What’s every stylist’s best-kept secret to champagne taste on a beer budget? Second hand shopping.

Look, queens. 15.1 million tons of clothing and other textiles were scrapped by Americans in 2013 alone, and 85% of it ended up in landfills, where it will sit for over 200 years. There is no doubt that in all those clothes, there’s something hot that’s getting treated like it’s not.

You know what else is sad? So little is made to last, it’s meant to get tossed. In the United States, landfills are the third-largest producer of methane (yes, the same stuff from cow poo – not cute), and our fast fashion is building the mound. What a shame!

Ethical stylist Chanel Fu has mastered the art of shopping secondhand and looking smart for doing it, meaning less garbage, more art.

“There’s already a lot of stuff out there that’s already made, and already great. It might not have been right for one person, but is perfect for the next. I don’t think new is always best.”

In Landfill or Luxury, Chanel shows us how secondhand is a way to skip landfills and tap into luxury:


Chanel_Vintage_Fashion Editorial2

Chanel_Vintage_Fashion Editorial4

Chanel_Vintage_Fashion Editorial

Chanel_Vintage_Fashion Editorial6



Chanel_Vintage_Fashion Editorial3

Clothes from Wasteland:

“Wasteland is one of my favorite places to go for my wardrobe needs. They have vintage and contemporary designer goods mixed with underground beta brands, which in my opinion can be just as good.”

Ethical jewelry by Soko:

“Soko has won the brass jewelry game with their drool inducing design and advances in social justice. The woman for woman company employs artisan entrepreneurs who are using sustainable and ethically sourced materials, like recycled brass and reclaimed cow horn or bone to create these yummy pieces that complement every getup.”

Credits: Photography & Styling by Chanel Fu, Words by Kat Eves, Graphic Design by Ankur Maniar.

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