With no stretch of the imagination, the current state of the world is loaded with uncertainty. It makes me think about how I can influence positive change in my day to day life – when I’m not marching alongside my sisters.

My activism starts with the clothes I wear. When I make a purchase, I know I’m buying into a brand’s business model, and with fast fashion brands being notoriously uncool, I’m glad I have options.

One of my favorite ways to shop sustainably and ethically is to invest in high quality pieces that last me a lifetime from brands who support their makers. I recently invested in a navy blue V-neck sweater by ethical brand Callina because it goes with many other pieces in my wardrobe and can be worn a number of different ways. When I factor in the cost per wear – it really elevates the value of my purchase. Below are some of my favorite ways to repurpose and reimagine my own fashion activism:

Lady Boss: I layered a sharply tailored vest over the ethically made sweater and paired it with vintage leather pants to help me step it up.

Weekend Warrior: I threw the sweater over my Canadian Tuxedo to add some polish. As a final touch I added a vintage silk kerchief to take this from basic to best-in-show.

Everyday Empowerment: I added on a few edgy accessories to take this sweater from all business to something fun that makes me feel good. The oversized belt and bracelets add flair and personality. I threw on this eco bomber to get me out the door!

To get the most of out of my fewer better things, I stretch my styling parameters and use my imagination so I can have more fun getting dressed and feel better about the shopping choices I make.

How do you rock your fewer, better things?

Featured: Callina Emma V-Neck Lace Collar Pullover in Indigo $175

Photography: Jessie Marie Cagliero

Laura Madden
Laura runs a personal image consultancy, where she empowers women to make more conscious shopping decisions. She believes that impeccable style can be both sustainable and affordable, without coming at the cost of humans and the environment. As a stylist, lifestyle blogger, model & social media influencer, she has specialty in curating second hand and vintage looks to reduce the waste cycle of fast fashion.