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A Welcome Message From Our Founder, Ayesha Barenblat

Addressing the impacts of fashion is one of the foremost climate and social justice issues of our time. Today, 93% of fashion brands don’t pay garment workers enough to live on. Of these 70 million highly skilled workers, 80% are women of color who not only face low pay and wage theft, but who are also disproportionately impacted by floods and heat from climate change— which fashion is increasingly contributing to through massive overproduction.

If you champion women’s empowerment, pay equity, and environmental sustainability, you’re already one of us — and we invite you to #WearYourValues. Collective action is key to our movement. As individuals, it’s easy to feel powerless. That is why Remake is creating a connected, creative, action-focused community. Our name itself, “Remake” is based on remaking connections between the people who make our clothes, and all of us. We unite unlikely allies across the fashion ecosystem—from influencers, creatives and brand executives, to unions, legislators, and garment workers—locking arms to fight for the change.

We’re confident we will end the fashion crisis in our lifetime. In the past 8 years, Remake has exceeded our biggest hopes and expectations, evolving from a storytelling platform into a global movement. Together we have saved lives, dismantled exploitative loopholes, and put millions of dollars back into the hands of garment workers. We are connecting the clothing industry’s biggest problems with effective solutions. This is the work we do every single day — and you, our community, propel us forward.

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Radical Collaboration

We believe meaningful change requires collective action and radical collaboration among fashion workers, lawmakers, civil society orgs, businesses, and individuals. We unite like-minded people worldwide to amplify impact and drive systemic change.


We reject empty sustainability promises and vague goals from an unregulated fashion industry in favor of measurable, science-based progress. We campaign to pass laws, win court cases, and make brands sign on to binding standards that hold them responsible for labor violations and environmental impact. We stay true to our community and mission by not accepting money from brands.



In an industry fraught with misinformation and lack of transparency, knowledge truly is power. We’re committed to spreading awareness on the harms of fashion, as well as solutions. Our free resources, ambassador and fellowship programs, and events make it easy for all ages and professionals to join the conversation on human rights and climate.


We believe that social and environmental justice are linked. What good is organic cotton harvested by slave labor, or earning a living wage while your livelihood is threatened by climate change? Guided by intersectional values, we promote eco-friendly practices, living wages, and safe working conditions. We amplify the historically excluded voices of garment workers in sustainability conversations globally and only support worker-led policies.

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For every $1 donated we recovered $4K in stolen wages. With $500 we prevent 1 TON of CO2 emissions.


5-Minute Actions

Help hold brands accountable to people and the planet with these simple online actions.

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Remake is a 501(c)3 nonprofit uniting changemakers in the fight for human rights and climate justice in the clothing industry.