Fashion Remake: Back to School Infographic

School’s in session! Here are 10 ways to look smart in class while being conscious of your fellow makers and the planet.

10. Raven+Lily Scarf

Fashion that empowers women around the world? Yes please. Each collection supports a different group of women: HIV+ women in Ethiopia, women in India formerly in the sex trade, Afghan refugee women on the border of Pakistan, and more…

9. Visible #slavefree T-shirt

True to their name, Visible unveils the impact of what you buy. They show the breakdown of where your money goes and feature some of the makers who create their products. Visible’s clothes are fair trade, organic, and made in India. This “#slavefree” T-shirt is called the Conversation Starter—we hope it does!

8. Klean Kanteen Coffee Mug

Every year, we chop down 20 million trees to make 58 billion paper cups that are thrown away—and we use 12 billion gallons of water and enough energy to power 53,000 homes to manufacture the cups (more info here). Why not carry a cute, non-toxic mug that keeps your coffee warmer longer instead?

7. Everlane Jacket

Simple, clean fashion. And unlike most brands where the factories are invisible, Everlane features their factories front and center on their website—including photos and the story of why they decided to partner with these makers.

6. Nisolo Shoes

These beautiful shoes are exquisitely hand-made in Trujillo, Peru. Nisolo aims to revitalize the local shoe industry, providing makers with an average income increase of 3x and access to education, savings, and improved living conditions.

5. Buffalo Exchange Skirt

Look great and save the planet. No new raw materials or manufacturing carbon output when you shop thrift! Got some threads you no longer wear? Sell them to Buffalo, earn a buck, and slow down their path to landfill.

4. People Tree Jewelry

Did you see them in True Cost? They do it all: organic, fair-trade, hand-made by local artisans, and totally transparent. People Tree features stories behind all their Fair Trade farmers, artisans, and producers. Cute clothes too!

3. Ecopaper Banana Paper Journal

No virgin trees in this pad of paper. It’s made entirely out of recycled post-consumer paper and agricultural waste from banana, coffee, lemon, mango, and tobacco plantations in Costa Rica.

2. Indigenous Hat

All their clothes are organic, fair trade, and handmade—hand-knit with needles, hand-held knitting looms, or hand-woven looms. Best of all, you can see a video of the artist who handmade your clothes on your smartphone with their Fair Trace Tool!

1. Tripty Backpack

Pineapples are for more than just piña coladas. Tripty are everything fast fashion is not. They carefully consider each step of their production process, making beautiful products in small batches, using existing agricultural waste like pineapple fibers, crafting textiles using current artisan methods in Bangladesh, and prioritizing positive impact on local communities. Read our interview with the founders.

Rina Horiuchi
Rina Horiuchi leads the design and creates many of the visual pieces at Remake, including infographics and cartoons. She is passionate about systems thinking and information visualization and hopes her work can help reveal the hidden world where our stuff is created.