For the last 20 years I’ve worked as a rug weaver in Panipat.

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I work 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. Sometimes a rug with a complex pattern can take an entire day to make.

I feel like a celebrity, a movie star having the Remake team film me in the factory, my home and community. I’ve enjoyed this day and a chance to share my life with the world.

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I am so proud that my work has allowed my oldest daughter to be married and my four younger children to go to school, an opportunity I never had.

Every night I listen to them recap what they’ve learned in school. I can’t help but beam with pride when I think about their bright future. I hope they go on to become doctors or engineers.

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Ayesha Barenblat
Ayesha is a social entrepreneur with a passion for building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. Ayesha is passionate about where things come from, who made them and what their lives are like. She has spent the last decade working with brands, governments, and nonprofits to improve the lives of makers in global supply chains.