I am 42 years old and from the Hunan Province. For the last 11 years I have been working 12-hour days in the dyeing department at this fabric mill in Guangzhou.

Maker Mr Wang China

I want you to know I work really long hard hours, standing on my feet, to dye your fabric. Dying fabric is a dirty but necessary business. I go to the labor union office once a year to get body scans because of all the chemicals that I handle.

The steam and noise takes some getting used to and in the summer the heat from the machines is intense. Working conditions are more bearable now—better ventilation, fans to keep us cool—but there is always room for improvement.

After punching out, I’m usually too tired to do or think very much. I love to watch singing competitions on TV before I fall asleep.

Maker Mr Wang Mask Factory

I live onsite in the dorms. My wife and two children live over six hours away and I only get to see them once a year. But in 7 more years my children will be done with school.

Maker Mr Wang Factory Dorm

I hope my son joins the army, and I can go back to chicken farming and the peace of my village. I dream of that day.

Ayesha Barenblat
Ayesha is a social entrepreneur with a passion for building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. Ayesha is passionate about where things come from, who made them and what their lives are like. She has spent the last decade working with brands, governments, and nonprofits to improve the lives of makers in global supply chains.