It’s Queer Fashion Week and I have the best seat in the house. Perched at the end of the runway, right in front of the photographers, I’m hoping my big goofy smile isn’t ruining the flashing run of photos. Strutting down the runway are different bodies, genders, heights, sizes, and shapes, all modeling the exact same pair of jeans.

Meet Dapper Boi, who has created the world’s first pair of jeans that support denim equality: genderless jeans that look great on any shape. As an inclusive stylist, this makes my heart sing. As an ethical stylist, I caught up with the founders post-show to ask the question that many designers don’t want to hear:

Do you know who makes your clothes?

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Photo: Dapper Boi

I’m always careful to bring it up in a way that doesn’t sound like an attack, but the truth is, many designers who outsource their clothing production (and that’s most of them) don’t know the answer.

Fashion is an expensive business, and many can’t afford to go overseas to visit their factories once, let alone regularly. Most just hope for the best.

I don’t have to hold my breath for long after putting the question to the founders, Vicky and Charisse. The San Diego couple proudly tells me about the ethically run LA factories who produce their jeans. They tell me that they visit them often, that they know the people who are making their jeans, and they state clearly that it’s a core part of their business. I’m absolutely, relieved! From there, I want to know everything. What sizes do they carry? Sizes 26 – 48. What body types do they serve? Every body.

Shopping for something like jeans is hard enough, and for someone who is trans, getting side-looks is usually added to the challenge. Most big brand stores divide their departments and dressing rooms by gender, creating little room for anyone who identifies otherwise. This inspired the founders to start their own business. Dapper Boi now changes the game.

Photo: Dapper Boi

Photo: Dapper Boi

As Vicky and Charisse, a couple who couldn’t even legally marry in California until a year and a half ago, share a kiss for the cameras at the end of their runway show, I can’t help but think that this is the right place and the right time for the ethical, inclusive fashion revolution to happen.

For Dapper Boi, human rights are in their jeans.

Dapper Boi jeans are available on their web store, where you can pre-order for a fraction of the cost.

Kat Eves
Kat Eves is an inclusive wardrobe stylist dedicated to helping people find their fashion pulse and feel great in their bodies. She's passionate about making ethical fashion more accessible for people of all sizes, shapes, and incomes. When not styling, she's writing on or posting to Instagram @StyleEthic.