The Team




Ayesha Barenblat


Ayesha (@abarenblat) is a social entrepreneur with a passion for building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. With over a decade of leadership to promote social justice and sustainability within the fashion industry, she founded Remake to ignite a conscious consumer movement. Remake’s films, stories and immersive journeys rebuild human connections with the women who make our clothes. Ayesha is passionate about where things come from, who made them and what their lives are like. She has worked with brands, governments, and labor advocates to improve the lives of the women who make our clothes.

She led brand engagement at Better Work, a World Bank and United Nations partnership to ensure safe and decent working conditions within garment factories around the world. She was head of consumer products at BSR, providing strategic advice to brands including H&M, Levi Strauss & Co., Marks and Spencer, Nike, The Walt Disney Company and Pou Chen on the design and integration of sustainability into business. She holds a master’s in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

“Today there is a long unhappy story of how our fashion is made and where it ends up. I want us to reimagine this story. I founded Remake because I truly believe in the good that comes from human connections. The modern shopper wants to know more, and the maker is better off when we use our voice and wallet to advocate for her wellbeing.”

Katrina Caspelich

PR Manager

Katrina is an experienced marketing strategist who strives to build the Remake brand using storytelling, creative thinking, and integrated marketing. A fashionista to the core, Remake allows her to fulfill two of her passions in life: public relations and socially conscious fashion companies.

With over 12 years of experience working within the fashion industry, Katrina has worked as a talent agent, fashion editor, content creator, and marketing manager. These roles not only expanded her knowledge of fashion but they introduced her to many creative people within the industry. She found herself building relationships with top PR firms, designers, stylists, celebrities, photographers, editors, and bloggers, which she enjoys greatly.

Katrina has a BS in Marketing from California State University San Marcos. Immediately after graduation, she moved to New York City where she spent the last 7 years working with fashion companies on brand management, media relations, and content creation.

“Building a brand through storytelling is at the heart of what PR professionals do. At Remake, storytelling is the heart of our brand. Through the stories we share, we are able to celebrate sustainable style, promote ethics, and improve the lives of those who make our clothes.”


Samantha Harmon

Samantha Harmon

Community Director

As the Ambassador Program Manager, Sam supports a growing community of Remake Ambassadors, individuals working across the fashion industry and in their local communities to make fashion a force for good. She is narrowly focused on empowering the next generation of sustainable fashion and women empowerment advocates.

From TOMS to fair trade to grassroots advocacy, Sam has spent her career at the intersection of social impact and business, knowing full well that without informed, empathetic consumers the fashion industry will not change.

Sam holds a BA in Textile and Apparel Manufacturing from the University of Missouri, and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School. Alongside Remake, Sam is a managing partner at qb., a purpose-driven consulting firm helping clients create and implement sustainability and diversity and inclusion strategies and communications.

“As Brittney Packnett says, ‘Knowledge is power. Take powerful action.’ At Remake, we elevate makers’ voices bringing awareness to the vast inequities across the fashion industry; we listen to their stories. Then we act; we #wearourvalues and share what we’ve learned with our local community.”

Jessie Ampofo

Brand Partnerships Manager

Jessie joins Remake where she researches brand and product compatibility against Remake’s rigorous criteria for the conscious fashion collections and builds brand partnerships for Remake approved brands. Her background is in Business and Human Rights research and she has consulted for ethical fashion brands including Women Worldwide, AAKS, and Symbology Clothing.

Jessie earned her Master of Science in State, Society, and Development from SOAS University of London. She enjoys traveling around the world, reading, and baked goods.

“My goal is to find the best ethical fashion brands out there to add to Remake’s collection. In doing so, I hope to make it really easy for shoppers to find and learn about ethical and affordable fashion!”

Chelsey Grasso

Content Manager

Chelsey joins Remake with over eight years of professional content experience. Beginning her career as a photo editor for a national teen magazine and quickly moving into writing, editing, and content managing for a diverse range of major print and online publications, she knows the ins and outs of what makes for engaging, fruitful content.

Prior to Remake, Chelsey wrote for Bustle, City Guide NY, and Paste Magazine, also regularly picking up bylines in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Thought Catalog. Additionally, she taught creative writing to undergraduates at the University of Massachusetts Boston and to children and teens at Writopia Lab, a non-profit organization based in New York City.

With a BA in Film/Video from the University of California, San Diego and a forthcoming MFA in Creative Writing from UMass Boston, Chelsey is interested in the power of storytelling and how universality can be accessed through writing. Chelsey is particularly excited by Remake’s interrogation of fast fashion as a women’s issue, and she is thrilled to get to play a role in spreading this insight.

“I care deeply about women and this planet, and fast fashion is harming them both. For me, sustainable fashion isn’t only a question of saving the earth, but also, it is an examination of ethics and the way we treat each other. It is a persistence in the hope for a better future, both environmentally and humanistically.”

Summer Kunst

Creative Designer

Summer is a Graphic Designer and Art Director with over 11 years of experience designing across all types of mediums and industries. She’s had the chance to work with amazing brands across the fashion, entertainment, tech and non-profit fields. Summer currently runs her own Graphic Design studio, Williams & Kunst.

She has a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and minor in Ethnic Studies from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. From a young age, Summer’s had a passion for educating herself on all matters of diversity, sustainability and human rights. Remake gives her the opportunity to combine two of her greatest interests—graphic design and social awareness. Summer enjoys cultivating strong partnerships with like-minded individuals who are looking to tell their story in an impactful way.

“Working for Remake is a true dream job. To connect my two passions in such an important way—using design to make the world a better place—makes me feel fortunate and inspired on a daily basis.”

Dina Chavez

Community Manager, ATX, Texas

After years spent building her own fashion label from the ground up, a family tragedy led Dina Chavez to reevaluate life – and business – as she’d always known it. Her sister was diagnosed with Uterine cancer at 35 and while Dina became her sister’s primary care giver she began to research the effects of chemicals in our clothing. From reading multiple health journals and reports, Dina learned about potential health hazards that could be caused by toxins in our clothes and knew the ethical action to take would be to re-brand her fashion label, SixChel. Dina Chavez is now creating an ethical fashion brand using sustainable, non-toxic fabric for the modern woman on the go.

Being a Remake Community Manager helps Dina reach her goal of educating others about what goes into making fabric, the clothes we wear and alternatives to old standards in the fashion industry. Meeting and networking with other like-minded individuals is a great way to expand her mission. The growth of Remake and its ambassadors gives the sustainability community a greater platform and Dina is just beyond excited to be a part of it.

“My personal philosophy on how to #wearyourvalues is to buy sustainable and ethical brands on all levels. I believe it is as important to support small, sustainable businesses as well as large corporations who are putting an effort into providing a more conscious approach to fashion. But we must also voice that there is more research and work to do and remember that the fashion industry can become an industry of sustainability with an active approach from CEO’s, business owners and consumers.”

Robyn Davies

Community Manager, NYC

Robyn is a marketing & communications professional who believes in the power of fashion to do good.

She works with brands to identify their unique story and develop their community through content creation, influencer & brand partnerships, and events, and seeks to apply her 6+ years of experience in marketing, PR, e-commerce, and retail at Rent the Runway, Red Bull Media House, Revo Sunglasses, and Health Magazine to inspire other women to be more conscious consumers.

Robyn learned about Remake while chatting with other women who work in sustainable fashion, and is excited by its mission and movement because it gives women the resources to start making small, yet impactful changes in their everyday lives.

“As a Remake Community Manager, I wear my values by buying less stuff and being more thoughtful about where I shop. For me, that means renting trendy items, investing in classic pieces from consignment, second-hand, and vintage stores, and buying basics from sustainable brands. Everything I buy has a story behind it, and I share these stories as a way to naturally talk with other women about how they can be still fashionable, while being more conscious consumers.”

Yimin Deng

Community Manager, NYC

During Yimin’s senior year at Parsons, he was selected for Remake’s Made In Sri Lanka journey inside garment maker communities to learn about the true human stories behind mass-produced fashion. During his awakening experience with garment makers inside their factories and boarding home, he realized the complexity of our fashion system and came away hoping to transform fashion into a force for good. Yimin earned his BFA from Parsons in 2018 and soon after became a Remake Ambassador. His involvement at Remake includes editorial writing, industry leaders interviews, event organization, public speaking and partnerships building. He helps grow Remake’s ecosystem in New York City.

After a year working as an Ambassador, Yimin is promoted to Community Manager of New York in June 2019. Continuing his responsibilities as an Ambassador, he is now in charge of organizing clothing swaps with Remake’s partners in New York: Buffalo Exchange, Global Fashion Exchange and The Phluid Project. As a special correspondent, Yimin has been covering the New York and global sustainable fashion community from local organizations to industry leaders including Outerknown, One432, and Carmen Gama of Eileen Fisher Renew. He also translates Remake’s valuable assets into Chinese in order to help expand Remake’s presence and contribute to the sustainable fashion movement in China. Yimin is also a liaison with Parsons School of Design, his alma mater, to help continually deepen the bond between Remake and Parsons.

“I wear my values by actively curbing my consumption and taking the time to research if I do need to buy something new. I ask myself again and again, do I really need more stuff in my life? Does this spark joy? I also love The RealReal and Remake Clothing Swaps!”


Kelly Stone

Kelly Stone

Ambassador, Atlanta, Georgia

Kelly became interested in sustainable fashion after an internship with College Fashionista and spending some time working with brands online. Seeing how much product was sent out to bloggers alone, who would never be able to wear everything sent to them by brands anyway, sparked her curiosity as to how much was being produced in the first place. Fast forward a bit and the research she had been doing made her desperate for a change!

Kelly is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy and hopes to work on issues related to economic development, something she believes the sustainable fashion industry can play a major role in. She chose to become a Remake Ambassador to join a community who believed in that change. Furthermore, she wants to aid in fostering our movement in her own community by helping host events and igniting conversations on how we can become more conscious consumers.

“I choose to #wearmyvalues by making a conscious effort to research brands before buying and seeking out secondhand options first whenever possible.”

Pooja Sathya

Pooja Sathya

Ambassador, India

Being born and brought up in a country like India, where human manpower in the clothing industry stands to be a challenge when it comes to ethical practices in the fashion industry, Pooja has witnessed the hardships of the workers and chose to take a stand to bring about a change in the fast growing fashion Industry. By using the idea of up-cycling, her motive is to change people’s mindset from fast fashion to fair fashion. After completing her course in Sustainable Fashion from Central Saint Martins, London, Pooja has been using her intellectual skills in sharing her knowledge of expertise by consulting her clients and designing their wardrobe clothing into up-cycling wear.

Pooja finds fun ways to revamp the wardrobe without burning a hole in the pocket and the environment. She recently conducted a fashion show with the slogan of FASHION REVOLUTION to strengthen the thoughts of people and show them the TRUE COST story. Where every closet in India contains saris (five and a half meters fabric attire), which is hardly used, Pooja designs a capsule collection out of the same material on a zero waste basis. She also holds clothing swap within her city. She is currently working on launching her new label, MANNEQUIN, which will contain up-cycled wear and organic wear. She is also helping a small group of women from rural areas in selling their recycled products by collaborating with them.

“I simply believe that instead of building a new sustainable fashion industry, we need to make our existing industry more sustainable. The aim is to close the loop, through various contributors— experts, enthusiasts, and most importantly, us as consumers. Gandhi once said ‘We need to be the change we want to see in the world.’ We can be the change makers, all we have to do is have a long-lasting relationship with what we have hanging in our closets. As humans, we owe it to ourselves to be responsible for what we have caused, and we can love what we already have in our closets.”

María José Munguía

María José Munguía

Ambassador, Mexico City, Mexico

María José Munguía is a textile engineer graduate, conscious consumer, and fashion lover. During her academic development she started to question if the textile industry was making the right choices in terms of sustainability. She questioned every step from processes and materials to working conditions and consequences; between classes and research programs, she discovered that changes around this industry needed to be made. She found her passion discovering that fashion doesn’t have to be in a fight with nature.

Thanks to her academic background, she is working towards a better industry. Nowadays she works for a Mexican Brand in which seamstresses are getting better working conditions. She is very excited to be a part of something that inspires her and she hopes to bring more consciousness and show people that every step counts. She believes that consumers have the power to change the world if they decided not only to buy less but to but better.

“No pretendo cambiar al mundo, pero en el pedacito que me toco vivir quiero hacer la diferencia.”

Stacey Berry

Stacey Berry

Ambassador, Des Moines, Iowa

Stacey became interested in sustainable fashion when she learned more about the people who were making her clothing and getting paid next to nothing when she was still shopping at fast fashion companies. She decided that she needed to do better for herself and for this world that she lives in.

Stacey is the co-founder of The 1846, which is a fair trade and sustainable e-commerce site that shows that individuals can find ethical fashion that looks great and is better for the environment. The site’s Instagram page dives into great sustainable brands and how individuals can become more sustainable. Stacey hopes as a Remake Ambassador that she can keep teaching others about the great impact sustainable fashion has and can continue to have on the world, and show others that this can be a lifestyle that they too can live.

“I wear my values by spreading awareness to others that the sustainable fashion movement is something that they too can be a part of by wearing clothes that were made through great companies that show their workers and the earth respect.”

Ilenia Ghità

Ilenia Ghità

Ambassador, Italy

Ilenia is a fashion designer and has been working as a fashion editor since September 2017. She founded a small sustainable clothes brand for babies, starting with fabrics coming from textile wastes, failed clothing factories, or donated clothes in good condition. Her main purpose has been to find a way to reintroduce textile wastes, giving them a second life circle, and transforming them into new, unique pieces. 

She became hooked on sustainable fashion when, living in Brussels in 2018, she discovered the zero waste movement, and she had the chance to collaborate with the designer of a 100% circular brand, where the clothes are made from old men shirts. Since then, she never stop believing in circular fashion and a sustainable lifestyle.

“I am Remake ambassador because I believe that the fashion industry needs to undergo a big transition, and instead of solely advocating for it, I want to concretely do my part in order to make it happen.”

Amber Dawn Lee

Amber Dawn Lee

Ambassador, Los Angeles

Amber wears her values every day by mixing up second-hand outfits that look boho-chic for the Los Angeles style scene. She is an active content creator who focuses on sustainable second-hand fashion styling.

She remembers a specific summer as a child where the old rackety washer her family owned broke down, and the laundry pile turned into a mountain of textiles. She loved jumping into the clothing to dig for an outfit to pull and wash. The outfit had to be special because if she was going to hand wash, she didn’t want to look frumpy. So mixing and matching has always been part of her mojo. Her family even lived in the back of a thrift shop for a while. It’s part of who she is, she loves fashion, and she loves looking awesome for less by mixing high-end pieces with less expensive finds.

Liza Cohen

Liza Cohen

Ambassador, NYC

Liza is a student at Fordham University Rose Hill in the Bronx, NY. She is studying Communication and the Environment with a minor in sustainable business; she’s on a mission to find solutions to the environmental crisis and share those solutions with others. Being educated on this topic was a privilege she first experienced in high school, and it is her desire to continue to broaden her knowledge on the subject. Additionally, Liza is keenly aware of the necessity to make knowledge about the challenges to our world readily available to everyone. She believes businesses will play a big role in this task.

Liza got hooked on sustainable fashion because she loved shopping but hated the waste produced by it. She developed an appreciation for local businesses who were transparent about materials and efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. As a Remake Ambassador she hopes to bring more public attention to the ethical issues of fast fashion and educate her community about sustainable brands and efforts they are making.

“The price of fashion should not come at the cost of the natural world. I want to feel good about what I put on my body, so when people ask where my clothes are from, I can tell them how I #wearmyvalues.”

Tessa Beltrano

Tessa Beltrano

Ambassador, NYC

Tessa became obsessed with fashion by the time she was 10 years old. In high school, she took clothing construction and fashion design classes, gaining an understanding of the process of garment making and the waste that can be part of this process. Through researching the industry’s practices, Tessa began to grasp the scale at which the fashion industry has harmed the people and resources it uses. Determined to be a part of the movement addressing this head-on, Tessa pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Business Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology with minors in Ethics & Sustainability, and International Politics. While serving as FIT’s President of the Residence Hall Association (RHA), Tessa formed and lead the Compost Crew, a student driven initiative that partnered with FIT Residence Life and the NY Department of Sanitation to bring composting to the residence halls. This pilot program jumpstarted a new sustainability-focus on FIT’s campus and fueled Tessa’s desire to pursue career opportunities that will enable the fashion industry to lead the way in sustainably focused business practices.

During her senior year at FIT, Tessa began working as the Special Projects Manager for TILL (Today’s Industrial Living Landscapes), coordinating TILL’s inaugural bioFASHIONtech Summit and overseeing the launch of the bioFASHIONtech LAB @ Stamford Town Center. Passionate about community, wearable art, and addressing the climate crisis, Tessa is immensely proud to be part of a team that pulls these elements together and is working towards real and lasting progress. In this vein, Tessa is honored to become a Remake Ambassador, joining a larger community of passionate individuals looking to educate themselves, fellow consumers, and fellow industry members about the ways in which we can improve the industry socially and ecologically. Tessa hopes to share Remake’s “Wear Your Values” message, making Remake’s wealth of resources and information as accessible as possible to her own community.

“I wear my values by taking care of my clothing, purchasing good-quality, ethically made garments, paying attention to the supply chains of the clothing I purchase, buying primarily second-hand, and only purchasing clothing I truly need.”

Milena Marchetti

Milena Alexandrovna Eva Marchetti-Kozlov

Ambassador, Guadalajara, Mexico

Milena is a sustainable fashion designer based in Guadalajara, Mexico, and originally from Northern California. She is currently launching her brand, MARCHETTI Sustainable, in the U.S and Mexico.

After going to university for both fashion merchandising and advertising and strategic communication, Milena found herself torn between her love for fashion and her concerns about industry practices. After researching and understanding the true cost of clothing, she could no longer pursue a career in the field without taking a more responsible route.

Milena is driven both by a deep concern and awareness to build a better world through conscious consumption. She is ecstatic to join the Remake team and be part of a community of sustainable fashion advocates.

“Empathy is nothing without action. We must refuse to buy into the hype that our needs or desires are more important than someone else’s humanity or well-being. There are real, serious consequences for each and every item we purchase. Our choices matter.

As a designer, I feel passionately that if new clothing is being created, it absolutely must be designed around the sustainable materials or practices available to us. In my case, it was a huge struggle to find authentically sustainable options, but I felt I had no other choice if I wanted to create this collection.

Fashion is such an important industry and has the ability to create and empower a movement that has a tangible impact on both people and the planet from within. There is so much to be done and I am honored to be part of a group of like-minded individuals working to make fashion a force for good.”

Breezy Diabo

Breezy Diabo

Ambassador, NYC

Breezy Diabo is an NYC Renaissance artist who loves to dabble in many mediums. She attended University for fashion design and theater and has worked as a stylist for online content, artists, magazines, and everyday women. When she started writing content for fashion blogs about feminism, sexuality, and living a sustainable lifestyle, her research opened her eyes to a major problem: fast fashion. While she grew up a vegan shopping at cool vintage and antique stores and seeing her mother go through breast cancer, she was appalled later in life to read not only how fast fashion disrupts our earth and its awful working conditions in factories, but how damaging fast fashion is for your body externally as well as internally. She now dedicates her time to educating friends, family, and the masses at events and through her writing on the unethical damages fast fashion creates.

Breezy currently makes a point to use recycled, vintage, and sustainable clothing while dressing clients and or booking personal shoots. Her closet and the way she shops has forever changed for the better! As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to spread the word of reducing products, buying clothing of quality for one’s health, and how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle to the masses through events and learning from the fellow Remake team. She is most excited to meet others from around the world and her neck of the woods who believe in the sustainable movement.

“Fashion has always been a way for me to express myself or my current mood.  One could even say I was a different character on stage each day. Yet it saddens me to see the rise in fast fashion and mass production of items one “must-have” due to the increase of social media and envy in many individuals. Choosing to buy a cheap dress or shirt via Instagram, Amazon, or other fast international sites makes me feel like the people in my life and so many others are a part of a large problem that needs to be taken on full speed ahead now! If it takes gallons of water, cruel working conditions, and made with fabrics unhealthy for my skin in the long run, is it even ‘beautiful or easy fashion’ anymore? When people say they love the way I dress and how different it is, I let them know about the sustainable or recycled vintage ways I source each piece. I’d rather my clothing tell a story, one that wasn’t made quickly without care.”

Chris McKenzie

Chris McKenzie

Ambassador, NYC

Chris is a Buyer at Nubian Hueman and an MBA Associate at a fashion-focused venture capital firm. As a Remake Ambassador, she promotes shopping sustainably through her writing, speaking engagements, and co-hosting clothing swaps in DC and New York.

“Being a Remake Ambassador has allowed me to learn how to buy and live more sustainably from a knowledgeable team. I have the honor to share my learnings with my local community. When placing large merchandise buys at work or shopping for myself, I support brands that have sustainable supply chains.”

Claire Aboudarham

Claire Aboudarham

Ambassador, Montréal, Canada

Claire got into sustainable fashion and a more sustainable way of life in 2014, when she started studying. Since then, she’s become a journalist who tries to write as much as she can about the fashion industry. Specializing in new technologies and innovative businesses, she is at the perfect place to get in touch with sustainable businesses and people who want to change the way we use, produce, and throw away materials. Being a Remake Ambassador will help her get information about sustainable life to as many people as possible, and she can’t wait to put her knowledge to good use.

“Sustainable life is not a trend. It’s how we have to live if we want to change things around us. The more we try, the more efficient we will be. #wearyourvalues”

Sarah Jones

Ambassador, Youngstown, Ohio

Sarah is a 23 y/o living in Youngstown, OH (smack dab in between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH for reference, since you’ve probably never heard of it). She currently works as a coordinator of development and fundraising for a nonprofit that focuses on mental health and drug + alcohol addiction recovery. She loves music, fashion, wearing sneakers with everything (lifelong runner over here!), being outside, food, and traveling.

Once a booming area before the demise of the steel industry, Youngstown is finally rising up after years of persistent rebuilding. The majority of the population here tends to be ~10 years behind on trends, social issues, etc., and sustainable fashion is not a typical topic of conversation. She’s excited that as a new Remake Ambassador, she will soon have the confidence, knowledge, and tools to start that conversation!

Sarah studied marketing with a focus in consumer and retail marketing in college and has worked in retail marketing (and in-store retail during college), so the damage of the fashion industry has been on her radar for only a few years now. She was so concerned about it upon her understanding of it, but honestly felt powerless. After watching interviews and documentaries, reading countless articles, and being inspired by a former fashion colleague to join Remake (hi LC!), she understands that it takes small steps at first. So, here she is taking her first step!

Jen Guice

Ambassador, Sydney, Australia

Jen has been a sustainability professional developing and managing sustainability policy and projects for over 20 years. Along the way her passion for sustainability and social justice has merged with her passion for fashion. Jen is behind Juice Design & Style (@juice_design_style) where she promotes wearing recycled fashion and teaches women personal styling and how to shop for recycled clothing to encourage them make empowered thoughtful fashion decisions. Jen hosts op-shop/thrift/vintage tours in Sydney Australia, she gives talks and presents sustainable fashion workshops, she hosts clothes swaps and writes a blog. Jen’s career, and now her sustainable style advocacy, aligns perfectly with Remake’s mission of working for environmental and social justice.

“I am proud to be a Remake ambassador (am-bad-ass-ador!). I am a mother of two teenage daughters and showing them (and all the women around me) that they hold real power in their hands to make change when they make conscious fashion choices excites and drives me. The future can be beautiful, feminine, and creative while being fair, sustainable, and accountable.”

Francesca Belluomini

Ambassador, Miami

Francesca is a quick-witted fashion veteran and an unapologetic style savant. She has lived in Miami long enough to realize she is still Italian.

As people always complimented her chic style and wanted to dress like her, she worked to capture the essence of her putting things together with nonchalant elegance, extracted a concentrate, and created the tools for every woman to dress and live the Italian way: this is now her book The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style. Confidence and Sustainable Chic in Ten Struts. 

In real life Francesca grew up following those sustainable chic struts and intends to bring common sense back to the world of Fashion: no allegiance to trends, a curated wardrobe that considers provenance, quality, and durability, favors luxury as a state of mind, has pledged to the Sustainable Development Goals (n.12 – “responsible production and consumption”) in an effort to eradicate discrimination and social injustice.

“Keep it chic or leave it: stick to sustainable, reclaim yourself by dressing the Italian way, because luxury is a state of mind.”

Kelly Wang

Ambassador, NYC

Kelly Wang is an entrepreneur, business leader, and fashion & travel enthusiast based in New York City. Kelly spent a decade working in Finance before launching her sustainably focused lifestyle shop, Rue Saint Paul, in 2018.

Having lived on five continents, Kelly saw the astonishing beauty of nature, culture, and fashion from around the world. Inspired by her travels, she set out to create a shop showcasing the independent creations in fashion and design from around the globe. Along her journey, Kelly became aware of the significant environmental and human impact of the things she loved. Since then, she is dedicated to continued learning, educating, and furthering efforts in sustainable and ethical fashion in her everyday life and through Rue Saint Paul.

She is excited to join other Remake Ambassadors on spreading the message about our fashion footprint and how making an impact is possible.

“Money is power. How we spend our dollars is a vote for how we want the world to be”

Jenna Agatep

Ambassador, Boston

Jenna is currently a second-year law student in Boston at Northeastern and is designing her curriculum to advance her knowledge and skills in corporate social responsibility.

Prior to law school, Jenna worked at a law firm in New York City assisting attorneys on a variety of cases ranging from pro-bono human rights matters to litigation disputes between fashion companies. Being highly interested in the intersection between fashion and the law, Jenna went on to receive her master’s in Fashion Law at Fordham Law School in New York. In her master’s program, Jenna worked at the non-profit Nest, which is centered on bettering transparency across the supply chain and obtaining legal rights and benefits for artisans and homeworkers across the globe. It was at an event cosponsored by Nest that she was first exposed to Remake!

Jenna joined Remake as an Ambassador to add more power and value in the movement of making fashion a force for good. In addition to her educational background, Jenna has also hosted events at her school to bring attention to the waste fast fashion produces and the injustices experienced by developing countries utilized as fast fashion factory hubs; spent her summer after her first year of law school at Oxfam America in their Private Sector Department building their Living Wage Initiative; and began her blog bridging the gap between fashion and the law! Follow her on instagram – @thealtrusthetic

Federica Morolla

Ambasador, Madrid

Federica Morolla is a Remake Ambassador based out of Madrid. She believes in the power of people and positive influence, because these elements can truly motivate you to strive to do your best.

Originally from Italy, she graduated from IULM University in Milan in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Some years later, she gained a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Sales Management. Passionate about food, fashion, music and art, she can’t think of her life without a piano or singing. Writing is another passion of hers, she has published novels in two collections of stories: “D’Autunno” and “Je suis Chocolat”, Edizioni 2000 diciassette. At the beginning of 2019, she published with 2 co-authors her book, ‘La Filosofia delle Spezie’ a culinary diary that combines the best of Italian and Mediterranean recipes with Indian and exotic spices, creating brand new healthy and tasty recipes told through the personal experiences, memories and lives of the authors.

“I believe fashion is as powerful as food to express our personality. I wear my values by buying fewer better things and treasuring my heirloom accessories.”

Sampada Nandyala

Ambassador, Somerset, NJ

Sampada has been interested in style and fashion since a young age, but became truly hooked around the time that the fashion blogging world became a force of its own. Inspired by peers who were experimenting with their personal styles, Sampada first started a blog to document not only her daily outfits, but also her thoughts on the industry. She soon went on to intern for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru, writing regularly about stylish students around campus and how readers can achieve such looks.

While Sampada was exposed in small doses to the ethical shortcomings of the industry throughout these years of dabbling, she began considering it strongly when she switched her career path from pharmacy to public health. Learning about the Rana Plaza tragedy, hearing Remake Founder Ayesha Barenblat discuss the labor and environmental issues posed by mass clothing production at the United Nations, and interviewing Ayesha for Public Health Post cemented Sampada’s commitment to the sustainable fashion movement.

The most exciting aspect of joining Remake as an Ambassador is the opportunity to not only make a positive impact on the fashion industry, but also on the environment and population wellness. Sampada hopes to encourage her friends and family members to support the sustainable fashion movement through her role as a Remake Ambassador.

“I #wearmyvalues by saying no to fast fashion retailers, shopping my own closet, and buying second-hand or from businesses with good practices only when I know I will wear an item multiple times, for years to come.”

Sacha Bushby

Ambassador, Exeter, UK

Sacha is currently studying at the University of Exeter where she set up her own handmade earring business @sacha_beee which promotes a conscious and ethical style. Her focus is to create beautiful, unique and affordable pieces whilst raising awareness of sustainability.

“I am so excited to reach out to a larger audience with Remake and share what we are all so passionate about. I use clothes to express myself so it only seems right to #wearyourvalues everyday and encourage others think before they buy.”

JeLisa “JL” Marshall

Ambassador, Seattle

JeLisa “JL” Marshall has spent a decade studying and creating within the fashion industry. She currently develops private label clothing for a retailer in Seattle. It is this work that ignited her passion for sustainable fashion. She discovered there is so much room for improvement in the development and production process, and wants to help spur the necessary changes. Insert: Remake.

Her goal as an Ambassador is two-fold. She aims to better educate herself and others about sustainable fashion and to join forces with other like-minded people. The thing that is most exciting about this opportunity to her is knowing how big of an impact this program has made and will continue to make with such caring and daring individuals behind it.

“To me, buying clothes is like searching for a new best friend. I only want what will be down for the long haul.”

Melanie Davenport

Ambassador, San Luis Obispo, CA

Melanie’s adventures in sustainable fashion began with her desire to help protect the environment. Earning a degree in Environmental Policy, she learned about the devastating effects of global resource consumption. Inspired by her education, her love for fashion, the Leave No Trace philosophy and outlandish styling found at her favorite music festivals, Melanie began creating wild, wearable art from upcycled and recycled materials.

Currently, Melanie is promoting sustainable fashion with her clothing brand Felis Ferox. As a Remake Ambassador, she hopes to get people involved in mending, redesigning and trading their clothing. She envisions hosting a space where people can learn to patch, mend and remake their clothing using her abundant scrap fabric supply.

“I wear my values by up cycling clothing into fresh, new designs and by wearing those designs in a million different ways! #wearyourvalues”

Kimberly Milton

Ambassador, LA

Kim grew up in a small, Midwestern town where wearing your older sister’s hand me downs was not only exciting, it was required. Her sustainable fashion was not born out of duty, but more out of necessity.

Kim first learned the term “fast fashion” when she was studying the slave labor condition in the textile industry in college as part of her International Studies curriculum. She was shown picture after picture, documentary after documentary, of men and women working long hours in dangerous conditions being paid less than a living wage. As a direct result, the cost of “fast fashion” became too high for Kim to be willing to pay.

As a Remake Ambassador, Kim wants to spread the word about the harmful slave conditions that fast fashion creates, not only in clothing, but in other industries such as make-up, and textiles used to make home décor. She believes that if more people knew what goes into making the things they purchase, they might take a step back and think about purchasing more sustainable products, as opposed to products that are detrimental to people and the environment.

“To me, I don’t see the price tag as the cost of fast fashion. I see the men and women working tirelessly day in and day out – THAT is the cost of fast fashion. And that cost is too high.”

Patricia E. Langan

Ambassador, DC

Patricia has been looking for a community of women who care what their fashion statement says about them – and has found it in Remake! She looks forward to extending that community through her initiative Women4WomensWear, a network that connects women to one-of-a-kind products handmade by talented women from around the world.

The idea for Women4WomensWear was inspired by Patricia’s global travels as a program director for international NGOs the International Youth Foundation and Save the Children. She helped subcontractors to global brands such as Nike and The Gap provide training to young female garment workers that empowered them to make life and professional choices and to stay healthy in Morocco and Bangladesh. She also found that her friends loved the fashions from independent female designers from countries such as Ethiopia and Vietnam that she brought back to DC. She realized there is a market for unique, artisanal luxury with a modern twist in the US, but that her friends didn’t know where to find it. Thus Women4WomensWear was born to connect her friends to ethical fashion.

“More women I know would #wearyourvalues if they knew where to find ethical fashion. As a Remake Ambassador and through @Women4WomensWear, I hope to help more women use the power of their purse to empower more women designers and makers!”

Tosin Adeniyi

Ambassador, Boston

Tosin Adeniyi, @tosin_adeniyi13, is an aspiring sustainable fashion designer who fell in love with fashion at a very young age. The paper fashion kits overtook her house since she was able to cut construction paper.

After becoming vegan and looking further into the issues with the environment, she decided that she needed to find a way to help make a change in the fashion industry. That’s when she decided that she wanted to make sustainable fashion cool and start her own small business line, @adeniyidesigns. She’s now partnering up with a fellow vintage lover to create a vintage clothing business with one of a kind vintage finds. Remake gives her a platform to share her values with a like-minded creative community to grow the sustainable fashion movement.

“Sustainability is an up and coming trend in fashion and I am so excited about it. Being able to look as sassy, elegant, chic, or as rebellious as you want does not have to come at the cost of the environment or animals. I wear my values by telling my fashion story with these ideas in mind and I hope to show others it’s futuristic and trendy to do the same!”

Bella Dina

Ambassador, Indonesia

Bella Dina is a singer/songwriter and a content creator on instagram @ladinabella. She helps ethical business, brands, and restaurants boost their values online.

She tells her stories through pictures to inspire her audience, and recently started her e-commerce for eco-friendly and sustainable goods called @EcoLand. It’s a store with the hope to build awareness and lifestyle that benefits everyone, so we can co-create a better future.

“I am committed to giving back and creating a positive impact through my work. #wearyourvalues”

Rabina Sawhney

Ambassador, Chapel Hill

An avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, Rabina quickly discovered her passion for environmental protection and sustainability during her time at UNC. She became involved with several environmental organizations on campus, all promoting sustainability through different means. Eventually, she helped form Sustainable Fashion Initiative, a campus organization promoting mindful consumption through hosting creative up-cycling workshops, clothing swaps, and discussions.

Rabina is earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Kenan-Flagler Business School and hopes to combine her interests in sustainability, innovation, and creativity in her future career(s).

“There is something exciting about owning fewer pieces of clothing that hold special meaning to you. Whether it be my up-cycled denim pieces or my favorite pair of sneakers purchased from a thrift store, I continuously seek to redefine fashion by promoting ethically and environmentally-conscious practices.”

Florina Tatiana Secara

Ambassador, Romania

Florina has a background in corporate communications and digital marketing, consulting for a diverse range of companies and projects.

Her long time passion for fashion and a growing interest in the circular economy has recently led her in a new professional direction. She enrolled in courses like Product Design and Sustainable Luxury Fashion at London College of Fashion and joined workshops and conferences on various topics such as the future of fabrics, waste management and more. Her next project includes launching an online platform in Romania dedicated to sustainable brands with a dynamic educational component.

”I grew up in a post-communist country, and as the youngest daughter of a garment factory worker. I discovered what upcycling, recycling and ethical fashion meant way before these initiatives made it to the news. Even so, fast fashion became my second nature. I understand now that only education and transparency will help. Putting the topic of sustainability on the daily agenda, providing alternatives, just like Remake is doing, can bring a change on all levels. Innovation and close collaboration between various players, not only in the fashion industry, but across other areas, can make sustainable fashion not just a trend, a niche, but the reality in which our children will grow up. What could be more stylish than to #wearyourvalues!?”

Cory Skuldt

Ambassador, Austin

Cory believes that fashion is a form of self-expression that should be accessible to everyone – but that it fails when it doesn’t reflect our values about how we treat others in our own community and around the globe, and about how we care for the environment we’re leaving for our children. Changing the problematic nature of current apparel supply chains can bring the joy back to that self-expression and make it more truly beautiful.

As a strategy consultant, Cory’s work supports apparel brands and supply chain partners in developing a comprehensive and brand-aligned approach to sustainability. Projects include triple bottom line impact modeling, sustainability growth strategy, circular business model innovation, and more. Cory received her MBA in Sustainability at Bard, where she continues to serve as a teaching assistant in Data & Analytics, and as network/events chair of the MBA Alumni Board. Cory also holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Maura McInerney-Rowley

Ambassador, SF

Maura grew up in an all female household in Philadelphia with her two moms and older sister, where sharing each others clothes was the norm. In high school she was part of the environmental and human rights club, where she helped to get plastic water bottles banned from campus and raised money to donate to nonprofits like Kiva and Books Behind Bars. She left Philly to attend the University of Vermont where she received her B.A., in Global Studies and Anthropology.

After college Maura moved to Aspen, Colorado to follow her recent love of snowboarding. In Aspen she worked for a sustainably minded premier event planning company for two years. During her time living in the luxury mountain town she experienced a personal challenge, which led to a professional endeavor. It was very difficult to shop locally on a budget so she developed an interest in e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands. Maura followed this interest to San Francisco where she joined a startup called Lyon + Post with a try-before-you-buy method for women’s contemporary fashion. It was during this time that she became aware of the evils of fast fashion and the mounds of unused clothing that were being discarded to landfills.

“As an aspiring social entrepreneur/investor my goal is to one day create a company or invest in companies that support ethical and sustainable fashion practices. I #wearmyvalues by being a conscious consumer and doing my due diligence before I purchase an item.”

Emily Stochl

Ambassador, Cedar Rapids, IA

Emily Stochl is a writer, podcast producer/host, and content creator on the instagram @brumeanddaisy. Her first love is storytelling, and she uses her platforms to inspire people to slow down, consume consciously, and live a lifestyle in line with their values. She is a proud Midwestern, living in Iowa these days.

Emily is the founder of Pre-Loved Podcast, a weekly interview show about rad vintage and second-hand style, with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with. She created the show to highlight that second-hand style can be both stylish and important. Emily chats with guests about their love for vintage clothes, how they source creative inspiration, their role in the fashion industry, sustainability, the stories behind their favorite pieces, and why we choose second-hand things first.

The opportunity to become a Remake ambassador aligns with her passions and values, and she looks forward to sharing knowledge about the fashion industry, making visible the women who make our clothes, and calling attention to the environmental and human rights impact caused by fast fashion brands.

“I wear my values by being a proud promoter of shopping second-hand first.” #wearyourvalues

Ana Teresa Espinosa Robles

Ambassador, NYC

Growing in a country like Mexico allowed Ana to learn and see that social and environmental problems are solved by dedicated, passionate people and go getters. She committed to become one, and to leave this planet better than how she found it. This commitment led her to New York City, where she graduated from MS Sustainability Management program at Columbia University, a program that help her translate her engineering knowledge and her passion for supply chains to advance sustainability and the circular economy.

Ana’s current goal is to fully embrace a zero waste life, and help other reduce products’ environmental and social footprint by expanding access to sustainability and mainly by advancing innovative sustainable packaging solutions that help the world tackle the plastic and waste issues we face today. Ana is currently applying her sustainability knowledge in the beauty industry at Estée Lauder Companies.

“I believe in the connection of fashion and beauty as empowerment tools that help me embrace sustainable living as both a celebration of style and authenticity as well a commitment to a more responsible and purposeful purchase power that on a daily basis help me impact the world in a positive way.”

Vivian Li

Ambassador, SF

Vivian is a filmmaker and nature-lover who is currently developing a long-form documentary about the world of sustainable and ethical fashion. Fashion has always been a big part of Vivian’s life, but it wasn’t until she came across the term “sustainable fashion” that she realized what fast fashion was doing to people and the planet. Since then, she has immersed herself in researching the topic, gaining insight from trailblazers, and spreading what she has learned with the people around her.

Vivian became a Remake Ambassador to join a community of like-minded sustainable fashion advocates, and be part of a team effort to make fashion a force for good. She aims to leverage the power of media to influence positive change and hopes to influence more Asian representation in the sustainable fashion space. She is excited about the opportunity to put on and participate in larger scale events to further the cause of sustainable fashion, especially among her family and friends.

“I wear my values by significantly changing my shopping habits. I used to be a hopeless shopping addict – I would purchase at least one item of clothing every other week. I now only purchase clothes that I really need, and when I do I try to get them secondhand. You can #wearyourvalues too.”

Sheila Amorsolo

Ambassador, Philippines

Sheila is a sustainable fashion advocate, graduate of Business Economics, a mother, wife, banker and is one of the co-founders of Forth Co – a startup enterprise promoting sustainable fashion in the Philippines. She was once a shopaholic, who shopped the trends at fast fashion brands for items that she didn’t really need. She first became aware of the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry through Fashion Revolution and the documentary film, True Cost.

Sheila believes that it is time that we consider making better buying choices to save planet earth, and hopes that through her work, she is part of the solution.

“As a sustainable fashion advocate, I wear my values by making better, mindful choices when it comes to fashion and sharing the things I’ve learned. Everyone is responsible for the health of this planet and I strongly believe that our collective efforts can create a greater impact in our society and the environment. Let’s challenge the current norm in this industry. #wearyourvalues”

Izzy Grafton

Ambassador, Bristol UK

Izzy is a Welsh-born Psychology student living in Bristol, UK. Izzy grew up tearing through Vogue once a month and quickly developed a love for all things fashion. In recent years this love led her deeper into the depths of sustainable fashion and an awareness of the fast fashion world. She began to realize the world around her was thriving off the fact that they could have a cheap (but pretty) dress delivered next day regardless of the process. This kick-started her to spread sustainable fashion among not only her friends but the rest of her community, her city and our world.

When Izzy stumbled across Remake for a project on sustainability, fashion and empowering women – she found a perfect match to her passions for raising women up and addressing the elephant in the room that is fast fashion. She is so excited to see the movement make waves across the world.

“Fashion has always been an expression for me; clothes have enabled me to portray my emotions, beliefs and creativity. But if I am wearing a cheap t-shirt from a sweatshop what am I expressing? I want to choose to not only express my creativity but my core values when I wear a piece of clothing. You’ll often find me responding to compliments with ‘thanks, and it’s sustainably sourced!’”

Heidi Altree

Ambassador, PHX

Heidi Altree, daughter to entrepreneur parents, grew up believing two truths: she would be successful, and she would change the world.  What she didn’t know is she would find success in Technology Sales, and activism in sustainability. In fact, until a couple years ago Heidi didn’t even know there was a such thing as “Sustainable Fashion.”  It was by way of her love for animals, a plant-based diet, and a failed attempt to launch a vegan shoe line that Heidi learned about sustainable fashion. She realized if she wanted to save animals, and the planet, she had to think bigger than vegan shoes, she had a find a way to socialize sustainability.

Heidi launched Amare by Heidi; a digital lifestyle magazine focused on sustainable living. From fashion to nutrition to physical & mental health, Amare by Heidi tackles it all. As an Ambassador for Remake, Heidi hopes to use her platform to spread the Remake message and introduce new and exciting sustainable brands to Remake.

“It’s not enough to dream of something better.  It’s about pushing through even the most nightmarish of days to ensure your dream comes true.”

Tere Arigo

Ambassador, Philippines

Tere is a founder of a sustainable fashion brand that sells reclaimed and repurposed thrift clothing. She is a big fan of DIY and is always on the lookout for ways to make fashion for good.

Aside from working on her brand, she is currently a volunteer researcher on projects that aim to measure the impact of the fashion and the second-hand clothing industry on the economy and environment.

She found Remake through a fellow ambassadors account and immediately connected with the thought of ‘wearing your values’.

“By helping someone change their participation in fashion – choosing to buy second-hand, quitting from fast fashion, or upcycling a shirt instead of throwing it out – that is a win for sustainability.”

Ankur Maniar

Ambassador, NYC

Ankur is a designer and photographer, as NYC Ambassador Ankur helps build Remake’s visual identity through branding, fashion photography, and graphic design.

He holds two BA degrees in Molecular Biology and Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley. Alongside his studies, he has spent his time collaborating with fashion designers on ad campaigns and editorials, designing logos and branding materials for startups, shooting runways during NYFW, and teaching photography and art through UC Berkeley.

“On the journey towards a more sustainable future, the easiest changes we can adopt are investing in fewer pieces, shopping vintage, and replacing our basics with slow fashion brands.”

Joss Bacalla

Ambassador, LA

Born and raised in Toronto, ON Joss graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and Film. With over 9 years of experience working in media, she is a full-time television producer in Los Angeles and the founder of the digital publication Seek Minimal.

Seek Minimal is a digital publication where the conscious shopper can discover sustainable brands and improve their mind, body, and spirit. They support creators who share the same ethos on ethical and organic products and give them a platform to be heard. Seek Minimal’s goal is to share what we care about to help you lead an open-minded, happier, and more conscious life. Joss is excited to be a Remake Ambassador to connect with like-minded creators, movers and shakers to turn the fashion industry into a force for good.

“I am passionate about educating others about the importance of sustainable shopping and believe we can use our purchasing powers to save the world. #wearyourvalues”

Anna Dudik-Machado

Ambassador, NYC

Anna worked in Management Consulting for over a decade and after having her first son in 2017, she decided it was time to pursue her passion in sustainability. She went on to further her education in sustainability, and during her research she discovered fashion’s negative environmental and social impact. She grew up in New York City where the fashion industry was ever present, so this industry resonated deeply with her.

In 2017 Anna earned her certificate in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and in 2018, Anna co-founded The Artesao, with Vi Rowshankish. The Artesao is an education-driven marketplace where consumers can reconcile their love of fashion with conscious living. As a Remake Ambassador, Anna is excited to be part of a diverse community; to expand her network and inspire consumers to take a more active role in understanding the story behind their clothes.

“I wear my values by being mindful of my clothing purchases. I research brands and shop only those that are both environmentally friendly and ethical. I only buy clothing that uses natural fibers (organic cotton, linen, wool, etc.) and only buy pieces I absolutely love.”

Zakiya Cita

Ambassador, Seattle

Zakiya is the Boutique Manager for Dress For Success Seattle, the organization who enables women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. As Boutique Manager, Zakiya ensures all donations are adequately collected, sorted and curated to meet the needs of the women they empower daily. She also manages sales for the quarterly fundraiser that the Seattle affiliate has become so well-known for.

In addition, she is the Founder of The Chayah Movement, a textile re-directing hub that supports resale curation, upcycling, re-purposing and donations that support multiple non-profits in the Seattle area. Zakiya learned about the Remake Ambassador program in a sustainable fashion Facebook group and after reading about the organization and she saw it as a natural fit.

“Through my promotion of sustainable fashion, ethical fashion and textile waste, Remake will allow me to empower people in a deeper way.”

Sofia Grace

Ambassador, LA

Sofia Grace (@sofilovita) is an actress, model, environmental activist, and co-founder of Greenheart Market, an online earth-conscious community and marketplace.

Having grown up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sofia is influenced by her family owned natural foods store, Greenheart Market. Because of their business, her childhood was full of nature and earth-conscious products that help sustain and regenerate our resources. Today through @greenheartmarket, her online modernized platform of her parents brick-and-mortar, Sofia connects individuals, small businesses, environmental protectors, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs.

“As an actor, model and environmental entrepreneur, I am proud to be a part of sharing Remake’s message – spreading awareness that connects us all in this vital conversation about the fashion industry, its global impact, and how necessary change begins with our choices and actions as individuals within the greater collective.”

Molly Radin

Ambassador, SF

Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, 40 minutes from the city and the Shore, Molly is currently based in San Francisco. She earned her BFA in Fashion Design at Washington University in St. Louis in 2015. Currently pursuing a graduate certificate in ethical and sustainable apparel business, her focus on considering design and apparel within the context of social and environmental impact led her to Remake.

She loves all things materials and textiles and in her personal design project, Bluestone Loft, works to utilize quality textiles in a sustainable and versatile way to create products that remain current from season to season.

“After seeing how much plastic was used at my previous job with a fashion label, I dug further into the severe impacts of the textile and apparel industry. I’m excited to be a part of Remake to ‘wear my values’ and to spread the word on more conscious consumption supporting better industry practices and less waste.”

Alice Finnerty

Ambassador, NYC

Alice became interested in sustainability a little over a year ago when she was trying to sell her old jewelry online. She started looking for places to sell used jewelry and learned a little about sustainable jewelry in the process and how it’s a better alternative to newer brands. She began wondering why everyone didn’t just buy sustainable jewelry instead of new brands that don’t source things carefully. It was then that she began researching brands and decided to start her sustainable jewelry blog, Goodbern. On her blog she recommends brands, reviews products and shares her life.

Alice has enjoyed writing and learning about the slow fashion and sustainable fashion industries in the past few months. She is really happy to be apart of the Remake team!

“There are so many cool and beautiful jewelry brands available that protect human rights and the environment by choosing ethically mined and responsibly sourced materials. I wear my values by choosing to buy from and wear these brands.”

Briston Sullivan

Ambassador, DC

Briston is a seasoned marketing professional with nine years of experience in building brands across the hospitality and fashion industries, including brands such as Ann Taylor, Autograph Collection Hotels, Charming Charlie, LOFT, and Tribute Portfolio. Her specialties include brand, retail, media, and digital marketing and she plans to leverage her expertise to help grow the Remake movement.

In addition, Briston co-founded an eco-friendly candle company in 2014 and her products were sold at many wholesale partners including Whole Foods. She continues to pursue sustainable education and is currently enrolled in the Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs program at FIT.

“For me, sustainability is the future of fashion and as a Remake Ambassador I’m looking forward to spreading awareness one conversation at a time to turn fashion into a force for good.”

Laurie Barenblat

Ambassador, Dallas

Laurie has a background in wellness consulting and healthcare informatics. Her interest in sustainable fashion developed out of her concern for health – the health and well-being of the factory workers, as well as the effects on our health of the treatment and materials used in making the clothes. She has begun to change her habits by buying fewer clothes that she will wear longer and by shopping in thrift and resale shops more often.

Laurie became a Remake Ambassador to help spread the word of sustainable fashion in Texas. She believes that many of her friends and acquaintances would be interested in supporting this cause and changing their habits if they knew how.

“Many of us don’t think twice about buying cheaper clothing and discarding it whenever we desire. I would like to support Remake in changing the status quo, so that workers’ rights will be supported and we are wearing healthier, more natural clothing as well.”

Ashley Roberts

Ambassador, NYC

Aiming to heighten the concept of sustainability through fine art, Ashley is a New York based artist & creative director passionate about connecting the two worlds.

With a background in fashion photography and large scale production she actively chose to work with sustainable brands working towards a more transparent fashion agenda. This is when she found Remake!

Currently, Ashley is working on an art collective that connects sustainable brands with fine art to create exhibitions & events.

“Sustainability is a way of life, and one that is achievable for all beings–through connection and awareness.”

Shawnee Badger

Ambassador, LA

Shawnee Badger (@shawneebadger) is one of those few LA Natives. A SAG AFTRA actress, internationally published model represented by Role Models Management, and an activist within the world of progressive politics, Shawnee promotes environmentally conscious living and strives to elevate the political consciousness of her audience on social media. Shawnee believes we must live our politics to the best of our ability and choose people over profits and compassion for others over ourselves.

Currently a delegate to the California Democratic Party, Shawnee authored and passed a resolution and implemented language into the 2018 California Democratic Party Platform about the need to shift to plant-based living, as animal agriculture is a leading driver of the climate crisis. This was the first resolution of its kind in the country to pass a state political party and the 2018 CDP Platform is the first in the country to talk about veganism.

Through strides in the world of acting and modeling, her number one passion, Shawnee hopes to continue using her platform to inspire her audience and be a symbol of sustainability and environmentally-conscious living. She is so excited to be a part of the Remake family.

“By not wearing anything leather, wool, or anything with animal products or by-products and shopping brands that are eco-friendly, pro-human rights, and supporting unions, I wear my values.”

Anne Therese

Ambassador, SF

Growing up in Sweden, Anne Therese developed an early appreciation for nature that later led her to seek ways to live a sustainable and eco-conscious life. Besides being a self-proclaimed “Eco-Warrior”, she’s a former NYC model and the Co-Founder of Role Models Management, an ethical modeling agency on a mission to redefine what it means to be a model. She’s also the host of Podcast Hey Change, where she inspires people to embrace curiosity and positivity, as well as promote an ethical and sustainable way of living.

Anne Therese decided to become a Remake Ambassador to help further the message of ethical, just and sustainable fashion to the masses, and to be part of empowering women in the fashion industry all over the world. From garment worker to models and consumers!

“To me, what you wear is more than just a look. It’s a feeling, it’s a statement, it’s an expanded version of who you are. I wear my values by making each choice a conscious one, and by always pausing to ask myself: what do I think is right? Lately, those choices have come a lot through thrifting, swapping, or by supporting brands that are sustainable, innovative and ethical in all they do.”

Sandra Conceicao

Ambassador, Portugal

Sandra recently became more and more aware of how much she was consuming fast fashion and of how much of a hole she was helping to dig, by both filling up landfills with her used and thrown-out fashion, and her wallet. She decided that it was the perfect time to change her ways in life. She became a Remake Ambassador to join a community of creatives who consume responsibly and to help others be more aware of their habits, too.

As I am trying to change my way of consuming fashion and beauty, I am always on the look out for new brands that pay humane wages to their factory workers, care about their health, and say no to any kind of animal products.”

Amy Civetti

Ambassador, DC

Amy has worked in art direction and graphic design in the D.C. area for the past 9 years. She currently works as the in-house Art Director for the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC is committed to creating a sustainable future through green buildings and communities worldwide, so Amy is no stranger to the sustainable community. In 2019 Amy set some goals to focus on her personal fashion choices and learn more about sustainable and ethical fashion. And as a Remake Ambassador, Amy is taking her commitment to the next level.

“We should commit to buying less, investing in quality pieces, and supporting sustainable designers. I’ve made some conscious decisions to try to avoid fast fashion, and instead look to handmade or secondhand options. “

Lindy Fox

Ambassador, NYC/LA

Lindy Fox is a luxury knitwear designer based in New York City and Los Angeles.

Her childhood growing up on a farm in California shaped her practice to become more conscious over the years. For her own brand she is most interested in zero-waste techniques and ethical practice as well as upcycling within the fashion and textile industries. Lindy also freelance designs for prominent brands in the womenswear space and educates about sustainability at any chance she gets all the while challenging her own methods to become better. In becoming a Remake Ambassador, she can take her message further. You can follow her work on Instagram, @Lindy__Fox.

“I wear my values by designing my values into the clothing and shoes I make. If I’m shopping, however, I shop second-hand!”

Emily Long

Ambassador, NYC

Emily Long is a recent Drexel University Design and Merchandising graduate and currently works in the fashion industry in New York City. At a young age she was raised to respect people, the earth and the resources it provides. As she became more immersed in fashion, it upset her to see the negative impact consumerism has on not only the planet, but the people.

After interning for ethical jewelry brand ARTICLE22 and summer school at the London College of Fashion, Emily launched @greeneyeforfashion to highlight sustainable brands and information about sustainable and ethical fashion to her followers. Being a part of the Remake movement gives her a place to meet and collaborate with like minded creatives in order to exchange ideas for a brighter future.

“In an effort to merge my passion for the environment and passion for self expression through fashion, I work to raise awareness about accountability in fashion and educate others on how we can create change for good.”

Katie Morris

Ambassador, SF

Katie is a communications professional from the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, she manages digital communications and marketing for BSR, a nonprofit organization that works with business to create a just and sustainable world.

It is through her experience at BSR that she found Remake and her passion for empowering women across value chains. One of her missions in her career is to tell stories that raise the voices of marginalized groups and empower people everywhere to live to their fullest potential. And, as a self-proclaimed fashion and lifestyle junkie, she is excited to more fully work the values and lessons of Remake into her personal life. Katie holds a B.S. in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning from the University of California, Davis.

“I’m so thrilled to be joining Remake to learn and promote how building a sustainable wardrobe can be inclusive and accessible, regardless of size or budget. Fashion is one of the biggest markets in the world, and there is so much power in making it work for everyone.”

Nelly Born

Ambassador, PHL

Currently a senior at the University of Delaware, Nelly has been exposed to the dark side of fashion through her studies as a fashion merchandising major. She accompanied a professor to the annual Sustainable Apparel Coalition meeting, which opened up a world of opportunities and potential solutions that she realized she can bring to the fashion industry.

Nelly first heard about Remake on the podcast, Conscious Chatter, when founder, Ayesha, was featured on an episode. Nelly herself was also featured on Conscious Chatter, speaking about the importance of sustainability in the fashion curriculum. In addition to continuing remote work with Conscious Chatter, Nelly has interned at Nest, a non-profit who is creating a new handworker economy, prioritizing women’s worker rights, and increasing global workforce inclusivity.

“Although I’ve been exposed to the dark and unfortunate side of the industry, I see solutions and potential areas of opportunity for garment makers.”

Ruby Veridiano

Ambassador, Paris

Ruby Veridiano, @rubyveridiano, is a fashion changemaker. She is a writer, fashion correspondent and speaker whose work focuses on connecting the dots between women’s empowerment and socially-conscious fashion, as well as promoting diversity & inclusion in the fashion industry.

She is a contributing correspondent for NBC News, NYLON Magazine, and, and has interviewed designers Anna Sui, Vivienne Tam, and Prabal Gurung, among other multicultural designers in the fashion industry. Ruby has worked on the social responsibility team of the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Group in Paris, where she worked on global diversity initiatives.

“I am a proud Filipina-American from California now living in Paris, sharing my ‘glamour for good’ approach to life & style.”

Sarah Lee

Ambassador, NYC

To build her own path to turn fashion into a force for good, Sarah moved to New York City from her home South Korea to study sustainable entrepreneurship at FIT. In South Korea she was raised practicing Buddhism, which included principles such as non-possession. The principle doesn’t mean ‘live as a monk’, instead it is the idea of not possessing what we do not need. Sarah had an issue with this: she loved fashion too much! After finishing her Bachelors in clothing and textiles, she started her fashion career in global mass manufacturing. But when she learned the true story behind fast fashion and her own footprint in the system, she became conscious of her fashion choices.

Sarah joined Remake as an Ambassador because she believes we can make a huge difference by spreading the true stories behind our clothes:

“I want to help other fashion lovers, from shoppers to buyers, become more conscious. Each person who touches fashion has the power to make a change. I believe we can do better and must do better to survive.”

Brana Dane

Ambassador, NYC

Brana Dane is a model, sustainability advocate and activist. As one of the leaders of the game-changing “model mafia” based out of NYC, she co-produces and supports sustainability focused events for models. She was recently interviewed for her work by Eco-Age, the sustainability and communications consultancy founded by Livia Firth. Brana herself is a host for the global FNL Network on Amazon Prime and writes interviews for Bella Magazine on the change-makers of our time. As a Remake Ambassador, Brana wears her values and helps her friends, colleagues and a growing community of sustainability advocates do so, too.

“I wear my values by thinking twice about every purchase. Clothes are a way to express oneself. For me, this means going beyond the surface and looking at how a garment is produced and what impact it has on human and animal life.”

Allison Griffin

Ambassador, NYC

Allie joined the Remake team after her participation in Remake’s 2016 immersive journey to Cambodia, during her senior year at Parsons School of Design. Allie creates engaging and creative content for Remake through investigative pieces and vivid storytelling. As both a journalist and fashion designer, she is able to tell stories on the industry and the need for ethical fashion from a unique perspective with thoughtful insight.

Allie graduated from The New School in 2018 with degrees in fashion design and journalism. Her fashion design thesis celebrated the makers she met during Remake’s Made in Cambodia trip, as well as her own family history of seamstresses like her great-grandmother who worked in a doll clothing factory in the 1940s. Allie currently works as a metro reporter for the New York Post, covering the five boroughs and beyond.

“Through the stories I write for Remake, I hope to educate people on the impact we have as consumers of clothing, and also to provide a microphone for the voices of makers to be heard across the world.”

Yesenia Villasenor

Ambassador, SF

A class of 2020 fashion design student at California College of the Arts, Yesenia joins the Remake team after her participation in Remake’s immersive journey to Mexico. As an aspiring fashion designer, she integrates recycled and reused materials into her textiles and collections to give what others see as “waste,” a second life.

Yesenia is first generation Mexican-American and her experience on the Remake journey helped her see first-hand how the fashion industry impacts the people of her mother country. There she met the women makers who find strength in themselves and in each other to fight for their essential human rights. Yesenia now channels that strength into her design practice, and hopes she can return to Mexico to apply the new fashion values she discovered through Remake.

“As a Mexican woman in the United States studying art and design, I have a position of privilege. It is my responsibility to use this position to speak up and represent women who do not get the recognition they deserve. Through my work, I want to give Mexican makers a voice, so that the rest of the world can meet these inspirational and heroic women.”

Anh Le

Ambassador, NYC

While studying fashion design at Parsons School of Fashion, Anh joined Remake on the 2016 immersive journey to Cambodia where they came face to face with the women who make our clothes. They completed their BFA the following year, with Remake as a defining experience guiding their commitment to working for change within the fashion system.

Anh currently works as a 3D specialist and designer at CLO Virtual Fashion, where they support brands and vendors in the adoption and implementation of 3D prototyping technology. Working at the forefront of fashion tech has allowed them to experience a broad view of the entire industry and a better understanding of how it’s sustainable future could form.

“If I work the fashion industry and impact change, even if it’s at a snail’s pace, I’m still joining the garment makers in their fight.”

Neha Purohit

Ambassador, SDL

Neha Kusum Purohit first became interested in making an impact through sustainable fashion while researching USA based sustainable fashion for her MBA in Sustainable Business. Before earning her MBA, Neha designed and showed her own sustainable fashion line that used deadstock and natural, vegetable-dyed fabrics made in her hometown Jaipur, Rajasthan, Bharat (India).

In addition to her MBA, she holds a B.Sc. in Marketing from R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland and has served as Americorps Fellow for two consecutive years with Corporation for National and Community Service in Silver Spring, Maryland. As the Remake Ambassador, she works on building local awareness on trends, issues, technologies, and design practices in sustainable fashion:

“I am most interested in starting conversations around sustainable fashion and empowering consumers with sustainable fashion choices to make an impact.”

Casey Barber

Ambassador, NYC

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Casey moved to New York in 2013 to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. In her final year she joined Remake’s journey to Cambodia to pursue her study of ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Her thesis questioned traditional making and manufacturing practices and was supported with both her learnings overseas with Remake, and from the Kering Environmental Profit and Loss Pilot Program. Exploring how she could make a unique and impactful mark in this industry, her research proposed new fashion making systems that use sustainable and ethical material sourcing and labor practices.

Casey is currently designing for SoulCycle in New York City, where she is bringing her expertise on ethical production and sustainability to her team in the active apparel industry, a category she is very passionate about.

“Although we saw and heard many stories of unfair working conditions in Cambodia, I found myself coming home speaking about all of the inspiring women I had met and how empowering it was to meet them. Making the personal connection to these women; woman to woman is what I find most powerful.”

Josefina Munoz

Ambassador, NYC

Josefina Munoz is a Colombian fashion design student at Parsons School of Design in New York. During the past year, she has focused in work with artisan communities in Colombia and Mexico, exploring in her practice the asymmetries of power in how the global fashion industry works with maquiladoras in developing economies. She is in her last year of her BFA and was selected to join Remake in the 2018 Made in Mexico journey, to understand the conditions of multiple artisans from around Mexico as well as artisans in Oaxaca. For a fashion system that benefits and works for everyone, she has applied her learnings from the journey into her thesis, for decolonizing relationships and advocating for global equality and justice.

“The current state of globalization is building momentum for designers to challenge the linear take-make-waste model and explore sustainable models. This begins with a conversation. And with enough resources, skill, respect and valor, these women will progress from ‘living,’ implying survival, to ‘existing’ implying a deeper involvement in the process of ‘becoming.’”

Alex Lee

Ambassador, NYC

Alex first met Remake through her work in Net Impact’s ‘Wear It Wise’ campaign in early 2018, where she dove into the realm of textile waste generated by the global fashion industry. In the campaign, she focused on the means to empower consumers to combat waste through the power of their voice and conscious buying.

As a part of the team, she partners with Jessie Ampofo, fellow NYC ambassador, to research and analyze brands’ supply chains from an environmental, social, and governance lens. Through this work, she taps into her background in corporate retail, as well as her current experiences as a Corporate Responsibility Analyst at PVH and as a graduate student in the MS Sustainability Management program at Columbia University.

“I believe in empowerment through knowledge and education, and am passionate about fashion, social justice, and environmental stewardship. Naturally, I am very excited to be a Remake Ambassador, to join the movement in empowering people to wear their values. I am also on the journey to do so myself!”

Ioli Tzouka

Ambassador, NYC

Ioli was born and raised on a mountainous region of Greece. She studied fashion at Parsons in New York, and wove in her experiences with a Greek all-women’s workshop that has been active since the 70s, which gives women the opportunity to work, be independent and support their family. To demonstrate the relevancy of one’s roots, she combined these two influences to explore where one comes from and one wants to go.

In September 2017 she was one of the four students to travel with Remake to Sri Lanka and witness the fashion industry’s effects on the women that keep it going…

“I realized that makers are the ones who basically run the fashion industry, and they should be the ones that get the benefits, not the ones to suffer.”

Eleanor Amari

Eleanor Amari, LA

Eleanor is focused on telling engaging stories that humanize the fashion supply chain to grow the Remake movement.

Eleanor has over 7 years of marketing and business development experience in the creative industry. She’s worked alongside designers, architects and artists around the world.

Eleanor earned her BA in Philosophy and Architectural History at Boston University, where she did her thesis on aesthetics and ethics. Here she developed her understanding that the material things we choose reflect our values.

“Creative content and live experiences are where education, beauty and fun can come together to create positive change. I’m passionate about sharing information in lively ways, so that our audience is inspired to give more credit to their closet and ultimately their consumer voice. By uniting makers and users, we can together #remakeourworld.”

Celeste Griffy

Ambassador, LA

Celeste Griffy has worked in art, design, and publishing in Los Angeles for the past ten years. Finding and fostering young talented artists and helping to tell their stories has always fueled her.

Working with both contemporary and established fashion photographers, Celeste has published, exhibited, and placed their work in collections, galleries, and museums worldwide. She loved the endless challenge and excitement of working side-by-side with artists and helping their visions become reality. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and no project is too big or idea too creative to pull off.

When she began to collaborate with documentary artists and filmmakers exploring social and environmental themes of consumption, class, and wealth distribution, her eyes were opened to the potential of sustainability. In 2016, Celeste began to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School and is most interested in the cross section of design, sustainability, and the power of consumer behavior. She currently works on marketing and branding for an environmental consulting group in Los Angeles. On the weekends, she is scouring the Rose Bowl Flea Market for vintage finds or hosting backyard dinner parties with friends.

Sajida Silva

Ambassador, SF

Sajida Silva studies Fashion Design at California College of the Arts, a design school that emphasizes sustainability. Sajida is a first generation college student striving to make her community proud. Her design process places emphasis on feminism and socioeconomic issues within the United States and Latin America.

Sajida joined Remake through their 2018 journey to Mexico. She plans to use her new insight about the fashion industry’s supply chain as part of her senior thesis and will hold onto her values after graduation when she becomes part of the industry. She will use her standing as a designer to uplift, advocate for and amplify the voices of marginalized groups within the industry.

“After meeting the women who make our clothes and seeing their resilience despite all their struggles first hand, I physically cannot keep quiet. I need to use the privilege I was born into to ensure that these women aren’t silenced any longer.”

Rebecca Blake Thompson

Ambassador, LA

Inspired by the simple draping and layering of fabrics and textures from a box of mom’s old “dress up” clothes, Rebecca started staging fashion shows in her living room at age four. While pursuing post-graduate work at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, she realized the power of this art form when leveraged with big business. Throughout her career working alongside luxury fashion designers, Rebecca has gained an intimate understanding of the complete product life cycle of apparel from design, to production, to the customer’s closet. After almost a decade of business-as-usual in the fashion industry, Rebecca realized that creating even the most beautiful things can be very ugly business.

Eager to help create sustainable solutions, she began pursing an MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School only to realize that sustainability is only one piece of the puzzle. Empowering consumers to converse, ask questions, speak up, and challenge the apparel industry is the key to real change.

“I believe that we can all do better. Through disruption, growth, and evolution, the fashion industry can leverage sustainable, humane practices to grow businesses and create value for both the producers and the consumers. When we raise our voices together we are generating awareness and growing a movement. Remake is this movement, and everyday I lean into my values by asking myself, how can I be more sustainable right now?

Mallory McDaniel

Ambassador, SF

Mallory grew up in a middle-class family in Salt Lake City, Utah. After both of her parents lost their jobs in the 2009 financial crash Mallory and her family quickly adapted to a more sustainable lifestyle. By implementing as many forms as reduce, reuse, recycle, along with dumpster-diving Mallory quickly realized how much is produced and thrown away on a daily basis. From that point on sustainability became more than a necessity. It became a passion.

While still in high school, she apprenticed under a sustainable fashion designer and made a short documentary on anti-consumerism, interviewing activists, designers, and farmers who were taking actions towards a more sustainable community. The film showed in film festivals across the country.

Mallory applied to the California College of the arts because of their dual focus on fashion and sustainability. In July of 2017, she won the Remake competition and traveled to Sri Lanka, interviewing the garment workers and activists pushing for visibility and equality. Her thesis collection looks at the excess “waste” available to designers, finding new beauty in materials that have been forgotten.

Sophia Wu

Ambassador, LA

Sophia is currently a student at UCLA studying Business Economics and Global Studies. Ever since realizing fashion is her dream, she’s been making moves to get her foot in the door. On campus, she’s the Vice President of Unravel, a sustainable fashion club, and she’s also a volunteer for San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International. She hopes to move to New York after graduation to pursue a career in sustainable fashion! As Remake Ambassador, Sophia mobilizes the movement by wearing her values and helping others do the same.

“I like to wear my values by making educated and intentional purchasing decisions and by going the extra step to learn the story behind the company I’m purchasing from – I love talking to small business owners! I like to lead by example as well, whether that’s by wearing secondhand or ethically/sustainably made clothing as often as possible or having conversations about why sustainability matters to me!”

Alex Marchyshyn

Ambassador, NC

Alex Marchyshyn is a dual degree Master of Environmental Management and MBA candidate at Duke University focusing on the intersection of business, the environment and supply chain. Her goal is to work in the apparel industry to ensure that the clothes we wear are not destroying our planet. She is the creator of, a website designed to be a resource to help young professionals and college students take steps to become more sustainable without breaking the bank. Before returning to school, she worked at Environmental Defense Fund in their EDF+Business division and with Edelman in their Business+Social Purpose practice.

As the winner of Net Impact’s Wear it Wise competition, Alex joined Remake on their 2018 journey to Mexico. She plans to use her new knowledge of the apparel supply chain to educate consumers about more environmentally and socially sustainable options.

“Going on the Remake trip to Mexico was transformative and opened my eyes to the lives and treatment of women who are the backbone of the apparel supply chain. As I return to my business school classes, I’m motivated to identify ways that we can improve their lives and the environment through challenging norms and by educating consumers.”

Misha Abbas

Ambassador, SF

Misha Abbas is an artist and designer focused on garment construction, textile experimentation and socially engaged art as the core mediums of her work. Her current practice explores identity concentrating on South Asian and the Middle Eastern influences. Her process is research based and draws from historical narratives, clothing and artisan practices.

Sustainability has been central in shaping her designs and situating the impact of her work on a global scale. Through the exploration of materials, making processes and site conditions, she looks at sustainability through the lens of a fashion designer and community artist–intersections that make her practice whole.

She is Pakistani and was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She is a class of 2019 student at the California College of the Arts, pursuing a double major in Fashion Design and Community Arts with a focus in Textile Design.

Melissa Hook

Ambassador, SF

Melissa is a sustainable apparel visionary. Growing up, she did historical reenactments at Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento where she started sewing at six years old. After learning about the social and environmental implications of the apparel industry in college she knew she could not be part of the unjust system.

Currently, Melissa is a Sustainable Management MBA Candidate at Presidio Graduate School where she is also a Digital Marketing Coordinator. Before starting grad school she worked in the apparel industry for nine years in sustainability, product development, design, and merchandising, most recently at Levi’s Innovation Lab and at PACT Apparel. After graduation, Melissa plans on using digital marketing to shift how we as consumers purchase and care for our clothing.

In addition to sewing, Melissa has recently started weaving with a goal of understanding every aspect of the production process. She takes every opportunity she can to attend fashion events in San Francisco to spread the word about just and sustainable business practices. Her personal motto: “Authenticity never goes out of style.”

Joe Oh


Joe is a technology marketing and creative advertising veteran of over 20 years, including positions as Head of Marketing at OnCue (funded by Intel and Verizon) and executive positions at Publicis Razorfish, Lowe Lintas, Duncan Channon and more. He is currently CEO of FCB West, the global strategic and creative lead for iconic brands Levi’s, Clorox and Hotwire.

Vanessa Arelle


Vanessa Arelle is a connector, storyteller and creative actionist. A tech startup investor and social entrepreneur, in 2016 she founded TEENZAPP, a youth lead disruptive narrative media hub. She is a regular contributor for Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America.

Vanessa was Head of Cultural Affairs for Mexico in the UK from 2011 to 2015, where she supported programs in art, culture, and heritage. And since 1997, Vanessa has been actively involved in philanthropic, fundraising and social development projects to further sustainability, diversity, equality and human rights.

From 2009 to 2017 she was on the board of Art Production Fund, a member of Women for Women International Leadership Circle from 2013 to 2016, on the advisory board of the David Roberts Art Foundation from 2014 to 2016 and fellow at Legatum Institute from 2015 to 2017. In addition to being an active board member of Remake, she currently serves as a trustee of Fashion Revolution, is a Strategic Cultural Advisor for Human Rights Foundation´s Oslo Freedom Forum and Advisory Board Member of London Business School’s Out in Business Club and their yearly EurOut Conference.

As board member of Remake, Vanessa brings her creative storytelling skills to grow Remake’s content and conscious consumer movement.

Paul Dillinger

Head of Global Product Innovation, LS&Co.

Following his passion for sustainability, Paul has been an integral partner with Levi Strauss & Company’s Social and Environmental Sustainability group to develop front-end methods for applied sustainability in the design process. Paul led the design team that created the Dockers® Wellthread collection, a result of a fellowship with the Aspen Institute. His recent collaboration with Google for the Jacquard jacket breaks ground in wearable technology through a durable, touch-sensitive fabric.

Before joining LS&Co., Dillinger worked as a fashion designer and brand development specialist for 16 years at a variety of fashion houses in New York, including Calvin Klein and DKNY. He has also served as a designer-in-residence for the Rhode Island School of Design through a program sponsored by Levi Strauss & Co.

Paul received his BFA in Fashion Design from Washington University in St. Louis. After graduation he moved to Milan as the first Fulbright Scholar in fashion design, researching the influence of emerging luxury markets on high fashion design directions and commercialization. Concurrent with this research, he earned a Master of Fine Arts from the Domus Academy in 1995.

Paul is hailed by Fast Company as one of the most creative people in the fashion industry. As board member of Remake, Paul brings his passion for sustainable design to Remake’s immersive journeys and conscious fashion curation.

Seema Shah

Product Management & Marketing Strategist

Seema joins Remake’s board with 15 years as a product leader in consumer tech & marketplaces; 30 years as a world traveler; 7 years as an amateur photographer; 2 years as a mother.

She currently work independently with for profit and non profit technology startups including Remake, Fast Forward and Angel List on all aspects of product strategy and process: defining vision, outlining objectives & KPIs, hypothesis-building, feature prioritization / testing, building lean product practices / processes, occasionally product delivery & hiring.

She has formerly held product leadership positions at ebay, AngelList, TaskRabbit, and OPOWER and been awarded 9 US Patents.

Jamie Allison-Hope

Executive Director, Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Jamie is focused on building the right connections, governance structure and policies to advance Remake’s mission.

As a well-respected leader in philanthropy, she has worked across public, private and nonprofit sectors to empower youth and build inclusive economies. As the Executive Director of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund she is devoted to the fund’s mission to build a more healthy, just, and vibrant society. Prior to this, Jamie was Vice President at the S.H. Cowell Foundation, focused on grant-making to strengthen families and communities and advances economic stability.

Jamie is deeply committed to civic engagement and is a visiting lecturer on philanthropy, nonprofit governance and social enterprise at UC Berkeley, Mills College and the University of San Francisco. She currently serves as Board Chair at the Whitman Institute, which promotes social and economic equity through funding dialog and leadership initiatives. She is also Chair of U.S. Friends of CUSO International, a development organization that works to reduce global poverty. Jamie has a Master’s in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley and graduated from the University of Tennessee with Bachelors degrees in Political Science: International Relations; Spanish; Economics; and Humanities.

“With my board service at Remake, I hope to inspire a next generation of youth leaders to be globally connected and empowered to use their voice to promote safer and more decent jobs around the world.”

Chadwick Bolick

Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Chad (@chadbolick) is an Executive Director in Morgan Stanley’s Philanthropy Management group. Based in San Francisco, Chad is responsible for providing customized philanthropic advisory services to private wealth management individuals, families, and family offices, as well as nonprofit, foundation, and institutional clients. Chad brings 15 years of experience in management consulting, international development, corporate philanthropy, and nonprofit fundraising to the team.

Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Chad served as director of global partnerships at FSG, a boutique consulting firm co-founded by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter, where he advised large foundation and nonprofit clients. Prior to FSG, Chad served as director of impact and innovation for the Tides Foundation and as director of partnerships at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). Chad started his career in Asia where we lived for 5+ years, first with the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and later with The Asia Foundation.

Chad received his B.A. in International Relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his M.A. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He was also a fellow at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in 2014.

A frequent speaker on philanthropy, international development, and impact investing, Chad has presented at the Skoll World Forum (Oxford, UK), CSR Asia Annual Summit (Hong Kong), Shared Value Leadership Summit (New York), and Asia IIX Impact Forum (Singapore), as well as locally in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Chad is an active board member of Remake, as well as an advisor to Fast Forward, a San Francisco-based incubator focused on nonprofit technology startups.

Katherine Parr

Katherine Parr

Founder and Owner, Katherine Parr Jewelry; Co-Founder, Parré Chocolat

Katherine is a social entrepreneur and designer: she is a founder of two ethical luxury companies with a focus on working with jewelry artisans and cacao farmers in developing nations to bring products to the developed world marketplace with supply chain transparency. She collaborates with Turquoise Mountain, an NGO that empowers artisans in at-risk areas, and Uncommon Cacao for chocolate to support cacao farmers in the jungles of Latin America.

Originally a fashion model with a degree from Villanova University’s School of Business, Katherine has worked in-house in business and creative roles for designers including Diane Von Furstenberg. She was featured on CNN World News as she left her fashion career to spend five years as a schoolteacher and social entrepreneur in an American inner-city, working with organizations including the United Nations Girls Education Initiative for a cross-cultural partnership with the Middle East.

Katherine shares Remake’s passion for global citizenship and supply chain transparency and believes firmly in our mission to create change through education. Her TEDx Talk: “Conscious Consumerism Is the Road to Economic Empowerment” highlighted our shared mission to inspire others to “Wear Your Values.”

Amanda Hearst

Co-Founder, Maison-de-Mode

Amanda Hearst is an activist and co-founder of the hybrid luxury ethical fashion retailer Maison-de-Mode. She is also the co-founder of finn2finn Alliance, a non-profit which advocates for animal welfare and conservation, and she sits on the Advisory Board of NEST, a non-profit committed to the advancement of global artisans. Hearst previously worked as a Market Editor at Marie Claire Magazine and is currently Contributing Editor at Town & Country Magazine.

Laura Madden

Influencer, Model, Stylist, Artist

Laura Madden is an advocate for fashion, art, and sustainability through her work as an influencer, stylist, writer, model and artist. She reports on the intersection of style, sustainability, and self-esteem on both her blog, The ReFashion Report, and various conscious lifestyle publications. Laura also serves as an Advisory board member and a global ambassador for nonprofit Remake, is a board member with San Francisco Fashion Community Week, and is the founder of ReFashioned Art, her brand of upcycled art.

Her commitment to sustainable fashion comes from both her love of fashion and her belief that fashion can be a force for good. Laura has modeled for over 20 years and is represented by multiple agencies in the US, including Role Models Management, an ethical model and talent agency based in NY & LA.

The words she lives by: “We vote with our dollars and that is why I choose to shop mainly secondhand fashion, which I feel is the best thing for the planet and to have a positive impact on climate change. The resources have already been used, it reduces waste, and good clothing that I can wear and share is better off in my closet than sitting in a landfill. I love clothes and that will never change. I empower and express myself through my clothing but it can not come at the expense of the environment.”

Connie K. Duckworth

Founder and CEO, ARZU Inc.

Connie K. Duckworth (@ckduckworth) is the founder and CEO of ARZU, which means hope in Dari, a non-profit organization that empowers women weavers in rural Afghanistan. ARZU is a shining example of holistic grassroots economic development employing 500 Afghans and supporting the eco-system of education, maternal health and community programs. She is a retired Partner and Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs, & Co., where she was named the first woman sales and trading partner in the firm’s history during her 20 year career.

Connie brings her passion for ethical commerce as a sustainable way to lift women out of poverty, to Remake’s advisory board.

She is also a Trustee of Equity Residential (EQR) in Chicago and a Director of Steelcase Inc. (SCS) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her philanthropic work, Ms. Duckworth is a Trustee of the University of Pennsylvania, an Overseer of The Wharton School, and serves on the boards of the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago and NorthShore University HealthSystem, in Evanston, Illinois, where she was the first woman Chairman of the Board.  She is a founding member of the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council and a member of the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Policy Advisory Council.

The recipient of numerous awards for leadership, social impact and innovation, Ms. Duckworth holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School and a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.  She is married to Tom and the mother of four children.

Steph Stephenson

Co-Chair, Cordes Foundation

Steph Stephenson is Co-Chair of the Cordes Foundation, working to advance the Foundation’s ethical fashion and sustainable supply chain initiatives. Prior to joining the Foundation, Steph held positions at Condé Nast and luxury fashion brands Alberta Ferretti and Maiyet.

Passionate about the intersection of fashion and philanthropy, she serves on the board of directors for Indego Africa, a non-profit dedicated to lifting artisan women and their families out of poverty, and advisory boards of Soko, a Kenyan-based ethical jewelry brand, and Remake, an advocacy group committed to building a conscious fashion movement. As an active member of Nexus, Steph co-chairs the Nexus Ethical Fashion Lab and serves on the Nexus Impact Investing Steering Committee. She is a Milken Institute Young Leader, StartingBloc Fellow and Hive Global Leader.

As advisor to Remake, Steph brings her passion for empowering women globally, preserving rich artisan traditions and building a conscious fashion industry.

Remake team - Lauren Friedman

Lauren Friedman

Head of Social Enablement, Adobe

Lauren (@Lauren_Hannah) drives the content and social media strategy at Remake. She’s focused on developing the voice of the Remake brand and bring the stories of maker-shopper relationships to the forefront of the conversation in a shareable and social way.

Lauren is a digital and social marketing authority having worked with many Fortune 500 brands (Levi’s, Safeway, ABC Family) to help integrate digital and social media into their overarching marketing strategy.

She graduated from the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication where she was Editor in Chief of the CU Independent. The transformation from print to digital during her tenure inspired her to reach beyond what was well-known in the journalism industry and experiment with social media where her passion developed.

“The root of social media is connecting people to people. In many ways, that’s Remake’s mission as well. Social media is powerful. The community is strong. Now, we can tell our story and the stories of the people who make our clothes at scale. And together, we can #remakeourworld.”

Mariam Khan

Product Designer and Creative Strategist

Mariam advises Remake on content and experience design strategy. She’s focused on usability and the delivery of content for the Remake brand.

As a product and experience design leader, she has has designed web, mobile and custom software solutions that are led with empathy and a user centric approach. She has successfully co-founded a company (Doughbies) and has worked with many leading brands (Genentech, Dell, Disney). She also works independently with non-profits and start-ups to provide product strategy and creative direction.

“The work Remake does to humanize brands is an important narrative that we need in our daily lives. To connect consumers to makers, to understand that the smallest purchase could have an impact on someone’s life, is what we need to live and lead with empathy.”


Sandra Rose

Head of Merchandising and Product Development, Journelle

Sandra advises Remake on product selection for their e-commerce platform and brokers key industry relationships that advance the Remake movement.

As Head of Merchandising and Product Development at Journelle, Sandra overseas the selection and management of third party product as well as Journelle’s private label.

With over 10 years in the luxury sector, Sandra has developed her expertise in retail alongside top designers, artisans and key retailers including Christian Louboutin, Henri Bendel, INTERMIX®, Harvey Nichols and Vogue. She brings this knowledge to the Remake team to champion human rights and environmental conservation.

“I was touched by the work Remake does and immediately felt called to action. Consumers must be educated on how and where their products are made, and more importantly, who is making them. Retail’s role in this will be two-fold: demand more transparency from brand partners and increase the focus on availability of affordable, trend-relevant and quality sustainable products.”

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