Thanksgiving & Black Friday cartoon

Turkeys don’t have much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving. They’ve been bred to be enormous—from an average of 17 lbs in 1960 to 30 lbs today—and most can’t mate and are artificially inseminated. Not to mention all the horrors of factory farming…

Here are a few ways to dodge the turkey factory farm:

  • Get a heritage turkey. That means the turkey was born from parents that were actually able to mate.
  • Get an organic turkey. Avoid the antibiotics and GMO feed.
  • Skip the turkey. And go straight for the pumpkin pie!

We wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving—away from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hysteria. A big thanks to all of you, and of course we’re grateful to the makers and hope they have time to spend with their loved ones too.

Rina Horiuchi
Rina Horiuchi leads the design and creates many of the visual pieces at Remake, including infographics and cartoons. She is passionate about systems thinking and information visualization and hopes her work can help reveal the hidden world where our stuff is created.