Can you believe we are into the New Year already? If you’re anything like me, you may already be struggling to keep your list of “typical” New Year’s resolutions—exercising more, shopping and eating better. Fear not, here are 3 ways to stay firm and not lose steam:

1. Make a list of baby steps.

The word resolutions is framed in a way that we have to change our habits in an instant. Too much pressure! I much prefer the word goal. To keep our goals it’s helpful to have a list of realistic baby steps. Shopping sustainably can be a daunting goal, where do you even begin? Especially when that $9.99 Forever21 dress would make be an instant hit at tonight’s happy hour. Baby steps could be:

  • Clean out your closet. Read the labels as you cleanse and picture the women
    from Haiti, Cambodia, Bangladesh that touched that dress and tee before you.
    Isn’t it crazy that so many lives are connected to your closet?
  • Commit to just two tweets or Instagram a month to your favorite brand to ask,
    who made this? What’s her life like? Share your status update with friends and
    tag them to do the same.
  • Bored at work or in class? Browse our Instagram for some quick tips on
    looking stylish and sustainable.
  • Buy just four new things in 2016 from a brand that look great, respects makers and our planet. Here are ten ideas to sweat without the sweatshops and keep that exercise goal, too.

2. Surround yourself with the right support.

If your friend is a YouTube hauler who loves deep discounts no matter what, you might need a new shopping buddy. Aps like Habit Maker Habit Breaker can help you keep track of your goals with happy and sad faces and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your progress in graphs.

3. Don’t give up!

If you already wavered on your goals to shop better or exercise, don’t fret and say goodbye to the guilt. Binged on wine and chocolate tonight, then have a kale smoothie tomorrow and twerk to some good music. Failing is a big part of success. Keep up the baby steps and know that your goals may change to something greater for yourself and others around you.

Photo: Favim

Photo: Favim

Our resolution at Remake is our mission: To improve the lives of the people behind our fashion by rebuilding human connections between makers, shoppers, and brands.

We’ll take these three tips to heart too:

  1. Everything we do—our film projects,blogs, events—will be baby steps towards achieving our mission.
  2. We will grow the Remake community with the right people who can help us achieve our mission. That means you.
  3. Nope, we won’t give up!

Last year, our team shared some of our personal goals—and now we want to hear from you! What are your personal goals for the New Year?

Jacob Acueza
Jacob Acueza is a recent Communications grad from San Francisco State University who is passionate food, fashion, social media and music. A native San Franciscan, he enjoys running at Bernal Heights Park then stopping by El Farolito for a post-workout burrito. Jacob is also a part time wedding/background singer with his vocal group Ja Ronn & F.L.O.W.