Made in

This is the second in our Remake the Label infographic series highlighting the top issues in each country where our clothes are made.

Do your fast fashion clothes say “Made in India”? Here are the top 2 issues for makers in India:

  1. Child Labor. Across cotton farms and factories children are trapped in unsafe and abusive working conditions.
  2. Harassment & Abuse. Most makers are women, and many grapple with verbal, physical and sexual abuse by their male managers.

Say NO to fast fashion. Watch our Made in India video, and check out these sustainable brands that are made in India.

Rina Horiuchi
Rina Horiuchi leads the design and creates many of the visual pieces at Remake, including infographics and cartoons. She is passionate about systems thinking and information visualization and hopes her work can help reveal the hidden world where our stuff is created.