart, every brand is sustainable and both hold accountability. Till then, I want to play my part by putting forward my voice and be active in the movement.”

Elif Kalin

Ambassador, Oxford, United Kingdom

Driven by her passion in combining fashion and sustainability, Elif runs a small business where she sells curated vintage clothing. She believes that dressing well shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet or its people.


Being a change maker from a young age, she has led many humanitarian projects across continents including literacy initiatives for refugee women in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank, as well as developing a health and educational reform program throughout orphanages in Haiti. Having recently completed a masters in Development Studies at Cambridge, Elif saw a deeper perspective into the overarching inequalities embedded in the world order.

She has worked as a consultant in sustainable commodities for brands including M&S, Nestle, Amazon and Coca Cola in eliminating deforestation from supply chains across industries. Frustrated by the lack of change in the move towards achieving the agreed SDGs, Elif has now started to work as a policy advisor in the UK government’s Department for International Trade in hope for initiating conversations around sustainable and ethical transactions.

Her goal as a Remake Ambassador is to continue striving hard to spread the enthusiasm for embracing an ethical and sustainable lifestyle and believes that with like-minded individuals who share the same passion, she can make her message reach even further.

“Having proudly broken up with fast fashion some years ago, I #wearmyvalues by being mindful that every purchase is in fact a political statement that I make to either support a multi-billion industry which profits off slave labor- or not. I am reminded that the most sustainable purchase is the one I didn’t make.”

Camila Figueiredo

Ambassador, São Paulo, Brazil

Camila graduated in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing, and has two masters, one in Business Management and another in Financial Controlling. She has developed her career in the automotive industry, and she is currently Executive Manager of Business Control at Scania Latin America. All her friends think that she should be working with fashion, because they find her very stylish and elegant.

Despite working in the automotive industry, Camila was always passionate about fashion. After starting to read the book “The Conscious Closet” she had a “click”, and decided to go for a conscious closet journey. 2020 has been a different year for her. She has been trying to improve her knowledge about sustainable fashion and the true story behind fast fashion. She has also decided to launch a new business in the fashion industry. Coming soon…

She believes that by being part of the Remake World as an ambassador, she can contribute to others’ development by spreading her knowledge in a country where people don’t speak too much about the consequences of fast fashion: Brazil.

“I want to collaborate with the planet and our society, supporting people to become more conscious about the clothes they buy. It’s all about gaining greater awareness! We all need to look good, feel good and do good!”

Hansika Iyer

Ambassador, Boston, Massachusetts

Hansika Iyer is a sustainable fashion activist and fiber scientist. She works as a materials developer at Reebok where she creates innovative, sustainable materials. As an activist, Hansika has spoken on stage twice at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit to advocate for human rights in the fashion industry. She has led sustainable fashion initiatives at Cornell University, where she studied Fiber Science and Apparel Design, and at the UN headquarters as a participant of the #FashionForSDGs campaign. Hansika hopes to use her platform as a Remake Ambassador to raise awareness of sustainable materials in fashion, and to advocate for human rights in the fashion supply chain.

“I believe that fashion is art, and that no art should come at the cost of human lives or the environment. I wear my values by working to create a more beautiful fashion industry where the clothes we design create value for the earth and everyone in the supply chain.”

Lizzie Somabut

Ambassador, Dallas, Texas

Lizzie became hooked on sustainable fashion after she took a year off to travel around Europe, Asia, and Australia. During her time away from the U.S., she didn’t shop much but when she needed to, she started doing basic research about international brands and how they differed from where she was in the U.S. Lizzie was already interested in sustainability from a consumer standpoint, but hadn’t done much research on the ins and outs of what it means within the fashion industry. But once she started researching different brands and went down the rabbit hole of fast fashion, Lizzie learned just what it is that sustainable fashion REALLY means – it’s not just about the materials, but about working conditions and proper payment and safety conditions of garment workers. After coming back home to Texas prematurely due to COVID-19, she started to research what a career in sustainable fashion looked like and she’s been educating myself on the topic ever since!

Lizzie is so excited to keep educating herself, educating others, and connecting with like-minded humans to make a difference. She can’t wait to be involved in more dialogue about what can be done to keep promoting sustainable fashion, as well as find opportunities to be on the front lines of social justice within the industry to support garment workers, factory conditions, and highlight the interconnectedness among other social justice issues and fashion.

“It took a life-changing trip for me to realize how I want to spend my time moving forward – to immerse myself in the sustainable fashion industry to support garment workers, factory conditions, and highlight the interconnectedness among other social justice issues and fashion. I’m here to make an impact and I think this is just the beginning.”

Alicia Bennett

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alicia Bennett, originally from Southern Maryland, moved to Philadelphia, PA to study Fashion Merchandising at Jefferson University. Through taking courses and working in retail the many issues within the fashion industry were brought to her attention. Her career goal is to work towards changing the industry for the better, specifically for garment workers. She believes these workers are often unprotected and no one should have to work under unsafe or unfair conditions. As a Remake Ambassador Alicia is excited to be a part of a community of fashion lovers who all share a similar vision for the future of the industry. Fast fashion will kill our planet if more consumers are not educated on its effects and brands do not change their ways. She hopes to learn more about sustainable alternatives from other Ambassadors and the Remake community so she can share it with her peers and classmates. Alicia is excited to participate in a movement that is actively shifting the industry and is ready to help out in any way needed.

“Fashion is more than just how you look, it is how you #WearYourValues. This means supporting brands who pay their workers a living wage, use materials that don’t harm the planet, while also encouraging a more inclusive and sustainable lifestyle.”

Maya Howell

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Event Manager turned Community Developer, Maya (@mayahowell) is currently Director of a Community Interest Company working to support people affected by dementia. In her spare time she puts energy into social and environmental advocacy, aspiring to just do the best she can in helping to create a circular economy that supports all. Through her childhood, living sustainably with nature and people in mind was always a given. Coming from a small Scottish town with a love for vintage, second hand and repurposing, discovering the community surrounding the sustainable fashion movement sparked motivation and a new found sense of purpose.

At the beginning of 2020 Maya travelled to Jaipur, India, to learn about natural printmaking and dying, using traditional methods and using only elements found in nature. Whilst visiting the village of Bagru she saw first hand how the demand for these famous printed textiles has turned the once slow traditional art into a fast fashion production line, with chemicals, machines, and dangerous working conditions causing a devastating impact on the people and their environment. This brought to life the urgency in changing the way we look at fashion and our purchasing habits.

“I’m excited to learn and share through the Remake community. As a Remake Ambassador I want to be able to empower others to wear their values too. It’s clear that consumer decision making has to drastically change to stop the cycle of pollution and abuse. I want to help bring awareness to not just the dark side of the industry, but to how fun, accessible and rewarding it can be to enjoy slow fashion that is kind to people and our planet.”

Katy Redmond

Ambassador, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Originally from Oklahoma, Katy Redmond moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to study Design and Merchandising. While at Drexel University, Katy found herself becoming quite the advocate for sustainability within the fashion industry. Learning about environmental and ethical travesties caused by the fashion industry, Katy realized her purpose was to help change the way consumers think about fashion. After her first year at school, Katy pushed her friends and family to cut out fast fashion, a task that proved successful.

Her passion for sustainability culminated in creating a custom major – combining fashion, sociology, sustainability, and business consulting. She hopes to become a sustainability consultant for existing fashion brands. Katy found Remake through Instagram, falling in love with their mission. She hopes to help to make a positive impact on the future of fashion. She wants to facilitate the conversations that educate consumers on the reality of the fashion industry. Katy is beyond excited to have Remake as a platform to use her voice to amplify the voice of others.

“Education drives change, and I think consumers need to be educated on the reality of the fashion industry. I believe we can make a difference in ethical/sustainable fashion if we work together. We are stronger when we work together and realize what each of us bring to the table.”

Eliza Duberstein

Ambassador, Princeton, New Jersey

Eliza Duberstein is from Rochester, NY and currently resides in Princeton, NJ. She went to Emory University where she studied Political Science. She is currently doing public health research while studying for the LSAT. Eliza plans to attend law school in fall 2021 and is interested in studying fashion law and/or environmental law.

While at Emory, Eliza took many environmental science classes that made her passionate about sustainability. A lover of fashion, she started wondering about the intersections of the environment and fashion. After researching the topic for a few months, Eliza decided to start shopping only from sustainable retailers. She’s loved learning about the sustainable fashion movement and wants to make other people passionate about it too! When she learned about the Remake Ambassadors program, it was the perfect opportunity.

“I wear my values by researching brands before purchasing clothes, shopping secondhand and talking to friends and family about the importance of sustainable and slow fashion!”

Nainika Khetan

Ambassador, New Delhi, India

Nainika, while studying fashion technology in her college, came across different aspects of clothing. Having noticed the side effects of garment manufacturing, she took a pledge to buy less and live more. She promotes the same.

While still being in final year of her undergrad from NIFT, New Delhi, India, she firmly believes that the price paid for the purchase of clothes is the price paid for damaging our surroundings.

She co-founded Echo Club in her college and participated in WWF India’s Project Echo, a national level inter-collegiate conservation initiative. She won Echo 2019-2020 where the team worked on spreading awareness about responsible production and consumption in fashion industry. The initiatives can be seen on the Instagram page @projectecho_tattertales.

She reckons Remake as an apt platform to showcase her interest in fashion sustainability along with like-minded people and to vivify her view of the inside world of fashion.

“Fashion shouldn’t be a burden on anyone, neither the environment nor the people who create it. I #wearmyvalues by spreading this awareness no matter on how small or large scale it is.”

Maree Helleur

Ambassador, Wellington, New Zealand

Maree Helleur is a long-term fashion industry professional from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Growing up in an artistic rural beach-town small volume high quality items of clothing make up about 90% of her wardrobe consisting of mainly ethically produced New Zealand made brands.  Having lived outside of the confines of a city for the first half of her life Maree has made a big move to shift across New Zealand to the capital, Wellington.

Being naturally attracted to high quality, low volume brands with local manufacturing she has fallen on her feet in a role as retail store manager for a brand with similar values to her own. Maree loves building long term relationships with her clients, educating them about fabulous garments made from sustainably sourced materials with ethical manufacturing.

“My daughter has recently graduated and become a nurse, I have shifted from the beach to a city and I am in the next chapter of my life. Having lived outside the hustle bustle of city life in an environment support by tourism, agriculture and local manufacturing I believe I can offer an alternative perspective. Having been accepted with remake know I will gain more knowledge and this collaboration will help me with new communication frameworks.”

Mahima Hazarika

Ambassador, Kolkata, India

Mahima (@greenissustainable) just graduated from high school, but don’t let her age fool you. Having a mother as a researcher and specialist in sustainability, it was only natural for her to follow her mother’s footsteps. While casually browsing through YouTube one day, she came across an amazing TedTalk by Lauren Singer on Zero Waste. From there, one thing led to another and she found herself engulfed in the world of sustainability, zero waste and sustainable fashion. What started off as a mere fascination, turned into a full fledged passion.

She was introduced to fast fashion through the two horrifying documentaries – China Blue and The True Cost. It was really hard for her to accept the injustice that was happening inside the fashion industry; that not only violated the rights of millions of garment workers but also adversely impacted the environment. After doing more research, Mahima had made up her mind that she wanted to be an environmental activist advocating for intersectional environmentalism and justice for garment workers, while practicing zero waste in her personal life. To serve this purpose, she started a page on Instagram called Green Is Sustainable, which shares informational content on fast fashion, plastic-free tips, sustainable swaps and much more.

The main objective of joining the Remake community is to reach out to more people and educate them about the ill-effects of fast fashion, and inspire them to welcome sustainable and eco-friendly local businesses. At the same time, she also hopes to move brands towards transparency, urge them to #PayUp and be more fair to people of color.

“I #wearmyvalues by shopping only when necessary and by supporting local businesses. I choose people and planet first, and fashion second. Let’s give a voice to nature, and amplify the voices of people who are unheard.”

Ashleyn Przedwiecki

Ambassador, Saint Paul, Minneapolis

Ashleyn Przedwiecki is an event producer, design, and creative place maker with expertise in visual communications, sustainable design, and social impact strategy. She is currently working on a Masters in Sustainable Design from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, combining her passions for cultivating and designing spaces with her pursuit of creating a positive social and environmental impact. She proudly serves as a member of the Global Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic Forum to gather young leaders from around the world to engage in social and environmental action in their communities and leads the North American Caribbean teams for the Shaping Fashion Initiative.

She believes art, fashion, and immersive experiences can change our views on the world and uses events as a platform for driving change. She passionately advocates for women’s rights and sustainable practices within the fashion industry through her 5+ years of service as a regional coordinator Fashion Revolution, now serving Fashion Revolution USA as the Director of Operations and Community, and additionally has recently launched a community-driven fashion-focused platform called Threaded for independent creators, brands, and visionaries to gather and connect on actionable steps to driving change on a local level. By joining Remake, Ashleyn hopes to learn more about how to advocate for the rights of garment workers on a national and international level, disrupt modern slavery, and spearhead any necessary change to protect the most vulnerable who are exploited at the hands of the fashion industry.

“Fashion can be a form of daily activism and expression, as well as a wonderful entry point for connection and conversation with anyone. By choosing to wear your values every day, we can build a world where people and the planet as respected and honored, using our wardrobes as the tool for education, empowerment, and change.”

Jacqueline Rivera

Ambassador, Congers, New York

Since graduating with her Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, Jacqueline has realized that she wants to make her impact on the fashion industry by pushing the industry to do better. She first started getting interested in sustainable fashion and worker’s rights when she traveled to China on a trip with her university. Jacqueline was able to see garment factories and how the production process went firsthand. This is when she realized that there were many brands who were not being transparent about their supply chain process and how wrong that is. As a Remake Ambassador, Jacqueline is hoping to get more information across to her peers and show them that their purchases truly do make a difference. She is most excited to be a member of a community that is advocating for change in an industry that she truly loves and wants to see do better as time goes on.

“I wear my values by truly connecting to the clothes that I wear. It means more to me when I know where these clothes came from, who made them, and how my purchase can help. Having a story behind my clothing makes me feel that much more connected.”

Emily Woo

Ambassador, Oakland, California

Emily Woo is a 22-year-old recent graduate from San Diego State University (SDSU) in California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Securities and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR) and is eager to get started on her career despite the uncertainty of our current times. Emily grew up in the Bay Area of California and went to high school in Berkeley. She completed one year at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon in 2015-2016 before realizing that it was not the right fit for her. Despite this, it was at the University of Oregon that Emily took her first higher level International Relations classes where she was often the youngest student in a given class.

Immediately after her first year in Oregon, Emily moved to San Diego in the fall of 2016 to continue her journey at community college. After two years of community college in San Diego, Emily was accepted into the ISCOR program as a transfer student. She started in the fall of 2018 and immediately found herself at home. She not only loved the location of her school, but she fell in love with international securities and global diplomacy through her major. She found herself getting excited about reading assignments and simulation finals because each class was full of topics about which she was passionate. In addition, Emily completed over 100 hours as an intern at the International Rescue Committee in San Diego as a community health intern. She worked with local refugees and immigrants teaching English and job training skills. Emily enjoyed this experience because she got a small, internal look into how NGO’s operate. Emily is also extremely proud of her time abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. She spent 6 months in Sweden at Stockholm University studying Globalization and International Securities. Not only did Emily gain new knowledge in the classroom, but saw the world from completely new perspectives along the way. She is hoping to move back to Sweden to continue her career in the near future. Emily completed two full years at SDSU and graduated in May of 2020 and received her degree despite the current pandemic.

Aside from Emily’s educational experiences, she is passionate about combing her passion for and experience with international securities with sustainable fashion and lifestyles! She came across Remake’s story and missions and hoped to be involved in it’s work to further education about how our own habits can be detrimental to our global society socially, economically, and environmentally. She is not only passionate about international securities, but also about social justice, animal justice, and childhood development! She has worked as a nanny and caregiver for most of her life and loves working with kids of all ages and experiencing the world through such a fresh perspective.

Emily is excited to use her knowledge and experiences to try and help Remake in any way possible. She is excited about educating her peers about sustainable and safe fashion and ways we can all be involved in these progressive times. She is hard working and is always willing to go above and beyond for things she cares about.

“I #wearsyourvalues in my clothing as well as in my everyday interactions. I had started transitioning my wardrobe to incorporate only reused or thrifted items or sustainably and ethically made items. I practice kindness and compassion every day to the best of my ability as well as decent communication skills. I work hard to uphold the age old saying of treating others how I wish to be treated because I truly believe peace is achieved through genuinely understanding others’ and what they have to say or believe in.”

Anna Benzin

Ambassador, Oakland, California

Anna is a textile designer currently based in Oakland, California. When attending undergrad at Parsons School of Design, where she studied fashion design; a professor asked her to trace her favorite garment’s whole life cycle. This exercise opened Anna’s eyes to the vast amount of resources producing clothing takes from our planet. This ignited a passion in her to uncover the fashion industries exploitation of the planet as well as human rights.

Since then Anna has rooted her own design practice in focusing on slow hand crafted making techniques that highlight the love, care, and hand that go into every garment made; using only environmentally friendly yarns and old clothing/fabric to create her pieces.

As a Remake Ambassador, Anna hopes to inspire others to think about the entire lifecycle of an item of clothing and the amount of human hands that touch a garment before it ends up adorning their bodies.

I #WearMyValues by thinking about if I want or if I need something before I purchase it in order to limit my consumption of goods; as well as to make sure my dollar goes to supporting brands and people I believe in.

Tracy Hawk

Ambassador, Austin, Texas

Sustainability has and continues to be a common theme in Tracy’s world. Growing up in Columbus, OH, she was an avid thrifter and a frequent visitor of the local consignment shops. As a self proclaimed “treasure hunter” and “emotional dresser”, Tracy was always on the hunt for unique pieces to add to her wardrobe. She attended Columbus State Community College and received a degree in nutrition with the intention to work in sustainable farming. Soon after graduation, Tracy made the move to Austin, TX and within a year, made her presence and passion for sustainability known at the largest farmers market in Austin, while working at a beloved juice stand. It was here where she made countless connections with local farmers, entrepreneurs and other sustainability enthusiasts.

In 2017, Tracy was offered a unique opportunity to work on a local movie set as the head wardrobe stylist. This experience of being on set and styling the cast amplified her love of fashion and prompted her realization of how an outfit can be utilized to express what she (and others) are feeling on the inside.  When the movie wrapped up and Tracy was no longer styling the cast, she felt a void and decided to switch her focus from sustainable food to sustainable fashion and launched her own vintage pop up, @sheisahawk. Her vintage collection is largely inspired by her great grandmother, believing the significance of family heirlooms and how meaningful they are to pass on to younger generations. Some of Tracy’s most treasured items include jewelry from both sides of her family. Tracy loves to share her passion for fashion with her community and closest friends as she has hosted quarterly clothing swaps for the last nine years.

Through the Remake community, she hopes to continue her education and forever be a student while connecting with passionate people who want to make a difference in the fashion industry and advocating for conscious consumerism.

“I am always learning. I love seeing clothing have new life and I try to make my own story with every piece of wardrobe in my closet. I am excited to continue my education on sustainable and ethical fashion, understanding the history of the clothes I find second hand, and being mindful when buying new items out of necessity.”

Kamilah Sanders

Ambassador, Nashville, Tennessee

As an activist, speaker, and writer, Kamilah Sanders is founder and CEO of Greater Than Equal™, an international whole person, vision-based marketing and leadership consulting agency for social impact organizations and artists. Greater Than Equal focuses on Making Impact Easy ™ by engaging communities in culture, art, and sustainable fashion initiatives. An award-winning professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing and retail fashion apparel, Kamilah has worked with international corporations, nonprofits, communities, and entrepreneurs.

Sustainability was a way of life for Kamilah growing up – thrifting, hand me downs, borrowing clothes, sewing, patching, and upcycling was the norm. At a young age, Kamilah advocated for conservation and developed a love for fashion yet she was disheartened by the superficiality of it all. She studied consumer behavior and dove deeper into sustainable fashion, learning about fashion’s potential to cause a major positive shift in the climate crisis. Passionate about sustainable development strategy and serving as a catalyst for the sustainable fashion movement, Kamilah provides tools to leaders and enables individuals and organizations to take a stand, find their voice and share their story, so together we can change the world.

“Fashion is a global language that connects across cultures. We cannot overlook the BIPOC populations that enable this connection. I create understandings, connect disparate groups, and inspire leaders, so that together we can make a positive impact on the world. I take pride in fashionably standing for my values and you can too. Let me show you how.”

Mourushi Borah

Ambassador, Mumbai, India

Mourushi is a fashion technology student at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, India and a sustainability activist.

She grew up learning and loving fashion with her mother who would often stitch her cute comfortable outfits or make DIY stuff from scrap fabrics. She believes we need to go back to basics, learn lessons on co-existing with nature and be empathetic towards each other. She has been working on encouraging conversations around sustainable fashion and climate change for some time now, also have been taking necessary steps on individual level wherever possible. As a remake ambassador she looks forward to make others aware about sustainable and ethical fashion choices by sharing her experiences and knowledge.

“I #wearmyvalues by making mindful purchases, focusing on quality than quantity and taking care of stuff I already own. Fashion will always remain a part of me but not without my values.”

Urisa Pamintuan

Ambassador, San Diego, California

As a Filipina-American growing up in a military family, Urisa frequently moved around as a child. Her love of fashion stemmed from her early childhood years living in Japan where she was exposed to the avant-garde, fun, and bold statements that characterized Japanese street fashion. To her, fashion is art – it’s expression, beliefs, connection, and culture. She loved how stories about a person’s life and who they are could be expressed through their apparel.

After her family finally settled down in San Diego, Urisa went on to pursue a double major at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Environmental Studies and Geography where her love for sustainability and the environment – and ultimately sustainable fashion began. While learning about the relationships between humans and the environment in school, Urisa finally realized that she no longer had the funds or the space (and necessity really) to cater to her fast-fashion made clothes. It was also a time where she learned about the power that individual choice holds in our modern capitalist society.

“Do my actions align with my values?” is an incessant question that often crosses her mind. In this ongoing self-journey to improve upon her choices as a consumer and human, Urisa has found that starting from her own home (specifically her closet!) is where true and authentic change begins.

During this pandemic, Urisa decided to leave her 9-5 job and is spending this quarantine time working on her blog, The Dotted Lyne, which serves to highlight and spread awareness of sustainable and ethical ways we can improve our fashion choices while also fulfilling our needs to live a beautiful and mindful life. As a Remake Ambassador, Urisa is thrilled to join a group of intelligent and stylish environmentalists to learn more from, share her love for sustainable fashion with, and to educate fiercely for a more self-sustaining and kind future.

“I #WearMyValues by purchasing and wearing my clothes with emotion and intention. What beautiful place did this come from? Who stitched this together? What is this beautiful hue made of? I ask. I hold myself accountable for the purchasing choices that I make as a consumer.”

Nidhi Parikh

Ambassador, Mumbai, India

Nidhi is an entrepreneur, growth strategist and supporter of sustainability in fashion. She got her MBA from Boston-USA, wherein she was first introduced to industry leaders and advocates of sustainable fashion.

Then, working at her second generation family business of luxury garment exports, based out of Mumbai-India, she was driven to discover different ways and initiatives to introduce responsible procedures and processes in their operations. This has also resulted in the emergence of her local brand of fun and modern clothing with an iconic style made out of the wasted fabrics and materials from the family’s export unit. They also up-cycle and personalize clothing that you are not sure what to do with, thereby giving it a new life rather than having it end up in landfills.

She has been working extensively on finding sustainable solutions for designing, manufacturing, packaging, transporting and end consumption within the fashion industry and through this opportunity with Remake, she is excited to create a level of awareness within her community so that their choices can make a positive impact on the industry.

“As a Remake Ambassador I wish to learn as well as educate my local communities on the issues with irresponsible consumption of fashion and encourage conversations so as to empower myself and them to make better choices in response to these issues.”

Valeria Hernández

Ambassador, Los Angeles, California

Valeria (@valeshrndz) is a student studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in News Media and Society at the University of Southern California. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has always enjoyed exploring the island’s beautiful beaches and other natural sites. Her journey into slow fashion began through thrift shopping, solely because it was an inexpensive way to restock her closet. As she learned more about the positive effects of thrift shopping and the harms of fast fashion, she made it her mission to spread this message among her friends.

Her goal as a Remake Ambassador is to continue spreading this message across a larger platform and to connect to like minded individuals who share this same passion of tackling the fast fashion industry.

“As a college student, leaving fast fashion seemed impossible on my budget. As I learned more about thrift shopping and other methods to steer clear of the fast fashion industry, I realized that it is not an impossible feat. I want to help people like me through this process and come to the realization themselves that slow fashion can be easy, affordable, and fun!”

María Márquez

Ambassador, Murcia, Spain

Marisa is an International Relations and Business Administration student at the University of Murcia. Fashion has always been an important part of her life but when she realized how that empire was made of, instantly knew that the rules of the industry had to change.

As a Remake Ambassador, Marisa hopes to learn more about fast and slow fashion and to spread awareness to others.

“I try to buy better, less and use longer. That is my mantra. Personally speaking, I see it such as a responsibility we all have not just with the planet we live in but with the people who make our clothes”


Chloé Cohen

Ambassador, Paris, France

Chloé is a journalist, speaker and host of the podcast Nouveau Modèle on sustainable fashion.

She created her podcast in 2018, when she was a correspondent for Le Parisien, in New York City. At that time, she attended a lot of events about sustainability in the fashion industry. She gradually became aware of the consequences of her own fashion choices. She therefore decided to create her podcast, a space for discussion, where she invites committed women to come and talk about their fight to improve the garment industry and promote a more ethical and ecological fashion. She focuses on the links between women’s empowerment and socially-conscious fashion.

Chloé joined Remake as an Ambassador because she believes sorority is one of the solutions to defend the rights of women workers behind our clothes.

“I wear my values by promoting slow fashion through my podcast and by buying less but better. This means doing research about companies, looking at how a garment is produced and what impact it has on our planet. I want to to use my voice to make a change in the fashion industry.”

Aisha Lawlor

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

From a young age Aisha was fascinated by the glamorous image of the fashion industry. As her understanding of the industry’s real and damaging impact changed, so did the reason why she felt the need to be part of the fashion community.

As an Art History student at the University of Edinburgh, Aisha had the opportunity to participate in a university-organized trip to India in 2019. The trip focused on India’s complex relationship with cotton, from harvest to clothing production. While she had an understanding of the need for sustainable and ethical practices before this, the trip inspired her to take action and get involved. In that same year Aisha began interning for The Circle, a developing platform which champions sustainability, circularity and transparency in fashion. Aisha’s goal is to help others in their journey towards understanding and implementing sustainable and ethical consumption into their own lives. She also believes that changing the relationship that we have with our clothes, and those who make them, can make fashion as exciting as it was when we were children.

“I #wearmyvalues by encouraging honest and open conversations about consumption. I believe that it is vital to share the message of change from a place of non-judgement, kindness and understanding.”

Demory Hobbs

Ambassador, Scottsdale, Arizona

Demory is a recent American University graduate and an aspiring Public Relations professional. Her passion for sustainable fashion began when she learned about the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry and recognized how much waste she produced. Seeking a community to hold her accountable and help provide alternatives to fast fashion, Demory joined Remake. As a writer, she believes in the power of storytelling to effect change, which is why she writes for the Remake site, too. Demory is constantly working towards more ethical consumption, and she is currently looking for ways to use her talents to further this mission.

“On a student’s budget, I couldn’t imagine quitting fast fashion, but once I started seeing the creative, cost-effective alternatives, it became much easier to wear my values. The best feeling is when someone compliments something I’m wearing and I can tell them it’s thrifted or can tell them about the sustainable brand I bought it from.”

Tanvi Gupta

Ambassador, Karnataka, India

Fashion is in Tanvi’s blood, having grown up with a fashion designer for a mother. From creating outfits of scrap fabric as a child to working for various fashion companies, her interest in the industry has only grown with time. Her professional experiences range from corporate retail in America to a design firm, garment factory and fashion startups in India.

Over the course of Tanvi’s career, she has learned about the fashion industry’s detrimental effects on the environment and the erosion of human rights of garment factory workers. This converted her interest to a deep passion for ethical and sustainable fashion. As a Remake Ambassador, she looks forward to influencing others to make decisions that will lead to a greener and safer fashion world.

“I have changed my relationship with fashion by switching gears from a seasoned fast fashion shopper to becoming extremely mindful of my purchases and the brands I choose to support. Fashion continues to be my form of self-expression, where my choices reflect my values.”

Megan Doyle

Ambassador, London, United Kingdom

Megan (@titianthread) is a fashion journalist and content creator born in Perth, Australia and based in London. Having started her career writing about luxury and business for publications like the Business of Fashion and Luxury Society, she soon discovered that the world of sustainable fashion held far more meaning, importance, sense of community and a common purpose that she couldn’t find in other sectors of the industry.

Through her writing, Megan aims to make sustainability more accessible to people outside of the fashion community in order to ignite conversations about consumption, the lifecycle of clothing and the importance of education to change people’s relationship with fashion. She is fascinated by the psychology of consumerism and marketing, policymaking and understanding the social, cultural and political structures that have to be dismantled in order to rebuild a safe and sustainable fashion system for people and the planet.

As a Remake Ambassador, Megan plans to continue learning about the ever-changing sustainability landscape and sharing her discoveries through critical, honest and solution-focused stories that highlight the incredible work of sustainable thinkers & makers around the world. She hopes to encourage readers to question the status quo and reflect on their own relationship with clothing.


“I #WearMyValues by being a proud outfit repeater, avoiding the allure of new clothes in favor of embracing what’s already in my wardrobe, as well as buying vintage and second-hand where possible. We live in a world where a celebrity wearing the same outfit twice is somehow newsworthy, which makes it even more important that we normalize and celebrate wearing our clothes until they fall apart!

Maggie Horstman

Ambassador, Washington D.C.

Maggie is a law student at American University Washington College of Law focused on environmental law with specific interests in environmental justice, sustainable food systems, and human rights more generally. Her research on food systems has inspired her to look further into other supply chains, like fashion, and Question the Process (which is also the name of the blog she is currently developing!).

As a Remake Ambassador, Maggie hopes to learn more about the environmental and human impacts of fast fashion and spread this knowledge to others.

“After becoming plant-based and reevaluating the way my actions impact the environment, I am excited to take the next step in my sustainability journey by taking the 90 day #NoNewClothes pledge to begin my commitment to sustainable fashion.”

Sarah Lermsider

Ambassador, Brooklyn, New York

Sarah Lermsider is a self-taught fashion sustainability mentor, blogger, and advocate. With a background in theatre, film, and television, she first began standing up t