I was 19 when I left my home village in Yulian and headed to the city to find work at a factory. That’s what many girls from my village do.

Guangzhou- Zheng

In the village every day is the same. It’s boring, and my parents have so many rules! I was so curious and excited to explore the world outside. Three years later my entire life is the factory, full of long hard hours on my feet.

My main job is to look for defects in the fabric. For 12 hours a day, I stare at fabric ensuring that it’s perfect.

Maker Zheng Fabric China

I eat right here in the cafeteria and share my dorm room with 3 other girls. I met my boyfriend here too. He also works at the factory.

Guangzhou - Zheng

At night I dream of doing something I am scared of, like bungee jumping. I dream about having a job that would let me travel to faraway countries, to meet interesting people and take photos.

I also dream of finding a guy who really loves me. We would travel the world together and then have a happy family.

Guangzhou - Zheng

I would love to meet you. The woman who wears the fabric I stare at all day long. I bet you look cool!

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Ayesha Barenblat
Ayesha is a social entrepreneur with a passion for building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. Ayesha is passionate about where things come from, who made them and what their lives are like. She has spent the last decade working with brands, governments, and nonprofits to improve the lives of makers in global supply chains.