Fashion Remake - Workout Wear

Ready to take on those New Year’s resolutions and get in shape? Work up a sweat without the sweatshops with these fashionable athletic brands!

10. Atayne T-shirt

This lightweight tee wicks moisture and dries quickly—and is made from plastic bottles! Atayne is a certified B-Corp, meeting the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

9. Prana Headband

Prana uses materials such as recycled wool and polyester, repurposed down and organic cotton, and works hard to ensure fair labor and traceability, following each material from initial harvest to final design.

8. Manduka Yoga Mat

Manduka seeks to provide yogis around the world with a long-lasting, excellent mat, made with recycled materials. The company is named after the frog pose, appropriate considering its low environmental impact. When you’re done with your mat, return it and recycle it into a new one!

7. Nau Hoodie

No sheep were harmed making this sleek wool hoodie. It’s New Merino certified—produced ethically and sustainably. Nau carefully sources materials and factories, uses recycled materials, and minimizes environmental impact at every turn.

6. LifeFactory Water Bottle

Say good-bye to expensive and disposable plastic bottled water! LifeFactory bottles are made of long-lasting recyclable glass, so you never have to contribute to the plastic pile-up again.

5. ArtFire Gym Bag

Be the coolest gym rat in town by supporting artists while stewarding natural resources. These gorgeous handmade bags are manufactured by independent artisans, reducing waste and ensuring eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind uniqueness.

4. PACT Socks

Guilt-free socks, coming right up. PACT partners with certification agencies to ensure that each pair of soft, organic cotton socks is made from the highest quality ingredients and with respect for workers’ lives.

3. Patagonia Bra

Get more than one kind of support when you buy a Patagonia bra. The compression fabric keeps everything in place, and the Fair Trade sewing takes a swing for workers’ rights. Patagonia believes in maintaining products as long as possible and will take back your clothes and repair or recycle them!

2. Synergy Leggings

Synergy combines low-impact dyes and organic cotton with high-minded ideals. They pay living wages and yearly bonuses to Nepalese makers; use recycled paper, soy-based inks and solar lighting in their shipping warehouses; and steward water around the world.

1. Newton Running Sneakers

Newton Running, the first running shoe B-Corp, brings eco-friendly practices to each sneaker. These stylish kicks come with a major sustainability boost, diverting 78% of their waste to recycling.

Rina Horiuchi
Rina Horiuchi leads the design and creates many of the visual pieces at Remake, including infographics and cartoons. She is passionate about systems thinking and information visualization and hopes her work can help reveal the hidden world where our stuff is created.
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore is a freelance writer who focuses on sustainability, local food, and the weirder side of science. In her spare time she enjoys writing fiction, running, and cooking. Sarah lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, two children, two dogs, and an unshakable colony of June bugs.